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  1. I heard LeVert has a serious health issue. That really sucks for him. I hope he gets healthy and able to return to the court and play well. Just bad timing because I knew nothing about it while he was on the Nets. The second he gets traded it comes out and he is out indefinitely.
  2. Im so happy for Allen and the Bills. I feel like Allen gets little to no respect as a QB because people are waiting for him to have one of his games that he used to have. So Im glad he continues to prove his doubters wrong. On the flipside I feel bad for Lamar. He finally got that monkey off his back by winning a playoff game and he falls flat on his face in this game. He also got hurt so he didnt get a chance to try to finish strong. Just shows you how tough it is to win playoff games. But as long as the Ravens have Lamar and hopefully they can get him another weapon at receiver like the
  3. I understand what you are saying. It will depend on Staley if we want to try to keep Floyd. Yes he is going to want to get paid but I think he loves it in LA on this defense and if Staley comes back I think Floyd is going to give the Rams every chance to try to bring him back. Could be difficult for JJIII but like I always say, if a team really want to pay someone they will find a way to do so. So we shall see about JJIII.
  4. We have to do better in this thread. We have to now represent for Brooklyn because we have a championship contender with the Big 3. The unsung hero could be Harris or Brown. Brown because he will play defense and then have the ability to knock down a shot or two. Harris is going to get so many great 3pt looks its going to be insane. I hope Kyrie will be able to play Monday against the Bucks so the Nets can debut their Big 3 against what most think will be the Nets biggest competition in the East.
  5. Rams need a legit deep threat, continue to build the OL, and make sure to bring back JJIII. Franchise tag him or just flat out pay the man. I think getting a stud inside linebacker would be nice but its not a must. If Floyd contract is up make sure he comes back too. So I feel the draft can be for the OL and deep threat. Bring back JJIII and Floyd and the Rams are set. Hopefully Staley can come back as well.
  6. I hope he doesnt get surgery tbh. I just hope it can heal on its on. Once the game was out of hand I stopped watching because I turned my attention to my NBA team the Nets to see Harden debut. I didnt see Donald crying but hey he is a passionate dude. Its funny because the staple for the Rams under McVay is offense and the offense actually ended on a good note. It was the reason the Rams had a shot in the 4th Q down by 7pts at one point. The defense that was praised all season long was the one that sputtered at the end. So for me you better believe Donald and the rest of the defense will be ex
  7. Congrats to the Packers. I picked them before the season started to get to the Superbowl and now I feel even better about it. Every game I come in just wanting my team to have a chance in the 4th Q. Goff and that offense gave the Rams a chance. I thought the turning point easily was down by 7pts the back for the Packers fumbled and ARod jumped on it. I felt like had the Rams somehow recovered it they wouldve scored a td and tied the game up 25-25. So it was a game for the Rams where the few times they had a chance on defense to make a play they didnt. They didnt get an interception on tw
  8. KD had a quiet 42pts and Harden had the first ever 30pt triple double for a player in his debut. Off to a great start I would say. Now I cant wait to see how this team does with Kyrie coming back. People think both Kyrie and Harden wont share the ball. We saw tonight Harden 14 assists he will definitely share. Im just going to set back and see who is going to stop KD, Kyrie, Harden and then Harris is going to get all the wide open 3's his heart will desire. TLC knocks down his open 3's as well and if Brown can hit his 3's consistently then yeah the Nets are going to be hard to stop I dont care
  9. Im like your friend. I really started getting into football when Jordan retired from the Bulls. I actually jokingly picked the Rams to win the 1999 Superbowl and they won so I just picked them as my team to follow. We definitely had long term suffering before McVay. Ive also always liked the Packers. Favre was a favorite of mine. Then ARod I think is the best QB in the NFL. So I normally root for the Packers to get out of the NFC if its not the Rams. I even love that Lil Wayne song he made when the Packers beat the Steelers lol. His song he made now is dope too.
  10. Now that Harden is on the Nets it feels good to know we are going to shoot 1,000 FTs per game. Most of them are going to be by Harden. Thats going to make us even harder to beat because we will get cheap ones if you want to say Harden gets favors from the refs Ill take it but the Nets will get those calls now lol. Plus Harden is on his way to a triple double in his debut. I cant wait to see what happens though when Kyrie comes back. I truly hope he can play Monday against the Bucks. KD, Kyrie, and Harden against what many think is there top competition in the East.
  11. Congrats!!! Now PLEASE go beat the Bucs or the Saints in the NFCCG. That baaaaaaadddd man ARod really did a number on the Rams defense. I was surprise Donald was off the field more than at least I was led to believe. Anyways, that 3 headed monster in the backfield and then ARod cooking. I believe the Packers will win the Superbowl. I had them before the season getting to the Superbowl so now go win it lol. On a side note, Ill just say both Cal QBs represented. I thought Goff played well today. All things considered with the thumb, the cold weather which I thought was being well ove
  12. ARod is just that baaaaaaaaddddddd man. The defense couldnt make stops. When they finally had some opportunities they didnt come up with them. Those two drops in the first half that either one shouldve been intercepted that wouldve given the Rams momentum but most importantly took 3pts off the board for the Packers. Then down by 7pts forced a fumble but ARod was right there to recover it then a few plays later td. Like those missed opportunities are big. Had the Rams some how got that recovery again momentum and they couldve went down the field scored a td and the game is tied. So what ever th
  13. The offense played better than the defense in the 1st half. The defense need to make some stops and get off the field. The Packers are slowly moving the ball up and down the field and then finishing. I thought the Rams shouldve had an interception at the end and it cost them 3pts which is huge. Fortunately the Rams are the best 2nd half defense in the NFL. Lets see what adjustments they can make to slow down the Packers. We need a sacks or turnovers to get back in this game. On offense I thought Goff looked good all considering the Rams barely had the football. His thumb doesnt look like
  14. It’s over it’s just window dressing lol. Seriously the Rams are the best 2nd half defense. Actually their worst quarter is the 2nd on defense and it showed today. Let’s see adjustments Staley makes at halftime. Goff has looked pretty good, Akers is looking good. I just want this to be a game in the 4th to give the Rams a chance. That’s all I ask for every game.
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