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  1. I agree. Have we forgotten CJ Anderson? We got him literally off the couch late in the 2018 season when Gurley missed games and wasnt right. All Anderson did was dominate down the stretch and the Rams got to the Superbowl. That was not just with Gurley not being right but no Kupp. I still havent changed my opinion of the Rams for this season. I still think they get back to the divisional round of the playoffs then we see if Stafford can be the difference. And truth be told, I know McVay was hurt knowing Akers is lost for the season but part of him is probably excited because it really gives hi
  2. Yeah nobody is raining on Giannis parade. I think of it in the same way as Brady v Mahomes in terms of who is the best QB right now? If you say long term resume its easily Brady. The last three seasons many say Mahomes. Well Brady won the Superbowl in 2018 but many think the Pats shouldnt have gotten to the Superbowl. Mahomes shouldve won the AFCCG but the refs cost him the game in regulation and he never touched the ball in OT. That led to many people saying OT rules should be changed. Then we know the Pats got to the Superbowl and won but Brady didnt look great at all against the Rams defens
  3. In hindsight at least for me you have a point about going from 19 wins to NBA champs. That dont happen. Plus just on a personal note I rooting badly for CP3 to win. Like his time is running out where as Giannis still have alot of years left. CP3 played for my home state Hornets when he came into the league. Although I dont root for the Hornets now Pelicans I still followed CP3 closely. Also he played in the ACC so I followed him due to my team being Duke. Then CP3 went to the Clippers and just kept coming short so I wanted badly for him to get that monkey off his back. Obviously it didnt happe
  4. Oh no definitely didnt take it the wrong way. I definitely appreciate debating. We are debating between great players. Its not like one is great and the other is a scrub. But I look forward to next year hopefully my Nets are fully healthy and your Bucks are fully healthy and we meet again. Btw I was on the record that during the Bucks v Nets series this year to say whomever won that series will win the title. Now that changed personally for me because I couldnt ignore how well the Suns played especially after they made quick work of the Nuggets and even though the Clipper fought hard the Suns
  5. And you should be on cloud 9. Im definitely not trying to kill your vibe. The city of Milwaukee deserves this. Im happy for Giannis because he didnt leave to go join another superstar and I do have an appreciation of that. Growing up as an NBA fan first watching the Bulls. Knowing Jordan struggles before finally broke through. That meant something. I loved hearing what Giannis talked about after the game and again Im not rooting against the guy if that is what it seems Im coming across as. Its just all a debate thats it. But yeah you should definitely be on cloud 9. Regardless of who is the be
  6. And as for me living in a dream world. Its not that its called debating. If we cant debate on a sports forum and Im sure people are having this discussion in the barbershop talk then where can we have this debate? Unless you and others think its a no brainer like not even close. The only two players I can think of right now at least sports I follow that are no brainers best at their position is Brady at QB and Donald at Defensive Tackle in the NFL. No debate. But Giannis as the best player on the planet even if I was to believe he was its still close so its debatable. Thats why Im debating tha
  7. Ill definitely change my stance if Giannis does exactly that. Im not trying to diminish what he has done but Im not going to be a prisoner of the moment. We are all guilty of that but some people do learn. I remember when Edelman won Superbowl MVP in the 2018 season. The next day people was actually saying whether or not Edelman is a HOF'er. So its fair for me to not jump all in on the "Giannis is the best player on the planet" bandwagon because he finally figured it out in the Finals which is 6 games. I know he had an overall great postseason. He never had an issue with stats and making an im
  8. Because coming from NXT he was supposed to be the next guy that they push to main event status. I dont know what happened behind the scenes but they was teasing him possibly going hard after Drew when he had the title. Remember Keith being in the storyline with Sheamus and Drew? He kept telling Drew to watch his back with Sheamus because he was going to stab him in the back. He kept telling Sheamus that he knows he is going to stab Drew in the back. Many thought Sheamus v Drew for the title could end up as a triple threat match for the title at a PPV. Again I dont know what happened behind the
  9. I get your point about Keith Lee barely been in front of the main audience. Im saying that Keith Lee represents someone that should be a serious threat to Lashley and by Lashley squashing him its a big deal. Again if Lashley squashed John Morrison or Ricochet it wouldnt have felt like a big deal. Sometimes logic doesnt always work in the WWE especially when it comes to Vince logic. Oh I was there when Paige made her main roster debut and the crowd went crazy. What I think happens is alot of the NXT stars are so great and established in NXT that us fans expect them to pick right up when t
  10. @Rodjahs12 I will admit Im full on the Nets hype. They havent played many games together as a Big 3 but what they have proved is they can come together with little playing experience together and look impressive. It was just bad that a guy in Harden who rarely gets hurt got hurt this season. Its unfortunate that on some random play Giannis undercuts Kyrie and his ankle got hurt badly. And I know guys like Nick Wright says the series was tied (2-2) before Kyrie got hurt. Did you really think the Bucks was going to win the series when KD and Kyrie was both healthy? Again though Im not taking any
  11. People thought Kawhi might be the best player on the planet after he won the title in Toronto. That’s why I said people normally have these types of conversations after teams win a championship every season. And with Kawhi at least he had two NBA Titles and two Finals MVPs before he went to the Clippers. Luka was more of what he did his rookie season and then last season. He pushed the Clippers basically by himself hurt and he was the MVP favorite heading into this season. You can say he had the Mavs in great position to win this playoffs over the Clippers but again he had no help an
  12. Yes prisoners of the moment. Was anyone saying Giannis was the best player on the planet even before these Finals? All that you said he did in previous seasons people still said LeBron, KD, Luka, Kawhi was better than Giannis. Hell after Game 5 of the Nets series everyone said look what KD did, he proved he is the best player on the planet. Now literally 14 games later its not KD its Giannis who is the best player on the planet. I do think its prisoners of the moment just like every year and Ive heard some talk of this too that are the Bucks have the start of a dynasty? We hear that too after
  13. Oh no I agree you have your opinion. I just think its harmless what happened with Riddle and Cena. If Riddle did that with one of the Lucha House Party members in the middle of the ring to open the show then we all should be upset about it. But its Cena an established big name thats a face giving so rub and having fun to Riddle who is also a face that is building imo to possibly be a WWE or Universal champion one day. Its not hard to comprehend. Im saying that Keith Lee return was a big deal. So when Lashley squashed him it was supposed to make Lashley look even more unbeatable so
  14. Ok we can have this debate. I can see why you and others might say Giannis over KD. 2x MVP, DPOY, and now a NBA champion with a Finals MVP and scored 50 in the close out game. He did it without having to leave Milwaukee. I get all of that. If you want to make a case for others feel free but my personal opinion is I have KD as the best player on the planet in basketball over Giannis. I have LeBron still over Giannis. I have Kawhi and Luka still over Giannis. I thought the West was brutal over the East and thats before the Nets had two of the big three hurt and then obviously Embiid can never st
  15. I see y’all being prisoners of the moment really hard. I can’t argue with Giannis being in the conversation now but he certainly isn’t 1st. It’s KD. Even in a series loss we learned that KD can do it with literally nobody. He was a toe on the line away in regulation of Game 7 from carrying the Nets past the Bucks. That’s with no Kyrie for games 4-7, no Harden for games 1-4 and even when Harden came back for games 5-7 he barely could move and was a shell of himself. Giannis at least had a healthy Middleton and Holiday. If Giannis had basically no Middleton and Holiday the Bucks would’ve gotten
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