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  1. @FrantikRam To quote Ron Parker, "no way no how" am I trading Goff straight up for Young. Its hard to find a young franchise quarterback. The last reliable QB the Rams had that was successful was Warner and he was already up in age. There is no guarantee the Rams will replace Goff with another QB to be stable for the next decade plus. I love the thought of Young and Donald. Heck, the Rams couldve had Mack and Donald if they didnt draft Robinson with the 2nd overall pick. Goff will provide more wins for the Rams and make a bigger impact on the team success than Young. Young wouldnt have led the Rams on the game tying and then game-winning drive in the Superdome in the NFCCG against the Saints. That was Goff. I dont even think Fitzpatrick wouldve been able to do that. So no Goff is way more valuable. Not saying Young wont be one of the best players in the NFL. Two things can be true. Young could be the on the same level as Donald and Mack but not be as valuable as Goff who again has led the Rams to an 11 win season, a 13 win season going to the Superbowl, and put his team in position to be a made field goal away from a 10 win season and going to the playoffs again but we know Zeurlien missed that kick in Seattle.
  2. 2019-2020 NCAAB Discussion Thread 1.0: VCJ for NCAA POY

    Or how about UNC grab a rebound on a missed FT from Jones. UNC choked lets call it straight up. Yes Duke had some lucky breaks from the refs but the refs didn’t blow a 13pt lead with 4 minutes to go in regulation. The refs didn’t blow a 5pt lead with 20 seconds to go in OT. UNC did at home and that’s on them not the refs.
  3. Way too early 2020 predictions

    Well its not as much so writing the Rams off because alot of people did so this past season but not to the point where its (6-10). Most people who know sports respect the fact that McVay is a great coach and the Rams do have a talented team. Like its not like Jacksonville where yes they have talent but how many people think Marrone is a great coach? Like people was writing off the Steelers because they didnt have Bell or AB and then lost Big Ben but they still had talent and they had a great coach in Tomlin. So the Steelers even in a season where they had reasons to fall a part and have great excuses for it they were able to still win and be in reach of the 6th seed until the very end when obviously they fell short. So yeah like again Im not saying people cant write of the Rams because I expect that to happen too but not to the tune of (6-10) because the Rams have a great head coach and a talented team to just come away with just 6 wins unless they are just crippled with injuries all over the place.
  4. Way too early 2020 predictions

    Never said the Rams werent fired up last season but the new energy of being in the new stadium with new uniforms in a new season to put last season behind them will give the Rams that extra boost imo. I think you know what Im trying to say lol. Can you give me the trend in terms of records for teams traveling from east to west vs teams traveling from west to east? I have no doubt you arent wrong but we know NFL players have certain routines so anytime that is changed going on travels across the states and changing time zones like it can effect.
  5. Way too early 2020 predictions

    Ill even go far as to say this, even the most pessimistic person when it comes to the Rams wouldnt even say the Rams will go (6-10) mainly because of the respect they have for McVay as a coach and the Rams still have talent on the roster. Its not like they are trotting out there scrubs. But hey we shall see. We will hear alot more hot takes from now until the season starts again. Maybe your (6-10) prediction will look good compared to what other hot takes that will be said lol.
  6. Way too early 2020 predictions

    You made my point exactly. The Patriots, Falcons, and Seahawks which was the last 3 teams struggled just to win at best 11 games. Both the Seahawks and Falcons started off very slowly and had to catch fire at the end just to make the playoffs. The Patriots pretty much everyone would agree it was their worst team in terms of winning the Superbowl. Like they won 11 games playing in the AFC East. So if you are going to say how tough the NFC West is and the past 3 Superbowl losers struggled to get to at best 11 wins, its not a lock for the Niners to just win 12 games and have the same type of season they had this season. Not to wish any injury but this was the first full season Jimmy G was able to stay healthy. So are we assuming that will continue to happen? For his sake and Niners fans sake I hope he continues in great health but his history (outside of this season) says otherwise. If he misses games then that will definitely hurt the Niners chances of having success. Like we have to take that into account as well.
  7. Way too early 2020 predictions

    Not saying the division wont be tough but you do realize if it wasnt for Zeurlien missing the game-winning field goal in Seattle McVay would be (5-1) against Seattle? Even with Fisher the Rams play the Seahawks tough. So while the Seahawks are a really good football team, I dont see them as a team I think the Rams will lose more than they win. Until I see the Cards start winning games against the Rams dont even mention them. I dont think McVay has lost to the Cards since he became the Rams had coach. So you say 6 tough divisional games, I say the only team I look at and say it wouldnt surprise me if we got swept by them and thats the Niners. So at worst the Rams will go (3-3) again in the division. But again thats just thinking the Rams will get swept by the Niners again and I dont think thats going to happen. But even if you say split the Niners and split with the Seahawks and again until the Cards actually win a game against McVay dont even talk to me about the Rams not sweeping them. Like thats (4-2) right there in the division. But lets just say at worst (3-3) within the division thats half your win totals right there. That means the Ram would literally have to go (3-7) out of division to reach (6-10) and again Im willing to bet anything thats not going to happen unless the Rams are literally down to their 3rd string QB. Heck even in a down year this season the Rams went (3-3) in the division and still went (6-4) outside the division. Again to sum everything up, the Rams arent going (6-10) unless they have a 2018 Falcons season where everyone is on the injury report and/or IR.
  8. Way too early 2020 predictions

    @bolts223 Oh and you have the Niners going (12-4), what does history say about the Superbowl losers? If the Niners go on to win 12 games that would be a rare for a Superbowl loser to do that the following season. Im not even saying the Niners cant make the playoffs but its going to be hard and the NFC West is the toughest division in football plus unlike the Rams schedule which looks easy, the Niners schedule is going to be harder because they will have to face Green Bay and the Saints. Maybe they beat them again this season too but maybe they dont this time. So it wouldnt shock me at all to see the Niners drop to (11-5) or even (10-6) give or take. They did win some close games this season that maybe they would lose this upcoming season like for example those Cardinals games. Both were close. Then the Week 16 game against the Rams where it took converting two 3rd and 16s to win. Im just saying.
  9. Way too early 2020 predictions

    @Bolts223 Im willing to bet anything the Rams arent finishing (6-10). First off just moving into the new stadium alone is going to from a renewed energy level get this team fired up. Then to put last season behind them knowing that even in a down season they were literally a Zeurlein missed field goal in Seattle away from finishing (10-6) and making the playoffs. They were the only team to finish with a winning record and not make the playoffs. They will come back for vengeance. Then we look at the schedule. The Rams have a very easy schedule. Most of their hard games will come at home. Dallas, Chicago, New England, and the Jets all have to come to LA. Thats alot of east coast to west coast trips for those teams and its not going to be easy for them. The Rams toughest road games are at Philly and at Buffalo. We know the Rams always play the Seahawks tough and they have shown they can play with the Niners and they own the Cards. So again Im positive, unless a mass unit of injuries happen AGAIN, which one has to just think lady luck is going to shine on the Rams next season when it comes to health because this season it wasnt too kind on the injuries especially on the oline. So yeah at the very very worst I can see the Rams finishing (9-7) again but Im saying (11-5) at least.
  10. 2018 Rams vs 2019 49ers

    You do realize when the Chiefs played the Rams last season they had Hunt? The Chiefs offense imo was never the same when Hunt got in trouble and was cut. Not saying they arent great but with Hunt adding to Kelce and Hill that offense was on another level.
  11. 2018 Rams vs 2019 49ers

    Full health has to be the Rams. Gurley was playing like an MVP, Goff was playing like an MVP too when Kupp was on the field. Donald was the DPOY with 20+ sacks and if we got playoff Suh when he was a force in helping shutdown Zeke, shutdown Kamara/Ingram, and for most of the game shutdown the Patriots running game, yes the Rams would beat the Niners and Im saying by double digit points.
  12. I never said Superbowl hangover wasnt real its just hard but we saw the Seahawks, Patriots, Eagles, and Falcons all make the playoffs following going to the Superbowl the previous seasons in recent years. The Rams were the only team with a winning record last season that didnt make the playoffs. If only Zeurlein makes that FG in Seattle we wouldve been talking about the Rams in the playoffs. Again its hard but I never said Superbowl hangover wasnt real.
  13. Thats because its so hard but the Niners will be in the mix barring a Jimmy G injury or just in general a mass unit of injuries. They have a strong foundation so they arent a one year wonder. I do think next season is going to be interesting though because of the Superbowl hangover.
  14. Dont forget that when Mahomes stormed back down 14pts to tie the game it was Goff to make a play to hit Everett for the go ahead td to make sure the Rams didnt lose the game.