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  1. I feel like this was already argued to death in another thread somewhere. First off, the NFL isn't some altruistic organization. It is not some benevolent entity that exists whos sole purpose is the enjoyment of Football. It exists for one reason and one reason only, to make money. Whether you like that, or I like that or if anyone else likes that is a 100% irrelevant. Fair or even trying to be fair really doesn't mean much to the NFL when they decide the location of the Super Bowl. And northern cities in the middle of February are simply not going to have the same draw as others. I grew up in what is considered a suburb with a higher population than Green Bay. And in February, no one is trying to hang out for a week.
  2. That has to be one of the worst deep pass completions I've ever seen.
  3. He is absolutely still the same way.
  4. That haircut makes Herbert look younger than the already does. I'm half expecting him to hit his growth spurt this offseason and show up to training camp 8 feet tall.
  5. Are you the only one? Probably not. It's not bad to be skeptical, I'm a fan and it wouldn't surprise me if he had peaks and valleys as a young QB. I do believe, as stated above he was absolutely coached down at Oregon. The staff did him no favors schematically, and made no attempt to change that. They sort of tried to fit a square peg into a round hole. What is surprising is that the things he wasn't good at in college, he is actually really quite good at in the NFL. Which kinda makes me think it wasn't all on him. As far as not being ready to start, for the Chargers I honestly think it was more Anthony Lynn wanted Tyrod Taylor to start, and the abridged offseason. From everything I have heard he is one of the hardest workers when it comes to improving on the team. Shows up before pretty much everyone else, and leaves after the building is almost empty. It also should be repeated that the draft gurus, scouts and FOs of the NFL are often wrong, sometimes breathtakingly so. How many times have we heard "can't miss prospect" or most "pro ready" or someone that will anchor a position for a "generation" only for them to vanish from the NFL world? Statistically the draft is really just one big crap shoot. Sometimes you lose when the odds are in your favor, sometimes you win big on a long shot.
  6. Touche. Lets both have another beer.
  7. Yes the Cowboys are the most watched team in the U.S. Also the team worth the most in the world. But, yes the rest of the world matters. Compare those numbers you just posted to those of El Clasico. Played twice a year between Madrid and Barcelona. El Clasico draws viewers that rival the Superbowl, around ~100 million. That is not combined between the two games. That is per game. For a simple rivalry If the Cowboy's are the biggest draw in the world, regardless of sport, they should probably draw more than maybe 30% than that of a rivalry game between two Spanish teams.
  8. Good game Miami. You deserved the win. You out played and out coached us. You should have won by significantly more.
  9. I would love Penei Sewell, we could be in a position to get him. Herbert's ability to play regardless of his OL might make the FO think they can go in a different direction. I would be irate. 2021 could be our year, but that still depends, a lot on health. Something we really can't bet on. But yes, at our current pace the objective should be to surround Herbert with a team he can count on. Something we never did with Rivers.
  10. They are the very definition of anti-clutch. The defense, and ST are the biggest liability. Which is odd, since the defense was supposed to be the teams strength coming into this year. I know, at this point injuries play a major factor for the defense, but this defense even with some of the guys back is not the same defense as the 2018 year, it looks like their confidence was shattered by the Pats in that divisional game.
  11. I'm getting the impression watching this game that the Chargers have kinda packed it in for the season. P.S. Not that they were going to win to begin with anyhow.
  12. I am about 50/50 on Lynn. But this game is not a good example of why he should go. Lynn didn't miss a FG. Lynn didn't muff a punt return. Nor should he be blamed for a rookie doing so. Lynn, didn't back to back drop a pass that would have been a walk off TD to end the game. Lynn didn't start this trend of losing in heartbreaking fashion. That goes all the way back to Schottenheimer, although with him it was usually in the post season.
  13. I wouldn't blame it on Ballard. The minute Rivers was to become a free agent, that is who Frank Reich wanted. Reich was the Chargers QB coach, then the OC with Rivers. The Colts GM gave his HC the QB he wanted this offseason. And when looking at this offseason, there wasn't exactly a large amount of franchise QBs available.
  14. Rivers is not what he used to be. However, when you watch the hail mary attempt with Brissett you understand that the Colts really have no other option.
  15. As I have said in many of my few other posts, this is my biggest fear.
  16. To be fair, I didn't say would, just could, and it wouldn't matter.
  17. I would too if I was a Dolphins fan. Herbert could make Tua look like a complete scrub in comparison and the Chargers are still going to lose the game.
  18. Chargers defense in second half form, right on schedule.
  19. He was fantastic his rookie year, however he has struggled since then. He has also been in Lynn's doghouse for quite a while now, apparently he just shows up to team meetings whenever he feels like. And even after the Chargers brought in Chris Harris, and King's playing time dropped, he didn't change at all. Also, the Chargers have multiple players to try and extend, who will become FAs next year, so I think they basically decided that King wasn't going to be one of those people. And most likely got the best they could for him considering he is only like a 7 week rental unless the Titans extend him.
  20. I could agree with your point. Except this is not a one game issue for the Chargers, they have taken multiple score leads and then went on to blow them, against several teams this year. It is more a Charger issue than an isolated incident.
  21. It should be special. I have never quite seen a team so able to dominate for one part of the game, and yet roll over and die for the rest of it.
  22. The Chargers got an L. They earned that L. But it had more to do with their defense, and "Charger Choking" than anything else.
  23. I wouldn't mind it either, as long as the defense proved it could hold up its part. But if this season has told us anything, is that it can't. So continuing to try to grind it out, while all evidence says the defense can't hold up its part is irritating. And yes, I said in another post it spans coaching staffs. All my point is, is that depending on a defense that up to this point has proven it can't be depended on is not a good idea. First half of the game, yes depend on them. Second half, for whatever reason, it has to be all offense.
  24. As a man, I have to do it. Good game Denver. The way you never gave up, continued to fight no matter what. That shows character, and your team has it.
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