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  1. The Manning Bowl: Broncos vs Colts GDT

    Denvers helmets tonight are rad... their team is ****e
  2. If the Bengals left Cincy...

    stealers all the way.. I am with Beck on this one.. Bengals and Bucks.. The Bengals (as sad as it is) are my favorite thing in sports and if they left I would probably just be an NFL fan and watch whatever.. Watch games to root against the stealers, browns, ratbirds and cowboys.. I would probably be really sad at first and then realize how much better my life is... lol WhoDey!!!
  3. Draft watch

    oh my... Johnny Football 2.0.. nothing like a 5'10" QB that beats up on the big 12 defenses.. don't get me wrong he is a really good college QB, but no way in the pro's... no way... I will puke/give up if that chit happens..
  4. John Ross to IR

  5. Sunday Night Football: Ravens at Steelers

    yep.. stealers by 1
  6. Bengals/Bears?

    every single coach needs to go... it's been that way...but today was freaking pathetic #nailinthecoffin
  7. Bengals/Bears?

    this... so sick of this ****..
  8. MNF- Bengals/Steelers

    I am pretty sure that was already a rule... it just wasn't enforced because....you know... stealers
  9. just got home...Saints unit are dope..
  10. JuJu Smith-Schuster, George Illoka Suspended 1 game

    look up above your post... just a little
  11. JuJu Smith-Schuster, George Illoka Suspended 1 game

    ha ha ha ha... I still stand with my previous post...
  12. JuJu Smith-Schuster, George Illoka Suspended 1 game

    not surprised.. I wouldn't be surprised if Tomlin wore one to talk to the press.... They are such a bunch of crybaby *******.. And they have always been hypocrites.. they do the hitting and it's stealer football... someone hits them and it shouldn''t be part of the game...
  13. What should San Fransisco do?

    ha ha.. fair enough..