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  1. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    I'll take him if you send me a 1st as well. I'll send you a 5th.
  2. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Same with Taven Bryan and Dawuane Smoot(no clue where Smoot came up with that).
  3. So now Henry can get a 96 yard TD run.
  4. That's kinda how AP used to be. 1 yard, 2, 1, then 25.
  5. Foles, Gardner, Brissett, Watson. 5th at best.
  6. You mean BDL Superstud Taven Bryan.
  7. Considering Samwise carried Frodo's worthless self, I know who I'm picking.
  8. Corey Davis, AJ Brown, Adam Humphries, and Delanie is a great group for almost every QB in the league.
  9. That was another 'point of emphasis' for the refs.
  10. Watch Mariota play just well enough in the fourth to keep the job over Tannehill.
  11. BDL 'Oh I Forgot He was on My Roster' Dude Dawaune Smoot!
  12. Pointing out inconsistency by the refs.
  13. So on that drop, Dede pushed off just as much as AJ Brown did when he got flagged.
  14. So Calais is still really good.
  15. Just like Fournette his rookie year?