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  1. 2018-2019 NCAAB Thread

    That is totally insane. I thought Duke had a run in them even when down by 20pts with 15 minutes left in the game. Even with that epic comeback, I was more pumped when Reddish hit that game-winning shot to beat FSU on the road.
  2. 2018-2019 NCAAB Thread

    Between Duke and LSU winning last night, it was a wild night for college basketball for me.
  3. Jrry32's First Mock Off-Season of the Year

    I see alot of people thinking Suh wont return due to money. Im the opposite. I think him getting a ring, especially knowing how close he was this past season will influence him to come back. Did you not see how happy he was when the Rams won the NFCCG? If he walks away to chase a big contract Id be shocked. He has the business side of things with Kroenke to help his brand off the field and he has a great relationship with the team on the field which is setup for another Superbowl run in this upcoming season. Id be shocked if he walks away feeling like there is unfinished business. Had the Rams won the Superbowl I could see him walking for a bigger payday knowing he got a ring. The only way I dont see him returning if the Rams dont want to give him another 1yr deal.
  4. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    Ill say that anyone who automatically assumes just because Pederson one a Superbowl especially with a backup QB he is the better coach dont remember Brian Billick. Billick won a Superbowl with the 2000 Ravens and that team had Trent Dilfer at QB and the offense didnt score a td in an entire month. I dont think anyone is saying Billick is a better coach than Andy Reid who has only been to the Superbowl once and lost to the Patriots.
  5. Overreaction on Goff

    Yeah I agree that it’s just one game. Goff is mentally tough and resilient. People made a big deal about the Falcons loss in 2017 and Goff led the team to the Superbowl the following season. As bad as the offense looked, if Cooks comes down with that td or Goff wasn’t a tad late on another throw to Cooks in the endzone, the game would be entirely different. Im confident in Goff and this team moving forward. Another offseason is just another year of growth with Goff and McVay and this offense. I expect McVay to add more things this offseason to the offense to be even more hard to defend but most importantly I expect McVay to learn how to adjust in game to how to attack defenses when his original game plan isn’t working.
  6. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    McVay Do you all know how impressive it is for McVay to step onto a team that was demoralized because of Fisher, then being in one of the biggest markets in the U.S. in Los Angeles, CA to coach at the time the 2nd youngest starting QB in league that hardly anyone believed in? For McVay to literally go from 0 to 100 real quick, to quote Drake, thats impressive. Now I get that people in general didnt expect anything from Pederson. People thought he was the wrong guy for the job in Philly. So its impressive for him to prove people wrong and be successful. The Eagles had expectations though. People loved Wentz way more than Goff from the jump. The Eagles made some noise 2016 and some thought the Eagles could be the Superbowl surprise in 2017. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY thought the Rams would win 11 games in 2017. People on here actually thought the league figured out McVay and the Rams would take a step back in 2018. People said McVay was too young to handle a locker room as a first time head coach in 2017. People said no way McVay is going to handle Peters, Talib, and Suh in 2018. He did that and more. So if we are going about the best coach or just in general who Id want leading the way its McVay. The only thing he hasnt done was win a Superbowl but the experience he had from this year in the Superbowl is valuable for a guy who just turned 33yrs old. Doug Pederson is 51yrs old. Do you think he couldve taken a team to the Superbowl at 33yrs old? We dont know but Im sure the majority would say no. Do you think he could turn around a demoralized franchise in his first year as a head coach at the age of 32yrs old? We dont know but Im sure the majority would say no. Again Im not saying Pederson isnt a great coach because what he is doing in Philly is great but this upcoming season is going to be challenging just due to Foles likely not being there so how does he help Wentz and the locker room especially if Wentz doesnt produce right away and the team doesnt yield the results that Foles did which was Superbowl then one drive away from going to the NFCCG the next season. Its going to be interesting to see. Again Im going with McVay because what he has done and is doing is remarkable and he will only get better with the experience he is getting so fast. Thats a scary thing for the NFL.
  7. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    Ok be concerned but dont take away from the fact the Rams fought hard in the game and made more plays in the end to win. Thats really the only issue I have with this entire situation. The only people I know really had some sense was Brees and then obviously Jordan came to his senses. I laugh at Thomas because he should be the last one saying anything. His impact on the game was non-existent. I think he caught like 3 balls in the 1st quarter and 1 the rest of the game. If he wants to throw shade at anyone do it at himself. He didnt do a thing and maybe just maybe had he showed up the Saints wouldnt be in position to have to point to one of many missed calls in that game that went both ways. The Rams managed to overcome the missed calls on them and the Saints didnt. I feel bad for them because thats another year of harsh adversity but Im not 100% feeling sorry because unlike last season the Saints had chances to overcome the adversity. Last year it was bad play, Diggs score game over. This year bad call but the Saints led and had two chances to make a stop on defense (one to win in regulation) and had the ball in OT to win with a top 5 QB of all-time.
  8. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    Its funny you mention that petition. I remember the day I told my friend about the history about the Rams with that ref crew, he told me Im making excuses already. That was in the regular season before none of us even knew what the NFCCG was going to look like. Then when the petition happened, I told my friend dont be surprised if the refs make a call in favor of the Rams in a big spot because they dont want to give the impression that they are out to screw the Rams. My friend was at the game and he said as soon as that no call happened he thought about what I said. Then like I found this out after the game that the ref crew has a history of not throwing flags. Either they just let the players play OR they just miss alot of calls. Could be a combination of both. The petition happened not because of whining but a concerned. When you are (0-8) dating back to 2012 with that same crew and you are (0-2) this season including one of those games being in New Orleans Week 9 where momentum swung due to a bad spot call on 4th and 1 when Hekker did get the first down. Then in the 4th quarter down by 3pts the refs missed a facemask on the Saints that happened to Kupp which forced the Rams to punt and we know what happened after that with Thomas 72yd td to ice the game. Like Rams fans were concerned because no way that crew shouldve been reffing that game for the 2nd time in the same season THEN it comes out that like 3 of those refs were from California which the rule is that no ref from the state of the teams should be reffing that game. In theory Rams fans was doing everyone a favor trying to get that crew not to ref that game. I just find it funny how us Rams fans were concerned about the refs screwing us and Saints fans come away with the refs screwing them. At the end of the day, dont leave the game in the refs hands. Saints was up 13-0 and possibly shouldve been up 21-0. They let the Rams hang around and when you let a team hang around bad things can happen and it doesnt matter what the bad thing is it just happens. It doesnt have to be a bad call. It could be a missed field goal, and bad interception, a bad snap, you name it. Then I HATE HATE HATE the notion the Saints automatically wouldve won had the correct call be made. Have we not seen Tucker miss an XP that he has never missed in his life that wouldve tied the game against the Saints? Have we not seen the Minnesota Miracle that the Saints chances were possibly greater to win? Lets go back to 2003 when the Saints had that miracle td against the Jags. All Carney had to do was make the XP to tie, wasnt his chances a near lock? He missed. So nothing and I mean NOTHING was a lock for the Saints had that call been made correctly. Im sure Patriots fans are saying the same thing about 2014 when everyone, including myself, said that had the Seahawks handed the ball to Lynch the Seahawks wouldve won. In fact that season Lynch was 1/5 if Im not mistaken when handed the ball in that situation scoring tds. So nothing is a lock. Romo can tell you how a fumbled ball feels like on a field goal try. Again Tucker, Carney, and this season countless of kickers can tell you how missing easy field goals feel like. So nothing was a lock. All that call did was decrease the odds of the Saints winning but their odds was still high because they had the lead at home with a great defense that played well all game long. Then in OT when Brees got the ball their odds was still high. So again no the Saints didnt get robbed. Bad call, an unexpected adversity that the Saints had to overcome in which they didnt but they didnt get robbed.
  9. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    Like I told my friend who is a Saints fan, dont be that fan base who whines when things doesnt go your way. In 2009 NFCCG the Saints got all of the calls. Even Wingo when he was doing the highlights and pointing to all the questionable calls, he said the Saints fans could care less about what he was showing because they are heading to the Superbowl. So as someone said, dont grin when you win and get the blues when you lose. I dont recall Vikings fans protesting or where "we got robbed shirts". I live in Louisiana and if I even mentioned that the Saints got all the calls in 2009 NFCCG they would immediately be offended by it. Trust I did mention how I thought the Vikings were the best team that did have some unlucky breaks because they were in New Orleans. Even my friend agreed that had the game been played in Minnesota he thought the Vikings win. Then we both agreed that you have to have lucky breaks to make a run at a championship. At least in the Rams/Saints game both teams had multiple calls go against them. In 2009, it felt like the Saints had all the calls go their way including the "Brady rule" where the Saints hit Favre low and no flag was thrown. You would think a legend would get that call easily. Heck I held my breath when Donald slung Brady to the ground. Just imagine if a defender went low on Brady. But Ill also say the same thing about that Vikings/Saints game as I said about the Rams/Saints game, despite all those questionable calls, the Vikings still had a chance to win in OT. The Vikings fumbled 6 times and lost I believe 3 of them. Favre threw 2 ints. So they still had their chances even with all those questionable calls. The Saints had their chances even after the bad call. They actually were winning 23-20 after that bad call. Make a stop on defense like they did against the Eagles in the Divisional Round and they win.
  10. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    I love the Goff v Wentz arguments because I want that Brady v Peyton new feel lol. Plus from the beginning Ive said Goff and Wentz is 1a and 1b in my book but if I had to give the slight edge its to Goff because of Wentz injury history. Now dont get my wrong Im not saying he is injury prone and I remember when Stafford started his career out missed a ton of games and everyone was ready to label him injury prone and I said he isnt he just had unfortunate injuries. Stafford went on to not miss a game for a very long time. I only mention Wentz injury history because it dates back to even his college days. A a mobile QB like he is has has to learn to how avoid the big hits and as I mentioned before he holds on to the ball a long time trying to make a play happen. He is gifted so its natural he thinks he can make every play but since you are quoting lyrics Ill do the same, just like Kenny Rogers said, "you have to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run" lol. So Wentz has to learn to live to fight another day on some of the plays instead of trying to make something happen and taking an unnecessary hit. McVay hype is warranted. Nobody has done what he has at this age. Just like in the NBA when people hype of Steph Curry. Im sure there are alot of people who are tired of it as well but he legit changed the game. Just like people had their doubts about McVay succeeding when he first took the job, people looked at Steph and said no way this small dude will succeed in the NBA. Then he started off his career constantly dealing with ankle injuries. For him to over all of that and change the game to where people are trying to find, "the next Steph" a guy who can light it up from 3 and shoot halfcourt shots often. There will not be another Steph just like there wont be another McVay. Where I think though the hype gets out of control is when nobody gives Goff the credit for working hard and when he goes out there and drop beautiful dimes to his receivers. Like thats Goff and not McVay. Every coach has the ability to talk to their QB in the headset until 15 seconds but not every QB can drop dimes like Goff does. Outside of that, I think the McVay hype is well-deserved considering some of the backlash the Rams got when they hired McVay. Ill say the same thing about Pederson. He deserve the praise he gets because people thought he would fail as a head coach.
  11. Impending free agents/cuts

    Im under the impression the Rams have the cap space for one more year to keep the bulk of the guys if they want too. Suh - I think he stays because he knows how close he was to winning the Superbowl and he loves playing for the Rams in LA with Kroenke as the owner helping him obviously with outside of football business. Fowler - If the price is right I see the Rams locking him up long term. I think he has a fresh start and its going to be interesting to give him a full offseason with Wade and this defense. Anderson - The Rams want to keep him because it not only will help give the Rams a great 1-2 punch, but it keeps both him and Gurley fresh. Nothing is wrong with Anderson talent the biggest question about him has been staying healthy when he gets a big workload. He seems to enjoy the role he has on the team and help mentor Gurley. Not to mention Brown is a FA so they can use an experienced back while Kelly continues to develop. Saffold - He seems like a player who will take a team friendly deal just try and finish his career with the Rams. I expect him back. Peters and Talib both have 1yr left on their deals so I expect both to be back with Wade as again they feel like they have unfinished business with falling short in the Superbowl. Whitworth and Sullivan I feel both will come back for the same reasons of unfinished business and want to go at it for one more year to see if they can get back to the Superbowl and win. I can see the Rams letting Joyner walk and them cutting Barron and possibly trading Higbee. So overall dont be surprised if the Rams still bring back the same cast of players for one more year to try to finish what they feel like was unfulfilled this season. Then you get Kupp back and the Rams have a 1st round pick to use. I think the Rams will once again be set up nicely for the 2019 season but this time have the experience and Goff will have his safety blanket in Kupp back with hopefully a fresh Gurley with Anderson being there from the start to take the load off of him throughout the season.
  12. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    Yeah your right about the score. I thought the Rams were winning when Wentz left the game unfortunately. As for Goff, its hard to be an Achilles heel win you are winning. You do realize Goff had a less than effective Gurley for really the 2nd half of the season? Gurley got banged up in the Chiefs game Week 11 in the 1st quarter and was basically a decoy the rest of the game. The Rams had a bye week then they came back against the Lions and Gurley had a big game. Against the Bears the Rams didnt give him the ball enough and against the Eagles Gurley got hurt and didnt return to the game really for the 2nd half. Goff still almost led the Rams back down 17pts in the 4th quarter. So we can look at stats all we want to but football is about winning rather than just individual accolades. Im sure Mahomes would trade his MVP/OPOY and rather throw for less than 4000yds and 40tds if it means his team is playing in the Superbowl. At the end of the day his MVP/OPOY and 5000yds and 50tds is great but he would rather be in the Superbowl and not talking about it and projecting next year what COULD be. Ill say it again, Goff had the most pressure than any young QB in the NFL. The Rams by everyone standards, not mine btw, built this "super team", "dream team", and was "all in" for this season. If it was Brees thats no big deal, if it was ARod thats no big deal. For a QB who just a year ago was the 2nd youngest starting QB in the NFL that some people thought wouldnt replicate the type of season he had last season he improved on what he did last season from a numbers standpoint and winning standpoint. He carried a defense that was hit or miss for alot of the season. If it wasnt for Goff carrying the offense, they dont go into New Orleans and put up a fight to give themselves a chance to win. But continue to doubt Goff because people doubted him after his rookie season. They doubted him after how he ended 2017 against the Falcons and now people are doubting him now. All he has done is still win and Gurley being less effective and Goff carried the team into New Orleans in really both meetings Week 9 Gurley wasnt effective and Goff was the one that carried the team to erase a 21pt deceit to tie the game in the 4th quarter. Then we look at what he did down 13-0 in the playoffs. Again I love Wentz but they got blown out of the building when they played New Orleans in the regular season with him as the starting QB. Both Goff and Wentz future is bright. People are still doubting Goff and I think people are wondering about Wentz especially the fact that his injury history and the fact the Eagles picked up Foles option which was a smart move. Now they could trade Foles but then people are still going to wonder was it a smart move to lose a valuable player knowing Wentz injury history. Some even will say Foles give the Eagles a better chance to win than Wentz. I think for both QBs they will continue to show why they are here to stay. Wentz has to stay healthy and Goff is mentally tough and has to continue to learn from these experiences playing in the Superbowl.
  13. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    Wentz was trailing by 7pts when he left the Rams game in 2017. So he was losing to Goff and McVay. I love Wentz but he holds on to the ball way too long and if you do that against Donald and the Rams defense you are going be in for a long day. I do think and hope we see a healthy and steady dose of Rams v Eagles for many years to come. Maybe people will start to get Goff v Wentz fatigue lol. Ill say this, Goff and McVay is catching it today and rightfully so but McVay is the youngest coach to coach in the Superbowl and Goff is the youngest QB to be start in the Superbowl. That is a scary thing because we look at a guy like Peyton who it took what 8yrs to make it to his first Superbowl. Can you imagine if Peyton played in his first Superbowl 3yrs into the league? Thats early and valuable experience for Goff and McVay who looks to be tied to the hip for the next decade plus. Now nobody can say they dont know how to deal with a Superbowl run. Nobody can say they dont know how to play on the road in the playoffs. Nobody can say they dont know how to be the hunted because they were all season long. McVay can deal with a locker room full of "strong personalities" and bring them together. Its funny because nobody wouldve every thought that Wentz would have ZERO playoff starts entering his 4th season and Goff has a Superbowl starting experience. But I do look for these two QBs and teams to battle it out for many years to come and I cant wait for it to hopefully start as soon as the 2019 season.
  14. Was Super Bowl LIII "boring"?

    No. Only bitter fans ala the Chiefs and Saints thought it was boring. Spoiled fans who saw high scoring all throughout the season thought it was boring. We are going to look back and this game years from now and appreciate really Belichick versus Wade. I know all the headlines was McVay but its Wade that has to experience against Belichick. If we wouldve seen the Patriots vs Saints, we know the Patriots wouldve taken away the run and Thomas. Brees has been a shell of himself and really the entire offense since the Dallas game. The Saints wouldve totally scored more than 3pts but you think they wouldve held the Patriots to 13pts? The Patriots probably wouldve did like they did in New Orleans in 2017 and won 36-20. Now you want to see the Patriots win by over two tds and the game being over with at some point in the 3rd quarter? Excuse me by halftime because that game was 30-13 at the half in the Superdome. I dont. At least in this game the Rams had a shot in the 4th quarter to take the lead despite how the offense played. The reason why is because Wade kept the Patriots offense from going off. I dont think the DC Allen of the Saints wouldve done that to Brady. So again I didnt think the Superbowl was boring. I thought it was two old foes in Belichick and Wade displaying great defensive gameplans. The youngsters in McVay and Goff being inexperienced and learning under fire which will help them in the long run even after Wade is long retired. Then Brady rising up on one drive which made all the difference. Ironically it was almost matched by Goff had Cooks caught that ball in the endzone despite possibly being interfered with and no call was made. Ill still say regardless he has to make that catch.
  15. Overreaction on Goff

    Goff isnt going to not have far less talent. The young core players on offense are young and locked up long term. I look at the oline but I think Kromer is doing a nice job developing Noteboom and Allen for when they have to step in for Whitworth and Sullivan whenever they both retire. Havenstein is locked up long term and I totally see Saffold finishing his career with the Rams. So the oline still will be solid for the future. The defense outside of Donald and Johnson long term have question marks but if this season was any indication we know Goff and this offense can carry a defense that did give up a ton of yards and points. Im not going to overreact to Goff struggles when Gurley was banged up and Kupp was out. Goff showed toughness to go on the road and lead the Rams to beat the Saints. He didnt have a great game in the Superbowl but I thought he made a nice throw to Cooks that had he not dropped the ball or at least the refs called PI because the defender grabbed Cooks arm, the Rams score and the game wouldve been different. So I take this as a learning experience for both Goff and McVay. Goff long term though will be fine. I believe in Goff and most importantly the team and coaches believe in him to get the job done. I dont think he has anything to prove. He proved it when he went to New Orleans and led the team to an OT win. Not only that but this season he had the most pressure on him than any young QB because everyone was saying the Rams were the "dream team" and "all in" and Goff led them when it couldve blown up in his face easily.