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  1. L O L I mean I voted for South Park because its better, but this isn't a good take
  2. it's his best ever... Goodfellas is a treasure. the departed is is a good movie, but not on the same level..
  3. ok.. cool.. I'll still watch it at some point, but not make a huge effort to get to it..
  4. no way... Hercules in New York is way better
  5. Geez.. this is another one that is just so hard to vote out a great show.... GoT is great...like really great, but Chapelle's Show is the all time best show of it's type ever.. So quotable, so rewatchable and just freaking amazing... I couldn't love a sketch comedy show more... and there have been a bunch of great ones
  6. yeah, I figured that was where you saw it.
  7. I just watched Jay and Mike talk about it.. I am intrigued too.
  8. This is one of the tougher ones we have had. I love both, but in the end I had to go with Seinfeld.
  9. he lived way longer that James.... do it for James
  10. oh geez!!!!!! love both so much... But Tony wins for me
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