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  1. Chiefs, Ravens, Buffalo, Texans, Seahawks, Cincinnati, Arizona, and both Rams and Chargers.
  2. One of them was for 28 yards alone.
  3. Let's be honest. Who doesn't like that?
  4. To be fair, they just lost to the Raiders. They also had to go to overtime to win against the Chargers, who started a rookie QB, in his first start, who didn't know he was starting until kickoff. No matter how good one AFC west team is, the division is always sketchy.
  5. This thread make me want to channel my inner Mel Brooks from Dracula Dead and Loving It. The theory.. The theory of yes, or... no. It has also taught me that if NFL coaching trees were like actual family trees these coaching trees would have gone the way of the Habsburg's long ago.
  6. I have to agree, when I was young we had a neighbor that would mow his lawn, do yard work, fix his fence at 2am or later. He also cooked crank, so there's that.
  7. Lynn isn't getting in his grill because Lynn himself wants the Chargers to be a run first, ball control offense. It just so happens that the fates decided that will never be the case. That has been the case since Lynn took over as HC. Lynn's first year as HC started well lets just say...not good. Until he took the leash off Rivers and gave up the run first game plan. They ended 9-7. His second year ended 12-4 with a wild card playoff victory with Rivers leading the way. Plus, both of those season the Chargers were more healthy than they normally are. Jump forward to today. The Chargers are missing three starting offensive lineman, and their best running back, Austin Ekeler. But regardless of that, Lynn's game plan is still run first, no matter how well Herbert is playing. At some point the leash will have to come off. But because of injury or who he inherited, what Anthony Lynn wants to run as his offense is not going to be. He needs to stop waiting until its too late when it comes to embracing what he actually has.
  8. That's the irritating part of Rivers. He will absolutely stink it up or, play down to the level of his competition. Then turn around and be absolutely heroic against teams he should have no chance against. But in his advanced age that is increasingly unlikely.
  9. I never said that. But when Lynn says he feels he needs to protect his young QB? There might be something to that. Now don't get me wrong, I am a Chargers fan, I have been my whole life, since before my family moved from the Owen's Valley to San Diego. Starting Herbert over Tyrod is a no brainer. Herbert is electrifying, almost must watch TV. He is far away better than I thought he would be at this point. I personally thought that after a year or two of sitting and learning he would develop into a decent starting QB. I was wrong. If he continues to progress as a QB, and I have to stress "if" he will be something special. But until he learns that he can depend on the rest of the team, or the defense to protect a multiple lead score, which at this point they have proven they can not. He will start to believe that it is all on him. The same thing Rivers came to believe. I would rather Herbert not go down that route. The Chargers are decimated by injuries. The fact that regardless of who they play, they are competitive is a testament to their character.
  10. Justin Herbert deserves better. At this rate he is going to develop the "River's complex" in that he, in his head, will simply know, without a doubt that it is up to him, and him alone if the Chargers are going to win any games. And that is not good.
  11. We obviously have to do something. The problem is that the pact the Spanos clan made was that whatever QB we would draft to be our future would be awesome, (Brees, Rivers, Herbert) apparently the catch was is that we would never be able do do anything with them.
  12. What's even more incredible is that it spans entire FO and coaching staffs. It spans, quite literally generations.
  13. These games are for Justin to learn. The sky is the limit for that young QB.
  14. This is exactly how it will end.
  15. This. Herbert got smacked throwing, if he doesn't that's 6.
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