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  1. AaT - Draft Thread - 2 People Need To Pick

    I'm going to go with Quinton Spain.
  2. The Offseason Thread

    Honestly, I think our team is at a place now culture wise where we could bring in a guy like Dez and we wouldn't have to really worry about him being a "cancer" to the locker room because the leaders of our team would expect him to fall in line with the rest of the crew, or he wouldn't end up making the team. We'd literally have all the leverage in the situation. He either comes in falls in line with the team culture and improves the WR group, or he doesn't and we cut bait after training camp. JRob/Vrabel have a good pulse on the team, and I'd expect if it wasn't working with him they'd be quick to pull the trigger. Just my personal take on Dez, but I've always felt like he was an extremely loyal guy, and not really the "locker room cancer" that some paint him out to be. He's very outspoken and passionate about winning which at times can rub people the wrong way, but I've never seen him as a guy that was really a "me" guy. Every receiver in the NFL wants the ball on every play that's just the nature of the position, and he's also a very big personality that the media would love to get sound bytes from, but I think above all else he loves football and wants to win. Like I said, if there was ever a time for our team to take a chance on a guy like him, I think now is the time. We've built up our team culture. It's strong. A guy like Dez isn't going to come in as an outsider and wreck the whole locker room. Plus his overall lack of free agency options this offseason should show him that he either joins the team and does his job, or he might not be playing again anytime soon.
  3. The Offseason Thread

    I feel like the previous staff didn't know how to use him. It's fair to wonder if his play has been due to playing with an elite supporting cast, but that's not really something he can control. He's one of my favorite players that I've ever scouted during the draft process, so I'll always have that "what if" thing if he would've landed with us instead of Dodd. I just think athletically he was one of the most special players I've seen. I still watch his old UCLA tape for fun sometimes.
  4. The Offseason Thread

    Still breaks my heart that we didn't draft Myles Jack over him, but hopefully Rashaan Evans gives us what Myles Jack could've given us and more.
  5. AaT - Draft Thread - 2 People Need To Pick

    With the #2 Overall pick, SerenityNow selects Kevin Byard from THE Middle Tennessee State University. I think Kevin is going to prove this year that he's the best safety in the league. What he's done in his first 2 years in the league is already remarkable, and I think the sky is truly the limit for him! Happy to welcome him to the SerenityNow family! @TJM217 you are OTC.
  6. Adopt A Titan - Sign Ups - 18/25 Spots Filled

    I'll go ahead and snag a spot for this.
  7. Is LaFleur one and done with the Titans?

    Selfishly I'm hoping it ends up being a Jim Bob Cooter type of situation where every year everybody thinks that he's going to get a HC job, and then he just never does for whatever reason. One thing to remember is there's a lot more to a HC than just an "offensive mastermind." He has to be able to lead a room of 53, and I remember when I was researching LaFleur for Head Coach here I felt like he wasn't quite there yet as a leader. So that could play into how he commands a room in future HC interviews.
  8. The Offseason Thread

    The last great 6th round prodigy to wear #11. Big shoes to fill for Luke.
  9. The Offseason Thread

    I will say that at least on paper this has to be one of the deepest teams we've ever had. The only possible upgrade I could see is maybe adding another veteran WR, but I actually think Deontay Burnett could make the final 53 as the 5th or 6th receiver, so I almost don't want to add another vet that could potentially take reps away from him. It's really incredible the job Jon has done in 3 years completely overhauling our roster. I'm trying not to get too hype about it though, because it feels too good to be true.
  10. 2018 UDFA Thread

    Wow I wanted to draft Wadley and Burnett. Might as well have had 6 picks, because those are two guys are big time steals. This is the happiest I’ve ever been after a draft.
  11. 2018 UDFA Thread

    Wadley was one of my favorite RBs in this class. Huge get!
  12. NFL Draft Day 3 discussion

    Great pick and one of my favorite safeties in the class. He’s very versatile. He has the physicality to play in the box, but he’s also very good in man coverage. A former corner. If we can get a WR with our last pick I’ll feel like this has been one of the best drafts we’ve had in forever. A lot of guys I like have been falling down the board.
  13. NFL Draft Day 3 discussion

    Some guys I’d love to grab today in no particular order: DeShon Elliott DaeSean Hamilton Deontay Burnett Dane Cruikshank Marcell Ateman Duke Ejiofor Allen Lazard Jordan Whitehead Akrum Wadley John Kelly There’s a ton of good players left on the board today. It’s going to be interesting.
  14. 2nd and 3rd Round Draft Talk

    This is going to upset me for awhile. Plus I can't root for him now. He just couldn't have gone to one of the 29 other franchises in the league.
  15. 2nd and 3rd Round Draft Talk

    One of my favorite WRs DaeSean Hamilton is still on the board going into tomorrow. I think he goes in the 4th though. We’re going to have another long wait.