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  1. *Free Agency + Mock Draft* (V-Day Mock)

    I second that notion. I would love Key at pick 23.
  2. Is paying big money for a QB worth it?

    If a team don’t have a QB then they aren’t relevant. Simple as that. I will say though that paying a QB big money a team has to hit on the draft like the Saints did because the cap situation cripples the team. If you look at the teams that have talented rosters, teams like the Rams, Eagles, and Vikings, those teams have little invested in the QB position. In the Vikings case, they don’t have a QB now because all three are FAs. My point is you need a QB to be relevant so giving the big money to a QB that an organization views as a franchise/starting caliber is worth it, but once that QB gets paid the big bucks that team better scout well to find those cheap FAs and hit on their draft picks. If not then those teams will be screwed for the most part in terms of having a QB but not much else around him to succeed.
  3. No way the Rams let Joyner go. They will slap the franchise tag on him if they have too. He is such as valuable player in that secondary, much more so than Tru Johnson. So I’m certain he stays with the Rams. As for the draft pick, I wouldn’t mind Wynn. I think he is a center in which the Rams could use an upgrade over Sullivan who is a FA btw. I think the Rams could bring him back and if they do, I’d still think Wynn could be the future replacement for Sullivan because of his age.
  4. All of you have great points. I think it will be interesting to see how much ARod gets when it’s time for him to get paid. He is worth it so I’m expecting the Packers to break the bank. At the same time it would be smart be like Brady and take a pay cut to help the team as a whole because the Packers need more around ARod. Their roster in general isn’t great.
  5. I think teams should pay their players anything they want but for the overview of the league I think it hurts. Like does Cousins deserve the ton of money he will get? He does when compared to Jimmy G. So if that game is being played then when will a team stop playing that game? Or if a team can? I don’t think a team can approach Cousins and stop him from getting what Jimmy G got. He is going to get it somewhere. Then the next QB is going to want to get a contract similar if not better then Cousins.
  6. I was thinking that when Bradford was drafted he got a 6yr 78m deal with the max value up to 86m. He never played a down in the NFL. Jimmy G only has 7 starts more than Bradford did at the time and now Jimmy G got a 5yr 137.5m deal. Bradford deal was the reason the NFL put in the rookie deal. It stopped rookies from getting these big contracts without playing a single down in football. Jimmy G is now the highest paid QB after only 7 starts. Cousins will probably at worst match it and he deserves it more than Jimmy G because he has a big body of work. My question is, can anything be done for situations like Jimmy G to prevent players with little body of work to get top notch money like it was for rookies like Bradford who got tons of money without playing a down in football? For the record, I think the Niners has no choice but to pay Jimmy G because he stabilizes position, the future is bright for the Niners plus the trade itself was so low till the only big price to pay was the contract itself. I’m just speaking on the future on QB contracts. It’s only going to go up regardless of the body of work of the player if that franchise view that QB as the franchise then I don’t expect the contract to be reasonable but it doesn’t mean it’s deserving.
  7. Best Organizations for 2018-2022

    Eagles and Rams hands down. I really like what the Jags have done and what the Niners are starting to do. So those are the best heading into the future. As far as the worst, the Browns until they show me otherwise. The Pats future isn’t bright. They have no future once Brady leaves and even though they are keeping McDaniels are their future HC, he isn’t BB. I’ll also throw out there the Packers. They are ARod or bust. This past season taught me that if you take away him, the Packers are OT victory better than the Browns. Like they don’t have a very good roster and is being carried by ARod. They need to do a better job at putting more talent on the team because ARod can’t do everything all the time for them in order for them to be successful on a consistent basis.
  8. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: All-Star Weekend!

    It’s certainly gonna be interesting to see how these trades impact the Cavs moving forward this season.
  9. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: All-Star Weekend!

    It’s bad for the Cavs because the trades they made was admitting they made a HUGE mistake in letting the GM go and trading Irving away. I like the Hood trade and the Cavs got younger. These guys aren’t helping you come close to beating the Warriors. I doubt they get out of the ECF. The Celtics is better than the Cavs up and down and that’s without Hayward. So my thinking is LeBron leaves and the Cavs are building towards the future with these moves plus the Nets pick.
  10. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: All-Star Weekend!

    Yeah if he is going to be everything they want him to be he is going to need the ball in his hands to run the offense and not IT.
  11. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: All-Star Weekend!

    We know LeBron isn’t going to the Lakers. This trade makes ZERO sense. The Lakers supposed to have Ball who needs the ball to create offense. Ball can’t shot well. IT needs the ball to score. One thing we do know is that the Cavs are making moves. I do like the Hood move.
  12. Lunatic's First Offseason

    Oh I’m high on Reynolds. I really liked him at Texas A&M. Seen a lot of him because I follow LSU. So I want to see more of him.
  13. Lunatic's First Offseason

    @StLunatic88 I can understand where you are coming from. I’m more of the mindset of I want to see what Watkins can do with an offseason and more chemistry with Goff. In Buffalo the system he was in was a run heavy system with Rex as the HC. Tyrod wasn’t a good natural thrower off the ball like Goff is. I think we will see how much Watkins is looking for from the Rams. You can never have too many weapons or ways to attack defenses.
  14. Will Tom Brady Become The Greatest...

    MVPs are now 0-9 in the SB. Brady couldn’t overcome that the same way Ryan couldn’t do it last season up 28-3. Brady lost the SB as an MVP and when his team had perfection on the line. Brady lost to Eli twice and Foles once in the SB. He also lost to Flacco twice at home and Sanchez once in the postseason. He isn’t invincible. He is great but not invincible. Yes the defense let him down but the Pats traded away Collins and Jones. Maybe if they would’ve had one or both things could’ve been different but that’s what happens when the organization think they could lose impact players and hope to move forward with success. Eventually it catches up with you.
  15. Congrats Philly fans

    Congrats! I’m so happy for the Eagles. Im like no way their SB hopes end like this when Wentz got hurt. They overcame it and won. Well deserved SB. Reminded me of the Rams winning in 1999 after Green got hurt. Nobody believed in Warner. Nobody believed in Foles. So again congrats.#flyeaglesfly #underdogsnomore