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  1. yeah, I should hav e picked him up. I have that bum Aaron Rodgers. I've learned too
  2. Congrats man... I went to Jamaica for mine.. it's always nice to go south to a beach... enjoy I hope Dalton starts... I don't want to see Fields until next week. I love Justin, but our record with rookies QB's isn't spectacular..
  3. Probably Dalton, but I hope he starts this week and then the Fields era starts..
  4. Damn it.. one of my all time favorites. Also had no clue he has been sick, and he was still funny as hell when on anything. I will miss him.
  5. indeed... the play calling was just terrible... they were afraid to let Joe play early... I am happy with the win
  6. yep.. they killed themselves today.. so many penalties.
  7. this easy win for the Vikes is going well.. far form over though @viking
  8. yeah... I really hope the Bengals win.. I hate when people say this ****.. It's not like the Vikings are a great team or anything.
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