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  1. And the Seahawks shouldn’t have blown their lead at home. Really though if it wasn’t for the Vikings kicker missing an easy kick that Cards would’ve lost so the division could’ve been 6-2 or 8-0. 7-1 is still dominant. The Rams have been the most steady team so far. The Niners almost blew a big lead to the Lions and didn’t look all that great against the Eagles. The Seahawks looked dominant against the Colts but blew the lead and lost to the Titans at home. The Cards dominated the Titans but was fortunate to beat the Vikings bc the kicker missed. The Cards still looked great on offen
  2. I’m not going to be down on Morris right now. Defense should’ve had at least 7 sacks today but a lot of missed tackles and Wentz just escaping them. That’s not on Morris that’s just bad fortunes. They hold the Colts to 16 offensive points and forced 2 takeaways not to mention the goaline stands. That’s still great defense on the road for that matter. Then they held Taylor to like 51yds rushing and he has been playing great dating back to the second half of last season until now. The Rams do have to clean up some things on defense bc it’s not as sharp or anything close to last season but they a
  3. Darnold is 2-0 with a better organization. I feel bad for Zach Wilson. He don’t deserve this. Hopefully the Jets can put him in position to succeed. Right now it’s too early to tell but I’m happy for Darnold bc I was a believer in him coming out and him finding quick success with a more stable organization is great.
  4. Stafford to Kupp is the best QB/WR combo in the NFL. They only have played two games together and look like this 😮 Can you imagine how they will look like as the season goes on and they have more practices and games and all type of different situations under their belt? I’m just saying.
  5. Certainly not the Rams A game today but the beauty is that with Stafford the Rams don’t have to play a near if not perfect game. Special teams had an uncharacteristic blunder. The bend but don’t break defense has held up and they make plays when they need it. The offense looks special with Stafford to Kupp. Michel came right in and kept the running game going bc Henderson was looking really good before he got hurt. I hope he will be fine moving forward. Higbee, Jefferson, and DJax didn’t do anything in the passing game and Jefferson had a drop or two but moving forward they will be fine. It’s
  6. Rams will beat the Colts. Wentz still holds on to the ball too long and that will spell disaster for him. Also I was listening to PFF podcast and they talked about how Wentz struggles badly against defenses that disguises their looks. The Rams disguises their looks the most. The only hope the Colts have is if Wentz runs and if Taylor has a career game. The Colts defense is really good but their weakness is the Rams strength. The Colts secondary isn’t good and the Rams passing offense is great. I expect Stafford to have another great game but this time expect DJax to have those explosive p
  7. Please put Fields in immediately. I was calling for the Bears to draft him during last season but I didn’t know he would be there for the Bears to draft and I knew the Bears didn’t have the ammo to trade all the way up to get him. The fact he fell to the Bears is a make up call for them passing up on Watson and Mahomes for Trubisky. Now I don’t think Fields would’ve been the difference in the Rams game. Stafford posted a career passing game day and no QB has had the highest passer rating against the Bears defense in their history that Stafford had. He literally had the best debut for any
  8. Watching Stafford is like watching my team finally have a real close comp to Mahomes and ARod. It’s like in the NBA when the Nets went from D Russell and LeVert to Kyrie and Harden in the backcourt. I still really like Goff but Stafford is another level. In this offense he can match throw for throw, play for play with all of the best QBs in the NFL. He made some throws tonight that even me being a big Goff supporter would admit he wouldn’t have consistently done that. The difference in the game was those big plays for tds Stafford threw. But he was killing the Bears making great decisions. One
  9. The Rams offense didn’t even scratch the surface and looked great tonight. I loved what I saw from Stafford. His connection to Kupp is more lethal than Goff connection to Kupp. Can’t wait to see their chemistry grow. Woods td catch was just nasty. Jefferson got that big td. Higbee made big plays and Henderson started to run the ball well in the 4th. Scary thing is that Michel, DJax, and Atwell didn’t do anything. Especially DJax in particular. When he catches a couple of bombs down the field things really going to be lit. The D didn’t look like it did last season but I expect it. Last yea
  10. The Niners was up 31-10 at one point. I’m not impressed at all. This game showed me what I already knew. Goff won’t quit. He will battle till the end no matter the scoreboard. Outside of that I wasn’t impressed by his performance bc his stats came in garbage time when really the Niners had a comfortable lead and was waiting for the game to end.
  11. The Rams should win this game but I don’t know by how much. It could be really close just due to Week 1 weird things happen and plus the Rams starters didn’t play in the preseason. They could come out rusty and slow for the 1st half if not through the first 3 quarters. I don’t think the Rams need to bring their A game to beat the Bears. The Colts will be a tougher game Week 2 then the toughest game will be Week 3 against the SB champs the Bucs. I’m just going to be curious to see if McVay is truly going to open up the playbook again and let Stafford sling it. Also I want to see DJax bc when he
  12. Chiefs over Rams Part of me can’t see McVay going (0-2) in the Superbowl although I know if he gets back he will definitely have his offense to play a lot better than it did the first time. The other part of me says the Chiefs wont play as bad as they did last season in the Superbowl and 3 and a half quarters of their first Superbowl under Reid/Mahomes. I can see them putting together a near complete Superbowl great game together. Plus Mahomes still remembers the loss he suffered in LA to the Rams and if this is the matchup he isn’t going to want to suffer another loss in LA to the Rams o
  13. I agree. Adam Schefter said the plan is for Michel to be in the lead back role. I think he will thrive. Him and Akers are about the same size and play a similar style. I think Akers is the better back but probably not by much. So there isn’t a big drop off from Akers to Michel. So I feel great about the 1-2 punch now with Michel and Henderson.
  14. If Michel is the lead back that is great news for fantasy football owners. Every back that has been a lead back in a McVay offense has thrived. The Rams offense lives in the redzone and they run the ball a ton when they get there. Michel should easily get 12 tds if he stays healthy and he will be the x-factor outside of Stafford on offense down the stretch of the season and if the Rams can get into the playoffs which many think they will. Especially if the Rams have to go to TB or play in the cold in GB. Michel has played in the cold in NE so he won’t have an issue. Plus he has played in big g
  15. Yeah the Rams got a former 1st round pick who is still young and have played in big games. He helped give the Pats offense a spark in the Superbowl win against us. He had 18/94/1 averaging 5.2ypc. I don’t even think he scratched the surface on reaching his potential. He could definitely be the big x-factor outside of Stafford on offense down the stretch in the season and if the Rams make the playoffs going on the road to TB or even GB in that cold weather bc Michel played in cold weather in NE. I wouldn’t be surprised either that if he has a good to great season Henderson will be gone next yea
  16. This is a great move by the Rams. Michel and Henderson as the 1-2 punch makes me feel extremely happy without Cam of course. Great job Les.
  17. I like this move. Michel was a guy whom plenty thought was a great pick by the Pats when they drafted him. Since it’s the Pats, Bill loves to use all his backs so Michel never truly got to live up to his full potential there. I think of Michel can get at least 15 touches in this offense he will thrive.
  18. Just like Three Man Band was supposed to be good and only became bad because of injuries. At least go the route of ECW when they legit used to use the Blue Meanie to do parodies. At least then I’ll know bad factions were intentionally had. I wouldn’t mind if the WWE did a parody faction poking fun at the Inner Circle v the Pinnacle 😂
  19. 1 KC 2 TB 3 GB 4 BUF 5 LAR 6 SF 7 BAL 8 CLE 9 SEA 10 TENN Just missed is LAC and MIA
  20. I even really was digging Sanity. Why did they mess that faction up?
  21. Plus AEW loves to do factions so that helps everyone. WWE hate factions which is weird because during the attitude era their factions made them so great. DX, The Nation, The Brood, etc... AEW having Death Triangle, Pinnacle, The Elite, Inner Circle, Best Friends, etc... It helps to better use a roster full of great talent.
  22. AEW don’t have a to cut their roster. They have Dynamite and Rampage. If they book right 3hrs of tv time is enough weekly to make it work. WCW had tons of great talent on their roster with Nitro and Thunder and they made it work imo. I think AEW can do the same.
  23. I popped so hard seeing Brock. I’m so looking forward to this feud bc of not just the history of Lesnar and Roman but the history of Lesnar and Heyman. This feud should be 100x better than the one with Cena just due to Brock isn’t here catering to the crowd like Cena was. This is strictly personal for Brock after Heyman dissed him and got with Roman to proclaim him as the best ever. Oh this is going to be great. Overall I got every one of my picks right. I thought Summerslam was great besides how they did Bianca. If they just let Becky and Bianca fight and put on a 5 star match Summerslam
  24. I told everyone Charlotte would win. I said no way Rhea would win in any circumstance. Charlotte wins and so far I’ve been right every match I picked besides Bianca match because she didn’t face Sasha. I did say though Becky would win the title as soon as she came back because she never truly lost it.
  25. What’s worst about how they did Bianca is that the match with Becky would’ve been a 5 star at worst a 4-4.5 star match that the fan’s would’ve flipped out for hard. Now the WWE has forced Nikki, Charlotte, and Rhea match to be the better title match. Mind you the storyline leading up to this match didn’t make any sense. I feel violated.
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