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  1. Is Anthony Lynn hiding somewhere filing in for Stefanski?
  2. I feel bad for Texan fans, and in a weird kind of way. Caserio might turn out to be a good GM. Something the team needs. He might absolutely be the right guy for the job. But I would still feel bad for them. Because if Caserio becomes a great GM, it would be completely incidental. It would have nothing to do with the why or how he was hired. The organization spent a lot of money, put together a council, with Easterby being no part of it. To only hire the guy they got caught tampering with 18 months ago. A guy Easterby wanted, and it was Easterby who did the tampering. A gu
  3. 100% true. But to be fair they also have an interview with Brian Daboll .
  4. Oh I don't think he will be a HC anytime soon. He will have to work his way back up to that. I just don't think it is that impossible. Just go over the recent coaches that got second chances as a HC. Some of them are downright terrible. Everything you said though was pretty much spot on.
  5. I would not be shocked if the Chargers hired Caldwell. However, with Dean Spanos now becoming personally involved with the search for a new HC, I'm starting to believe its more of a business issue than football. The Chargers are struggling in Los Angeles, and I don't mean on the field. COVID, a curse to all of us, was a blessing to Spanos because no one had to see what SoFi looked like when the Chargers played there. I would lean towards Dean trying to make some sort of splash, to attempt to drum up excitement, than to play it safe. However, I have been wrong before, I will be again.
  6. I 100% agree. His style was out dated when the Chargers made the hire. It was basically the Chargers coming full circle since Marty was fired. Marty was a better coach, but their approach to the game was completely the same. They struck out on both the retread in Norv Turner and the new young hot OC in McCoy and went back to the safe, conservative, run first, leader of men. I also agree that Lynn should absolutely go to the college ranks. He would absolutely be a major positive influence on the young men that play in that program. When it comes to next season is anyone going to hire
  7. They were actually 5-11 last year and 7-9 this year. 12-4 was in 2018. Lynn is a good guy, and a good leader for the most part. His problems stemmed from several things. His conservative old school approach to football was one of them. He wanted the offense to run like one from 30 years ago. Run, run, pass or run, run, run if they could. Fine, I guess, except for one small problem. They couldn't run the ball. This became even more pronounced in the second half if the Chargers had a lead. He didn't have the killer instinct required, there was no "mean" in him. They would play to burn
  8. The only problem I have with it was that it was a flexed prime time game. It was a bad product on the field and possibly left a bad impression or taste in the mouth for many people watching it. The optics of it are terrible. Other than that, the situation is more "meh". For me anyways.
  9. It's the only thing we Charger fans have at this point.
  10. I agree, I don't think this game does that either. But beat Denver, play KC strong. Or somehow magically win both, then yeah.
  11. That is not as outlandish as many might think. Finishing strong, injuries, COVID no off season, how Herbert is playing. I don't want it, but I could easily see Spanos use any combination of those excuses for the sake of "continuity" and not paying Lynn next year to not coach. I wouldn't even be slightly surprised.
  12. I believe we are as well. All I'm saying is that Lynn being fired at the end of the season, something both you and I want, is not a guarantee.
  13. I agree they are not committed exactly, but that one year extension runs through next year, not this year. He is under contract until the end of next season. Meaning if Spanos were to fire him this offseason, he would have to eat a whole years salary. Maybe I a misunderstanding you, and if that is the case, I apologize in advance, my bad.
  14. This basically sums up my thinking on it. Although Harbaugh did fairly well before his routine started to get old and wear on players in SF. Most in the current time period have not done well. Leading a bunch of kids who have no choice but to listen to you, in hopes of making it to the NFL. Compared to leading grown millionaires is apples and oranges. And with the way that talent is recruited in College basically means the top teams will always have the pick of the litter. The opposite is true in the NFL. Combine that with the fact that as a College coach you can become just as
  15. I would be surprised if even one of them ended up in the NFL next year. The NFL and College ball are entirely different animals when it comes to being a HC. How you acquire talent and how you have to manage the team are completely different.
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