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  1. General Season Talk

    You do realize that last year Noteboom, Allen, and Havenstein got hurt. Then we traded for Corbett middle of the season and Edwards and Evans were rookies who had zero experience in the NFL. It’s not like there isn’t natural room for the oline to get way better than last year. Noteboom being back will be better. A healthy Havenstein have shown us in the past he will be better. Corbett getting a chance to get used to playing for the Rams in McVay system and learning from the OL coach Kroemer he should be better. Then Edwards and Evans getting that playing time will only help them get better. So it’s not like the Rams have no room to get naturally better. I can see if the Rams had an old line and didn’t add no one trying to hope they can get back to how they were years ago ignoring the fact that it’s aging and declined. The Rams invested a lot on the OL so just because they didn’t continue to pour resources in it this offseason doesn’t mean they are sitting on their hands. They really want a fair chance to see what they have and I don’t blame them.
  2. General Season Talk

    He didn’t have a game sealing pick 6. That came at the end of the 1st half. What he did have was lead the team to a game tying field goal and never saw the ball again against the Niners. Yes he had multiple turnovers against the Bucs but down by 3+ tds he led the team back down by 1 possession to tie with 2 minutes to go only for one of his oline player to not block Suh and he got crushed for a sack fumble that went for a td. No QB could get away from that. Brees got hurt against the Rams because his oline didn’t block Donald. Im not saying we can’t hold Goff accountable I’m just saying to look at what he did that should’ve lead to the Rams making the playoffs and had Goff led the Rams to playoffs if Zeurlein makes that kick or the Rams defense makes just one 3rd and 16 stop I think the conversation about Goff would be slightly different this offeason imo.
  3. General Season Talk

    I’ll hold Goff accountable as soon as I hear more and more people talk about Goff getting let down when he put his team in position to win in Seattle but his former kicker missed the game-winning kick. How about Goff put his team in position to win in San Fran and his defense couldn’t stop two 3rd and 16 situations on the same possession to lose the game. So yes Goff had a terrible season but twice he put his team in position with a chance to win and his team let him down. Both times he was on the sidelines watching and couldn’t do nothing. That’s the difference from being (9-7) and missing the playoffs and getting criticized from left and right to being (11-5) and making the playoffs and people saying how even though Goff statistically didn’t have a great season he persevered through injuries to the oline and no running game and still was able to lead his team to another double win season and back to the playoffs for the fourth straight season.
  4. Tight Ends - Best of the rest

    Im glad to see Higbee getting shown some love. Last year when McVay finally started to use him more he was producing. He was 16yds away in Week 17 from becoming the first tight end in NFL history to have 5 straight 100yd receiving games. I dont think we can take that lightly. Not only that people dont want to remember to two great plays he made in OT in the NFCCG against the Saints to put the Rams in position to win the game. People literally stop their memory of that game when the no pass interference happened. Needless to say the Saints still had the lead when they kicked the ball off to the Rams and couldnt stop them twice on defense from driving down the field and literally kicking themselves to the Superbowl. But yeah that was Higbee signature moment in OT against the Saints and he finally put together a very productive season last year when McVay started to shift away from 11 personnel and using Higbee more and more. Nobody really could stop him so I hope McVay comes into the 2020 season (if there is a season) and do the same.
  5. General Season Talk

    They unleashed Goff with a injured depleted and very young oline and no running game. How many QBs would be successful with that? If I can recall even the great Brees went (7-9) three straight seasons with a bad oline and no defense. One of those seasons he led the NFL in interceptions. Nobody seems to talk about that now because he finally has a good if not great oline and a good defense. So if Goff gets even just a solid oline and a solid running game he will be fine and nobody will even remember 2019 just like people don’t talk about his rookie season anymore.
  6. Your team: Overrated, underrated, best, etc.

    Rams Overrated: Michael Brockers - I hate to say it about my LSU Tiger but he came in with the notion of being a run stopper who can rush the passer some but should get better. He has had his moments but he should be more consistent especially knowing that he plays along side of Aaron Donald. I hope he has a big year in 2020 because the Rams went out and got another big body in A'Shawn Robinson to help on the dline. Underrated: Tyler Higbee - He hasnt really gotten to prove what he can do until this past season. He came out of college with the NFL Comp of Greg Olsen. Last year he finally broke out and he was like 16yds short Week 17 against the Cardinals from becoming the 1st tight end in NFL history to have five straight 100yd receiving games. McVay finally started to use his tight ends in his system and it started paying off in a big way. Plus if nobody is going to act like they dont remember, Higbee made those two big plays in the NFCCG in OT that help defeat the Saints and send the Rams to the Superbowl. Best: Aaron Donald - The guy is the best player in the NFL. You can argue Mahomes and even if I was to say yes Mahomes is the best player in the NFL, Donald is second. Either way Donald is a force and no player that plays his position comes close to him. Worst: Brian Allen - I hope he gets better because he is still young and very inexperienced but like the Rams got better at the center position as soon as Allen was out due to injury. Its hard for me to imagine him being the starter Week 1 but if he is Im going to be hoping that he does a better job than he did last year when he was in the lineup. The Rams should start Blythe at center and let Allen learn and hopefully get better. New key: Cam Akers - His NFL Comp is Kareem Hunt. We know what Hunt did in Reid system in KC. I think Akers fits perfectly for what McVay wants to do on offense. You can say the Rams oline is bad but guess what? Akers played behind a bad oline in FSU and still had back to back 1,000yd rushing seasons which was the 3rd back to do so in FSU school history. Not to mention Akers dont need great blocking because from what I read he was touted as the most natural elusive back in the draft. He will get his yards no matter what and McVay will find ways for him to kill defenses on the ground and through the air. The Rams rushing attack and passes out of the backfield will be back because thats what has been missing since 2018 before Gurley got hurt in the Philly game and never was the same again. I expect a big year from Akers. Could surprise: Terrell Lewis - I say could surprise just because he has a history of not staying healthy. If he does stay healthy though that "could surprise" will turn into a "will surprise" because I think he has a ton of talent to be a double digit sack guy especially playing along side of Donald who will be getting double and triple team alot. Lewis if healthy can be in the discussion for DROY and he wouldve been possibly a 1st round pick if he didnt have a history of being hurt alot. Breakout/Leap: Joseph Noteboom - His season was cut short due to injury last season. He will be back though and I think he will do a great job on the oline. He will remind people why the Rams drafted him high a few years ago and think so highly of him. He will be Whitworth replacement whenever he hangs them up. I think he will show people who dont think the Rams have any young players that could turn into something good on the oline that yes they do. I expect Noteboom to help make the left side of the oline very good for the running game and protecting Goff. Prove it year: Gerald Everett. He was looking like he was having a breakout year last season but he got hurt. He also had some moments that didnt look so good like the dropped pass that led to an interception in the Seahawks game on TNF. Plus Higbee came on strong last season and the Rams drafted Hopkins whose game is similar to Everett. I heard so much talk about Everett possibly being traded this offseason from alot of Rams fans so I feel like if Everett doesnt show consistent promise this season he probably will be traded or not signed long term after this season.
  7. Rams Forum Welcome & Introduce Yourself

    Who is your favorite Rams player? Past or Present?: Past - Marshall Faulk Present - Aaron Donald What do you do?: Healthcare Worker and Personal Trainer What other teams are you a fan of?: NBA - Brooklyn Nets MLB - St. Louis Cardinals NCAAF - LSU Tigers and Miami Hurricanes NCAAB (Men) - Duke Blue Devils Do you play sports? If you've hung up the cleats, inform us of your glory days when you used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter-mile.: I was close to playing basketball my senior year of high school but hurt my knee in P.E. the day of tryouts so I never pursued it. I did do some brief high school coaching though. Didnt stick with it because my college schedule was so busy. I was a tight end and receivers coach. Who is your dream girl? (those that are married, go ahead and say your wife! That way she doesn't beat you senseless when she browses through you history): I love me some Scarlett Johansson. Too bad Black Widow will be pushed back till November because of this pandemic but like she is amazing in every sense of the word. What do you like to eat?: I like chicken and watermelon. What other hobbies do you have?: I love to watch wrestling. I love music and movies. I play video games. I have a classic nintendo/snes and a PS4. I cant wait till PS5 comes out. I love to play fantasy football. Why did you choose your username?: Well its fairly simple. I love St. Louis (stl4life) and 07 is just a random number although now it could mean all McVay wants to do is score 7 on each possession lol. Now empty possessions or 3pts on a possession allowed. Only touchdowns allowed lol. Name one really cool event in your life.: Well the Rams became my team after I picked them to win the Superbowl in 1999 when everyone laughed at me. Perfect timing too because I followed the NBA more with MJ and the Bulls and they ended their dynasty right before the 1999 season when the Rams won the Superbowl. So I then turned my attention more to football, became a Rams fan and been heavily invested ever since. I so badly wish I was able to bet because I wouldve won a fortunate picking the Rams back then. Too bad I was only in middle school at that time lol.
  8. 2020 Schedule

    I’m not worried about the travel because I’m 2017 the Rams travel the most and they went (11-5). Under McVay the Rams are one of the best road teams in the NFL. As for Dallas, they are always overhyped for a team whom never been to the NFCCG in like 25yrs. They are living off of their decades past success. They are so hot and cold since then. Plus I’d rather play Dallas Week 1 knowing they are breaking in a new offensive system with McCarthy and Dak probably won’t be involved in most of the offseason programs due to holding out because he wants a long term contract. Not to mention replacing Fredericks is once again going to be hard like it was in 2018 when he missed and the OL wasn’t the same. Then they lost a lot on defense so yeah Week 1 is perfect to play them and I think Rams win and possibly win by double digits.
  9. 2020 Schedule

    Schedule shakes out well for the Rams to be (10-6) or (11-5). Even my best friend who is a Rams hater and love the Saints think the Rams will start the year (6-2) before the BYE in Week 9. I think so too which felt weird we both agreed easily like that. Even picked the same losses which are at Philly and at Niners before the BYE.
  10. 2020 Schedule

    I’ll say that Week 10 at home coming off a BYE in Week 9 if the Rams don’t beat the Seahawks I’m going to be so upset. Now that barring injuries because if the Rams are depleted then yes I can see them losing but relatively healthy I expect the Rams to win Week 10 against the Seahawks.
  11. 2020 Schedule

    I’m glad Rams don’t play Philly and Buffalo late when the weather is terrible
  12. General Season Talk

    I thought that BUT my feeling is if Rams took Mack they probably would’ve taken Martin and not Donald. Now I could be wrong but I know the rumors after the draft was the Rams was trying to get back in the first round trying to get Martin. They were talking to the Ravens but we know the Cowboys took Martin before the Ravens even got on the clock.
  13. Teams and Their 'Types'

    The Rams love receivers who are excellent route runner with great hands even though they aren’t the fastest. Woods, Kupp, and Jefferson. They love tight ends that have speed and can play as a big receiver in the slot like Everett and Hopkins. As you can tell the Rams love safeties they are great close to the line of scrimmage because they can use them like inside linebackers so they have Johnson III, Rapp, and Burgess. The Rams picked Akers because his style fits their zone running scheme but also Henderson fits the scheme too. Gurley did fit the scheme but with his knees you can see he no longer had that ability to be real effective in the zone running scheme like he once was which is ashame. I think though Akers will flourish immediately and don’t be shocked if he is at least in the top 3 running for offensive rookie of the year and help the Rams running game get back to top 5-10 like it was back in 2018. Btw the last time the Rams had a rookie back to be the main guy that was Gurley he won offensive rookie of the year and he did it behind a terrible OL and Fisher as his coach. So again don’t count out Akers because I think he will be great this upcoming season.
  14. 2020 Draft Thread

    Lewis has the potential to be a super star if he stays healthy. He possibly would’ve been a top 16 pick had he not had injury issues.
  15. Draft: Things We Learned

    Showed you just how dominant LSU was this past season. How many LSU players were taken in this draft? 13. That is an SEC record. Im even surprised at Moss not being drafted.