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  1. Nobody is going to care if Burrow doesn't want to go to Cinci. Nobody would blame him. As a native Ohioan, I can tell you that the majority of us don't like them either. The browns are far, far more popular literally everywhere but Cinci. At the same time, if you're passionate about football and wanting to be the difference maker -- you're still making millions of dollars anywhere you go -- the Bengals provide great opportunity to go and stand out.
  2. Drew Brees will return for 2020 season

    I watched several games last year. I’m still very impressed with him and I think a lot of the flack he gets is unwarranted.
  3. Is Big Ben done?

    Eh he was a big bellied/bearded character from a Christmas movie. I’ll be civil. Ben hasn’t played in a year. I don’t see him coming back and being better than Tom Brady. Tom Brady “on the edge of the cliff“ is still better than Ben, IMO. Regardless, Ben is a solid QB and he’ll be back next year.
  4. Is Big Ben done?

    If they wanted to throw interceptions they would just put Duck Hodges out there again.
  5. Should the Cowboys TRADE Dak?

    Dak plays with more hips though.
  6. Is Big Ben done?

    Ben triple-patty-burger would snap the wagon in half, first off. Winning a superbowl last year and making the playoffs again this year with a completely mangled offense that couldn't do anything = Tom is falling off the wagon. Throwing your own arm out on a pass and turning into Yukon Cornelius over the 2019 season = streamlined performance. k. To add to the thread without just making this about TB12 - I think Ben will be back next year. It's pretty much 100% happening. Unless he throws out his back eating a corndog or something.
  7. Is Big Ben done?

    Trash take @Danger
  8. Where does Andy Dalton end up?

    BREAKING NEWS! Andy Dalton seeking legal action against Antonio Brown for having repeatedly farted in Daltons face. Antonio Brown issued a statement "Big chest, big farts. I can't be contained. The media tryna blast me, make me the villian. Ain't none of that gonna keep me down." ESPN investigates...
  9. Where does Andy Dalton end up?

    I don't know, but I would rather not have Andy starting. You're asking me to answer a question that likely isn't going to happen anyway. I've said it a dozen times on here, but I really don't think Tom is going anywhere yet. It's all media hype to get offseason ratings/views/revenue.
  10. Where does Andy Dalton end up?

    No thanks
  11. Oh, that whole Trubisky > Brady thing that went around was absolutely comical and systematically revealed haters and ignorant fans alike. That said, I had no idea it was based on that. Also goes to show how annoying a large portion of football fans are with their cherry-picking of stats.
  12. As an outsider who doesn't really follow either team -- it's because Denver became competitive with Lock throwing the ball and the Redskins still sucked with Haskins throwing the ball. Credit those reasons to whatever you want, but that's how I see it.
  13. Where does Andy Dalton end up?

    Where does this forum peg Dalton at on the list of 2019 starters? I'd have him bottom 10 somewhere...
  14. The Official XFL Thread!

    And what is your opinion on that?
  15. The Official XFL Thread!

    Are you gettin' cheeky? lol Yeah, I don't like it man.