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  1. It most likely means they gave him an offer, he probably accepted the offer, there just might be a couple things that need to be done before he is officially hired. Take myself for example, a company wants to hire me, they send me an offer letter. I sign the offer letter and return it. Then I have to pass a drug test, multiple background checks, a DOT medical examination and a fit for duty medical examination. During that time period the company is expecting to hire me, but I am not officially hired until I clear all those requirements.
  2. Honestly either way it went somebody was getting screwed. If they blew the play dead the Bengals would have absolutely been screwed out of a legit touchdown. And by letting the play stand they screwed the Raiders out of benefiting from a blown, bad call. I can't bring myself to have any sympathy for the Raiders on this one.
  3. Mannion is such a weird hill for Zimmer to go out on. I don't get it.
  4. Andre Roberts. When it comes to ST one of the best, underrated players we signed.
  5. As a announcer. I was just a bit too young to ever see him coach, much less remember it. I will say I will always appreciate the spotlight and emphasis he gave to the non flashy parts of the game. The trenches, the grinders. It lead me to appreciating much more of the game at a young age than I probably would have otherwise. He would point out the work in the trenches, the pursuit tackle a DT made 10 yards down the field. That kind of stuff.
  6. KC absolutely deserves everything they have fought for at this point. Putting it down to NE and KC is a little short sighted. I would put money on at least one of those not making the AFC Championship
  7. I don't want to do it.. but I have to. Good game Chiefs. Good win Chiefs. In the future I think, and I don't believe I am far off base, but that all Charger/Chief games should be prime time. Here's to the playoffs, and maybe, possibly another match up.
  8. Yes. Just because you are playing to win, doesn't mean you will win. It is just that I would rather play aggressive to win, than play scared and conservative to not lose.
  9. I disagree. Brandon Staley and his approach to football is exactly what the Chargers need. For far too long the Chargers have played not to lose. Have played it safe. Even dating to vaunted the Marty era. The Chargers played to not lose. I know, I watched all of it. There was not but one goal, don't lose. Spoiler, they lost. Brandon Staley comes in with only one goal, win. The Chargers may lose the game. But they will leave it all out there. Sometimes that just win mentality costs them. Sometimes they win. But as a fan I can't describe how pleased I am to have a head coach
  10. GG Chief's, it will be fun to watch this budding rivalry going forward. Possibly in the post season this year. For my Charger's, the defense needs work, but with more time with Staley and the draft/fa I believe it will improve over time. Changing from Gus Bradley's defense to this is a significant change. I don't hate the 4th down calls, I just hate the results. Also, even if we won tonight, I don't doubt for a second we could drop a game against the Raiders or Broncos that would have given the lead back to the Chiefs anyway. Here's hoping for round 3 in Arrowhead. P.S
  11. Staley's gambling like that has won us 2-3 games, easily.
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