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  1. 2019 Eastern Conference First Round Thread

    Nets. They split the series with the 76ers 2-2 in the regular season and the 76ers couldnt stop Russell. They really have trouble stopping guards who can score and the Nets can throw Russell, Dinwiddie, LeVert, and even Harris at them. Not to mention Embiid hurt and then the incident with the cell phone could lead to a suspension so the Nets are set up perfectly to win the series.
  2. 2019 Eastern Conference First Round Thread

    Brooklyn! Steal Game 1 on the road and now the Nets have to feel great about this series because they are really good at home. That’s why Philly was the perfect matchup for the Nets.
  3. What’s HC is under the most pressure this season?

    In general though I think Kitchens is under the most pressure. The Browns for the first time in seem like forever have real high expectations. Kitchens was hired to be the HC because of his work with Mayfield. It has the same feel of when Koetter was hired to be HC for the Bucs because of his work with Winston. We saw that didnt go so well. So will Kitchens end up being another Koetter or another McVay? We shall see but this season all eyes will be on the Kitchens, Mayfield, and the Browns. Ive been on the record to say if the Browns fail it will be either because of Kitchens, Mayfield, or a combination of both.
  4. The Official Brooklyn Nets Thread

    Where is the Brooklyn love for a playoff season? I think Philly is the perfect matchup for the Nets. Embiid is hurt, they lack shooting and a bench. They struggle to stop scoring guards and the Nets have at least two of them in Russell and Dinwiddie. I think the Nets have a shot to take this series to 6 maybe even 7 games with a chance to win. No matter what happens though Im proud of the Nets and think their future is so bright. Its not just about this summer but we have a playoff series to look forward too and I cant wait.
  5. Magic Johnson announces resignation

    He realizes the Lakers are in bad shape. There is so much dysfunction within the organization. Not to mention other superstars dont want to come play with LeBron. Trade assets for the Lakers arent strong. Magic realizes that things arent going to get much better in the future and he wants out so he cant take all the heat for whats going to happen in the future.
  6. East Regional Thread

    Before the tournament started I really was close to picking LSU to get beat by Yale but I ended up picking them to win only to lose to Belmont in the 2nd round. Then right before tip off and brackets were to be locked I ended up picking LSU to go to the Sweet 16 to face Michigan State. I’m happy LSU advanced even though it wasn’t against Belmont who didn’t pull off the upset against Maryland.
  7. Midwest Regional Thread

    I have UNC coming out of this region. I think teams like Auburn and definitely Kentucky could give UNC problems but I think UNC will find their way in the Final Four. The only upset I have is a small one with Auburn beating Kansas in terms of seeding. I have UNC vs Kentucky in the Elite 8 with UNC advancing to the Final Four.
  8. South Regional Thread

    I have Tennessee coming out of this region. I cant go with all 1 seeds and I think UVA falls short in the Elite 8. As for upsets, I have Oregon beating Wisconsin. I have UC Irvine beating KSU. I also have UC Irvine beating Oregon in the next round and advancing to the Sweet 16. I have Tennessee vs UVA in the Elite 8 with Tennessee going to the Final Four.
  9. West Regional Thread

    I have Gonzaga coming out of this region. They are the only team to beat Duke with all of their freshman playing. The only team I would be worried about is FSU. Outside of Duke, FSU was the only team to beat UVA. Not to mention it took a GW shot by Reddish for Duke to beat FSU on the road. FSU almost made it to the Final Four last season as well. I think ultimately though Gonzaga will somehow win and face Michigan in the Elite 8 and advance to the Final Four. Marquette vs Murray State is the game Im looking at in the 1st round. I have Murray State winning because of Morant. They are my only upset in this region.
  10. East Regional Thread

    I expect Duke to come out of this region. As someone pointed out, Duke has only lost 1 game when they have had all of their freshman playing together and that was by 2pts to Gonzaga. I want Duke to get a rematch with VT who yes they didnt have their best player but Duke didnt have Zion which is their best player. He makes a difference in the game and Duke will take care of VT. I have Duke vs MSU in the Elite 8. LSU is a team to keep an eye out for. As for upsets Belmont and Liberty Im looking at. UCF Im also looking at in that 8/9 matchup.
  11. Predictions for the top NBA free agents this summer?

    I hope you are right about Irving and KD going to the Nets. They would be a scary team with the coach and the pieces they already have plus the style of play. Im not going to get my hopes up though only to get let down if it doesnt happen.
  12. The Kansas City Chiefs will be the team of 2019-2020

    I agree. No Hunt and possibly no Hill for most of the season and with the defense trying to revamp, its going to be interesting to see how Mahomes does this season. Watkins will certainly come in handy for what they paid him last offseason. So he is going to need to stay healthy and produce.
  13. Free Agency News & Rumors

    I agree that Bortles is an upgrade over Mannion. Im interested to see how he does under McVay within this offense with the weapons he has. Plus it doesnt hurt to have a QB who made it to the AFCCG and was a bad Jack call on defense away from beating the Patriots and going to the Superbowl. Remember he was playing great until the coach decided to go conservative in the 4th quarter which ended up hurting the team in the end from winning that game against the Patriots.
  14. Baker Mayfield

    I totally get the offseason hype with the Browns. My Rams experienced it last offseason. Mayfield is essentially in the same spot as Goff was. The talent is around him, the expectations are high. I want to see Mayfield lead this Browns team as far as it is capable of going. The division is there for the taking now that the Steelers lost two super star players and the Ravens lost talent and leadership. Not to mention we have no clue how Lamar will fair with a full season as the starter and the expectations that are placed on him as well to lead the team. I want to see Lamar be consistent threat throwing the football. If the Browns dont live up to expectations which will be to win the division or at least make the playoffs its going to be because of the inexperience from the head coach Kitchens and the quarterback Mayfield. We dont know how Kitchens will fair as the full time head coach. Will he even be any good? We dont know just yet. Its on thing to be the OC but its another thing to be the HC. Just ask Dirk Koetter. He worked so well with Winston that they fired Lovie Smith just to promote Koetter to HC and he didnt do anything with the Bucs. I believe in the Browns though from everything they have done last offseason and this offseason. Now its time to go out there and prove it.
  15. The Kansas City Chiefs will be the team of 2019-2020

    The Chiefs certainly will have the capability to be the team in the 2019-2020 season. The defense has to improve because as we saw in the playoffs, if you cant make stops you arent going to win. Mahomes had an historical season and I dont think he will be as good as he was statistically as he was last season. He can still be efficient without the gaudy stats. As for Reid, he just cant seem to get over the hump and he has had some talented teams. There is no reason for him to only have one Superbowl appearance. We shall see if this will finally be the year though he wins it. The Chiefs will be one of the teams competing though. I think the Colts will be in the mix and the Patriots out of the AFC. In the NFC I think the Eagles will be back long as Wentz can stay healthy. The Rams and the Saints will be in the mix. Those teams in my mind will be serious contention as the team of 2019-2020.