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  1. I know you guys love me enough to keep me around. Especially cause I finish up 10 straight weeks without a day off on the 23rd. So I can be even more involved!
  2. I have to get back from sobriety island first. Then I might share my stash. Or tequila.
  3. Here are my votes. Hometown discounts are almost nonexistent in the NFL, so I don't like the idea of increasing ours. I'd rather keep it updated a year or so ahead of time as we have been. We have enough ways to keep guys. I think 3Ups more than make up for this. Matching RL would make life easier. Even less people would bid on FAs. Largely irrelevant, but it does make everything match the NFL a bit more closely.
  4. I don't think Jeff would make me tell a lie in order to stay. So that can't be right.
  5. @Outpost31, so now that Mookie has been defeated and shamed publicly, what else do I need to do to stay?
  6. I did what was necessary to beat you and win the challenge fairly.
  7. You go ahead and call it whatever you want to so you can feel better about losing fair and square.
  8. Unfortunately no one accepted that challenge and I already won this challenge. That simple.