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  1. Week 6 - Rams vs 49ers

    You are right about coming into the game as a backup is way different than having a week to prepare as the starter. I’m more so looking at the fact that the Saints aren’t bad with Teddy plus it’s not like Teddy isn’t a vet. It’s not like Payton doesn’t know what he is doing as a coach.
  2. Week 6 - Rams vs 49ers

    I think when you line up the Rams, Niners, and Seahawks the team that has the "best win" is the Rams when they beat the Saints. People can no longer say "well it was against Teddy" because the Saints havent lost a game since Teddy took over. The only game the Saints lost was against the Rams and it was as Peter Schrager said, "the Rams beat the snot out of the Saints". I also think nobody will be sitting here today sounding doom and gloom if Zeurlein makes that FG against the Seahawks. Like as great as Wilson has been playing, he played a perfect game and the Rams still was a missed FG away from winning on the road on a short week. Vegas knows the Rams are still the better team and thats why they are the favorites against the Niners despite losing two straight and the Niners being undefeated. Now I dont know how much that number will go down now that the news that Gurley is out. It wouldnt surprise me if Vegas still has the Rams favored to win Sunday even without Gurley. We know the Rams can still win without Gurley because did you see that they went to the Superbowl with Gurley missing the last few weeks of the season and not being himself throughout the playoff run? So I believe in Brown and Im anxious to see what Henderson will do. Make no mistake about it though, Im not underestimating the Niners. Their defense looks legit and the only question I had coming into the season was Jimmy G trying to get over his injury. He has looked up and down and I wonder if the Rams can slow down the Niners rushing attack how will Jimmy G look? In the same way I look at Dak when Zeke isnt rushing for alot of yards. Its easy to look good when you are rushing for 200yds a game. I think the Rams will come out and slow the running game down which they are capable of doing. They slowed down Kamara when they played the Saints and its no coincidence they won 27-9. So if the Rams can slow down the Niners running game and put the ball in Jimmy G hands and tell him to beat them then I want to see if Jimmy G can do it. One thing we know is he is turnover prone. Hopefully the Rams can start to create turnovers because it will help them win the game.
  3. Week 6 - Rams vs 49ers

    The one thing Kyle and McVay have in common is they both choked the Superbowl away. Id rather be McVay though knowing that he didnt do anything on offense in the Superbowl and that he has to learn from that than be Kyle who had a 26pt lead and all he had to do is run the football but didnt and it came back to bite him. Like thats a collapse that nobody will ever forget and it falls directly on his shoulders. But at the same time its a learning experience too for Kyle. Not saying he will be in position to be up that big in the Superbowl again but if he does have a nice lead in the Superbowl one day then he knows he cant make those same mistakes he did with the Falcons.
  4. Week 6 - Rams vs 49ers

    I didnt know this but it makes me even more confident the Rams will win. McVay is (8-0) when the Rams have more rest than the opponent. The Rams certainly have more rest than the Niners so that is a great thing in terms of them being better prepared for what the Niners will do.
  5. Week 6 - Rams vs 49ers

    I expect the Rams to win. 10 days to rest and prepare and the Rams never dropped 3 straight with McVay. Its at home and I think the Rams take the fact that they started the get the offense going against the Seahawks in Seattle and shouldve won that game if Zeurlein didnt miss a FG he normally makes. The defense will play better because of the time off it got. I think Donald and Fowler will feast off the Niners banged up oline and force Jimmy G to turn the ball over which he has the knack of doing. There is a reason the spread right now is Rams -3.5 even though the Niners are (4-0) looking dominant on national tv meanwhile the Rams dropped 2 straight and the last time we saw them they were walking off the losing team on national tv. Like the Niners arent as great as their record is and the Rams arent as terrible as losing 2 straight suggest. I think the Rams win and tie the Niners in the win column with 4 wins. @BStanRamFan If Gurley doesnt play Im not going to panic for a few reasons. One is because we still have Brown and we will finally get to see Henderson and given the opportunity he can take off in a similar situation when Kamara broke up the second the Saints decided not to play AP and then ultimately moved on from him. So if Gurley cant go it could be a blessing in disguise to finally see Henderson play more and see why most thought he was the second best back in the draft. Also the Rams arent relying on Gurley much anyways. Like this is Goff's team because the Rams are throwing the ball a ton. Against the Seahawks in the 2nd half Goff showed us that he is more than capable of putting the team on his back. It was a short week, in one of if not the toughest environment in football and Goff put the Rams in position to win the game. I have confidence in this offense especially with finally Everett and Higbee getting involved more because a defense can take away everyone. As great as the Rams receivers have been, a QB's best friend in the passing game is a tight end when we look at Mahomes with Kelce, Jimmy G has Kittle, Wentz has Ertz, Brady had Gronk, Ryan had Gonzalez and now has Hooper. Now Goff can run the offense with different looks that involves Everett and Higbee rather than just Kupp, Woods, and Cooks all the time is going to help him out alot and be a pain to defenses because they arent going to know whats going to hit them at any time and I love it.
  6. Week 5 - Rams at Seahawks - TNF

    Yes Im so happy the Cowboys lost. I wont hear Skip talk about how great Dak is. He was terrible today. The Cowboys arent as great as they looked when they beat up on Eli Giants, the winless Redskins, and the winless Dolphins. They faced two real teams and lost both and didnt look good any either. Again Dak showed he cant win games when Zeke isnt much of a factor. So I want to hear Skip try to talk his way out of this tomorrow when he has to face the music of how the Cowboys cant beat the good teams. Dak sure doesnt look like the guy who should get more money than Goff.
  7. TNF: Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

    Yeah like Ive been waiting for Everett and Higbee to get going and the last two games Everett has been huge. If thats what McVay is going to use to go at defenses then thats big for the offense. I just cant wait for the Rams to get Henderson out there and start doing some damage with his big play ability.
  8. TNF: Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

    Like especially coming in Zeurlein was 112/119 which is 97% in his career from 44yds or shorter. Like that basically says the Rams had a 3% chance to lose that game and they did. That just shows you how crazy that game was from Lockett ridiculous td catch, Thompson ridiculous interception, Goff barely missing out on a 2pc, and Woods barely missing that td. Like if Woods did get his knee down before his elbow and it was a td that game wouldve been Rams 33-24 and I think the game is over because the Seahawks wouldve been down 2 scores and the way the Rams was moving the ball on offense I just couldnt see the Seahawks making enough stops to win. So like it was a game of inches and it came down to the missed field goal which was inches that Zeurlein missed. Heartbreaking.
  9. Week 5 - Rams at Seahawks - TNF

    I feel the same way. I could accept losing the way we did to the Bucs but I cant accept the way we lost to the Seahawks tonight. The only thing I can say is that the offense looked more like the offense we are use to seeing in terms of moving the football and scoring. Cooks was limited then got hurt and Everett stepped up big time. Higbee made big plays. Kupp is reliable and so is Woods. Gurley had a quiet day and still scored twice. Like the offense was good. Im not going to be too hard on the defense because its a short week on the road. It was no different than them giving up 31pts to the Vikings last season and 39pts to the Niners the season before that on a short week on TNF. The defense made the plays to get the ball back to the Rams. Zeurlein has to make that kick. Goff and the offense did its job to put the team in position to win. I dont want to hear anything for nobody about Goff because going on the road in Seattle and doing what he did and the only reason the Rams arent a winner is because the kicker missed. Like Goff showed again why he is a good QB. No he isnt perfect but he isnt terrible like people make him out to be. This game is cruel though. The Rams beat the Browns on the road when it came down to a goaline stance that decided the game. The Rams lost to the Seahawks on the road when the game was decided by literally inches all game. Again like this one is a tough one to lose and now its 10 days to just think about this as a fan but I hope the players put it out of their minds quickly and start focusing on the Niners.
  10. TNF: Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

    Like this game was really a punch in the gut. The only bright side is the Rams offense got things going. Kupp did his job and the tight ends especially Everett had a great game. Like Everett redeemed himself on that last drive. Zeurlein has to make that kick though. It feels like when things are going wrong for the Rams its contagious to Zeurlein because he misses. Im disappointed in him because sure he will always go down as those kicks in the NFCCG but man this game the Rams shouldve had. Nobody can tell me anything about Goff because he played well tonight. He put his team in position to win the game and its not his fault the kicker missed the field goal.
  11. TNF: Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

    GAME OF FREAKING INCHES!!!!!!! Lockett ridiculous td catch, Thompson ridiculous interception, Woods near td, Goff near 2pc, and Zeurlein slight miss. I felt like the Rams had this game but couldnt close the door. This was an exhausting game for me. Id rather lose like the Rams did to the Bucs rather than lose like they did tonight. Crazy and now I have 10 days before the Niners game which Im calling a must win just because of the division being great.
  12. TNF: Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

    Nothing you can do when Wilson makes that throw to Lockett and Thompson catches that interception. This game is truly a game of inches. Heck if Woods had his knee down before his elbow or Goff didnt have his knee down on the 2pc like this game is different. Just tough but the silver lining is the Rams offense looked really good in the game.
  13. Week 5 - Rams at Seahawks - TNF

    I like how the defense stood up at the end after Gurley fumbled on the previous drive the Rams offense was getting something going. I like how the offense responded when the defense did its job and the Seahawks kicker missed the FG. Goff on that drive reminded me of what ARod did last Thursday before the half against the Eagles. Now I want the Rams to carry that momentum into the 2nd half where they are a better 2nd half team.
  14. Week 5 - Rams at Seahawks - TNF

    At least you are consistent lol. If we win though Im assuming you are going to say we were lucky or fortunate to win. Keep it up though because I do like some reverse psychology lol.
  15. Week 5 - Rams at Seahawks - TNF

    I was thinking this morning how this game is eerie similar to 2017 when the Rams lost at home to the Redskins then had to travel to San Fran on TNF. Like legit Goff through an interception when the Rams were trying to march down the field and tie the game up against the Redskins. Rams didnt look good in that game. Even Woods made some bad mistakes that I remember people on here was freaking out. The Rams then went to San Fran and won in a shootout where Gurley was a monster. Fastforward to this season and the Rams looked bad against the Bucs at home. Again Goff turned the ball over by fumbling when the Rams were trying to march down the field to tie the game up against the Bucs. The Rams made alot of mistakes and we are all voicing our concerns about it. Now the Rams have to travel to Seattle for a TNF game. I think this game could be another Gurley game or at least a game where the Rams get their running game cranked up alot.