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  1. We have maybe a 3 year window here with Tannehill and Derrick at the helm where we should have our best shot at winning a Super Bowl. Making a move for Julio is a win now move, and I think it's the type of aggressive move that we need to make to give ourselves the best shot possible at a Lombardi while Derrick and Tannehill are in the prime of their careers. Every year we "play it safe" is another year wasted with one of the best core units we've had probably ever offensively. We absolutely need to move some things around cap wise obviously, but this isn't the early 2000s. The cap goes u
  2. Out of all our rookies in this class, I'm least concerned with Elijah. I think he's going to carve out a role here as our starting nickel corner and be here for a long time. I'd like to see him moved around similar to Budda Baker, but I think even just as a nickel he'll be very successful here. I'm very happy that we landed him, and I'm really excited about this revamped secondary as a whole. A healthy Caleb Farley with a chip on his shoulder, the vet Janoris on the other side, and Elijah in the nickel could be a tremendous help for our defense.
  3. Sometimes veteran free agents go back to their alma maters' pro days and work out with the prospects to try to catch the eye of scouts and NFL execs. Maybe one of our scouts saw Fred snagging some passes at Mississippi State's pro day, and put him on JRob's radar.
  4. I just don't understand how we could possibly not know about this leading up to drafting him. A terrible look for Jon and the organization. Complete negligence.
  5. I really wish this pick would've been Demetric Felton but oh well.
  6. So I didn't know a thing about him when we drafted him, but the more I watch him, I'm absolutely blown away by how good he is at getting YAC for his size. You wouldn't expect a guy that's 6'2" 210 to be as quick as he is. I think this might be one of JRob's sneaky gems.
  7. Love the Demetric Felton rumor. He's been one of my favorite receivers in this class for awhile. Absolutely electric player.
  8. Guys I want today: WR Tylan Wallace WR Amon-Ra St. Brown WR Demetric Felton WR Seth Williams TE Brevin Jordan TE Kenny Yeboah OLB Chris Rumph OLB Cam Sample OLB Quincy Roche DL Daviyon Nixon (For my guy @Daniel) K Jose Borregales Lots of talent still left on the board that could help us.
  9. I feel like I'm @KingTitanJr. here with how optimistic I've been about these picks lol. I'll preface this by saying, I definitely wanted a pass rusher or WR at this pick, but I don't mind this pick. Of course it's a result of the Isaiah fiasco which sucks, but this kid absolutely fits our philosophy. Our FO views the OLine as a skill position, and that's not necessarily a bad approach. I'd much rather us be ahead of the curve and drafting talented OLinemen earlier than probably necessary than waiting for all the pieces of it to implode and frantically searching for those replacements down the
  10. I get the frustration with the pick not being an offensive weapon, but we just had one of the worst defenses in the league. I am good with any player that we see as a potential upgrade on the defensive side of the ball. Evans isn't a long term solution in the middle. Jayon is on a one year deal. We needed to find a leader in the middle with good instincts, and everything I've seen and read about this guy says he has that ability. Will he be one of our long term starting pieces in the middle? Who knows, but the need was obviously there at a position that is the equivalent of a QB on the defensi
  11. Love Elijah and the commitment to revamp our secondary.
  12. Yeah as much as I love Elijah Moore, I think that we can find a similar skillset in the 3rd round in Amari Rodgers or Tylan Wallace. I think Ossai sitting there at our pick in the second would be too good to pass up. Draft Ossai in the second and come back around in the third with an Amari Rodgers or Tylan Wallace, and you're still getting a speedster slot guy that can beat teams over the top. I also like Demetric Felton from UCLA, but I think he's a little more raw at WR than Rodgers and Wallace. I don't know if the pass rusher we can land in the third round would be of the same immediate imp
  13. I'm just going to point out if we don't land Elijah and we draft Joseph Ossai in the second we will have two top guys in Farley/Ossai that are well known for being incredibly hard workers that absolutely love football. Right up JRob's alley and after last year's debacle, an incredibly welcome addition to the squad.
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