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  1. came in to put something like this.. well done
  2. why? he has made millions of dollars being an average at best QB I feel great for him
  3. So I "had" hulu live and didn't get the Bengals thursday night.. no NFL network So I did the free trial of fubotv and since the Bengals weren't on today I watched some redzone for the first time... Mind blown and I will never watch anything else when the Bengals aren't on... just amazing I should watch it instead of the Bengals, but I am dumb Fubotv guy now!!!!
  4. lol.. first thing that popped in to my head
  5. I know.. I just voted and was expecting both to be winning easily and was shocked to see them losing.
  6. wow... our D is chit all night and then do that.... come on Joe... LETS GO!!!!
  7. I think he is getting more help from our ****ty defense
  8. this... Mayfield sucks and is a hall of famer tonight
  9. jebus... Bengals making Mayfield look like Aaron Rodgers
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