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  1. Week 3 - Rams at 49ers TNF

    The Rams win this game by double digit points. That game against Washington was going to be tough because of the Rams not having a regular week knowing they had to prepare for both Washington and the Niners in a short period of time. The Rams will be ready to show up and show out on prime time. They haven't forgotten that 28-0 beat down in San Fran on prime time last season. The Rams will be looking for revenge.

    Favorite Team: LA Rams Week 3 Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers
  3. Week 2 - Rams vs. Redskins

    You are also discounting on that I believe on that same drive if Woods didn't have to bonehead penalties that pushed the Rams in that situation to go for a fake punt, the Rams could've had a TD or at least still a FG. Im not overlooking the Niners but their offense is weak. The Rams offense is better and the defense is better. I'll say it again, I thought the Redskins game would be tough because the Rams had to prepare for both them and the Niners. Now it's just the Niners, a familiar opponent to most of the Rams, plus what happened to them last season 28-0 to the likes of Gurley and a lot of that Rams players on defense I think the Rama will play hard to win. Like Donald got ejected from that game last season. They will be ready. Should be a game where at the very least people will come away saying the Rams aren't playing down to their competition anymore. The Niners aren't there yet to really compete weekly. They got blew out against the Panthers then played the Seahawks tough which btw playing Seattle then playing a team the next week is though to begin with, the Niners have to do it even in a shorter period of time. It's gonna be tough for them even being at home on prime time.
  4. Week 2 - Rams vs. Redskins

    I'll say it again, today was a tough game because the Rams essentially had to prepare for the Redskins and the Niners. I thought if the Rams would've won it would've been by a FG. TNF against the Niners I think we win and do it by at least 14pts. I know some will say the Niners look good in how they played Seattle close in Seattle. The Rams will show on national tv that the offense is better and the defense is nasty. I don't think they took the Redskins running attack seriously and that's why they ran well in the 1st half. The coaches made adjustments at halftime and the run defense improved drastically. My thoughts were that the Rams defense didn't make enough plays. The special teams did and the offense did. Again I think we beat the Niners to get to (2-1) then have 10 days to prepare for the Cowboys. That's always nice to have a long break in between games. But it did sting to lose the game today, I'm glad the Rams play Thursday so we can put this game behind us quickly and get back on the field to hopefully get back to winning.
  5. Week 2 - Rams vs. Redskins

    It stings we lost the way we lost BUT this team is different. Being down 13-0 and getting ran all over in the first half, the previous regime would folded and the Rams would've lost big. This regime made adjustments on defense and stopped the run dead in its tracks. Goff made that one bad decision but I thought he looked good and made good decisions. Gurley played great, Everett continues to show why the Rams took him in the 2nd round and Kupp made a few good catches. So all in all it's tough the Rams lost but this is a different team and I expect them to bounce back and destroy the Niners on TNF to get to 2-1 with 10 days to rest and prepare for the Cowboys.
  6. Ok I understand what you are saying now lol. These next 6 days are important because the Rams have 2 games within that span. The good news is that we don't have to worry about the Rams not being up for these games. They will be up for a Washington to help McVay beat his former team and they will be up for San Fran because they know the last time they were on prime time tv on the road at San Fran they lost 28-0. Then the beauty is after that, the Rams have 10 days to prepare for all media darlings Cowboys. If the Rams show out in that game and win, that's the game that will get everyone to finally start believing lol.
  7. I'm not acting like that. I said in general people are saying the Rams looked good because it was the Colts without Luck. But I know you all aren't bashing the Rams. A lot of you make sense about what to expect in the game because it's gonna be interesting to say the least and I can't wait till tomorrow to watch it.
  8. I keep hearing "well the Rams played the Colts without Luck and that's why they looked great". You do realize that in 2014 the Rams went to Indy against Luck and spanked the Colts 38-8? With that being said, I'm interested in this game because of McVay going up again his former team. The Redskins doesn't look right at all. Meanwhile the Rams all offseason that carried into the regular season looks good. My prediction is the Rams win by a FG. It's gonna be close because the Rams also have to think about TNF at San Fran 5 days later. I think Goff builds off that game against Indy. Yes I know it's Indy but the most important thing for a young player is confidence and that's what Goff and that Rams offense as well as the defense has is confidence. Washington is walking into a stirred up beehive because of the way the Rams played plus getting Donald back. Again I think the Rams win by a FG but I think we leave the game saying the same thing about Washington in that they just don't look right on offense.
  9. I don't think we split with the Cards with them losing DJ and the uncertainty with John Brown sickle cell causing him to have injuries and keeping him out longer. So 10-6 is definitely a possibility.
  10. Week 1 Colts @ Rams - No Luck vs No Donald

    I just want to point out that it wasn't just because Luck was out. Yes I think Luck wouldn't have played like Tolzien or Brisset but remember that the last time the Rams played the Colts in Indy, Luck did play and the Rams still won 38-8 in dominating fashion. It has a lot to do with roster construction. I follow the Colts since the Peyton days because he is my favorite NFL QB (best of all-time to me) and the Colts really never had a great defense. Their best defense actually was Peyton only Super Bowl win with Indy. The problem was Bob Sanders seemed to be always hurt. Of course they had Freeney which was a monster but he was only a pass rusher. He was too small to hold up against the run. The Colts never built a strong enough defense to take the pressure off the QB except for that season where things just broke right for that defense. So the Colts need to get Luck a defense and gives him a running game. Gore should be retired. I don't know how good Mack will be but there is no reason for the Colts to have the worst defense and running game by a mile in the division.

    Favorite Team: Rams Week 2 Pick: Cardinals
  12. I'll say yes we have a shot. Do people forget that last season Rams started (3-1) and tied for first place in the division. The next 6 games the Rams went (1-5) and the losses were on average 5.3pts per game. They were down by 7pts in Buffalo in the 4th. They lost by 3pts to Carolina. Lost by 3pts late in the 4th at Detroit. Blew a 10pt lead in London against the Giants and blew a 14pt lead in the 4th against the Dolphins. The Rams were in those games and if things broke right maybe the Rams would've been sitting (8-2) instead of (4-6) and quitting on Fisher and the season then obviously firing Fisher. Fastforward to this season, the Rams are a better team just because of coaching and talent. Goff looks really good which makes the Rams better. The schedule is easier this season than last. You are right the Seahawks offense still looks bad (Rams have their number), the Cards just lost their best player DJ for awhile and Palmer is a shell of himself, and the Niners are rebuilding. So I'm interested to see if the Rams can get off to a fast start again and then sustain it. I think they will and it goes back to what I said about Fisher never getting the Rams over the hump. McVay will and nobody should be surprised when that happens because all he is doing is taking a young talented team and getting everything and some out of them. Fisher wanted to do things his way even when it wasn't working because he didn't change with the times. We don't have to worry about that with McVay.
  13. Week 1 Rams Vs Colts

    You said Gurley didn't try to create things for himself when nothing was there. One of those holding penalties that took a big run away is when Gurley saw nothing there then ran the way and turned the corner and I think Havenstein was called for holding. The commentators even mentioned it on the broadcast. Also I wouldn't give up on Tavon. Him being another weapon is key. Like any time he has the ball in his hands he can explode and I want to see what McVay can do over the long haul with him. Again as I mentioned in another thread, with Watkins, Gurley, Kupp, the two tight ends, defenses cant take away everyone. Like he had a 9yd run yesterday that looked like he wouldn't get much if not anything and he quickness and shiftiness got him yards quicks. The more he is in this offense working with McVay, there will be more wrinkles and we might not see it till later on in the season but it's another weapon the Rams have in their arsenal and I don't want to lose that.
  14. Week 1 Rams Vs Colts

    To be fair, Gurley had two 10+ runs called back because of holding. He also had I believe it was a catch and run that he would've had a td if the defender didn't clip his heel to trip him up. So while Gurley didn't sail to 100+yds and had a high ypc, he grind and had some things that didn't go his way on a few plays that would've made his day look a lot different.
  15. Week 1 Overreaction Thread

    That's not an overreaction that's just trying to be funny. I think if the Jags didn't lose ARob they are talented enough to push to a playoff spot. Now they don't have a passing game. The Rams on the other hand looks like they can finally live up to the potential of their talent. They could be last season Raiders where they finally push through to the playoffs after year after year expectations but no results. My overreaction is Cohen will win OROY. Literally the Bears have no receivers to throw to AND Howard showed once again he can't be a reliable pass catcher when he dropped a wide open touchdown pass that would've won the Bears the game. Cohen could see 10 targets every week and add about 5+ carries, he could do some damage this season.