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  1. It's also a huge indictment on Vrabel as a whole that he came in as a defensive coach, and the defense is the worst unit on the team. Basically ran off Pees who actually had our defense playing at a respectable level so he could have more control and turned the unit into the worst in the league. Made no changes to the coaching staff, and we're better than last year, but being a little bit better than worst in the league shouldn't be the standard. Like others have said, we have enough talent on the defense to at least be a middle of the road unit. Harold Landry is a pro bowl caliber player on a
  2. I've been a Vrabel supporter for the most part. Hate the good ol' boy buddy system approach he's had to the defense, but for the most part I've given Vrabs a pass because he's gotten us to a place where we have been contending consistently. However, I can't help but feel like the "Same Ol Titans" M.O. is still rearing its ugly head with this team. We lose to teams that we should beat, and then we beat teams that nobody thinks we have a shot against. It's always one step forward two steps back with this team. We played terrible against the Jets today. Got outcoached and outplayed by a team that
  3. Overall, I love Vrabel. I think he's the coach we've needed for years. The guys will run through a wall for him, and he's helped build a winning culture here where we expect to win and we fight for each other. I've had my questions about how he's handled the defense at times, but as a whole, I think we're in a great place to be perennial contenders with him at the helm for years to come. I just don't think moving on from a guy that has turned our team into a consistent winner to start from scratch with a new coach/new staff/new philosophies/etc... is the way to go at all. He's got his stubborn
  4. It also hurts when you find out that before he ended up in Atlanta we brought in Younghoe Koo to workout for us and passed on him. Now he's a Pro Bowl kicker for the Falcons. This has been one of the most ridiculous and annoying stretches with this kicker situation. Obviously the way we handled the Succop situation was the biggest blunder of the whole deal but damn this is exhausting.
  5. Yeah that one stings. I remember wanting St. Brown. Think JRob got a little too "cute" with that pick and went for an under the radar guy that we honestly probably could've had later in the draft instead of a guy with more proven college production. I mean I saw some positive traits with Dez on film at Louisville. Had some explosiveness to him and good YAC potential, but I think once he struggled early in camp it was just tough for him to ever get his confidence back. I also can't recall Vrabel calling out a player in pressers as much as he consistently called out Dez this offseason. Part of m
  6. With my second pick I'll take David Long Jr. I think he's going to take a big step this year. @TitanTuffis on the clock.
  7. I was thinking the exact same thing. I actually remember Quinn when he was coming out. I believe he was the top kicker recruit in the country before he went to Michigan. I only remember that, because I remember seeing Harbaugh come to visit him a lot and spend time with him in high school. I'd never seen a kicker get recruited that hard, so it was interesting. He definitely had his struggles at Michigan, but all the tools are definitely there for him to be a solid kicker in the league.
  8. With the second overall selection, SerenityNow selects..... AJ Brown! Welcome back to the SerenityNow family, AJ! Ball out this year! @Danielis now on the clock.
  9. Still pretty proud of my team after last year. Took over the team the year before last and finished 2nd to last then came out and went I believe 11-2 last year and won it all. Hopefully we can find a way to repeat, but going to have some interesting roster decisions to make heading into the season no doubt about it.
  10. I'm in again! This is always a good time!
  11. We have maybe a 3 year window here with Tannehill and Derrick at the helm where we should have our best shot at winning a Super Bowl. Making a move for Julio is a win now move, and I think it's the type of aggressive move that we need to make to give ourselves the best shot possible at a Lombardi while Derrick and Tannehill are in the prime of their careers. Every year we "play it safe" is another year wasted with one of the best core units we've had probably ever offensively. We absolutely need to move some things around cap wise obviously, but this isn't the early 2000s. The cap goes u
  12. Out of all our rookies in this class, I'm least concerned with Elijah. I think he's going to carve out a role here as our starting nickel corner and be here for a long time. I'd like to see him moved around similar to Budda Baker, but I think even just as a nickel he'll be very successful here. I'm very happy that we landed him, and I'm really excited about this revamped secondary as a whole. A healthy Caleb Farley with a chip on his shoulder, the vet Janoris on the other side, and Elijah in the nickel could be a tremendous help for our defense.
  13. Sometimes veteran free agents go back to their alma maters' pro days and work out with the prospects to try to catch the eye of scouts and NFL execs. Maybe one of our scouts saw Fred snagging some passes at Mississippi State's pro day, and put him on JRob's radar.
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