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  1. Good game @SirA1 Be fun to see how the playoffs lay out.
  2. I think Rome takes this one, despite some deficiencies on the edges of their OL and DL, they can limit the weapons of the Sadquatches who see their hope go down this week.
  3. I agree with a lot of this. Also, wwhickok mentioned Henry against the Texans front, but I think Jones and Graham are two pretty big upgrades over whoever else Houston starts. Also, don't know if the WSR OL is good enough to keep Henry from getting hit in the backfield regularly.
  4. I think both teams have equally good write ups, but Cuba has a better weapons right now around Watson who is playing much better than he gets credit for.
  5. Late write up for Camden plus I think NOLA is the better team right now.
  6. I also put in a defense for 2 RBs. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. Just saying that i did account for 2 TE and 2 RB sets.
  7. Got to NOLA last night for a Cajun Thanksgiving.
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