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  1. For me it depends. If we are talking about a veteran player with a pretty consistent history of play, whether good or bad, I am less likely to give a single week too much weight. For younger players, they don't have that history and are more likely to be inconsistent, so it weighs a little more for me. That said, extremely good or extremely bad performances(like a QB having a 4 INT game) will move the needle a bit.
  2. Send to me Seoul Dragons @ Gotham Gashslayers Antarctica Katabatic Beasts @ Cuba Smugglers Sacramento Sasquatch @ Camden Hood Rats Singapore Sentinels @ Lancaster Werewolves Send to @rackcs New Orleans Jazz @ Rome Eternals Portland Horned Owls @ Ivory Coast Black Rhinos Williamsport Soul Reavers @ Hungary Hippos Oklahoma City EF5s @ Berlin Blitzkrieg
  3. Uh, btw...I evidently have Pierre Desir on a $1 contract for 450 years.
  4. Sewell-Trey Smith-Trey Hopkins-???-Jonah Williams would actually be a very nice offensive line.
  5. Ah, gotcha. He's been quite good against the Chargers and Browns DL with abysmal OGs next to him, so I have actually been pleasantly surprised. Doubt I'll use him unless Linsley goes down, but it's nice to not be worried about my backup OC.
  6. Yeah, but he doesn't start for me and pretty damn good is different than damn good. Boyd and Jonah aren't on my BDL team and I praised both of them. That said, if I'm the Bengals, I try to get the Oregon LT and draft the best OG available in the 2nd round so Burrow has 4 functional-at-worst OL.
  7. I think Jonah and Trey are good offensive linemen. Both looked pretty damn good tonight. Jonah had a couple bad plays, but overall they were quite good.
  8. The one thing that concerns me with him so far, and it could be due to the fact he has two functional OL, is the early inability to complete passes down the field.
  9. They signed Hooper in FA. And Njoku is on IR now.
  10. He's made a number of very nice blocks tonight.
  11. Hooper is a better blocker than I gave him credit for.
  12. Does Stefanski dare to let Baker throw the ball?
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