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  1. Thats easy. Its the Rams hiring Sean McVay. At the time he was 30yrs old which was and still is the youngest head coach in NFL history. We know that first time head coaches rarely ever succeed but for a guy as young as McVay was some people questioned whether or not he would even have respect of the locker room considering there will be players older than him. The Rams not only got it right but they hit a grand slam with McVay.
  2. I’ve picked the Falcons over the years many times to either win the NFCS or really be competitive to have a shot to win or get into the playoffs as a wildcard. I’m really uncertain about them heading into this season. Defense needs to get better but I want to know what they are going to do at 4th overall. I see that they want to move down and that would be smart because all of the great defensive prospects will be pushed down due to teams taking QBs, Pitts the TE, the top WRs in Smith and Chase and even the OL in Sewell and Slater. So the Falcons could get a bounty for someone who wants Lance
  3. He was the exception. Not to mention he played in the hardest conference in college the SEC so he thrived against NFL talent pretty much every game.
  4. I get your reasoning behind why not Edge but Reigns have been great so I don’t see the title coming off him to DB especially if DB wins and then drops it quickly back to Reigns or even to Edge. If DB wins I’d much rather him hold it for at least through this year facing guys like Cesaro, Rollins, and obviously Edge and Reigns will get another shot. But again I think DB is only in the match to take the pin. If you really look at DB over the past I don’t know how long guys in Gulak and Cesaro he helped get pushed while they was in a program together. I think even Big E as well but I don’t quite
  5. @Fresh Prince ok I thought I read somewhere that he lost. Good they didn’t take the title off him after he won it. Still don’t derail my point. Plus if you don’t think the WWE sucks at the shock factors that WCW used to bring and now AEW brings then I don’t know what to tell you. Anyways, I agree with all your predictions except for DB winning. It’s either going to be Edge (following the theme he never lost the title and gets it back on the anniversary he had to retire) or Reigns winning to keep him being strong to possibly down the road meet Drew again for the title where Drew will get t
  6. I didnt watch mania this year because of them switching to Peacock but I saw the results and Ill say that it was so predictable its sad. I saw everything happening last night from a mile away. I want some swerves in a match that even if the result end up like I expected at least have me second guessing. Lashley shouldve won but as soon as Vince idiotically broke up the Hurt business I knew Drew would win. I knew Bianca was going to win the second it was announced that match was going to end the show on night one. I knew AJ/Omos was going to win because AJ never held the tag titles before
  7. Im going to keep this plan and simple. I think Lawrence and Fields will hit. Whichever QB the Niners draft will hit, the question is how much of a ceiling will that QB have for them and yes Im talking about Mac Jones. If Jones dont go to the Niners he will flat out bust. Lance Im on the fence because he can go either way. recent history says that QBs who have started not many college games were Trubisky, Sanchez, and Murray. I might be missing someone else but we know Trubisky hasnt panned out and neither did Sanchez. Sanchez was the QB for the Jets who went to what two AFCCG but you can say i
  8. Great win by the Nets. KD was gone for two months and come back looking like he never missed a game. Aldridge and Griffin looking like they are happy and have a new life with real contenders. Oh and the team that don’t play any defense just stopped the hottest player in the NBA in Zion. He had a 25 game streak of at least 20pts on 50% shooting. One game he breaks the record and the Nets held him in check.
  9. This offseason must be slow and boring for the dicussion of McVay getting fired to come up. If McVay gets fired then Ill wonder why Sean Payton hasnt gotten fired? He has had FIVE seasons with a losing record and missed the playoffs SIX times. THREE straight seasons the Saints had a losing record and FOUR of FIVE seasons they had a losing record. Yes he won a Superbowl but that was what was known as bountygate in which he got suspended the the following season for games. So you can say an asterisk mark plus the suspension doesnt look good. He did all of that with a first ballot HOF QB and top
  10. I agree that this started way before Mahomes. It happened when we saw QBs their rookie seasons hit the ground running. Big Ben, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton just to name a few. Usually when we think of rookie QBs we think of them sitting for at least a year if not more. We also think about rookie QBs struggling early on like Peyton who was a turnover machine his rookie season and the Colts went nowhere. Brees early on struggled so badly the Chargers thought he wasnt ever going to work out so they traded to get Phillip Rivers. Long gone QBs that teams have patience with from the jump. We even heard ru
  11. I picked the Zags to beat Baylor when I did my brackets but I felt like that OT dog fight win for the Zags mentally, emotionally, and physically did them in coming into this game against Baylor and that’s on top of Baylor being a great team in themselves. I’m not shocked by what I’m seeing now. Just shows you how tough it is to go unbeaten in a college basketball season.
  12. Ok so I think you have what Im saying wrong. Im not saying the Niners themselves was lucky when they went to the Superbowl. Im saying the luck was Jimmy G having a season of relative health which in turn helped the Niners get to the Superbowl. I dont care how talented you is as a team the two most important pieces to a team is head coach and quarterback. The Rams was the healthiest team in 2016 but they had a rookie quarterback in Goff and a losing head coach in Fisher who had no idea what he was doing on offense. The team sucked. The team did have some talent though and thats when McVay came
  13. Was Jimmy G healthy during the Niners Superbowl run? Was he injured often every other season? The answer to both questions is yes. I honestly dont think the Niners wouldve traded up to 3 if they could trust Jimmy G to stay healthy. So again it was somewhat luck the Niners was fortunate to have Jimmy G healthy for one season and it wasnt a coincidence they went to the Superbowl.
  14. The Niners SHOULD draft Fields. Two points I want to point out. 1) We know Kyle is a QB guru. QBs in his system plays well. We dont know how good Kyle is at picking QBs though. The Niners passed on both Watson and Mahomes in the draft and took Thomas who hasnt lived up to the hype. The thought was the Niners was going to go after Cousins in FA and when that didnt happen they traded for Jimmy G. Cousins didnt change life for the Vikings and while Jimmy G did help lead the Niners to the Superbowl, when it was crunch time and they asked him to make the plays to bring the championship home he
  15. I dont know how yall feel about which QB direction to go with the 3rd overall pick. Here is a few thoughts of mine: 1) Im a personal fan of Fields and think its a no brainer for the Niners to take him. Lawrence will go 1st overall and Wilson will go 2nd overall. If I had to guess which QBs more likely to be a bust its Jones and I wouldnt be shocked if Lance be a bust too although with him it can go either way. I can see him succeeding as well. Im really confident though that Jones wont live up to where he will get drafted in the 1st round. Fields is just a stud. I remember him being at Ge
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