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  1. SNF: Seattle Seahawks at LA Rams GDT

    The Rams are like “the fiend”. All they want the NFL to do is “let them in” lol. They will be a scary team if they get in because this defense is legit and the offense is getting things going again.
  2. SNF: Seattle Seahawks at LA Rams GDT

    The Rams have two gems on the oline in Edwards and Evans. Both are rookies. The just shows you they did a great job scouting and developing these guys. Neither was 1st round picks either. Im excited to continue to see them continue to grow and then when the Rams get back Noteboom for next season it’s going to be interesting to really see this oline. But it certainly have looked better and that has helped this offense he back to looking really good.
  3. Week 14 - Rams vs. Seahawks

    Defense held the Seahawks to 3pts and the offense has carried the momentum from last week till this week because they are looking great. This is a must win and the Rams are playing like it. Let’s see if they can finish and take this win home.
  4. SNF: Seattle Seahawks at LA Rams GDT

    If the Rams make the playoffs they will be very dangerous because the defense is legit and the offense is now starting to get back to looking like it did last season before the BYE.
  5. Week 14 Playoff Committee Rankings

    If Wisconsin beats Ohio State, Ill put them in over Oklahoma. The committee values Ohio State a great deal so the win by Wisconsin would be a very mean so much plus they would avenge their lost to Ohio State in the regular season.
  6. 2019 SEC Championship: #4 Georgia vs #2 LSU

    LSU is this good. The thing about the whole LSU defense debate I only heard maybe Howard and Herbstreit only talk about the injuries LSU has had with their best players like Delpit, Chassion, and even Divinity Jr. was hurt and left the team. So like when your best players are banged up thats a reason the defense was struggling. Not to mention LSU would go up by 2 or 3 tds and then let their foot off the gas on defense. The defense is healthy now and they are focus. Thats scary. LSU is the best team college football.
  7. 2019 SEC Championship: #4 Georgia vs #2 LSU

    Burrow wrapped up the heisman, the first overall pick in the NFL draft, and if LSU dont be number one in the rankings tomorrow the committee need just quit and bring in an entire new 13 people moving forward to watch these games and rank these teams.
  8. Week 14 - Rams vs. Seahawks

    The Seahawks is (9-1) in one score games this season. They remind me of the Rams last season who was (6-2) in the regular season in one score games. To show you the difference between last season and this season with the Seahawks is last season the Seahawks was (4-6) in one score games. That means they will rarely blow a team out or get blown out. That has been the case with their recent history with the Rams. The past 5 meetings the Rams and Seahawks played 4 of those games were decided by one score. In those games its (2-2). The only game that wasnt decided by one score was when the Rams went to Seattle and beat them down 42-7. They were motivated heading into that game because they knew they had that game won earlier in the season but made countless of mistakes like Gurley fumbling the ball into the endzone and Kupp dropping the td that wouldve won the game. The Rams come into this game thinking if Zeurlein didnt miss that field goal in Seattle on TNF the Rams wouldve won. They will be motivated to beat Seattle with everyone praising Seattle and rightfully so. Barely anyone will think the Rams will win even at home. The Rams I predict will this game and just like @LARams91 said, if the Vikings lose the Rams are in the 6th seed.
  9. Bold prediction: Jared Goff will be benched!

    You were right that Goff was going to have a huge game. Taking a deeper look into Goff 400yd passing day: 6-6 (for 119yds) on passes traveling at least 15yds downfield 11-11 (for 182yds and a td) on 3rd down, the most such completions without and incompletion by any QB since 2016.
  10. Week 13 - Rams at Cardinals

    I expected the Rams to win today and they did. The Rams dominated a Cards team that didnt look bad over the past month or so and they were coming off a BYE at home. Now the Rams are going to pay close attention to the Seahawks/Vikings game tomorrow night. Ill be rooting for the Seahawks. If the Vikings lose they will be 1 game up on the Rams in the 6th seed. If the Seahawks lose they will be 2 games up on the Rams and they play each other next week with a chance for the Rams to shrink that lead down to just 1 game with a win. So the Rams still have alot to play for. As I said earlier, to those who think its over for the Rams this season are the ones who dont expect the Rams to win any more games. I dont come in with that mindset because the Rams even with deficiencies have the talent and the coaching to still fight and give themselves a chance to win. The offense looked great today and if we take half of this offense today with the way the defense is playing, for sure the Rams can beat the Seahawks, Cowboys, and of course beat the Cards again. That Niners game will be interesting as well. Great win for the Rams today.
  11. Week 13 - Rams at Cardinals

    The Rams have the heart of a champion. Everyone buried them and if this organization was controlled by the public this Rams team would forfeit the season because people expect them not to win another game. They will go down fighting. They will not be like the Eagles whom is having a bad season but still a shot to win the NFC East but just lost to the Dolphins. Plus nobody can talk about well its the Cards that the Rams are beating up on because everyone praised this Cards team for nearly beating the Niners twice. The Niners didnt thrash this Cards team like the Rams are doing today. Let that sink in. Colin said on "The Herd" that the Cards would win because the atmosphere in their locker room is different than that of the Rams in their locker room. This sums it up to say he couldnt be more wrong. Plus this is the game that can spring the Rams. Like sure they beat the Falcons and Bengals but we all said the Rams offense still looked a bit off. The Rams offense is looking like the offense of last season and the defense is looking like it has most of this season especially since the addition of Ramsey. Confidence and momentum is great so lets see if the Rams can carry this performance into next week against the Seahawks at home to really make things interesting.
  12. Week 13 - Rams at Cardinals

    Haha very funny. Nah Im not saying Superbowl but Im not going to bury the Rams acting like their chances of still getting into the playoffs are gone. I was sold last season the Eagles chances at (4-6) was gone. Im not being fooled again lol. Last season the Eagles chances at (4-6) was impossible. The Rams this season are in way better position. It feels like every season we go through this where we count a team out and they find a way especially the team that has underachieved but we know have the coaching and the talent. You dont ever count that time out until its actually over. Thats just my mentality.
  13. Dak or Wentz

    Im not trying to make something fit my narrative. When you look at the failures or success of a team you mainly look at the front office, the coach, and the QB before you look at everything else. The front office did a great job putting together a talented roster especially in key spots like the oline. Didnt the Cowboys get Moore to be the OC to help Dak? Yes. So thats another great decision. Yes we can look at Garrett but when the team is successful its Moore has done a great job. When the team fails its Garrett doing a poor job. Dont work both ways. Then we look at Dak. He is the one who needs to execute better. Why the team is getting blown out in the 1st half of the Packers and Jets game? Why the team fail to score points against the Patriots, Bills, and Saints game? You dont hold any of that on Dak? He has the weapons and the oline. Again Im not saying its all his fault but you make it seem like its none of his fault. The situation with Goff in 2016 was mishandled badly from the start. Any time the 1st overall pick doesnt even dress for Week 1 of the regular season you know it was mishandled. So you have to do a better job than looking at Goff in 2016 to compare that 2019 with Dak.
  14. General Season Talk

    I think nationally people are freaking out. Nick Wright even went as far as to say Goff contract is up there with the Wizards contract they gave to Wall. Thats ridiculous. Wall is hurt and the team doesnt get along with him. Goff isnt injury prone or badly hurt and the team loves Goff. The issues with Goff stems from poor oline play and a non-existent running game. I dont care who you is when you give a QB poor oline and no running game that QB will struggle. Give Goff solid oline and some existence of a running game he has shown to be at a Pro Bowl level and taking the Rams to 11+ wins, division titles, and even to the Superbowl. Thats all I need to see period to let me know not to freak out. Then I look at Dak and he has everything Goff had last season and all Dak has done is take his team to (6-6), cant beat a team with a pulse, and has a very strong chance of missing the playoffs. Yet Dak is fixing to get paid more than Goff. If anyone people should be freaking out over its Dak. He was given OC Moore, he got Fredrick back, a happy and fresh Zeke, Cooper another season, Gallup another season to take the next step, leader in the locker room with Witten, and all he could do is (6-6). He has his best season too. Can you imagine Dak with the oline Goff has and the running game Goff has? So yeah again Im not freaking out about Goff he will be just fine when the oline gets fixed and the Rams start to run the ball like they did the past two seasons.
  15. Dak or Wentz

    Yes but I’m about context and we have that today. Goff and Wentz best seasons produced great teams. Dak best season is (6-6) same record as Goff and Wentz teams when they are having their worst season. Like you can look at coaching too but Dak gets half the look too. I say that too because when people reference Goff and Wentz struggles nobody mention Pederson when it comes to Wentz and McVay is mentioned second to Goff struggles. Garrett isn’t the greatest but I feel he is the scapegoat just because Moore was really supposed to be the missing piece to help this Cowboys team and when I see the offense struggles against the Saints, Bills, Patriots, Jets, and Packers and they lose, it’s not all on Garrett just because the focus supposed to be on Moore being this next wave of offensive genius and then Dak with having Zeke being healthy and happy and getting Fredrick back this season to make the oline complete again and Gallup taking that next step this season. Like no excuses for the Cowboys to be (6-6). I’ll say the Cowboys situation this season was of that of the Rams last season and the Eagles of 2017. So people expect better than (6-6) a lot better.