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  1. good write up and I agree with almost all of it. I think the only thing I would change for sure is Finley. I would sign someone, especially if Burrow isn't ready to start the year. Finley is terrible and you can't win with him. In the draft I like all of it except maybe pick a kicker with one of those late picks.
  2. not happening... Sewell is ours jebus the cowboys suck
  3. MMM is fine, but Parks and Rec is all time great treat yo self
  4. haven't seen an episode of either of these shows
  5. they will be picking there they aren't winning **** with Finley at the helm, hell they might be picking 2nd This just makes me so sad.. get better Joe, see ya next year
  6. jesus christ,,,,,, GB giving this game away
  7. this.. that **** was terrible
  8. oh ****.. I have had a couple beers and I am actually going against the little fella.. I hope this game keeps going like it is.. #jinxIamsure
  9. going against Russ in fantasy sucks.. You know the little fella will score in like 2 minutes and give it right back to him.. This game will be like 50 to 48...
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