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  1. Mike Mitchell Hit on Alex Smith

    and water is wet. Did you really expect him to get suspended? We should all just give up the pipe dream of the NFL have equal rules and regulations for all teams.
  2. Week 7 Bengals @ Steelers

    yes.. and it doesn't matter to him if he gets to that right place late..he'll still make the hit.
  3. Week 7 Bengals @ Steelers

    I am super shocked about this!!!!! that he actually got fined.. that franchise has had players like him forever... good ole stealer footbawl
  4. Do you get your gas delivered?

    so pay $40 for $30 worth of gas just because I am a lazy ***?
  5. Favorite Halloween Movies

    Edward Scissorhands The Adams Family The Witches of Eastwick
  6. Week 7 Bengals @ Steelers

    probably this.. mitchell/shazier and company will do their normal cheap shots. leading with the helmet and such Burfict will get tired of getting hit after the play and retaliate...then he will be the one flagged/kicked out of the game Marvin will coach like ole marv does Tomlin will cry after every play, even after getting calls ben will break a fingernail..get carted off dead.. be reborn and return to throw a td my hatred for the stealers will grow even more naaaahh....screw all that Bengals 20 stealers 17
  7. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12

    His running is great..it's also part of the problem.. He would see one guy covered and take off running.. Again..these issues haven't popped up as much this year.. I hope he is better.. I hope that it's Kevin Wilsons influence. yes.. dude is a beast
  8. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12

    I am not saying that he hasn't had way more good/great games than bad... I am just saying he crapped to bed in a lot of the "big" games. No...it's not all him, but he is the QB. I would add them.. 15-32 124yds 0 td's and 1 Pick is bad Hey... I hope that he has fixed those issues, he has all the confidence in the world, is great the rest of the year and wins us another championship.
  9. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12

    I am also hoping for this.
  10. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12

    http://www.espn.com/college-football/player/gamelog/_/id/545624/year/2016/jt-barrett http://www.espn.com/college-football/player/gamelog/_/id/545624/year/2015/jt-barrett maybe not know for 2 picks in a game, but he disappears in the big games. just look at those games the last two years. Meatchicken MSU Clemson
  11. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12

    so worried about that... seen it so many times.. stat line of like 9-23 for 95 yards and a couple picks

    cough--falcons--cough I guess it wasn't a winless Giants, but it was a crappy Dolphins

    and bye... I deserved to be out last week anyway
  14. TE Tyler Eifert elects to have season-ending back surgery

    and then him and Gronk can sit on the bench together and watch the games
  15. GDT: Texans vs Browns

    I hope so #fantasyfootball #hatethebrowns