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  1. You are trying to use guys that are not in your active lineup. Same thing. And evidently you could.
  2. And you havent shown the stats on pressures I asked for either. In what off the cuff comment? Be specific. Because I've had to defend myself ever since your initial personal attack. And if we allowed people to edit lineups the way you describe, why have we never let anyone edit a lineup so they wouldnt have only 4 healthy OL? Or because they missed someone going on IR? I see absolutely zero difference in those situations and you failing to double check your line up. All of those situations are honest mistakes, and yet we have never allowed for any of them. This has nothing to do with emotion and everything to do with me not thinking you deserve special treatment.
  3. Yeah, because I stick to facts like Dahl being hurt or Conklin being inconsistent. You are using a single stat with zero context to make your whole argument. That's arguably worse that not going into stats. It is the same standards. Now you are accusing me of essentially trying to cheat because I'm upset and am trying to make it personal. It's like in the last post when you said I was emotional. When have I called you a name or made it personal? Not once. So don't try and twist this by claiming I am only trying to follow the rules because I'm not being normal me. How dare you? Show me once where I have made this personal. And standing up for myself when attacked is not making it personal. As for rules: if you don't have a player anywhere on your active roster, they aren't available for the game. It'd be no different than an NFL team trying to use a healthy scratch in a game.
  4. Ok, you want to keep going? All PFF shows is their grade(which is basically worthless) and sacks allowed. That is all the 'statistical evidence' you had to declare your OL superior which is hilariously incomplete. And that is assuming PFF is right on their sack numbers. You said that yours allowed fewer pressures and I asked you to show that data which I am still waiting for. I mean, what if those 7 sacks are the only pressures they've allowed? All the sudden, that is very good. So you are trying to take stats out of context to puff up your OL. Mine is based on reading and researching guys, which includes things like run blocking. So there are multiple options besides you questioning my integrity and saying that I am either biased or lying. It is not about cutthroat. It is about holding you to the same standards as everyone else. So far, you have questioned my integrity, said that I am either biased or lying, and accused me of being cutthroat for expecting you to follow the rules. Keep it up.
  5. That said, I'm gonna step away from this thread for a while.
  6. Luckily for us, you aren't an old woman who can't see well. You are a perfectly competent BDL owner under the same rules as everyone.
  7. No, I used it because if you're willing to attack someone's integrity over a legitimate disagreement on OLs, you'll likely use it when I call out for trying to break the rules.
  8. Its petty to be annoyed because you said I don't have integrity. Because we have a difference of opinion in our offensive lines. Interesting take.
  9. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    It's a fun game.
  10. There is a difference in a message being cut off and you not including them. I'm just following the rules, but maybe it'll give you another chance to attack my character.
  11. We have never allowed players not in the line up to play. Ever.
  12. Wait...since when do we get to edit anything 24 hours later?
  13. It's almost like you have to build a whole team.