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  1. Damn! Missed the pick this week. Had a crazy week, but I should be good to go for the Steelers game.
  2. Yep no doubt about it, and he deserves every head coaching offer he gets. Will hate to see him go, but incredibly thankful to him and the whole staff for building such an efficient offensive unit. Needless to say, it's not something we've hardly ever gotten to experience here, and it has been a joy to watch this offense. I'd hope that we'll be able to keep the same offense continuity rolling with the next guy. My best guess is that Pat O'Hara would be Art's successor here, but that's a conversation for another time. Very proud of this team. Vrabel and his staff have honestly just done a remarkable job. Lots of season left to go, but it's nice to actually have a coaching staff that we can fully believe in going forward. On to Houston!
  3. I believe in this staff. I think a win is possible even though it's highly unlikely given the circumstances. Just hate that all of our momentum got stunted because of this whole deal.
  4. Oh what a beautiful sight that Sunday at Noon start time is... Last night was a rough one. Hope we never have to do that again lol.
  5. Really happy to see Corey have a great game tonight. He was huge for us. Hopefully he can continue that and stay healthy throughout the year.
  6. I honestly hope he gets the help he needs and gets his head on straight, because I'd hate to see him ruin such an amazing opportunity, but with where our team is trying to get to right now we just simply don't need these types of distractions. We have a legit window right now to compete for a Championship and don't have time to coddle a guy that clearly doesn't get it. He put himself in a really tough spot, and will probably be getting an 8 game suspension handed down from the NFL for the DUI and property damage. One more incident, and I think he's out of here. So for his sake I really hope this was a wake up call for him.
  7. So sorry guys. Had a busy couple of days. I'll take Jonnu Smith! @RuskieTitan is on the clock.
  8. I'll go with a guy I can't wait to see fly around in this defense, and I hope he'll be here for years to come Jayon Brown! @Justin615$ is on the clock
  9. Don't worry about it! I was just gearing up to take a couple diamonds in the rough. 😎
  10. I thought I signed up for this but no worries. I'll just take the leftovers!
  11. I for one still love Corey Davis and think he's still just scratching the surface of what he could actually be as a WR. I'm fairly confident in saying that he's one of the best blocking WRs in the league which is incredibly valuable for our offense, and I'm personally hoping we can find a way to keep him around after this year. Not sure if that will be possible with the other deals we have coming up with Adoree/Jayon, but I love Corey's attitude. Such an unselfish guy, and keeping the tandem of him and AJ together for the long term would be awesome. Obviously he has to show up a little bit more in the passing game this year and hopefully avoid any injuries that limit his production, but I'd love to get him back on a team friendly deal.
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