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  1. Demarcus Cousins tears ACL

    Crazy how in Sac he wasnt injury prone that I can remember. It was all about his attitude. Since he left Sac it wasnt his attitude its now injuries. I feel bad for the guy because he just cant catch a break.

    I appreciate the rule but I’ll pass for this season. Maybe next season. Im just going to sit back enjoy playing my fantasy football and watch football games this season.

    I would play this year but you know I dont want to get eliminated for editing a post that had nothing to do with my pick. I wish everyone luck this year. Just dont pick the Saints Week 1 because we know they have a recent tendency of losing their season openers.
  4. Report - Dak Seeking 40m Per Year Deal

    Im for players getting their money BUT Dak is stupid for turning down 30mil and then asking for 40mil. In the words of Stephen A. "stay of the weed". Dak must be on something if he thinks he is worth 40mil. Heck he must be on something to turn down 30mil just because not many teams would even think about giving him that. He shouldve taken that deal and ran. Like seriously he needs to get drug tested. With that being said, its just another bad thing thats happening to the Cowboys. What can go wrong, will go wrong lol. Zeke wants more than Gurley so he is not going to play this season without a new contract, Dak wants 40mil which is ridiculous, and Amari is looking at what Thomas just got and probably thinking he wants that too. Im just going to sit back and see how things all shake out.
  5. I think Gurley will get more than 8-10 tds. The Rams lead the NFL in redzone possessions and their best weapon in the redzone is Gurley. So when the Rams get in the redzone they will be giving Gurley the ball alot. I dont know how much he will touch the ball outside of the redzone though. So I can agree Gurley touches the ball mid 200s and I can agree 1000-1200 yards from scrimmage but I can still see Gurley getting at least 15 tds with most of that coming inside the redzone.
  6. Rams 1) I heard Max Kellerman said Goff crumbles under pressure. Maybe thats just him but when he said that I was like "I cant believe he said that". Did he not see how Goff picked himself up in the NFCCG game against the Saints? As much as all of the focus is on the one horrible call, Goff did lead the Rams down the field to be in position to tie the game up to send it into OT. The Saints still had a chance to win that game if they wouldve stopped the Rams offense on that last drive in the 4th Quarter. When Goff got the ball back in OT he did make two crucial passes to Higbee while literally under pressure to help get into Zuerlein range to help advance the Rams to the Superbowl. I didnt even mention the play he made against the Cowboys to help seal the win because the Cowboys was coming back in that game. Then i can talk about the plays Goff made against the Vikings when nobody could make a stop. I can talk about the plays he made against the Chiefs when nobody could make a stop. I could talk about the 4th and 1 play he made against the Seahawks. To sum it up Goff was one of the top QBs last season in 4th Quarter/OT comebacks. So to say Goff crumbles under pressure its ridiculous but I know Kellerman is strictly looking at the Superbowl performance. Even in the Superbowl, if Cooks makes that catch in the endzone in the 4th Quarter right after Michel scores td for the Pats, the game couldve been different. To me it was just as much on McVay as it was on Goff but that by no means is to say Goff crumbles under pressure. 2) The biggest perceived misconception though is about Gurley. People act like he is no longer going to be good. You do realize he actually got hurt Week 1 of last season? He still put up the numbers that he did. What happened along the way was Brown got hurt and that put the pressure even more on him because John Kelly wasnt really the answer and the Rams didnt get Anderson till Week 15. Gurley was fine when Brown was healthy and taking the pressure off of him. Now the Rams bring in a back in Henderson that so many people are high on. The Rams are really going to help Gurley not have so much off the load. As a result Gurley is still going to be effective, he isnt going to be broken and disappear. Most importantly he is going to be in a way like Kawhi in the NBA where when the playoffs come Gurley is going to dominate the carries so much more than he do in the regular season and be fresh and teams who have to face the Rams in the playoffs better watch out. Again I think people are vastly overreacting the news on Gurley and the way things ended last season for him.
  7. What are your top "can't wait to see" items this season.

    Thats exactly what Im afraid of. Like Curry will have alot of the scoring load on his shoulders this season and its a good thing D'Lo is there to take some off but still Curry will have to be what Harden was to the Rockets last season. Curry could very well have an injury at worst (which I hope not) but in an 82 game season and he is going to be leaned on heavily for at least 4-5 months until Klay comes back and even then when Klay comes back he wont be Klay right away. Ive stated if Im the Warriors Id load manage Curry because I dont want to sacrifice his body then Klay comes back and now Curry is hurting. Again its no lock for the Warriors to make the playoffs. Not saying they wont but its no lock especially with how tough the West is.
  8. What are your top "can't wait to see" items this season.

    1 KD and Kyrie - My expectation is KD will miss the entire season but part of me feels he will be back one month before the playoffs. If thats the case then its going to be fun to see what how Brooklyn is being viewed if KD actually does play come back before the playoffs especially if Brooklyn is already playing well. 2 Zion - He is the most talked about prospect since LeBron. I think his situation is better in his rookie season than LeBron because the Pels put together a playoff caliber team. 3. Westbrook and Harden - They have been friends since 10yrs old says Westbrook and they played together with success in OKC. Watching them is going to be fun. 4 The battle for LA - Both the Lakers and Clippers are primed for a championship run. I like the Clippers more than the Lakers but its going to be interesting to see which team can provide the city of LA with a championship, that is if some other team dont kill both the Lakers and Clippers hopes. 5 The Warriors - I can legit see a scenario where the Warriors dont even make the playoffs. If they can be in position to make the playoffs while getting Klay back then just like I mentioned about Brooklyn if they can get KD back before the playoffs then the Warriors will be viewed differently into the playoffs.
  9. Pick Early NFC Division Winners

    I think if the Rams dont win the NFCW Im so curious as to the Niners more than the Seahawks. Now dont get me wrong, Im never going to count out the Seahawks as long as Wilson is there but I think the loss of Baldwin is going to hurt. If Jimmy G can show he is back from his injury from last year and even if it takes him a few games to get back I can see the Niners getting hot at some part of the season. With that said though I still think its the Rams division to lose. I read a stat that said McVay hasnt been in 2nd place in the division for longer than one week. Barring serious injuries I think the Rams will be just find. They added guys through FA and the draft plus they are getting guys back like Kupp who is Goff best friend on the field and Gurley will be healthier than he was towards the end of the season and he is Goff second best friend on the field. Plus getting Brown back and adding Henderson are moves thats going to help Gurley stay fresh for marathon of the season while making the Rams offense more versatile because you have a guy like Henderson who is a big play waiting to happen.
  10. Statistics

    The only stats Im concern about is points differential and turnover differential. Last season the top 10 teams in the points differential category made the playoffs. The top 7 teams in the turnover differential category made the playoffs. So that means if a team is strong in those two categories there is a strong chance that team is in the playoffs when the regular season ends.
  11. Pick Early AFC Division Winners

    East - Pats North - Browns South - Colts West - Chiefs
  12. Pick Early NFC Division Winners

    East - Eagles North - Packers South - Falcons West - Rams
  13. 2018 Divisional round but home teams switched

    The way the Rams owned both the offensive and defensive line of scrimmage running it down the Cowboys throat and shutting down Zeke, it doesnt matter where that games was played. The result wouldve stayed the same and the Rams wouldve still won.
  14. Five Wins (or less)

    It depends on how the Saints start the season. They have a brutal schedule and we know their recent trend for losing Week 1. They have to play the Texans that game so its not going to be an easy opponent to begin with plus the trend. I think they lose Week 1. They have to travel to LA to play the Rams Week 2. Yes they will be motivated but traveling to the West Coast, it will be the Rams home opener, the Rams too have motivation to prove beating the Saints was no fluke, plus the Saints havent had success playing the Rams on the road in the Payton/Brees era. If they lose that game now they are (0-2) and still have to play at Seattle for Week 3 which is another West Coast trip in a tough environment to play in. Like the Saints can legit start (0-3) in which they cant afford. With that being said I think the worst I see the Saints doing this season is 8 or 9 wins. If they some how only win 6 games then if Im Brees I would retire just because it would mean father time has caught up to him and he isnt helping the team progress. I like your hot take because you are going out on a limb but I just dont see the Saints only winning 6 games even if they start off slowly to start the season.