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  1. It means to have leer. I would in the 3rd though.
  2. @ny92mike that's how you know it was a good pick.
  3. @Jlash I need more g-scout cookies.
  4. Good mock, but I'm not taking Etienne at 30.
  5. I've had some PTSD from the Ealy pick. Edge prospect I took early-to-mid BDL second falls to the RL 2nd round where the Panthers end his slide? Good thing that isn't exactly what happened with Gross-Matos.
  6. He kinda took over the Mayock role a few years back. I generally like his stuff. He can at least defend his positions, unlike a lot of guys who post that kinda stuff for clickbait.
  7. He also still had Chris Olave in his 2021 mock draft last week.
  8. My one concern with him is opting out right before playing Bama and Georgia. To me, that's a bigger concern than someone opting out of the season.
  9. Being actively avoided. Not gonna trash my starters mid-season, but I watch and read about all my guys on a regular basis. I do think a couple guys get some unfair hate though.
  10. You're the second person to give me Asante Jr. I looked into him some after the first time and I do like him. That said, I already feel good about Byron as my NB, so I would prefer an outside CB if I go that way at 30 as Rock didn't make the 2nd year jump I had hoped for. Etienne would be hard to pass up in the 3rd even if I do 3Up Aaron Jones. I'd definitely consider Marvin in the 6th. I dont know anything about McGrone, but after Rashaan's disappointing year, I need another LB to go with Tremaine. Don't know anything about Jack Anderson either, but I do know about C
  11. Thats also working off the assumption that the QBs available when you draft next year will be better prospects than Lance or Mac(assuming one of those two might be available this year). If BB thinks Mac or Lance is a franchise QB and either is available, he will take them.
  12. Last year, Brandon Aiyuk was the guy I wanted the Packers to draft(Queen was the fall-back). This year, it's Kadarius Toney.
  13. I believe it. If for no other reason that short, slight, speedsters who go in the first round never, ever, ever actually pan out.
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