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  1. Free Agency News

    I think we are signing him.... is he any good?
  2. Offseason Rumor Thread

    no way.. dude just wants to make a splash....
  3. Bengals trade with Bills for Cordy Glenn

    yes and yes I like the trade...
  4. I was so afraid we were going to take him that year..... I mean we haven't won anything..but having AJ and Andy is ok...
  5. Saints sign S Kurt Coleman

    I believe it was because he was under contract and then cut..his contract didn't run out and then he became a free agent.. I could be completely wrong though... lol
  6. Jim Kelly Oral Cancer Returns

    that's terrible... hope for the best
  7. Bengals headlines next season

    this one would be awesome..but some of the others seem more realistic
  8. Best James Bond Movie ever ?

    the spy who shagged me
  9. The Cloverfield Paradox(NETFLIX After Superb Owl)

    yep.. that's how I feel
  10. The Cloverfield Paradox(NETFLIX After Superb Owl)

    I was so pumped when I saw the trailer last night.. It was ok...IMO the worst of the 3 movies
  11. If Your Were Kirk Cousins Where Would YOU Go?!

    these were my thoughts too..
  12. J-Deere Feb Mock 3 rounder

    well sure... but Fitz will most likely be gone.. This draft is a freaking dream.. I am all for it
  13. Three Rounds to Complain About

    For the Bengals in the first....if you are going to give us a defensive back (which I am fine with) instead of o-line, give us your next pick. Safety is a much bigger need and James is a great player.. instant impact But the Bengals would probably take McGlinchy in this scenario...
  14. no.... I agree 100% that the defense lost that game.. That was embarrassing or at least should have been for them.. I was just agreeing that some situational stuff Haley has no clue...or always thinks he's smarter than everyone else and does something dumb..... but rant on I don't really give a ****... I hate the stealers and the browns..... so I don't care where he goes.. .I was just saying that part of it is probably true