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  1. Only QB luck I've ever had is trading for a 35+ year old QB.
  2. Nice to see him bounce back and make a play after getting Lewaned all night.
  3. Well, at least we can all laugh at @Bluefor being wrong about how good this game would be.
  4. Either him or Collins didn't know the defense.
  5. Austin Jackson(who has been the worst) is the only one playing the same position as last year. I'd give it a couple weeks for them to gel.
  6. Lorenzo Carter, DeAndre Baker, Andrew Thomas, Mecole Hardman, Sony Michel, Isaiah Wilson are some disappointments that come to mind.
  7. DL wasn't get the job done so they needed to bring a real stud on the blitz. Sorry Fuller for cursing you again.
  8. That might be the prettiest throw I've ever seen Daniel Jones make.
  9. Good to know I can still give my guys instant bad karma.
  10. At least Kadarius has more yards than he did last week.
  11. Well, that was before Chandler Jones did to Lewan things you can't even do in prison.
  12. Might as well be...but no, I think he will be active.
  13. I should have stayed put and drafted Jamin Davis.
  14. Still a better option than Taylor Lewan.
  15. Yeah, that was him. I think that was the worst I've ever seen. That was the one time I thought a dude might die.
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