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  1. deGrom & Snell win Cy Young Awards

    deserved #LGM
  2. What movie are you watching?

    wow.. I am stupid sometimes.. I did realize it.... I was agreeing that Cooper is underrated and then mixed the two somehow in my head.. I'll just go away... lol
  3. What movie are you watching?

    I think some still don't take him as serious because of his earlier work...green hornet, just friends, van wilder.. stuff like that I agree that he is a very good actor.. and absolutely carries SLP. Now he is going to be the voice of pikachu!!!!!!!
  4. What movie are you watching?

    My wife dragged me to that movie.. I had no interest. It was great...predictable..but great.... GaGa and Cooper both did a fantastic job.
  5. Bengals fire Austin

    wish I could get excited about this.. not sure what it could change.. just had to do something I guess
  6. Bengals fire DC after loss to Saints

    lazy ownership MFB is happy getting those tv checks and all the other money his family makes off of this team.. No need to for him to go out and search for a coach when he has one that is always in the middle of the pack. unfortunately we are probably stuck with ole marv until the old man dies or something.. and even then Katie will take over and probably be the same way. Winning is secondary and not as important as the money. but at least they did something... lol whod ey
  7. Cowboys @ Eagles

    yes it is..
  8. Cowboys @ Eagles

  9. The Saints come marching in

    ole marv is my answer for everything unless you say something positive
  10. The Saints come marching in

  11. Week 10 GDT

    I wish ole marv would just quit out of embarrassment
  12. The Saints come marching in

    this defense is a total embarrassment
  13. Saints Fear Dez Bryant Tore Achilles

    Ironically I picture your avi saying that