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  1. I can think of others, besides Brady. Remember Doug Williams... Redskins Super Bowl winning teams? slooooooooow as molasses. Slower than Tom Brady 🀣 Also, running QB's generally don't last long. They're exciting as heck when they're young, though, like Lamar Jackson. Wilson is the obvious outlier here, although, I don't view Wilson as a true running QB that running is a desired part of his game, he does it to stay alive.
  2. And now you compound the problem by jumping off the bandwagon - waaaaayyy too early ☺️
  3. Shoot, AW, I have seen many QB's taken in the top 4 that were busts. Would you actually cut or trade Wilson under the *assumption* that your top 3 pick will give you a serviceable quarterback? Foolish, in my opinion.
  4. Russell Wilson, I believe, is destined to be in the HoF. How Seattle can ponder trading him, I just don't know. Great QB's are so rare and hard to come by.
  5. Ok, @Starless, the cap number. I forgot. You have a good point.
  6. oh god... In 2000, with three quarterbacks already on the roster, the patriots drafted a quarterback in the 6th round. Asked why the move was made, the answer given was.. "We need a backup quarterback". But Tom Brady worked out pretty well
  7. Holy Jupiter, just let him go?? get nothing for him? Now *that's* malpractice
  8. Doesn't make my day. Snyder has been amongst the bottom feeder owners for two decades. πŸ€”
  9. He looks like Richard Simmons with a sunburn 😁
  10. I hear the Saskatoon Prairie Dogs are getting a contract ready as we speak - "Ooooooooooo Can.. ada."
  11. Remember how BB got him? He was on the bench for the Lions. Now look at him, $13 Mill / 2 years
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