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  1. NFL will not suspend Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill

    They made it clear that they dont have enough evidence yet to do anything but reserve the right to suspend him quick, fast, and in a hurry. In some ways it could have been better for him to get suspended now. I'm sure tha Chiefs would rather loose him for 4 games in September than in December if something comes up.
  2. I'm not on any committee so I don't know all the rules.
  3. 4 years, 57 million at .75 a year is just below 10,700 a year.
  4. Jonathan Cooper & Chance Warmack?

    Warmack was soft. OL, especially the interior guys, need a nastiness. Warmack didn't have that. Dude had all the physical traits and didn't get hurt much, but he didn't know how to be mean.
  5. I think that the 'something actual' they would get would be a concession by the players on a different item. The owners give up an aspect on something they don't really care about/know is stupid(like only allowing players to play in 16 games) to get something they do care about like percentages of TV deals/an 18 game season.
  6. Retirements rarely hurt, but Boling retiring makes Portland's OL look rather bleak. The right side of that OL will be rough.
  7. There is one reason this was leaked to the media. So that the owners can pretend like they gave something up when players fight back on this idea. Then they can say that they gave this up, so players should give something up. That's the only reason this idea ever saw the light of day.
  8. Space Jam Mafia: MONSTARS WIN!!!!

    I've had actual jobs and I know how much or little I need to work. I've never taken the bar.
  9. Space Jam Mafia: MONSTARS WIN!!!!

    Ding ding ding. Nope. Nope. The bar is two weeks from tomorrow. I play after that.
  10. Space Jam Mafia: MONSTARS WIN!!!!

    Orca, I will give you one guess as to why I'm not playing this game.
  11. Not like it could get lower.
  12. **TCMD** - Keeper Discussion Thread

    I have less than 3 weeks until the bar. So I'm out until August 1.
  13. No Mafia for me until after the bar.
  14. Thanks. I'm studying away. Dad is doing fantastic, thank you for asking. Glad you liked the write up. Doing that stuff is a nice brain break from the bar.