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  1. Font is a bit eh, but I like the rest. Idk what the hate is about.
  2. Sutton over Chark for me, but it's hard to say for certain when I think Sutton benefits more at his position where he's playing than Chark does where he's at.
  3. Fine. Have a like. With that said, it feels like the Patriots are losing everybody from recent years that I have grew to love. Wish him the best, all the same...
  4. Not really a fan of the way the shoulder stripes suddenly stop. I feel like something else could have been done to better effect. I'm not a graphic designer, just sayin. Otherwise I like them. Simple and effective, that's all a uniform needs to be.
  5. I was watching some RedZone last night, watching the players high-five. The announcers sitting right next to one another. Watching the crowds chant, and really appreciating how many people there are. Things are going to be different. For sure. It's going to be weird. I don't think we're going to see normal pro football take place until at least 2021. Until then, it's going to be just players on the fields, no crowds, no music presumably, etc. I have no idea how it plays out, but its going to be interesting to find out.
  6. Some people over-value the draft. How many players each year that come from the draft end up being great? Picking up UFAs atleast guarantees a sample pool of the players strengths. Having your multi-million dollar franchise/team tank for a higher draft pick the following is stupid, and hardly ever warranted. BB references in interviews, the Art of War by Sun Tzu, in that you empower your strengths, and attack your enemies weaknesses. Certainly Brady afforded him a lot of room with his ability to make on-field adjustments, etc... BUT, that was assuming Brady as a strength. Now that he's gone, it changes. No better way to gauge how well a player performs in the NFL than looking to the UFA charts. People saying the Patriots will tank are betting on a 50/50 gamble in hopes that they can say they told you so. Realistically, they're telling themselves that, because BB and co. make it more like 80/20 that the Pats will fair just fine without Brady. We had no offense last year anyway, and still went 12-4.
  7. Hoyer is about to be backup to Stidham.
  8. Plus - as has probably been mentioned a lot -- he is throwing to Evans and Godwin.
  9. I can't really stomach the likes of Dalton, Winston, Flacco, or Brissett on NE. Though if I had to pick between those, I think I'd roll Brissett. Probably.
  10. I am behind Stidham over any of the flakes leftover out there in FA. Lets do it.
  11. Isn't Hunter Henry available? I haven't read anything up on him lately.
  12. A pound of sand had more life to it than Flacco did last season. Not surprising this happened.
  13. Zeke also went for 500+ more yards than Gurley. Again, CJ put up the same performances at the end of the 2018 season so I don't see how Gurley was so essential that it couldn't be done without him and justified his huge paychecks.
  14. Good. Gurley has been absolutely awful since his knee problems started. CJ Anderson was putting up the same performances in the 18 post-season iirc. TBH, I will never understand why RB's get paid insane money like they do when it's apparent that the OL and scheme are the driving force behind RB success.
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