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  1. GOTW #2 | Week 4 | #11 Michigan @ #13 Wisconsin

    the issue with this argument is that he was going down, but not completely down... & players were already in full motion/momentum... its basic physics that cant be argued which is why is so frustrating for defensive players since they are always in a terrible spot to try & stop momentum mid movement. these kind of rules have flaws that heavily penalize the defensive player for something thats impossible to control unless you change the rules of tackling completely... basically turning a contact sport into touch football. this argument can never be won from either side & will forever be a topic of frustration for fans & teams alike unless the sport stops enforcing the rules & deals with the fact that its a contact sport
  2. GOTW #2 | Week 4 | #11 Michigan @ #13 Wisconsin

    wasnt dirty... he didnt attempt to wrap & tackled with his shoulder which you cant do but he was already committed to making contact before Macs knee was down & the movement of everything contributed into the tackle being so severe (in my expert opinion obviously)
  3. GOTW #2 | Week 4 | #11 Michigan @ #13 Wisconsin

    i guess that one makes up for the bad call previously... all is even in the world right?
  4. Packers-Bears Week 1 Game Day Thread

    if thats the only play JG makes his entire packer career... his contract was worth it
  5. 2019 Draft Discussion

    good, fall to 30 or 44 pls
  6. MKE Bucks Thread (40-6) | Rest In Peace, Kobe

    this is good to hear... ill be going to the February 9th game to finally see the new arena.
  7. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | I Love Mod Edits

    im super curious about the top 10 from '19-20 season personally
  8. well... ill see y'all in the bucks forum. 2018 season is over
  9. did we forget about who our QB is & how much route running trust means to him?
  10. MKE Bucks Thread (40-6) | Rest In Peace, Kobe

    yeah most teams dont win games where the other team has a shooting night like that... it was anything but a bad loss & showed that even on an off night they can still hang with a team shooting hot to have a chance at the end. tough 3 game stretch coming up though... 2 of 3 would be awesome
  11. Trade Deadline Thread

    if we could go back in time thats a deal I wish the packers woulda done differently
  12. Trade Deadline Thread

    1 thing is clear after today.... & that's the staff being frustrated with 2 players specifically (& coincidentally both those players had at minimum been rumored of being 'disgruntled' themselves) both those players are now gone... & that's probably a good thing in the big picture of team building
  13. Trade Deadline Thread

    as they should be... its the 2nd most valuable position on the field (pending on how much you like elite offensive tackles)
  14. Trade Deadline Thread

    im not a fan of only getting a 4th for HAHA but if you think landing a 3rd (or 2nd even if it was a stretch) for him & then also acquiring Fowler would have transformed this team then I hate to be the one to tell you this but... you're wrong
  15. Trade Deadline Thread

    yeah i dont agree with a 4th here at all... they would have likely got that as a comp (albeit later in the round)... shoulda been a 3rd or a 4th & something else