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  1. Rams 2018 schedule

    @BStanRamFan I have no concerns about those guys. Suh has always played like that even back in college. I’m sure what he did to Colt McCoy was just flat out terrible lol. Talib only scuffles with Crabtree lol. That’s no different than Norman and OBJ or even when OBJ came to St. Louis and got into a scuffle with Rams players on defense. I’d rather get a flag for a scuffle than a cheap flag Tru got on Jeffery which I still thought was a BS call. Wade will let those guys play and they won’t let him down. Trust me. As for Peters, people freaking out over him. What if we knew the reason Faulk got traded to the Rams was because the Colts front office got fed up with him being a selfish and a me first player. Like at least I didn’t know it until long after Faulk retired he talked about it. He was young and thought it was all about him and he was hurting the Colts and when he finally started to realize it was about the team first it was too late he was already traded. So Peters is young he has more growing to do. I’ll continue to say he lets his passion for the game become a negative sometimes but it’s nothing he can’t grow from.
  2. Team Schedules AND Win/Loss Predictions

    I hear you. Yeah I never considered Dez to the Redskins. As soon as he said he wanted to stay in the NFC East I thought the Giants. Really he should be smart and go to the Packers or Colts. I really like Vea and think he would be great for the Redskins. He should be there too if the Redskins choose to go that route.
  3. Team Schedules AND Win/Loss Predictions

    I see what you are doing. Waiting to see if the Redskins get Dez huh? I hear he is still on the market and would like to stay in the NFC East to see the Cowboys twice.
  4. Team Schedules AND Win/Loss Predictions

    Oh I know. My thing is what if its Foles and no Jeffery that has to start the season? Possibly (2-2)?? Last season nobody saw the Patriots starting (2-2) and starting (0-2) at home. Plus one of their wins was a 3pt win against the Texans in which they trailed and Brady had to bring them back late. But I do get what you are saying. I dont think the Eagles go (4-0) in that stretch but they could go (3-1).
  5. Team Schedules AND Win/Loss Predictions

    Yeah I agree with that. After seeing the Rams schedule laid out I was tempted to say (11-5) for them too but I’m sticking with my first mind of (12-4). I do think it’s going to be harder for the Eagles just because they have that target on their backs from being the Superbowl champs. Wentz health to start the season to me is a question not to mention so is Jeffery. I do think for a team like the Eagles it’s not how you start it’s how you finish so (11-5) I could totally see that with the Eagles playing their best football late in the season as opposed to early.
  6. Rams 2018 schedule

    I’m starting to not like the word “personality” lol. Seriously Talib came to LA because of Wade, he isn’t going to do anything to divide the locker room at his age he is going to mentor guys like Peters just like he did Harris Jr. which btw was with Wade as the DC. Suh is going to go to work next to Donald who is quiet as you get. You think Suh is going to get loud when Donald is going to be quiet and keep grinding no matter what? That will make Suh look so bad it’s not going to be funny. And Cooks has never been loud he played on a Saints team that went 7-9 his first 3 straight seasons with them. So again I don’t get where the “personality” guys comes from. Rams will be fine as a tight group because last year they had some adversity like losing to Seattle the way they did then waiting seem like ages to finally play them again and destroying them. I thought being away from LA for a month was adversity and the Rams looked great in the midst of all that traveling. So again I think the Rams will be fine even if they have to face some adversity this season.
  7. Team Schedules AND Win/Loss Predictions

    What are your thoughts about how their schedule laid out? What game(s) are you looking forward to the most?
  8. Team Schedules AND Win/Loss Predictions

    For me, the Rams schedule is obviously tough. I dont like the fact that they have two separate three game road stretches. Technically the Mexico is a home game but we all know its not so thats why I said its part of another three game road stretch. The plus side though is the Rams start the season off with three of the first four games at home. Three straight home games. Anyone who is curious to see how the Rams will fair with the new guys, well they have three straight home games to try to get off to a fast start which will help most people theory of "the Rams better get off to a fast start or those big personalities in the locker room will become a problem. Also the fact that the Rams dont leave the West Coast until Week 9 when they travel to New Orleans is a plus. I like the fact that the Rams play the Vikings, Chargers, Packers, and Eagles all at home. Those are the majority of the Rams toughest opponents so its good to have them come to the Colusiem as oppose to the Rams going to their stadium. My prediction hasnt changed. I think the Rams will win 12 games. Again they do have a tough road stretch because of those two separate three game road trips but the Rams showed last year that they were especially great on the road going (7-1) and that doesnt include the win in London which makes them having eight wins away from the Colusiem. The only lost was to the Vikings. I am also pumped the Rams have five prime time games which is most in franchise history. The game I am looking forward to is Week 15 at home against the Eagles which is the game of the year already. It takes place in Week 15 is one week later from last year Week 14 where the Rams and the Eagles had an epic game in LA, unfortunately Wentz got hurt. Hopefully Goff v Wentz II in the same place will yield different results in Wentz not getting hurt AND the Rams win the game. Plus that game should have 1st or at least 2nd seed in the NFC ramifications on the line. Then everything can start lining up for Goff v Wentz III in the NFCCG.
  9. What are your thoughts about your team schedule and give me win/loss prediction? Obviously we know subject to be changed after the draft so you can update it accordingly.
  10. Rams 2018 schedule

    I’m predicting Rams will go 12-4 but I feel great about 11-5. Last year the difference was a dropped GW TD by Kupp in Week 5 or the Rams resting their starters in Week 17. They have a better team this upcoming season. So 11-5 is the floor, really 13-3 or 14-2 in the ceiling. My prediction though is 12-4. I do like how the fact that the Rams don’t leave the West Coast until Week 9 when the travel to New Orleans. 3 of the first 4 games are in LA which is very nice. So people want to see how the new “big personalities” work, they will have the comfort of home to get off to a great start in the first month to build the confidence up and go from there. The Rams are going to take the throne in this upcoming season. Now let’s do some great things in the draft next week and then get to work.
  11. Who is the (second) best coach in the NFL?

    I can’t speak for other Rams fans but as for myself, I feel like people can’t hsve it both ways. Last offseason people blasted the Rams for hiring the youngest coach in NFL history. I kept seeing all the young head coaching and how their track record were so bad. Many people said the Rams overpaid for Woods in FA because he hasn’t proven anything in Buffalo. Many thought Whitworth only signed with the Rams was to cash in big before he retired. Many thought the Rams had a bad draft. I saw even people on here had the Rams draft ranked so low. They also bashed the Rams for not even drafting an OL prospect. Even heading into the regular season, the Rams got off to a 3-1, many didn’t buy in. The second the Rams lost to Seattle in Week 5, people already was saying “I told you so”. The Rams had a month away from home. That was adversity. The Rams was the most traveled team in the NFL and during that month stretch (at Jags, Cards in London, BYE, at Giants) that was I think the most traveled miles by one team in NFL history. The Rams dominated those games. People still didn’t buy in. They lost to the Vikings, people were quick to say “I told you so”. The Rams best the Saints the next week. The build in excuse was the Saints didn’t have their cornerbacks. They knew they wasn’t going to have them days before the game. I’ve only heard one people mentioned the reason the Vikings blew the game open in the 4th quarter against the Rams was because the Rams lost two of their top 3 corners in the game and had to put in an undrafted rookie to cover Theilen. So it can’t work both ways for the Saints and not the Rams. Even in the Seattle game everyone knew Seattle was dealing with so many injuries people still question heavily could the Rams win. Funny thing is when the won, some of those same people said the Rams took advantage of a beat up Seahawks team. I say all that to say that, people doubted the Rams from the 2nd they hired McVay until obviously they clinched the division title in Week 16. So how I feel about McVay has much more to do with the fact that nobody should heavily scrutinize a guy before seeing what he really can do. The Washington fans loved McVay and knew what he could do and knew what they would be missing. Same thing as Washington team. I’ll say the same thing about Pederson which a lot of people dismissed him as a possible good coach even though he comes from the Reid coaching tree. One thing I do know, I’m not bashing the Eagles unless it’s friendly beefing up the rivalry. The Eagles and Rams were both blasted by many for trading up for Wentz and Goff and I’m glad to see both teams with stability and proven all the doubters wrong. We take no prisoners even in the tough NFC. Because you are right, whomever comes out of the NFC I think will more likely will win the Superbowl.
  12. Who is the (second) best coach in the NFL?

    Confused lol. But thanks for reminding me how much Fisher ruined the Rams in terms of coaching lol.
  13. Who is the (second) best coach in the NFL?

    @BAConrad You left out the part where the Rams were the 2nd youngest team in the NFL last year with the 2nd youngest QB starter going against a Falcons team who had tons of experience and was just in the Superbowl the previous season. I’ll be interested to see how Wentz will look when he makes his first playoff start. But regardless at least the Eagles had Foles who already had a playoff start under his belt in 2013 when the Saints came into Philly and won. We can never underestimate playoff experience.
  14. Are the four best teams in the NFC?

    Yeah I think most people assume things will go bad but honestly I don’t think it will. Not saying the Rams won’t lose games but I don’t think the locker room will fall apart. Wade can and will handle the defense and only one change in personnel was made on offense and that’s Cooks replacing Watkins in which Cooks is a better fit. But I do agree, we will see. I can’t wait for the draft then the season to start lol.
  15. Are the four best teams in the NFC?

    I hear what you are saying. I just feel different about what’s happening in NE. If you are banking on a rookie LT to protect a 40yr old and Britt and Patterson to be difference makers especially if Edelman isn’t right coming back from injury and Gronk mindset isn’t entirely on football this season then that’s not good. I will say that I do like the Matthews signing and IF the Pats could get Dez, that would be interesting. One advantage I’d give the Pats is they play in a division that isn’t close to catching up with them for the top spot. Outside of that, again I think the Rams and Jaguars right now pass the eye test and look great on paper and have all the momentum that the Pats don’t have. I’ll take those two teams over the Pats.