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  1. A.M- Life After Marcus Watch (options?)

    I'm glad somebody is. It gives me hope that I might get there eventually before the draft. He's been one of the most frustrating evaluations for me, because he has the tools, but he panics under pressure too often for my liking and his accuracy can be pretty sporadic. Once the season is over I know I'm going to have to sit down and spend some serious time trying to figure him out, but as of right now the thought of drafting him scares me.
  2. King Henry Appreciation Thread.

    It's all in how his contract is structured. Luckily for us we have one of the best contract guys in the business in Vin Marino, so hopefully even if it does get over the 10M a year range we can be creative about front loading it, so we can get out of the contract relatively pain free in the later years if we have to. My opinion is that you don't let the "pillars" of your Franchise walk, and Derrick has turned into one of those pillars for us. Good teams keep their top homegrown talent around, and Derrick has turned into one of the best RBs in the league. He's still limited in the pass game, but he's such a special weapon in the run game. At 25 I feel like we gotta see him through to at least that 30 year old landmark before we move on.
  3. King Henry Appreciation Thread.

    I think we have to find a way to resign him. Especially with where our offense is currently at with Tannehill and more than likely a rookie QB coming down the pipe we need the offense to be centered around Derrick going forward. RB or not he's the best player on our offense. Not to mention he doesn't have as much tread on his tires as a lot of RBs, because he had basically those two redshirt years with DeMarco here.
  4. A.M- Life After Marcus Watch (options?)

    Right now that's the option I'm liking best... Sign Tannehill to a modest deal and draft a guy like Jamie Newman in the 20s. Let it be Tannehill's job as long as we're winning. No reason to rush the rookie along. If Tannehill keeps playing like he's been playing there's no reason that he shouldn't be our starter going into next year.
  5. A.M- Life After Marcus Watch (options?)

    Sometimes everything you've been looking for has been right in front of you all along...
  6. Mike Vrabel

    I was actually just coming in here to spark that discussion. Greg Roman would be one of the top guys on my list. He's always been way ahead of the curve with his offenses in the NFL, and I think he's due for his shot as a head coach. Plus he's been a coach in the league for a long time, so I would think he could build a pretty strong staff. I would like our next head coaching hire to be a guy that's kind of an against the grain hire. Somebody with some out of the box thinking that could bring some fresh blood and a new philosophy to our organization. I'd like to take a good hard look at the college coaches this year, and see what's out there. If Riley isn't a possibility, a guy like Matt Rhule intrigues me.
  7. A.M- Life After Marcus Watch (options?)

    I like the tools that he has, and I think like a lot of these QBs his success is dependent on the team that he goes to. If we keep Henry, obviously get a new OC, and the defense keeps up their standard of play I feel like we'd be a spot where he could succeed. I get what you're saying though, and like I said earlier I go back and forth on him. There's nothing about him that has ever wowed me as a prospect, and that scares me, but I do see the tools for him to be a successful game manager at least. Though this entire QB class is so underwhelming to me that I'd almost rather wait another year on drafting a QB rather than force a QB pick in the first just because we feel like we have to. Especially if we end up with year 3 of Vrabel I'd rather just resign Tanny or another FA bridge QB and go from there.
  8. GDT: Chiefs -3.5 (6-3) @ Titans (4-5)

    I honestly don't think I could be less excited about this game.
  9. Titans Pick'Em Competition - Week 10

    Chiefs 38 Titans 14
  10. A.M- Life After Marcus Watch (options?)

    Something tells me that Fromm is going to have the easiest transition to the pros of this crop of QBs as long as he has the defense and run game which we should theoretically have. Smith won't be our OC next year. We'll have at the very least a new OC if Vrabel stays and hopefully it's a guy with some experience as a playcaller. I think he fits our team, and I think he'll come in compete and be a respected leader very early. I think his ability to read defenses pre snap puts him a step ahead of most of this QB class, and hopefully he'll only get better at that in the pros. Like I said earlier, he doesn't do a lot to absolutely wow you on tape from a physical perspective, but he's very efficient and I've liked what I've seen from him this year outside of that South Carolina game.
  11. A.M- Life After Marcus Watch (options?)

    I'm curious if Amy/JRob feels the overall sense of dread that our fan base has right now. I'd think they'd like to make some sort of splash this offseason to at least get the fan base re-energized for the future. I have this gut feeling that Jake Fromm is ultimately going to be our guy, and I've gone back and forth on him a ton. Sometimes he looks like nothing more than a backup caliber NFL QB, and other times I see the characteristics that teams covet in a Franchise QB. I feel like he's the smartest pre snap QB in this draft, and that's nothing to scoff at. He's not going to wow you on tape with his arm strength (though he has enough to be successful), but he's poised in the pocket, accurate, and knows how to read a defense. He could easily end up being a middle of the road type of QB if he has a bad team around him which is what probably scares me the most about him, but there is also that part of me that thinks he could be really successful because of his football IQ. I wouldn't hate picking him, because I see the possibilities there.
  12. Week 9 GDT: Titans(4-4) @ Panthers(4-3)

    I feel the same way. At least in the bad Whisenhunt years I had the hope of "we'll get a top pick and get a top QB that can hopefully change our fortunes." Now I feel like we're years away from potentially becoming contenders. I think we have more talent than we had then, but I don't trust our coaching staff, and I don't think any of the QBs in the draft this year are franchise changing guys. I feel like we're going to be stuck in this void of mediocrity for awhile.
  13. Jon Robinson

    I think KT is talking about the year that we drafted Zach Brown over Lavonte David in the second round of the 2012 draft. One of my most furious draft memories as well. I loved David and knew he'd be a stud of a linebacker. Zach Brown was just an athlete with good combine numbers.
  14. A.M- Life After Marcus Watch (options?)

    I feel like we're in such a damned if we do damned if we don't situation this year with QB that outside of the Brady situation I'd probably look into Teddy as an option, because most of the top QBs in the draft have me less than enthused. I don't wanna hitch our wagon to a guy for 5 years that we really don't believe in just because we feel like we have to. I wouldn't break the bank for Teddy, but I'd be willing to bring him in as a bridge/potential long term starter if things go well, and wait on drafting a QB until we end up in a position to draft a guy that we really believe is the long term answer. Maybe we find that guy in this year's draft that we fall in love with, but there are so many factors leaving me gun shy about all the QBs this year mainly Vrabel still being in the mix.
  15. A.M- Life After Marcus Watch (options?)

    BRING ME TEDDY! (Yes, I still haven't let him go.)