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  1. We did not laugh at you. It is not true that no one wanted you here. It's also not true that you were driven out. If someone seriously wants to leave, they can leave. But if you were expecting us to beg and plead for you, or anyone, to stay against their will when they no longer enjoy BDL, then the issue is with your expectations.
  2. Oh, we wanna play that game? I'm 2-4 with Rodgers.
  3. They still averaged 101.5 rushing yards per game during the regular season. And had 118, 112, and 129 rushing yards in their 3 playoff victories. So it's not like they were completely inept.
  4. For me, there is a tipping point of "they'd be so ineffective running the ball that the defense wouldn't respect it at all". Because then the DL can just just get straight upfield and linebackers and safeties can bail into coverage which really tightens throwing windows.
  5. Mara is a month old today. In that month, the Packers are undefeated, the Vols almost look functional, and the Braves are headed to the World Series! Good month.
  6. Ah, my dad is from Wisconsin which is how I became a Packers fan. Picked up the Braves due to geography and my granddad. Then Preds and Vols from being in Tennessee.
  7. Dad has never been a big baseball person. But my mom's dad signed a professional baseball contract way back when and he got me hooked on the Braves. Plus, I was a kid during the years of Terry Pendleton, Fred McGriff, and those amazing pitching staffs.
  8. Yup. Who else would I cheer for growing up in Nashville? And I'm good with that for today.
  9. More like a Braves fan who has seen way too many postseason collapses.
  10. Don't believe! And would make me very sad.
  11. You'd be the best negotiator in BDL if you got same value for Cody Ford right now. I loved him coming out of school too.
  12. My daughter could push around the Broncos front 7 tonight.
  13. Side note...put out feelers in any other subforums that yall frequent for co-owners. I posted something in the draft subforum. Wouldn't hurt to add a few more co-owners.
  14. Still more than I've gotten from OBJ all season.
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