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  1. Team: Bengals Week 3: Vikings Bills win....we all out this week...lol
  2. Week 3 Bengals @ Panthers

    Man... I've got a bad feeling without Mixon Bengals 63 Panthers 0
  3. PIT WR Antonio Brown skips Monday practice

    so half a day two weeks ago?
  4. Are the Steelers done?

    I like this thread.. but nah Not until big jen is out of there. hope I'm wrong
  5. SNF - Cowboys vs Giants

    great onsides kick.. lol
  6. SNF - Cowboys vs Giants

    Dallas isn't even good... the Giants are just garbage
  7. Bills CB Vontae Davis reportedly retires at halftime of game

    always +1 for Roy and Moss
  8. Team: Bengals Week 2: Rams
  9. How is Jason Garret still a head coach?

    Marvin Lewis laughs at this
  10. Week 1 Bengals @ Colts

    oh we are in comeback mode... forget what seemed to be woking
  11. Week 1 Bengals @ Colts

    stupid fumbles ole marv taking cool time outs still can't cover TE same old **** every year
  12. NFL Kickoff GDT: Falcons @ Eagles

    you're probably watching the new NFL... not pre season
  13. NFL Kickoff GDT: Falcons @ Eagles

    ridiculous call... dude even tried to hold up a little...
  14. NFL Kickoff GDT: Falcons @ Eagles

    flop... yes pass interference...most definitely but who cares.. i am just happy that football is here