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  1. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    I wouldn't call that offseason boring personally. If anything I'd be excited to bring back core pieces that had us one game away from the Super Bowl and I'd be excited to build off that with "OUR" guys. Maybe it's just the nostalgia in me as a fan, but I'd feel good about rewarding some of our core guys with long term deals as opposed to getting a bunch of new guys at key spots. I just wanna be able to find another pass rusher or two opposite Landry and add some more speed to our team as a whole through the draft, but I wanna keep as much of our core unit together as possible.
  2. 2020 Titans Off-Season

  3. Tanny "King of the" Hill- Should he be the future?

    I'm a firm believer in keeping this core unit together. I don't want to move on from Tannehill this year for "similar production" from another FA QB. The Tannehill/Henry combo proved to be very effective, and I think as we add more wrinkles to the offense and actually get a full season of Tannehill as the starter we have a real chance to win the division and compete for homefield advantage in the playoffs. This brand of football that we're building works. Especially later in the season. Make some tweaks to give the passing game a little bit more creativity, add a good pass rusher or two on the other side of Landry, more overall team speed through the draft, and we have the pieces in place to make another serious run. I think there's something to be said for keeping the core "family unit" of this team together and making another run at it together. The team chemistry factor is important. This team rallied behind Ryan, and he was a major cog in our remarkable run. It just feels like we'd be taking an unnecessary risk by moving on from Ryan at this stage and disrupting all of the team chemistry that we built with him at the helm this year.
  4. Titans DC Dean Pees Retires

    I get the appeal with Wade Phillips certainly not taking anything away from him he's had some stellar defenses over the years, but the guy is 72 years old. If we're looking for a guy that's going to be able to stick around for awhile we're just as likely to lose Wade to retirement in a year or two as we would be losing a young defensive coordinator to a HC job if our defense really plays well. Ideally I want a guy that's a little bit younger that has already had his HC shot, so there was more likelihood of some serious continuity. I just can't think of a defensive guy off the top of my head that fits that bill.
  5. Titans DC Dean Pees Retires

    Also, a huge thank you to Dean Pees. Honestly, for my money the best DC we've ever had here. Guys played so hard for him. Not going to be an easy coach to replace. Hope that he enjoys his retirement we were lucky to have him here.
  6. Titans DC Dean Pees Retires

    Personally, I'm getting a little bit tired of hiring DCs that are on the brink of retirement. I'd like to either grab more of an upstart guy or a retread that has already had his shots as a HC and would theoretically stick around awhile. Rex Ryan would make sense, but like others have said, not sure his personality would mesh with Vrabs.
  7. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    I agree. I'm starting to get on board with the idea of letting Logan walk if it means we have the money to get a pass rusher like Clowney in here. I think we need to continue to build the defense through the draft. I think ultimately we'll be resigning Adoree when his contract is up, so we'll probably need to look into the draft for that next slot CB, because Logan is going to get a big contract, and I don't think we can afford to have all that money tied into the secondary even with as good as he has been for us. I have faith in JRob's ability to find us a player that can fill that role in the draft. Our LBs are in good hands, our DL is in good hands for the most part though we should probably start thinking about life after Casey and trying to find another interior pass rusher. The only glaring missing piece of our defense is another dominant pass rusher opposite Landry, and there's a lot of good pass rusher options in FA this year, so it should be interesting.
  8. King Henry Appreciation Thread.

    Even though Franchising him might make the most sense financially I just don't see Jon doing that based off of what Derrick has meant for this team and what he has accomplished. Derrick is going to be coming off one of the best individual seasons In Titans history. I don't think we're going to pull the "Yeah you had a great season let's see if you can do it again." card on him. It's just as much a culture thing as it is a financial thing for us. I think it'll be important for Jon to say "we take care of our own, and you did everything the right way." So no matter the price I think we pay it. Derrick has put this entire team on his back in so many ways this year. He's incredibly special, and means the world for what our identity is offensively. So, I think we'll be paying him. Franchise tagging him would send somewhat of a negative message to Derrick and the rest of the locker room after this incredible run he's been on, and I think Jon definitely takes that into account.
  9. GDT: Still kind of America’s Team at Ravens

    I'm honestly so emotional after this win for so many reasons, Just so damn happy for this team, and all of us fans on this board and beyond that have been loyal to this team for so many years and suffered through so many dark days just to get back here to where we are in the AFC Championship. It's an absolutely amazing feeling. This team has felt in a lot of ways like an extension of my family since the team moved here. I've followed them faithfully through all the ups and the downs. No matter what has happened in my life this team has always been very high on my priority list, and I hold this franchise really close to my heart. Some might call that silly or whatever, but some of my greatest memories in my personal life have come because of this team whether it was directly because of specific times we won, or just simple quality time memories of watching the games with my family.. So to see THIS particular team a team that nobody believed in get to the AFC Championship after so many years of struggle is just a surreal and special feeling. I'm taking it in and cherishing every second of it. Love you guys!
  10. King Henry Appreciation Thread.

    Derrick is just such a joy to watch. I think when it's all said and done he's going to be talked about as one of the greatest Titans ever right up there with Steve and Eddie. The absolute heart and soul of our team.
  11. GDT: America’s Team at New England

  12. King Henry Appreciation Thread.

    One of the biggest pieces of this to me outside of the actual football decision is the business decision of resigning the one guy on our team that is actually marketable. Before our eyes, Derrick has turned into the face of this Franchise in every sense of the word. For years our Franchise has been suffering from a lack of "star players" we finally have one, and a homegrown talent at that, and we're going to let him walk because of the position that he plays? I seriously doubt it. Derrick means everything to our Franchise on and off the field. He's the heart and soul of this team, and that to me is priceless regardless of if there's a drop off in the next couple years or not. What he means to this team and our identity is worth every penny that we'll have to pay him.
  13. Titans Pick'Em Competition - Week 17

    Titans 35 Texans 13
  14. Titans Pick'Em Competition - Week 16

    Titans 31 Saints 20
  15. Titans Pick'Em Competition - Week 15

    Titans 28 Texans 23