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  1. Cordy Glenn Situation

    yep.. no leadership now, and we have had nothing but garbage at his position since he left. Just another example of the Bengals messing **** up This team makes me tired

    First off, I would like to thank the NFL and it's horrible refs for keeping me in this game last night. Week 7: Bills

    Week 6: Packers
  4. Trade Deadline Rumors

    it's called loving where you are, the team that drafted you and who you have been with your whole career.. See Joe Thomas
  5. NFL Week 6 picks

    haha... why does he hate you so much?
  6. The Favorites Thread

    Does anyone have any idea why that blank space happens on posts like on mine above? It only does it every once in awhile, but still annoying? also, it won't let me edit it.
  7. The Favorites Thread

    cool thread.
  8. What movie are you watching?

    two of the best. I also love The Incredibles, Monsters Inc. and Inside Out.
  9. GDT Week 6: Bengals @ Ravens

    Lamar Jackson: 15 carries, 170 yards, 2 TD's He will take a little from your two predictions (well maybe not), but yeah..they will run all over us this week.
  10. Trade Deadline Rumors

    You never go Full AB!!
  11. What’s wrong with the Browns?

    I am a Bengals fan.. maybe that's just how they talk to us... ha ha
  12. What’s wrong with the Browns?

    maybe not on this site...maybe. But where do you live? I live in Columbus and before the season started it's ALL I heard.. How Baker was going to destroy the league similar to Mahomey, Browns had the North wrapped up and were probably going deep into the playoffs (I am talking about friends and co-workers). The North thing is probably still true... lol it's bad
  13. MNF: Browns @ 49ers

    this game has gone even better than I hoped...
  14. Game 5: Cards @ Bengals

    ha.. good call. Baltimore should be a lock this week this past week was the only week I didn't pick Miami's opponent