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  1. That would have been why my weeks were off.
  2. I'm honestly fine either way. One way we get a week 6 bye but might have week 18 issues. The other we don't get an early break but avoid week 18 issues. Both keep Thanksgiving break. Both have 13 game regular season with 3 game playoff. Really comes down to if people want an early break or to avoid potential week 18 issues and probably fewer injuries.
  3. First week of the playoffs for us is week 16 which is xmas. Second week of our playoffs would be new years. Not sure I see a way around that.
  4. 13 regular season weeks, 3 playoff weeks, and 2 bye weeks. Regular season weeks 1-5, bye week 6, regular season weeks 7-11, thanksgiving bye week 12, regular season weeks 13-15, Playoff weeks 16-18. So 5 weeks on, one off, five on, one off, then finish up the season.
  5. We do the exact same as last year except we insert another bye week for us around week 6 and push the rest back a week.
  6. What would yall say if we had an 18 game season, had a bye week during Thanksgiving(week 12), and had a bye around week 6? We do the same number of gameplans, we keep the Thanksgiving bye, and we add in a bye for ourselves a few weeks in. I think that will help people from getting burned out.
  7. Considering I'll have a newborn in mid-September, another bye week sounds quite nice.
  8. @SirA1 we doing a summer owner's meeting?
  9. Gotta feel bad for owners who had uncertain QB situations this offseason.
  10. It's similar to how... It's not that my players aren't doing illegal acts at the moment, it's that they are all waiting to get arrested at the same time.
  11. Blue isn't that lucky. He'll have a season ending injury week 3 or 4 of the regular season.
  12. Wouldn't shock me. Depends on what the staff sees from Love in practice. I think we all knew that.
  13. I wouldn't call it a fundamental technique flaw. I mean, its certainly no worse than Rivers' throwing motion. I'd say its more something to finetune.
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