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  1. Overreaction Monday

    What is the definition of stopping the run? In the Saints/Cowboys game, Kamara had 11 rush attempts. Ingram had 7 rush attempts. Ingram is the power back so he shouldve gotten more touches to try and wear the Cowboys defense down throughout the game. He did average 3.9yds per carry. Thats not horrible and I thought if he wouldve gotten more than 7 rush attempts maybe that average wouldve went up as the Cowboys defense wear down trying to tackle Ingram the entire game. Perfect example of that is Derrick Henry. He is the type of back that need to be fed the ball over and over again throughout the game. As the game progresses he will get stronger and the defense will wear down. He struggled badly throughout the season because the Titans kept being too cute with him and Lewis in the backfield. Just recently they decided to go all in on Henry. The past two games combined he rushed the ball 50 times. Not a coincidence that his yards and yards per carry has been the most these past two weeks than it has been the entire season prior to this. So Im not taking nothing away from Dallas performance against the Saints but I dont consider stopping the run when the opposing team only gives it to their back a combined 18 times. Considering Ingram is the power back and had more success rushing the ball than Kamara did, I wouldve like to see him get more than 7 rush attempts. If he wouldve seen at least 15 rush attempts it wouldve been interesting to see how things wouldve played out over the course of the game.
  2. Overreaction Monday

    Trust me, my friend and I had those discussions alot. There is such thing as overthinking. I forgot who said this but someone said Keep It Simple Stupid. Even Bill Belichick overthink things. Like putting Gronk out there to defend a hailmary play without thinking that Tannehill cant throw the ball that far with his injury. That left Gronk to actually try to chase down Drake and tackle him when the only reason Gronk was out there was to knock the ball down on a long throw. So I just think both Payton and McVay just need to take a step back and not try to reinvent the wheel. Run the ball then play off of it. Dont try to do split Brees out wide and snap directly to Hill. Dont try to have Goff throw 44 times when Gurley is getting 5+ yds a carry but he dont have but 10 rush attempts the entire game.
  3. Overreaction Monday

    We all good lol. Im like that too where I dont read other posts or all of a post before I comment. I agree I think there is a formula to really solve any team the main thing for both the Rams and Saints is to stick to the run. Their offenses click when the running game is going especially on the road. Goff for some reason this season hasnt been stellar on the road but the Rams only lost one game and that was due to Gurley not being involved. The Saints likewise. Brees hasnt been stellar on the road this season but the team only has one road loss and thats because Ingram was not involved.
  4. Overreaction Monday

    Wait! Wait one minute! I said that as an overreaction to what others might think. If you read my other post, I said the Saints offense hasnt been figured out. I dont believe it for one second. Thats why this thread is called overreaction. The Saints offense being figured out is totally an overreaction.
  5. Overreaction Monday

    I totally agree. Trust me, my friend and I both talk about that all the time. He gets just as frustrated as a Saints fan as I get with the Rams. Just turn and hand Kamara and Ingram the ball. Just like that Tampa Bay game, the Saints offense did nothing until they started giving Ingram the ball. Against the Cowboys, did the Saints forget they had Ingram? I just dont get it with either coach sometimes. I get Brees is great and Goff has shown the ability to play at a high level but the offense runs through Ingram, Kamara, and Gurley.
  6. Overreaction Monday

    I agree. No team has figured out the Saints. They are like the Rams where they get too cute and forget they have a running game.
  7. Overreaction Monday

    I hear you lol. But no I agree I think the Rams have the recipe to be a one and done but they have won 11 games this season and 22 games over the past two seasons playing that same way. Last season in the playoffs they lost that game on two special teams turnovers that hurt them. They tried to comeback but two endzone drops by Higbee and Watkins sure didn’t help. Not to mention Gurley had 101yds rushing averaging 7.2ypc but somehow he only had 14 rushing attempts. I think the Rams understand how important it is to get a bye in the playoffs. Last season it was great just making it to the postseason. Now the mindset is making some noise and trying to win it all. I’ll still stick by the claim that the only two teams I trust in the playoffs is the Saints and Rams. If I had to add another team it’s the Seahawks because of Wilson. Outside of that we shall see what Dak and Trubisky can do if they have to go on the road and if Cousins can just win a game in the playoffs on a big stage.
  8. Overreaction Monday

    Teams have figured out the Saints offense. The Saints are averaging 16.2pts per game over the past 3 weeks. They are averaging less points per game than the Rams over the past 3 weeks. Thats not good. Whats even worst is, the Rams can blame their struggles on offense on turnovers. I dont think the Saints have turned the ball over much so one would think there is no way they should only be scoring a few ticks over 16pts on offense.
  9. Is anybody else picking the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl?

    Skip Bayless reason for the Cowboys not showing up Sunday was that they wake up Sunday morning with a 2 game division lead and thought the Redskins, Eagles, and Giants would lay down for them so they can backdoor their way to the division title without caring about the Colts game. How ridiculous is that? He cant just straight out say the Cowboys sucked Sunday and their is no explanation for it. Even Stephen A. Smith was left speechless when he was wrong about Dallas getting spanked by the Saints. Skip shouldve just been speechless about his Cowboys stinking but yet he makes that bogus statement about the Cowboys thinking they could back into the the division crown and didnt care about the Colts game.
  10. General Season Talk

    I dont have to convince you lol. The Rams will do the talking for me. The Saints are beatable at home. The Bucs with Fitzpatrick came in there and dropped 48pts and won. The Browns was a missed XP the very next week away from tying the game late. Why? Because Tyrod throw a bomb to Callaway for a td and the Saints secondary couldnt stop it. We saw Goff erase a 21pt deficit to tie the game up in the 4th quarter. The Rams lost the game but just for confidence sake thats huge. You dont think if the Rams go to New Orleans that Goff isnt going to be reminded how successful he was in that game? Thats without Gurley being a big factor and some plays that didnt go the Rams way. I know you are a Rams fan, but I dont know how closely you follow the Rams/Saints history. I follow their history very close because Im in Saints country. All we know is Saints and LSU football lol. My dad and best friends are Saints fans. So Im well aware to know how crazy the history of those two teams have been since I started following them in 2000. For example, did you know in 2000 the Rams had a "win and you are in" game Week 17 to get into the playoffs? They played the Saints in New Orleans. I felt strongly that the Rams would beat the Saints and they did and a week later they played again in New Orleans in Wildcard Weekend and lost. I remember that game because the Rams was coming back and it felt like what happened to the Eagles. The Rams had all the momentum, the Saints punted and Hakim fumbled the ball away. Rams lost. I was convinced had Hakim not fumbled the Rams wouldve came back and won. Pick up where Brees came to New Orleans. He has a losing record overall against the Rams. You think about the past two seasons. The Rams stopped the Saints 8 game winning streak last season when the Saints came to LA. This season the Saints stopped the Rams 8 game winning streak when the Rams came to New Orleans. My point is nothing is a lock when it comes to this Rams/Saints rivalry. There was a game in New Orleans that I went too and the Rams had ZERO chance of winning it. Well the Rams won it and I felt so good but I was a bit nervous too walking the streets of New Orleans with my Rams gear on lol. Then there was another game where the Saints just beat the Colts 62-7. The Saints set the single season franchise record for points. They played the Rams the following week and got beat. So again, its not a lock for nothing when these two teams face off. They have a long history and I personally know what each team is capable of no matter where its played. Id like to think the Rams want payback for giving the Saints their first playoff win back in 2000.
  11. General Season Talk

    I think you are overreacting a bit. The offense has been in a slump but it has nothing to do with teams figuring the Rams out. Ill say it again, it took till Week 13 before a team finally figured the Rams out. 12 weeks went by and no team could stop the Rams but yet the Lions finally figured the Rams out. If you want to go that route, are the Saints figured out too? They got shutdown by the Cowboys then the next week only scored 3pts at halftime against the Bucs. It took at some point in the 3rd quarter for the Saints to get going and it wasnt on the arm of Brees, it was on the legs of Ingram. Exactly like we are saying with the Rams, it has to be on the legs of Gurley. Couldnt you say in the Lions game the offense didnt get going until the Rams got Gurley going? The past two games Gurley didnt get going and the offense slowed down. At the same time I do trust Goff because if it wasnt for him we wouldnt have came back to tie the game against the Saints. If it wasnt for him we wouldnt have beat the Vikings and Chiefs in those shootouts. Sure he is going through a bit of a slump right now but its a long season and players do tend to go through slumps. Goff is resilient and he will find his way back and if he produces in the playoffs, which Im confident he will, then people wont even remember this stretch. As for the defense, I do agree, if Donald isnt making plays it seems like the other guys arent stepping up. I will dont crap on them fully because when they have to make a stop they do. Ive seen defenses play really well but when they have to make a stop they cant. The Rams defense might not be great but when they have to make stops to get the ball back to the offense they normally do. Last night was no different. Talib came with the pick. The defense forced the Eagles to punt. The Rams forced the Eagles into a tough FG try which Elliot missed. So the Rams made 3 consecutive stops when they had too which helped the Rams nearly erase a 17pt deficit in the 4th quarter. So to me thats all I want especially with a high-powered offense. I dont expect them to be the 85 Bears defense. I just want them to make stops to give the Rams extra possessions to take the lead and add on the that lead. The Rams arent winning 11 games because the defense couldnt make stops. These next two games against teams the Rams crushed earlier in the season is going to give them confidence and some momentum back. In the playoffs I expect to see a focused Rams because they learned from last season playoff experience and they are learning from this season being the frontrunners with big targets on their backs. Its called the highs and lows of the NFL. Some teams have them earlier in the season and some teams have them later in the season. Some teams have them in the middle of the season. The teams that can get back on track are those who usually are built to make a deep postseason run. I think the Rams are built the right way to overcome their lows and so Im not panicking.
  12. Week 15 - Rams vs Eagles - SNF

    Thats easy. Ill take Goff. You do realize as good as Foles possibly played last night he nearly lost them the game? He threw a bad interception that led the Rams to drive right down the field to score. Then the next drive the Rams forced the Eagles to punt. Natson fumbled but even then Foles didnt do anything with the opportunity, put Elliot in a bad position to try to FG attempt and he missed. The Rams still had a chance to tie. Goff showed even in a terrible game last night that he is really good in the 4th quarter. He nearly erased a 17pt lead all in the 4th quarter. Thats with him missing some throws in the quarter and having a rough 3 quarters before then. Goff proved to me in the Vikings, Chiefs, Saints, Packers, and Seahawks (at Seattle) games that he is the QB I want. Im not taking a slump to make me change my mind. He is going to lead us to the Superbowl and I still believe its this season. Goff is a resilient guy and what better way to be resilient than to go win a Superbowl coming off a late season slump heading into the playoffs.
  13. Overreaction Monday

    On the road I think its necessary. At home its not. I know that for a fact. In 2016 the Rams beat the Sehawks 9-6. Terrible QB play all around but the Rams won because they were at home. Fastforward to this season, the Rams beat the Chiefs 54-51. Im willing to bet that on the road the Rams wouldnt have beaten the Seahawks only scoring 9pts. Im willing to bet the Rams wouldnt have beaten the Chiefs giving up 51pts in KC. So Trubisky is going to have to play much much better than he did at home if he wants to go on the road in the playoffs and win. You can get away with that sometimes at home but not one the road. Its tough to win games period in the NFL but on the road its even tougher.
  14. Overreaction Monday

    I have my questions about Trubisky on the road as well as with the Cowboys and Dak. We saw how Dak plays on the road. The Cowboys just got shutout. So while Im not saying the Bears wont have a shot, its more so how much do you trust Trubisky on the road? Then thats if they get past a team like the Seahawks. Wilson is more than capable of going to Chicago in a big playoff game and winning. Unlike the Rams, they will stick to the run with Carson, Penny, and Davis. So it could come down to the Rams v Seahawks in which Id be more worried just because I dont want to face Wilson for the third time in one season.
  15. Overreaction Monday

    Again that formula worked for the Ravens in 2012 lol. The only difference is Flacco was playing for a big payday. Cousins already got his big payday. He can continue to choke and still know the Vikings are stuck giving him his money.