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  1. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Its not everyone saying its Kyrie literally giving the Nets every indication he is signing with them. The Nets have a great FO led by Marks and he wouldnt be making all these moves if he didnt know for sure if Kyrie isnt coming to Brooklyn. Not just that but Kyrie just got a house near Brooklyn and he fired his agents and switched to Rock Nation which one of the guys twin brother is president of the Nets. So this isnt just smoke to fire. This is the fire truck speeding down the street with loud sirens lol. You know there is a fire. The question is really not if Kyrie is coming to Brooklyn but rather what are the Nets going to do with that other max slot? Will it be resign D'Lo, still go after KD and reshirt him for a year, go hard after Kawhi, look at Butler, look at Harris, look at Porzingis, or trade for a superstar? Like what other move will the Nets make because Kyrie to Brooklyn is nearly a lock unless Kyrie literally changes his mind last minute which he could very well do thats why nothing is 100% until its actually official.
  2. I agree and to my knowledge and someone please correct me but I dont believe Kyrie wanted to go to Boston when he wanted out of Cleveland. Now could he have handled the situation better when he got there? Yes. I also think that the young players in Boston played a big role in it too. They got too big headed thinking they have arrived just because they pushed the Cavs to Game 7 of the ECF that they felt like they didnt need Kyrie this past season. Like Kyrie helped the Cavs win their first title and was clutch. None of the players on Boston can say the same. Like its hard to be a leader when nobody is wanting to listen. In Brooklyn it will be totally different because the young players arent going to feel that way about Kyrie. It will help him walk into that lockerroom with a positive vibe understanding none of those players have big heads thinking they have arrived and dont need a superstar talent like Kyrie. Plus lets face it, someone had to be the scapegoat in Boston for their failure and the person who had one foot out of the door the entire season was the one to blame. Not Brad Stevens, not Heyward, not Tatum, not any other young player on the team. I totally agree I look strictly at Brad Stevens and place the blame on him.
  3. In short this feels like what the Lakers did when they acquired Howard to play with an older Kobe. Now the situation is better in terms of AD is a top 5 player and arguably the best big man in the game and LeBron is physically more dependable than Kobe was. The one thing Lakers fans should be thinking about is once LeBron isnt the guy everyone has known as which is the best or at least one of the best players in the league, can AD carry the team to the playoffs/contend for championships yearly? If the Lakers win a championship or two then it will be worth it but if they dont and their window to me is literally this season, I could see them being stuck with AD being the face just like he was with the Pels but the Lakers would just be a bigger market with AD again being stuck with a bad FO like he had for all those years with the Pels.
  4. My opinion about Ainge is that he had and still has assets but is holding on to them very tight because he wants to absolutely win the end of a trade. It doesnt work that way in sports. A trade usually should be as close to 50/50 as possible where both teams feel like they won. You have to give something to get something and Ainge doesnt want to do that. The Celtics right now all they have is potential but as former coach Brian Billick once said, "potential gets your fired". If the Celtics dont win anything it wouldnt surprise me if Ainge gets fired down the road because of all the opportunities he has had to go get a Kawhi, AD, PG13 but turned it down because he didnt want to give up his assets. Especially since we saw what the Raptors did by taking a risk by firing the coach of the year in Casey and hired a new young up and coming bright mind in Nurse then traded for Kawhi whom there was no promise he would stay. They got over the hump and won a title by again trading for a guy who could be gone and the guy they traded away was an all-star in Derozan and he loved the Raptors. Point is eventually Ainge is going to have to look himself in the mirror if the Celtics dont win anything and say if holding on to those assets too tight was a mistake?
  5. Klay Thompson has a torn ACL

    I can see it. Most people think if Kawhi goes the Clippers they will be Toronto West. They have a good supporting cast, well-coached, and will be really good defensively with guys like Kawhi and Beverly. Plus they will have Kawhi starting and Lou coming off the bench as guys who will be leaned on for alot of the scoring. Then I believe the Clippers will still have another max slot to get another superstar if they want too so who knows who they would bring to help out Kawhi even more? So again I can see it.
  6. Best 2019 Offense and Defense

    The loss of Fangio will hurt the Bears so Im not going to say they will be the best defense. I think the Jaguars will be the best defense. They have the talent AND they added heck of a player in Allen who fell right to them in the draft. If not the Jaguars I like the Vikings. They started off slowly last year on defense but got better as the season went along. I think we will see the defense they had in 2017 where they played lights out. As for offense, Im sticking with the Rams. Goff has gotten better every season and I expect him to continue to get better. The Rams now dont just have Gurley, but Brown back and added an explosive back in the draft in Henderson. He fits the zone blocking scheme perfect because one cut behind the Rams strong run blocking and he is gone. I expect to see alot of big plays from him. Not to mention Kupp is coming back to add to Cooks, Woods, and I expect Everett to continue to improve in the offense. McVay is going to go away from using 11 personnel nearly all the time so I think the Rams will be even more harder to stop on offense. However, if I had to choose another team outside of the Rams, Im not sleeping on the Falcons. Koetter is back at OC which is a good thing. The Falcons beefed up their oline to help protect Ryan, Freeman is back healthy, and dont forget about the trio of receivers they have in Julio, Sanu, and Ridley.
  7. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Sucks to be the Warriors having to watch Klay and KD practically having next season on IR due to serious injuries. Forget the Rockets if LeBron can’t go back to the Finals then he needs to consider retiring because the Warriors won’t be a threat. It would be something though if Kawhi goes to the Clippers and lead them to a title next year since the West will be wide open.
  8. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    I didn’t think of the Bucks but you are right about them. So Toronto and the Bucks would be the only two teams I’d even consider but outside of them, who? I mentioned the Pacers but that was this season when the East was like it was. Next year it’s possibly going to be totally different. I’m just saying don’t automatically assume the Nets won’t be contenders with Irving and Russell as their backcourt. I could careless of what Irving did in Boston. The Nets are a different team. I don’t like it when people take one situation that looks similar and just assume it’s going to be that way in another situation. People pulled that crap in the NFL when the Rams traded for Cooks. They said Watkins didn’t work out so Cooks is replacing him in the same situation thus he wouldn’t work out. I kept telling people the situation is totally different and nobody would listen to me until they saw it for themselves that I was right. I’m saying the same thing about Irving. Just because his situation in Boston didn’t work out doesn’t mean it’s going to be the exact same way in Brooklyn. You just have to find out for yourself and hey if I’m wrong I’ll admit it but if I’m right I can’t wait to hear that I was spot on lol. I do respect your opinion though.
  9. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Who says Russell is the 2nd best player? LeVert before he got hurt early in the season was looking like the Nets 2nd best player. I think you are underselling what the Nets can be with Irving. This season they lost alot of games in particularly in the 1st half of the season because they were learning how to finish. They didnt even have LeVert at one point then Dinwiddie at another point. Once they learned how to finish and got those guys back the Nets were a team that finished strong. They fought the 76ers hard without a superstar and no playoff experience. If certain calls went the Nets way they couldve legit pushed the series to 7 games and then who knows what happens. So getting Irving the Nets would totally be contenders in the East with Russell. They could be what the Pacers were before Olidapo got hurt. They could legit be a top 4 seed in the East playing great basketball. The only team that scares me in the East is Toronto if Kawhi comes back. Outside of that the Celtics dont scare me because they are losing Irving and more than likely wont get AD, the 76ers dont scare me because nobody can depend on Embiid staying healthy, Ill believe Simmons development when I see it, and Butler could be leaving for the Lakers and who knows if they will even keep Harris. So again the Nets will certainly be a contender in the East with Irving and Russell as the backcourt. You can say they would have the best backcourt in the East.
  10. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    KD shouldnt have played first of all but I blame the Warriors and everyone who thought he should play despite not being healthy. I dont care if the title was on the line for Game 5 the team should always look out for the best interest of the player and to me its a bad look on the Warriors. Every player who thought KD was hurting the team by not trying to play with guys like Klay and Iggy playing through their injuries. I just had to vent for a second lol. Ok now, KD should still leave GS because clearly last night was a sign combined with those reports some Warriors players didnt believe KD was all in and thats why he wasnt at least trying to play through his injury. A team will still sign KD because he is KD. In the same way a team would still draft a rookie in the 1st round of the NFL draft understanding he will miss year 1 due to a serious injury, his talent is so great they can deal with one year of redshirt just to have him long term. Teams would still sign KD understanding he could miss half the season if it means having him for multiple seasons to come. I wouldnt be shocked though if he chooses to stay in GS just to get all of the money on like a 1+1 (player option deal) then stick it to them by choosing when to play and not to play. Do like Kawhi is doing and saying he is going to take off a certain number of games. If he stays the Knicks are screwed lol. Kyrie is going to Brooklyn and the only hope for the Knicks was KD and HOPING they get AD or if KD convinces Kyrie to change his mind. Now they still could get AD but would AD commit long term if no KD is there? It would be like the Prozingis thing all over again where the Knicks have one stud thats injury prone and thats it. So KD getting hurt again and possibly worst is the Knicks worst nightmare.
  11. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    So the Nets are literally making money moves lol. I like this move because its part of what they need to do to have a chance at getting 2 max slots. The first move was to get rid of Crabbe contract now its to see if they will renounce D'Lo and make it official with 1 max slots to go after Kyrie and KD, Kyrie and Butler, or Kyrie and try to ge AD, OR do they just give D'Lo one of those max slots and give the other to Kyrie and have a dynamic backcourt of Kyrie and D'Lo. Lets not forget that LeVert who before the injury was known as the best player and potential all-star of the Nets. He would literally be the 3rd option and if he stays healthy and continues to develop under a great coach when it comes to developing players thats a scary thing. So Im certainly staying tune.
  12. Bold prediction: Chargers AFC Super Bowl LIV representative

    I feel like outside of the Patriots, the Saints and Chargers are picked every year to go to and win the Superbowl. I get it because they are super talented but for the Chargers they cant get out of their own way with special teams blunders and not winning alot of close games. The Saints just have bad luck. There must be a black cat running around in New Orleans lol. This past season it was the no call and the season before that it was the hailmary from Keenum of all QBs. Like you can live with ARod pulling a hailmary off but Keenum??? Like you cant make this stuff up. Point is I consider the Chargers and Saints are serious contenders every year but there is a reason why I wont say Superbowl Saints, Superbowl Chargers unless the Patriots are out of it and the Chiefs dont have Hunt like they did last season or Hill like they could this season. The Saints if they have homefield advantage with no Rams in it and no ARod in the picture and Wentz isnt himself with the Eagles. Even then Im still looking at a healthy Falcons team thats in the way of the Saints. The NFC as whole is brutal so the Saints totally is going to need HFA and tbh I dont think they will have it this season based on their schedule. I could see the Chargers doing more damage though in the AFC again especially if the Chiefs dont have Hill and the Patriots take somewhat of a step back with Brady getting another year older and no Gronk, Flowers, and an aging Edelman too. Its going to be interesting though for both conferences.
  13. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    I think things will be different for Kyrie in Brooklyn than Boston. As someone said on Around The Horn, the young players in Boston rolled their eyes at Kyrie thinking they took LeBron and the Cavs to Game 7 of the ECF last season without Kyrie. In other words the young players in Boston didnt fully embrace Kyrie. Not to mention Heyward was never the same after his injury and Stevens was trying to put him out there to justify him getting all that money and he is literally a Stevens guy back in Butler. You look at Brooklyn, I think thats where Kyrie truly wants to be at and I just never got the feel he wanted to be in Boston. If you dont want to be somewhere you arent going to act like it. Not saying Kyrie deliberately did what he did in Boston but if he truly wanted to be in Boston things wouldnt have played out the way they did. He will be a great fit in Brooklyn regardless if its him and D'Lo, him and KD, him and Butler, him and AD, or a mega pipe dream of him, KD, and AD which realistically could happen but I dont think will. Although I think if the Nets go out and get AD, then Kyrie could really convince KD to join them and most certainly I think KD would. Point is Im not going to say just because it didnt work in Boston its not going to work in Brooklyn. Kyrie mindset will be totally different in Brooklyn plus the players will fully embrace him there were as they didnt in Boston. Plus people automatically assumed too much about Boston before they even played a game and was disappointed the entire season and looked directly at Kyrie. They didnt look at Stevens at all. He is a great coach but he is to the NBA what McVay is to the NFL. The Rams was the team that went 11-5 then added Suh, Peters, Talib, and Cooks. So the expectations was high and McVay still had to go out there and deliver and he did to the tune of a Superbowl appearance. Boston was the team that was one win away from the NBA Finals without Kyrie and Heyward. Stevens didnt deliver with the same team plus Kyrie and Heyward so I look at Stevens more than I look at Kyrie.
  14. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Its not just Chris. He said that today but I just did research and Stephen A. Smith said yesterday on First Take the same thing and he is closely connected to the NBA as well especially when it comes to the NY market said he heard that Kyrie has told the Nets he would sign with them. Again Im torn on whether or not I want the Nets to go after AD. I certainly much rather have Kyrie and KD so if Kyrie can talk KD into coming to Brooklyn then thats my number one option and its not even close.
  15. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Chris Broussard said word on the street is Kyrie has given the Nets every indication he will sign with them and he is trying hard to convince KD to join him in Brooklyn. Also we know the Nets are going to go hard after AD. Best case scenario is obviously Kyrie and KD just because its a better duo on the court, the Nets wont have to give away assets in a trade for AD so they will get to keep LeVert, Allen, Dinwiddie, Harris, and their 1st round picks. I think the team overall would be scary good with the coaching, supporting cast, and those two superstars. I hope it happens because the Nets would become the best team in the East.