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  1. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    Of course this is all a moot point until we get our OLine taken care of, but Darrell Henderson from Memphis is my favorite running back in the draft. He's the type of game breaker we need on offense.
  2. Is it Time ??

    I really don't sense that our coaching staff has that type of confidence in Marcus. The way LaFleur calls games shows that he doesn't have the trust in Marcus to actually put the game on his shoulders. I'm getting to the point where I want to see if Marcus can sink or swim with the game on his shoulders if nothing else just to see what we actually have in him. There's always a ton of excuses that we can put on other factors that contribute to Marcus' struggles, but for the sake of our franchise I wish our coaches would make Marcus the focal point of the gameplan, so that we at least know how to move forward at QB. Right now we treat him like a game manager type of QB, and maybe that ultimately is what he is and will always be, but I'd like to find out for sure before we figure out what we're going to do in the future. I still believe in Marcus and will probably believe in him until the end, but our playcalling right now doesn't really help us with figuring out if he's truly our long term solution or not.
  3. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    It'll definitely make you question a lot of aspects of the case. There's some parts about VY in there that threw me for a bit of a loop too, but I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised. I'm pretty invested in it now though.
  4. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    Has anybody been listening to the "Fall of a Titan" Podcast about Steve's murder? I just started diving into it, and man, there's a ton of crazy stuff in there.
  5. Is it Time ??

    I've low key been watching Chip Kelly's struggles at UCLA, and I'm kind of hoping before all is set and done that we'll actually get a chance to see Marcus run Chip's offense. I used to be a "Chip needs Marcus not the other way around" guy, but it's clear that Marcus' skill set is best suited for that type of offense. Tempo spread offense where Marcus can nickle and dime the defense all the way down the field, and then hit you over the top with the big play. It feels like several of us have been beating the same drum with this offensive fit thing for several years now, but it's so clear the type of offense that Marcus succeeds with, and yet our coaching staff continues to try to fit a square peg into a round hole a good majority of the time. Similar to what Matt Nagy did with the Bears bringing in Mark Helfrich. I would've loved to have had Mark come in here. That offense is perfect for Trubisky's style and instead of trying to fit him into a certain system he brought in a coordinator that ran a system that Trubisky could really succeed with.
  6. Week 12 GDT: Titans @ Texans

  7. Is it Time ??

    My biggest fear in the whole Mariota saga is that the organization will never get the right pieces around him for him to succeed. Bad playcalling and bad pieces around him (OLine/Run Game) will ultimately lead to his failure here. Constant coaching staff turnover will continue to damage his development just as much as anything else, and I can't help but feel like as a Franchise we have a very talented QB that we can win with that's ultimately never going to reach that ceiling, because we continue to pair him with coaching staffs and personnel that hold him back whether that be from an outdated scheme (Robiskie/Mularkey), poor playcalling (LaFleur), or a lack of support on the field around him (Run game/OLine).
  8. Matt LaFleur

    My biggest gripe is there seems to be a real disconnect between Vrabel always saying he wants to be aggressive and our offensive playcalls. Being aggressive is not running the ball repeatedly on first down when it clearly isn't working. We actually started out the game with a play action on first down, and we looked like we were going to try to stretch the field in the pass game, and it was working. We moved the ball quickly and scored. Then we get up 10-0 and immediately go back to conservative run calls that haven't succeeded all year. The philosophies just aren't adding up. Being an aggressive coach is about more than going for it on 4th and 1. It's a philosophy that should be showing itself throughout an entire game in the playcalls, and that hasn't been happening. Marcus was throwing the ball well last night, and we essentially took the game out of his hands completely.
  9. Week 12 GDT: Titans @ Texans

    It definitely wasn't "as bad" but is that really where we're at now as a Franchise that we're looking for a silver lining in how badly we got beaten? We still played with a total lack of effort the majority of the game and just looked completely unprepared. We still weren't really competitive. Once the Texans scored we got completely shell shocked. It's a troubling trend that is developing with the Vrabel era. We either win or we get completely outplayed by our opponent there's no in between. We just don't battle or fight through the adversity. We roll over and die. If this continues Vrabs won't last long, and we'll be rebuilding again before we know it.
  10. Week 12 GDT: Titans @ Texans

    Why do we put ourselves through this every year?
  11. Week 12 GDT: Titans @ Texans

    Honestly, I'm just really praying that we don't come out and get embarrassed tonight. If we do that more than likely means we get bad Marcus, and I'll probably be really questioning his future here going forward. So, please light it up tonight, Marcus.
  12. Is it Time ??

    I've always been a big Teddy fan. Loved the cerebral aspect of his game in Louisville. He's always struck me as a very smart football mind. I wanted us to draft him pretty badly when he started falling, and it was becoming pretty clear that Jake wasn't going to be our long term answer. To the present though, I'm not saying move on from Marcus right now. I desperately desperately want him to get it together, but in the short term, I'd like to have a buffer zone where if things go sideways with Marcus for whatever reason whether it be from his injuries/erratic play or whatever that we have a guy in house that could potentially right the ship until we find that franchise guy, or maybe just maybe Teddy turns into that guy for us. I'd just like to give our team a fighting chance if things go south on the Marcus front, and I think that Teddy could do that for us.
  13. Is it Time ??

    I know this is something that has probably less than a 5% chance of happening, but I wouldn't mind at all if we signed Teddy Bridgewater in the offseason. It feels like a win-win type of situation for us. We get a competent backup that can come in and win games if/when Marcus gets hurt, he could also push Marcus in camp, and who knows what could happen after that. I've always been a big fan of Teddy's. Had that unfortunate freak injury in Minny, but looked great in preseason last year for the Jets. I think he could still be a very good starter in the league, and at worst a much better backup situation than Blaine going forward.
  14. The biggest thing that kills me about our inconsistencies is not even necessarily the losses themselves as weird as that sounds, but the way that we always lose these games. We always end up getting completely blown out, showing no fire, and no real effort. When we lose games we play like an absolute bottom feeding team and not like a team that's right in the thick of a playoff race. If we had came out and lost to Indy or Baltimore but played a competitive game then fine. It happens. This is the NFL, but getting completely embarrassed by these teams every couple of weeks is the most discouraging part of it all.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    This is one thing that I love about the young core of ILBs that we currently have in Jayon and Evans. Jayon has already played some OLB this year at times and been effective. I'm sure Evans could do the same. Having two young athletic Inside Backers that can rush the passer and play either inside or out is a huge benefit for us and something I've wanted us to have on our defense for a long time.