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  1. General Season Talk

    Looks like the Rams will stay a full game in first place in the NFCW assuming the Falcons hold on. The Rams didn’t extend the lead but at least they didn’t lose ground. Believe it or not but Minnesota was actually the game, according to FPI, the Rams have the least chance of winning. The rest of the schedule, according to FPI, the Rams have the greatest chance of winning. Philly and NO come to LA, the Seahawks, Cards, Titans, and SF all are either struggling, banged up, or both. The Rams are still in good shape. This isn’t the Fisher led Rams who would let one loss turn into a five game losing streak. Rams will be fine.
  2. Week 11 - Rams at Vikings

    You are right. It was a closer game than the score indicates. Ryan Clark hit the nail right on the head when he said the game was tight until NRC got hurt and Hatfield came in. Keenum threw to Thielen majority of the time because of Hatfield. It’s hard to adjust on the fly, especially with a rookie. Congrats on the big win, I do look forward to playing y’all again in the playoffs. Hopefully this time it will be in LA if the Rams win the NFCW and the Vikings get a WC spot (Lions win the NFCN). I don’t want the Rams going back to Minnesota unless it’s in the Superbowl on a natural field 😉.
  3. Week 11 - Rams at Vikings

    We had this same run defense all season long and yet after one current loss we can’t beat the Saints. Yeah no. I’m not blaming this loss solely on the run defense. Again it was missed tackles in general, not just run defense but short passes and just let the pass catcher get yards after catch. Key drops by Higbee and Kupp to extend drives. That huge fumble by Kupp that would’ve swung momentum the Rams way had the Rams scored that td. Like I’ll say it again, Keenum didn’t do anything special. The Rams were taking the big plays away over the top but couldn’t tackle underneath which isn’t like the Rams to consistently miss open field tackles. That’s like Steph Curry and Klay Thompson shooting poor from 3pt land. Rams normally do a great job at tackling. I believe that will be fixed and I’m confident the Rams will slow down the Saints because when the Rams come off of a game like this (see Washington and Seattle), they respond the next week.
  4. Week 11 - Rams at Vikings

    I agree. The Rams can win the Super Bowl this season. Fun fact: Did you know that the 1999 Rams lost at Tennessee during the regular season? They ended up beating the same team in the Super Bowl that very same season. So regardless of which team lost today, both teams felt like if they played each other again in the playoffs, the outcome would be different. The difference in this game was Rams missed tackles, key drops in big moments, and a monumental fumble at the goaline by Kupp. People don’t understand about momentum. Just like that 94yd td last week by Woods sparked the Rams offense and demoralized the Texans defense. If Kupp doesn’t fumble, the Rams score that td, I think the game is totally different with the Rams up 14-7. People are gonna look at the tangible reasons the Rams lost which was giving up 150+ yards rushing, but again that fumble by Kupp when the Rams was going to go up 14-7 killed any momentum and just demoralizing the crowd especially when Forbath missed that first FG to go up 10-7. I think the Rams come back home and respond next week. So far what I’ve seen whether it’s after a loss to Washington or after a loss to Seattle, the Rams respond in a big way. Plus nobody is gonna show Rams love this this week because of the terrible loss and the Saints comeback win to get to eight straight victories. Rams will bounce back and beat the Saints next week then beat the Cardinals the week after to set up a nice showdown against th Eagles in LA.
  5. Week 11 - Rams at Vikings

    The frustrating thing about this game is Keenum isn’t doing anything special. Yes he got out of some potential sacks that guys whiffed, but throwing short, quick passes that the Rams are just missing tackles on. So miss tackles, key drops, and a big fumble killed the Rams.
  6. Week 11 - Rams at Vikings

    Roughing the passer. It’s a “home field advantage” call.
  7. Week 11 - Rams at Vikings

    Yeah I’m upset he dropped that ball. Totally not his best game.
  8. Week 11 - Rams at Vikings

    Overreacting already??? I understand football is the biggest overreaction sport just because of the Rams lose, people have a week to over analyze everything until the next week. The Rams are fine. Win or lose, I still believe in this team. Overcoming adversity is what this team needs.
  9. Week 11 - Rams at Vikings

    Keenum isn’t making mistakes. I know Forbath missed two field goals but that Kupp fumble at the goaline looms large.
  10. Week 11 - Rams at Vikings

    1st half thoughts: Goff looks solid, so does Woods. Kupp has to hold on to the ball to give the Rams a chance to score a td which seems like it’s gonna be hard to come by today. On defense, they have to finish when they get close to Keenum. The Rams also need a takeaway since they are losing the turnover battle 0-1 (if you don’t count the Vikings missing a FG).
  11. Week 11 - Rams at Vikings

    Start Martin. He is going up against a Dolphins defense that gave up 100yds to Stewart on MNF. I think Rhodes will be on Watkins btw.
  12. General Season Talk

    Tough for the Seahawks but them losing Avril, Sherman, and now Chancellor this division is the Rams to take. The Rams should go into Seattle and put up 30+ against their defense, especially knowing that they left 17pts off the board in Week 5 against a healthier defense that would’ve had them scoring 27pts.
  13. Are the Saints the Best Team in Football?

    The Rams are battle tested as well. No team in the NFL had to go through a 3 game stretch traveling like the Rams did. They traveled to Jacksonville, Arizona (London), then New York. I believe that’s like 4,000 miles, yet the Rams went 3-0 outscoring those teams 111-24. The Rams are the second most traveled team in the NFL. For the second youngest team, having the youngest coach in the NFL, to travel that much and still be this successful, I think that’s impressive.
  14. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    So on TNF this season, Goff and Wentz both shined as they carried their teams to wins. Meanwhile, Mariota and Winston both struggled badly as their teams lost.
  15. Should a safety be worth more than two points?

    I think a safety should be worth 2pts plus have the option of trying an XP then kickoff back to the opposing team OR bypass the XP and get that free kick to them.