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  1. Idk what his ceiling is but with Belichick he is in the perfect situation. Had he been with any other team he might be the next Sam Darnold or even worst, Josh Rosen. We can make a case that Mahomes wouldnt be who we think he is if he didnt end up with Andy Reid. Lamar Jackson wouldnt be who we think he is if he didnt have Greg Roman as his OC. The same OC who helped Colin Kaepernick be successful their time in San Fran. Goff and Cousins wouldnt be who we thought they were at the time without McVay. So it matters where you land and who is your coach. Jones ended up in the perfect situati
  2. So I take it you think even in a 3 game series we get the same Superbowl matchup each season still? The reason I don’t have Brady still winning rings is bc I don’t think he gets to the Superbowl but once and that’s against the Falcons. Yes they haven’t recovered from that collapse but I have to believe in the Superbowl if they knew they had two more cracks at beating the Pats and believed it took an historical comeback from them just to win that game that they still would come out the next two games and play great and win. Also with the Falcons mostly the reason they never recovered
  3. Yeah this type of game suits the Pats so that could be the big reason why they won. Im just saying the Bills drafted Allen and paid him big money bc he has the arm to be able to throw in these conditions. He was an MVP candidate this year and was one last season too. Sometimes you have to win ugly and if you are that QB you have to win games like this. The weather played a big factor but the Pats regardless of the weather is going to try and ugly the game up while not shooting themselves in the foot. Thats where the Bills have to counter it and still come out on top.
  4. When people say the Pats have the better coaching they mainly refer to Belichick. Im sure they have other really good coaches on the staff but Belichick is the real reason people saying the Pats have the better coaching. I think Sean McDermott is a heck of a coach. I would say top 10. I think the OC Daboll is going to be a HC one day probably next season will be head coaching a team. I think he can be successful. We have seen McDaniels fail as a HC and an OC in other places. As for the roster, yes White getting hurt definitely makes the Bills defense weaker but overall they still have ta
  5. How do you lose a game like this? The Bills are at home, have the better roster, the opposing QB is a rookie who isnt equipped to play in weather conditions like the one in Buffalo thus him only throwing the ball 3 times AND you hold the opponent to 14pts like Buffalo did? Buffalo supposed to have an MVP candidate at QB. Allen got paid to win games like these. The only thing I think of is just like last season when the Pats beat the Ravens in the pour rain, this game suit the Pats in terms of running the ball a ton. The Bills cant run so they had to throw. Again this is why the Bills dra
  6. 2016 - I flat out think the Falcons were the best team in the NFL. Ryan was the MVP and that offense with Kyle as the OC was just unstoppable. I do think we get the same Superbowl matchup between the Pats and Falcons. The Falcons wouldve beaten the Pats 2 out 3 in the Superbowl. It was an epic collapse that the Falcons had and they never recovered from it but in a 3 game series I do think they take the series and be the Superbowl champs. 2017 - We get the Saints v the Pats in the Superbowl and I think the Saints win the Superbowl. The Pats shouldve lost to the Jags that year so it shouldv
  7. I voted for the Texans bc we dont know who their QB will be next season, I dont see their HC being a long term solution, and I dont like their front office in general. Their overall roster is very very bad. You can make a case almost expansion like bad. Surprisingly though Ill say the Seahawks honorable mention right behind the Texans bc I truly think we could see a scenario where Russ will want out and then Carroll resigns. He might even go back to college to coach. So now the Seahawks will be in scramble mood to find a QB and a HC in the toughest division in football where the Cards an
  8. Great team win from the opening kickoff when Howell went 65yds to set the Rams up with great field position. I think Skowronek dropped a key pass on that drive or else I think the Rams probably wouldve scored a td but they ended up getting a FG. Slow start in the 1st half in general but they did end the 1st quarter with a 10-0 lead so I was happy about that. The 2nd half the Rams just totally dominated. Man when I say the Rams are hard to play with when they have a lead at halftime they are truly just that. They know how to not just keep the lead but put they foot on the gas and expand th
  9. Yeah outside of those two bad pass pro plays that one got Stafford sacked and the other Stafford had to avoid the rush I thought Michel played great. This is what I meant when I said the Rams need to run the ball. Stafford is a talented QB but the offense doesnt all need to fall on his shoulders. We saw the Bucs today throw the ball seemingly almost every play. Brady had a great day but he also threw a pick 6. Its unnecessary to completely abandon the run I dont care what team or who the QB on that team is. Im glad McVay realized he has capable backs and a capable line to make the running game
  10. The only disappointment for me is the drops by Jefferson and Skowronek. The Rams are doing exactly what I want them to do and thats run the ball. Sometimes when you run the ball alot the offense isnt going to look pretty. Michel has looked nice imo running. He had one bad pass pro block from what I saw that got Stafford sacked but I cant complain with how he is playing. The Rams outside of one drive have marched up and down the field they just havent finished but once with a td.
  11. Stafford is one tough guy. To have the injuries that he is dealing with and then get blasted. He comes back in the game and shouldve led the team to a td drive if Jefferson didnt drop that pass. Instead of b and moaning about him we should appreciate him. Yes he is having his struggles lately but the guy is playing through multiple injuries and still battling. This ship isnt sinking like my think it is. Lets just say its going through some turbulence but it will get back steady. Im really hoping Jefferson can stop dropping all these balls. I get Skowronek dropping balls bc he is a rookie
  12. He shouldve stayed at LSU. The grass isnt always greener on the other side. Brady was THE GUY at LSU. It wasnt Coach O it was Brady. What he did coming to LSU and having that offense look the way it did in 2019 LSU fans fantasy for so many decades forget years. I have no doubt had Brady stayed at LSU he might wouldve been the head coach replacing Coach O bc LSU fans credit the LSU title to Brady and Burrow and give Coach O zero credit. So now Brady is fired and its going to be interesting to see where he goes.
  13. So its going to be interesting to see how the committee rank these teams. I think it should be (1) Michigan, (2) Bama, (3) Georgia and (4) Cincinnati. The committee shouldnt even think about avoiding the scenario of Bama v Georgia in the semi finals. Michigan deserves to be 1st overall bc they beat Ohio St. then turned around and dominated Iowa for the championship. I dont think Georgia should drop to 4 bc yes they lost today but they have been dominated and unanimous all season long at the top of the rankings. Thats just how I feel but knowing the committee they are going to put Bama as
  14. I actually wouldnt be shocked if McVay does rest his starters Week 17 and/or Week 18 to get them healthy and ready for the playoffs. The Rams will make the playoffs its just a matter of the seeding. My thinking is McVay isnt going to value the 5th, 6th, or 7th seeds to the point where he is fighting to get one more than the other. So that would definitely be smart to rest Stafford and guys like OBJ and Henderson at the end of the season. I wouldnt rest Stafford against the Jags. He and this team as a whole need to get that bad taste of losing out of their mouth and put together a great game. I
  15. I dont know if anyone has mentioned this, but AB should actually miss the next 5 games. The reason why is bc I think before this suspension came out AB was scheduled to miss the next 2 games due to his injury. I dont think that should count in his 3 game suspension. It would be the equivalent if a FA player is suspended but it doesnt count until he actually signs with a team since he wont be playing any games anyways due to him not having a team. So again if AB was already scheduled to miss 2 games with an injury now the suspension comes out for 3 games then I think he should be out 5 games. T
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