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  1. oh.. I was combining all of the Ravens great players on D I guess... I would still take the defense though
  2. I don't think so.. Lewis, Scott, Boulware and Reed.. one of those guys would have destroyed him.. they don't make defenses like that anymore. Especially if they played with the rules from then... Lamar would be toast
  3. this is the first thing that everyone that saw this topic thought of not that juicy IMO .. again the defense would tear them apart....it would be closer than the Bears one though
  4. I would also put these three in this order... I am admittadly not a hockey guy but I do understand the Gretzky is up there Woods, Sarena and Ali also in this conversation unless it is only team sports.
  5. I hope so didn't want him, just worried the will succeed with them
  6. thats a Bengals thing too has been for years
  7. Yes... in the NFC Bengals won't have to face him until the SB.... 😃
  8. he could be... he is an amazing talent
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