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  1. Basically in short what I’m saying is unless anyone came into the season saying the Cowboys and Eagles won’t be good and actually had the Rams starting (2-0) beating them both have no leg to stand on the grounds saying the Rams beat two terrible teams AT THE TIME THEY PLAYED THEM not just looking at NOW because hindsight is easy to predict.
  2. It’s been crappy but in general overrated based on the amount of attention it gets. When the last time Washington went to the NFCCG? 25yrs ago Dallas was in the NFCCG which I was like 9yrs old and watching MJ and the Bills dominated. Jordan is like 50yrs old now. The Giants won 2 Superbowls but let’s not pretend they were dominant in those two instances. They were wildcard both times because they barely made it and Eli got hot in the playoffs and won. Philly been to two Superbowls won one and that was because Foles similar to Eli got hot in the playoffs and if it wasn’t for the Bears kicker missing the Eagles would’ve been one and done. Now compare that to just the NFC alone. The South you have the Panthers, Saints, and Falcons all having a Superbowl appearance. The Saints won a Superbowl. The North the Packers and Bears both been to the Superbowl the Packers winning a Superbowl. Heck even the Vikings in the North been to the NFCCG a few years ago. The West the Seahawks been to the Superbowl twice and winning once, the Rams been to a Superbowl, the Niners been to the Superbowl twice, and the Cards been the Superbowl. So the rest of just the NFC outside of Detroit over the past 15-20 seasons have been more successful than every team in the NFC East but yet the East get overhyped and so much media attention dedicated to them specifically the Cowboys who deserve to get the same attention as the Jags right now.
  3. You’re right I don’t know why I said 14-0. Felt like it the way the Rams were shutting down Miami. Fisher got too conservative going for FG in the rain when he should’ve went for it on 4th down like just too conservative as the game got deeper and it cost Goff a win in his first career start.
  4. Interesting that Goff made his first career start at home against the Dolphins. He had 7-0 lead too before Fisher went conservative in three 4th Q and the Rams lost. Tua will be making his first career start at home against the Rams. Should be interesting.
  5. That’s so true. I said it before McVay needs to do what the Titans do and that’s run until the team can actually stop it. The Titans will run the same play over and over if it’s working. Sure the Rams don’t have a back like Henry but their running game is more than capable of dominating games. Don’t get too cute when Henderson is averaging 6ypc and the team in general is averaging 5.6ypc on the ground.
  6. @El Ramster I have to be against you on this one my man. The Niners werent lucky. Like they say in basketball its a make or miss league. If a great 3pt shooting team have a 5-30 type of night of course they are going to lose. You just come away if they have that horrible shooting night and they only lose by 5pts impressed because they shouldve gotten blown out but they didnt. You know they wont have that type of night again but thats how it is. I dont expect Kupp to drop 2 tds again this season let alone in the same game. I dont expect Goff to miss alot of wide open passes. If you tell me Goff gets sacked ZERO times and the Rams rush for 5.6ypc (Henderson 6ypc), they hold the Niners to 3.3ypc and hold them to 6pts total in the 2nd half I say Rams win but again Kupp dropped 2 tds, Goff missed alot of wide open passes, too many offensive penalties which the Rams havent been making all season long, and the missed tackles in the 1st half because Jimmy G wasnt throwing ball past the LOS. It was just one of those nights for the Rams and honestly it started when the Rams thought Samuels was down and he kept running for a 35yd gain on the opening drive that set up the early td. Then on the Rams first drive Goff missed a wide open Kupp down the field. I was like its going to be one of those nights and it was. Props to the Niners for winning. It showed their still in this till its officially over. As bad as the Rams season was last year they fought literally till Week 16 with a chance to get into the playoffs. I think the same thing will happen with the Niners. This game was HUGE for them and they won just like the defending NFC Champs should do. Now PLEASE go beat those Pats and Seahawks for me because I hate both teams and it warms my heart to see them lose even though I do love Cam and Russ I just hate the teams they play for. Good luck until we see each other in Sofi Stadium November 29th.
  7. Hey dont forget about Brooklyn Nets. They made the playoffs this year in the bubble despite not having a ton of key players. This team will be special next season if the chemistry is right and they can stay relatively healthy. So the Yankees arent the only good team in NY. As a matter of fact Im willing to say the Nets next season will be the best team in NY next season.
  8. I think those who say that are those who didn’t think the Rams would be good this year. Vegas had the Cowboys win total at 10.5 and the Eagles at 9.5. They had the Rams win total at 8.5 so Vegas was higher on the Cowboys and Eagles than the Rams. It’s not like the Rams played the Cowboys and Eagles later in the season. They played the Week 1 and Week 2 and most had the Rams losing to both going (0-2) so can’t have it both ways saying the Rams played horrible teams but before the season thought the Cowboys and Eagles were good enough to both beat the Rams. The Rams at the time beat two quality teams that at the time was favored. If anything the Rams were part of the reason that the NFC East has looked bad. Rams ran all over Dallas and did a number on the Eagles but nobody sees it that way. They see it as Rams beat two horrible teams. Then of course the Giants and Washington aren’t good so I’ll give you that. If anything we should be impressed the Rams had to travel east three times in four weeks. That’s on average over 2,200 miles to go back and forth from LA to Philly, Buffalo, and Washington. Ironically they looked flat in the first half in Buffalo after traveling over 2,500 from Philly. They looked flat in the Giants game after traveling over 2,700 miles from Buffalo the week before. They looked out of sync in the Niners game after traveling over 1,400 miles from Washington. Being (4-2) right now and one ticky tac PI call away in Buffalo from being (5-1) is great. I said (10-6) before this season started looking at who the Rams had to play. Then when the schedule came out I was like dang they gave the Rams back to back east trips to Philly and Buffalo early but seeing my eye test and where we are now I’m even more confident (10-6) and possibly (11-5) if the Rams can stay relatively healthy.
  9. I get what you are saying but coming out flat part of that has to do what traveling east three out of the last five games. Can you blame the Rams for traveling east to Buffalo after traveling east the Philly the week before and looking flat the 1st half? Can you blame the Rams for looking out of sync last night after traveling east to Washington the week before? It’s a real thing. I know the players and coaches can say all the right things but those trips from LA to Philly, Buffalo, and Washington are over 2,200 miles on average. We know players are creatures of habit and we are in crazy times which makes traveling even harder. Not using that as an excuse but it’s a real thing. Which is possibly one of the reasons it takes the defense an entire have to get going. Offense will be fine imo. This was the only game they didn’t start off fast and just was uncharacteristic throughout. As for McVay yes he should place blame on the players because Kupp has to catch those balls, defenders need to wrap up but McVay also need to say how he needs to stick to run early and often when your back is averaging 6ypc and as a team 5.6ypc. Run until the Niners stop it. Take a page from the Titans who run it at will with Henry. When the Seahawks were at their Superbowl best they fed Lynch. The second they decided to put the ball in Wilson hands to win he threw a pick they lost the Superbowl and haven’t been to the NFCCG let alone another Superbowl and we are talking about having Wilson who most will say could be the best QB in the NFL today. So McVay have to realize yes Goff is a good QB and can be great in stretches but the running game makes this team dangerous. The running game got this team to the Superbowl in 2018 because they were top 3 in rushing. They have two backs in Henderson and Akers who can be stars so feed them.
  10. Tbh if anyone is panicking right now it blows my mind. The eye test shows that this team is a legit Superbowl contender from the NFC. The Packers had a horrible game Sunday and their defense has been suspect. The Seahawks defense is horrible and they constantly winning close games. The Bucs are undisciplined with committing too many penalties and Brady turning the ball over more than he has ever done in New England. The Saints defense is shaky and offense isnt really that explosive. Like every team in the NFC has their issues. Its not like there is a team or teams that are so far away better. If the Rams issues is uncharacteristic offensive game against the Niners and slow starts on defense before being the NFL best defensive team in the 2nd half, Ill take that. Hopefully they will put it all together on defense to play a complete game and the Rams wont be uncharacteristic often on offense with penalties and drops and just mental mistakes. So forget the panic button, there shouldnt even be a button to press at all. Since you quoted Rodgers, Ill quote Belichick when he said after getting spanked by the Chiefs "On to Cincinnati". The Pats started that season (2-2) after getting spanked by the Chiefs 41-14. Belichick said "On to Cincinnati" and they won that game 43-17. They went on to win 7 straight games. They finished (12-4) and won the Superbowl that season over the Seahawks. Not saying the Rams will go (12-4) and win the Superbowl this season but we will be fine.
  11. Week 1 for me was the best the Rams look on SNF since I can remember. Plus its the Cowboys. We know with them what could go wrong will go wrong. Btw I forgot about that Seahawks game. Yeah that was the best performance then the Cowboys game. The Browns game left alot to be desired even in a win. 2010 in a play in playoff game against the Seahawks the Rams were terrible. That Bears game last season was on MNF. The Bears game in 2018 was terrible. The Eagles game I think was also a SNF game that was terrible too. So outside of really that Seahawks game you mention and the Dallas game, the Rams havent looked right on SNF. My
  12. @BStanRamFan I agree the Rams are way better than last year's (9-7) that still was a Zeurlein made FG in Seattle and stopping just one 3rd and forever against the Niners away from being (11-5). This year's team with the eye test clearly you can see this team has Superbowl aspirations. The fact the Rams lost and didnt play even their B game and they didnt give up a sack, rans for 5.6yds per carry and held the Niners offense to 24pts (6pts in the 2nd half) despite losing TOP by a full 15 minutes. Like I can live with this game because again I know its fixable. Rams arent like this in terms of dropped passes, Goff missing down the field throws this season, committing offensive penalties, and countless of missed tackles. Its something they havent done much this season except for this one game. Watch McVay against the Bears run the heck out of the ball. Last year in the Steelers game where the Rams offense looked horrible the Rams ran the ball 21 times. I felt like Gurley started to get things going in the 3rd Q then for some reason I dont think he got a touch the entire 4th Q despite the game being right there for the Rams to still win. Gurley had 12 carries. That game still puzzles me. Anyways the next game was against the Bears on MNF, deja vu to this year. The Rams ran the ball 30 times. Gurley had 25 carries. McVay made it a point to run, run, run, and run some more. Rams won and that game wasnt the prettiest but my point is the mindset of McVay is that he knows that he messed up big time against the Niners by not feeding Henderson early and often. The Niners couldnt stop it when Henderson did get the ball. McVay got cute early and it backfired. Honestly the Bears in position again the feel the wrath of what McVay is going to do. They couldnt stop a hobbled Gurley last season who nearly had 100yds rushing a td. The Rams backs are better this year and the overall running game is better. I dont expect them to stop the Rams this year. Im calling it right now to say at least 30 runs on MNF. I just hope McVay continues it throughout the season and not get too cute. Henderson has star potential and so do Akers.
  13. Just Sunday Night Football games. Rams are fine to me on Thursday and Monday Night Football games.
  14. I think McVay mess with the cha-cha as the saying goes. He knew the Niners secondary could get picked on and so he decided to start throwing alot early. Its not against Goff but when you have a ground game that has been working all season long you continue to ride it. Henderson, Akers, and Brown ESPECIALLY Henderson has been on fire at some points of the season so dont go away from it. McVay went to the running game when they were already down 14-0. The worst thing you can do against a great offensive mind in Shanny is to get down by 2 tds. Its going to be climbing up a steep hill and unless you are Brady and Mahomes you dont come back down by double digits against a Shanny offensive led team. McVay shouldve established the run from the start. Tonight felt weird from as soon as I saw Samuel kept running when the Rams thought he was down and just standing there watching and it turned into a 35yd gain I was like yup looks like its going to be one of those nights. Then when the Rams got the ball and Goff missed a wide open Kupp it just confirmed it was going to be one of those nights and it was. Again for me I hate the Rams playing on SNF. Give them TNF, MNF, heck even Saturday football and Im good but its something about SNF that the Rams just always seem to look off and lose for the most part.
  15. I get what you are saying with excuses but when it comes to the traveling it is a real thing. Is it a real excuse for how the game was played? Not that big but you can tell the Rams were just not themselves tonight on things that we havent seen from them all season long. They werent committing penalties on offense. They werent missing that many tackles on defense. Its very shocking to see Kupp dropping passes and just making mental errors. Like those things will be fixed. Its not like the OL was getting blown up and the Rams couldnt run the football. It was like Goff was getting killed in the pocket. To me I walk away from this game saying if the Rams just play like they have normally been playing save for this game and the first half of the Buffalo game (even in that first half of the Buffalo game the Rams offense wasnt committing penalties like they were tonight) they will be fine. '' I wouldnt be nervous. Its hard to get pressure when the QB is throwing the ball so fast. Jimmy G at one point his depth of target was -2. He wasnt even throwing past the line of scrimmage. Again it comes down to the Rams defenders tackling well. Had they done that it wouldve forced the Niners into 2nd and 3rd and longs and that wouldve forced Jimmy G to hold on to the ball longer and pressure had a chance to get to him. So again Im not nervous. Hate losing especially to the Niners but we will be fine. They were the desperate team. They played the best on both sides of the ball than they played all season long and the Rams didnt even play their B game and they loss. Again the Rams will be fine. Big game against Chicago next week and they are (5-1). Talk about seeding if the Rams dont win the West it could be tiebreaker for one of the wildcard spots. Big game and I expect the Rams to bounce back and win.
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