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  1. You ought to hear the fans in Premier League Football. Funny 🙂
  2. Agreed. The only thing I questioned in Ted's comeback was his knee, naturally.
  3. Decent call, poor execution. Time was running out. Running a quick, incomplete pass play stops the clock ---> gives the OC time to think.
  4. Just blossoming... 2nd year man, DE Chase Winovich, has turned into the Patriots best pass rusher, and maybe best player in the front 7.
  5. As long as their is an NFL you will never get Dallas out of the NFCE. Never ever. Your other proposals deserve merit but I don't see this happening. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".
  6. You can claim that Vrabel learned some tricks under BB, but hell, any coach in the NFL that watches tape can say that. Sorry, Mike is not in the Belichick tree. My opinion.
  7. I feel your pain, Matts. I do however, take exception to your "offense better than Chiefs" claim. Dak is no Mahomes. sorry.
  8. Hmmm, that's a point. Also, the two SB's that Steelers did win in the Ben era, they never had to face the Patriots.
  9. I'm pretty sure this little factoid still holds true; The winningest QB at Ralph Wilson Stadium since 2000 is Tom Brady lol
  10. I liked getting Tunsil was a great trade but man, he Bill gave up a lot,, IMO. Also, Texans don't have their top two round picks in the draft coming up. But overall, Bill brought in some great talent on to the team and that counts. My opinion, anyway.
  11. Doesn't this feel like Revis Island all over again? The Jets just love to pay the big bucks. They never learn.
  12. Of course Steelers are perfectly capable. So are Ravens. (not sold on browns) This thread sounds more like - "I had a dream"
  13. 10 years ago who thought Eli would be the first out of the group to retire? (Besides Peyton)
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