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  1. Walking Dead Season 9 (TV Talk Only) - Spoiler Mines

    I heard on the radio this morning that this show is getting canceled after this year. true?
  2. Giants sign Markus Golden

    must be nice
  3. Redskins release LB Brown and DT McGee

    yes and yes it would
  4. Free Agency

    Things are perfect in Cincy for our ownership. We just resigned key some players that took us to 4th place in the division last year. The money is still rolling in, so MFB is a happy man. BTW. I would love to get Rosen for a 2nd or 3rd..but this ownership
  5. Free Agency

    he will probably go to Cleveland
  6. Raiders closing on deal with Le'Veon Bell

    agreed on both... AB will probably see all of this happening and hold out after he signs with the Raiders
  7. What movie are you watching?

    fair.. and again.. I didn't think it was great or anything Christoph Waltz is what carried it for me and made it ok
  8. What movie are you watching?

    Downsizing... we watched it the other night.. not what I expected I guess I just didn't pay attention to the trailer when it was coming out. I thought it was a straight comedy (it's not. lol) wasn't great, but wasn't the worst movie I have seen.. Anyone else seen this and what did they think?
  9. Free Agency

    free agency doesn't really start until like week 3 of it... come on man, you know how this works...
  10. Create the worst team staff of all time

    I came into this thread to say Dave Shula for head coach (Bengals fans remember), but you're right..Hugh has to get this esteemed position. I also agree that Millen has to be the GM
  11. What movie are you watching?

    ha ha ha.. I remember that.. Nick is the best
  12. Cobra Kai - Season 2

    ding ding ding.. I think you have it.
  13. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I am not a fan of Murray to the Bengals...but 1. I think this isn't very likely. he is already giving back most of his money to the A's (I think), if the Bengals pick him he is going to be guaranteed millions and millions of dollars. He isn't giving that up because he is upset about his first year of playing time, especially knowing he will get his chance the following year. 2 and 3... very likely 4. he's 5'9"
  14. yeah.. I came in to say yay?
  15. Least Favorite Popular Movies

    yep...but the tiny amount hit your mold spot on, he was in a costume and acting like an idiot.