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  1. Team Owner Needed

    I have a 12 team ppr keeper league. I have a team that the owner decided not to return and need someone who is active to take over. You can keep up to 4 players with no round penalties. The 4 keepers for the team is QB Big Ben, RB McCoy, WR Fitz, and WR Thielen. The draft is on September 2nd @ 6pm eastern time. If you are interested give me your email address and Ill send you the invite. First come first serve.
  2. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    Never said you were using it as a negative. I just said when people talk about a "dream team" they usually mention the 2011 Eagles.
  3. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    To me it comes across that way because everyone always point to the 2011 Eagles which again its ironic a backup QB actually uttered the words "dream team" when referring to that team. I personally dont think a "dream team" is a negative. When I think of "dream team" I think if the 1992 US Men's Olympic team.
  4. Best preseason game of all time?

    I just found out that the Steelers giving up 51pts against the Packers was the most points that they have given up in a preseason game in franchise history. Like why do people keep up with preseason results?
  5. Who are the most overpaid players in the league?

    Ok. Yeah again thanks for point that out because I heard someone mentioned that about Cooks one day and I was amazed because I started to think about the receivers that played with Brady so part of me was thinking someone had to have done that. My thought was Moss but just never had any proof so thanks.
  6. Who are the most overpaid players in the league?

    Yeah I am sensitive about my Rams lol. Seriously I just like talking football no matter what. Ill go far as to say this though, this upcoming season has been the most excited Ive been about the Rams since I became a fan so in the words of Kendrick Lamar "dont kill my vibe" lol.
  7. Who are the most overpaid players in the league?

    Did those guys warrant qualifying for those seasons? Not saying thats not true but when I heard that stat one day I was amazed about Cooks but thanks for pointing this out to me.
  8. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    So wait I gave you examples of the 2011 Seahawks and what they did after drafting Wilson, the 2008 Falcons and everything they did after they drafted Ryan, the 2017 Eagles and what they are doing after drafting Wentz, hell even what the Vikings are doing and they just came away from one win away from a SB appearance last year and nobody still is even mentioning them as a “dream team”. Look all I know is the Rams have more in common with those teams. I don’t mind anyone who says they aren’t high on the Rams. Everyone has a certain level of high and in the NFC is going to be a dog fight but all I’m saying is people gloss over those teams I mentioned and never say “dream teams” about them. The Rams are doing exactly what those teams did but the Rams seem to be getting the “dream team” tag that those teams didn’t. The only thing I can think of is the media ran with it for the Rams now everyone is saying it. It’s cute to say but put it into context. In the NBA “dream teams” or “super teams” are being formed a lot and some would argue that’s been happening for decades but nobody would acknowledge it till LeBron did what he did in Miami and KD did what he did in GS. It’s only fair to judge them as for what they truly will be then say “big names on one team they will implode or don’t have high expectations because of so many big names”. KD to the Warriors great fit and that’s not hindsight. People knew he would be a great fit as soon as he signed. Melo to OKC bad fit. Some knew it was a bad fit as soon as he was traded there but me I was high on them and they only won one more game with Melo, PG13, and Westbrook than they won the previous season without those additions. I’ll keep saying it that coaching and fit has a lot to do with the success of “dream teams” or “super teams”. I strongly believe the Rams brought in the guys who fit what they want to do within their schemes. The Rams also have the coaching. I know some haven’t bought into McVay yet but Wade has earned his respect I believe and that’s where all those “big names” was added to on defense. If Wade can’t get to work then I want to know who will? That’s all I’m saying.
  9. Who are the most overpaid players in the league?

    Never said he did. I said he was the only receiver that played with Brady as a Patriot for a single season to have the highest yards per catch average that Brady has thrown to in that season. That means no other Patriot that Brady has thrown to ever had a higher yards per catch average as a Patriot in a single season than Cooks did last season.
  10. Who are the most overpaid players in the league?

    I think Cooks isnt overpaid. Do you know the only other WR in the NFL to have at least 1000yds and 7tds in the last 3 seasons in AB? Did you know that in Brady's entire career, Cooks is the only receiver to average the most yards per catch in a single season? And oh by the way. Brady had the HOF'er himself Moss catching passes from him. Moss is known as the best deep ball receiver to ever play the game. If Cooks is overpaid with that production then I dont truly qualifies as being overpaid?
  11. Who are the most overpaid players in the league?

    Thats easy. Jimmy G - He got paid after only a 7 game sample. Thats not much of a difference than when Bradford got a big deal in 2010 when he was drafted 1st overall. The NFL fixed the problem by having a rookie wage scale. Derek Carr - What if I was to tell you that his career passing yards average per attempt was 6.5 for his career, that ranks 131 in NFL history? His brother, David Carr, ranks 132 with 6.6. We all can agree David Carr was one of the biggest busts in NFL history. Like he got paid big bucks as well. Both guys need to prove more to even show that they are close to being worthy of those contracts they signed.
  12. Rams/Donald expected to announce agreement

    I saw a report by John Clayton the Rams expected to have a deal done with AD by the 2nd preseason game. So tomorrow we shall see. All this tells me is he will get signed by Week 1 of the regular season. All this nonsense about him holding out throughout the regular season is crazy talk. He will be a Rams for many many seasons to come.
  13. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    How many "dream teams" were there? Every time someone say "dream team" they always mention the 2011 Eagles. Thats just one. And that 2011 Eagles dont compare to this Rams team. For starters, the lockout happened. That totally took away the majority of the offseason for teams to properly prepare for the season. Then the Eagles had changes to the oline. The signed big name guys like Asomugha who didnt fit the scheme the Eagles were trying to run on defense. Then the main term "dream team" was introduced by the backup QB Vince Young. Just think about that for a second. The backup QB said "dream team". Not the starter, the backup. The guy did little to nothing in the NFL career. Thats like Sean Mannion calling the Rams a "dream team". So I dont get why people try to compare the Rams with the 2011 Eagles. The Rams dont have to deal with a lockout, they have continuity on the oline, the players that Snead/McVay brought in is scheme fits, and nobody especially a backup QB who hasnt done anything in the NFL is calling the team a dream team. Now if you want to say the Rams are doing what the Seahawks did and what the Eagles did in terms of taking advantage of the cap while their QBs was on their rookie deals then I can get behind that. Because nobody called the Seahawks a "dream team" when they acquired Bennett, Avril, Lynch, Graham, Harvin, either around the time or during the time Wilson was drafted. Nobody called the Eagles a dream team when they acquired Darby, Alshon, Blount, Ajayi, Long, Smith, Wallace, Nagta, Bennett, and Long during the time Wentz was draft. I dont even hear nobody calling the Vikings a dream team since they acquired Cousins and Richardson. I could easily say the Vikings didnt NEED to go sign Cousins or Richardson. Last time I checked they couldve just kept Keenum, paid him less and still had an 11 win team. Their defense was already stacked, they didnt need Richardson. All the Seahawks, Eagles, and Vikings did was put themselves in better positions to win. So why cant anyone say the same thing about the Rams? I can say the same thing with Falcons when they brought in Turner, already had White then drafted Ryan. They lost to the Packers in the playoffs and decided to go trade all the way up to get Julio then traded for Gonzalez to help give Ryan even more weapons on offense. Nobody call them a dream team. Again all they did was put their team in a better position to win.
  14. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    That’s why you have to look at it closely. It’s about coaching and fit. So we look at the Rams the players they added were great fits to the scheme and McVay trust Wade coaching abilities on defense and why not? He has proven himself worthy as a DC. When people talk about the big names the Rams signed nobody on this forum outside of some Rams fans even mentioned how great and well respected coach Wade is. That he will know how to get this defense together and not let individual parts ruin it as a whole. Nobody breaksdown the scheme Wade runs and why those guys the Rams signed is a good fit. Like Cooks is a better fit in LA than Watkins because Watkins never played in an offense even close to McVay’s plus he came to the Rams so late. Cooks played in a similar system in NO for 3yrs and he has been with the Rams for the entire offseason. So again he fits. So that’s why when people talk about the Rams I want more football on the field talk because that’s why people are high on them for these moves. My personal expectations for the Rams are 12-4, win the division, and win at least one playoff game. I think 12-4 can get the Rams 2nd seed in the NFC and a bye in the playoffs. So win one game in the playoffs and they can get the the NFCCG. So that’s my expectations.