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  1. If Wilson gets traded just wrap up the NFCW division for the Rams this upcoming season UNLESS the Niners get Watson.
  2. Its not that nobody want to grab it. Its that people dont want to acknowledge others like they do LeBron. If someone mentions Embiid and Kawhi you will have alot say they missed games. People are quick to dismiss Harden and I honestly dont understand why. He has been the only constant for Brooklyn with KD and Kyrie being in and out of the lineup. He lead the NBA in assist, he is really helping his players around him literally have career years shooting. Not to mention he is getting his own production. He has like 22 double doubles and 6 triple doubles. Oh and the one thing we are criticizing a
  3. Can’t believe all the Nets gave up was Musa and a 2nd round pick for him. He is a steal for the Nets.
  4. Preseason don’t matter because the Rams don’t play their starters anyway.
  5. The issue I have with MITB cash ins is that its getting too repetitive. Guy with the briefcase waits till the champ has a brutal match and then gets brutally attacked after the match then the guy runs in cashes the briefcase in and pick the bones of whats left to win the title easily. Not to mention the champ isnt even on his feet and have to be asked if he is able to fight in which the champ always says yes. For me I want either the rules to be changed where at least the champ has to be on his feet physically without help or else the briefcase cant be cashed in OR I want the champ to te
  6. I’m not justifying I’m just saying the Nets got the bad side of a call just like they got the good side of a call. It happens.
  7. I don’t care about the call. Yes it was a bad call but so was the call against the Nets when they faced the Cavs where they called an offensive foul on Kyrie that had to be challenged and changed to defensive foul on Sexton that ultimately robbed the Nets of FT’s that would’ve iced the game for them in regulation. Instead they lost in double OT. Point is the refs make mistakes that go against and help teams. Also the Nets did have a 15pt lead with 8 minutes to go so it’s not like the Nets didn’t play well enough to win. It shouldn’t have even been that close if Harden would’ve made h
  8. Lakers clear weakness is poor 3pt shooting. With or without AD they suck shooting the 3. People will point out they got hot in the bubble and that’s how they won but it was an outlier just as much as Nick Foles had a great NFCCG and Superbowl run to help the Eagles win the Superbowl. If the Lakers don’t win the title it’s going to be because they just can’t shoot the 3 ball and need legit 3pt shooters.
  9. You have to realize that McVay when he was with Washington they he made Reed a huge part of the offense. Then you have to realize Stafford used Hockenson a lot. Everett won’t be back and plus Ertz is a top 3 TE in the NFL. The Eagles are a mess right now and they know they won’t be bringing back Ertz because they can’t afford both him and Goedert. I don’t blame the Rams for at least making a call. If they can get him for a good deal then it will be worth it. I’m always happy when going for talent especially when you have the offensive mind and the QB.
  10. I think this Nets v Lakers game meant everything for both teams. The Nets are still trying to figure out things because they don’t have many games under their belt with Kyrie and Harden playing together. They don’t even have many games under their belt with Kyrie, KD, and Harden playing together. Nash is still a rookie head coach and learning every game. The Lakers now have to figure things out without AD. They don’t truly know how long he will be out and even when he comes back the slightest thing could put him out again. Think of what happened with KD when he had a calf strain that ende
  11. Nets big win tonight. I saw Kyrie poke fun at LeBron for his badly missed free throw lol. Anyways, hopefully both teams can be at full strength and meet in the Finals. Nets need KD back and the Lakers really need AD back. Again big win tonight by the Nets. We are getting better and better and that’s scary considering KD, Kyrie, and Harden has only played 7 games together.
  12. I’m not freaking out because great teams lose coaches all the time. The main guy is obviously McVay and I trust him. It’s not “blind trust” either. The guy has proven he can make the right hires. Wade was let go and he brought in Staley. LaFleur and then Taylor both left and McVay brought in O’Connell. So again I trust McVay will continue to make the right hires for this team. Not all will work out but for the most part there will be more hits than misses and the Rams will be more successful than failing as a team.
  13. Like Eminem said, “you only get one shot do not miss your chance to blow because opportunity comes once in a lifetime”. Ryan had the best opportunity ever in the Superbowl. He was up huge and blew it. I blame the Dan Quinn for signing off on not running the ball. I blame Kyle Shannahan for not calling running plays to bleed the clock in the 2nd half. I blame Ryan for not audibling to run plays and just being smart with the ball to protect the huge lead. The Falcons blowing that big Superbowl lead is just as painful if not more than the Seahawks losing the Superbowl because Pete
  14. As it stands today the Atlantic division in the East has every team in the playoffs. The 76ers, Nets, Celtics, Knicks, and Raptors. Have we’ve seen a season where one division had every team make the playoffs that season?
  15. What’s even crazier is people talk about the greatness of the Lakers but they are 5-6 against teams that are above .500. They have been feasting on bad teams and that’s with AD and LeBron playing.
  16. We all know it’s not what you do in the regular season but what you do in the postseason. When you have ARod its about championships and not just getting to the NFCCG and losing in bad fashion. They got beat down twice against the Niners two seasons ago and the same happened against the Bucs this season. It wouldn’t have been close if Brady didn’t turn the ball over 3 times in the 2nd half. But what was worse was LaFleur not trusting ARod late in the game on 4th down at the goaline. We’ve seen the late great Marty get fired after a (14-2) season. Reid was highly successful in Philly and eventu
  17. Player is Stafford. We get to see the situation of what if a talent player was in the best situation. In 2019 most thought Brady was old and washed up. Some said nope it’s just the horrible Pats offense making him look bad. He goes to the Bucs and he look great and lead them to a Superbowl. Can Stafford do the same? He didn’t live up to his full potential in Detroit. Was it him or was it the bad Lions organization holding him back? Now he goes to a top 5 organization with everything needed to succeed even players already calling him wanting to join him in LA. He has the most pressure this upco
  18. Ok that’s fair. You just don’t like the decision in general.
  19. I hope you are right and Griffin ends up in Brooklyn.
  20. I didn’t know the Goff trade hit you this hard. I know you was a huge Goff fan but I didn’t know it was this hard. It’s not like the Rams traded Goff and brought in an Oswelier type QB. For me I was the biggest Gurley fan and when they cut him it was hard personally for me but I was like ok the Rams have Henderson and then they drafted Akers which most people love both equally if not Akers more than Henderson. Stafford as I stated seems to fit McVay system perfectly. I’ve said Goff is doing everything McVay ask but he is still learning to do those things. The Rams already have a guy
  21. Not to sour on what the Bucs did but just like most teams who get to and/or win the Superbowl they had a lot of lucky breaks during their run. They played the what 3rd or 4th string QB for Washington. Then they played Brees who did suffer broken ribs, punctured lung and Thomas injury was so bad that really used him as a decoy because he honestly shouldn’t have been playing. Then the Packers we know how the refs let everything go except for that last call that gave the Bucs the first down. Then in the Superbowl the Chiefs didn’t have an OL. Now I’m not saying the Bucs wouldn’t have won anyways
  22. Yeah I feel like every season after the Superbowl many people take the lazy route and just predict the same two teams. It’s hard to repeat let alone get the same two teams back. I think the Chiefs has the best chance to get back but I don’t think the Bucs will make it especially now that Arians came out and practically guaranteed another Superbowl this upcoming season. The Bucs will now have an even bigger target on their back and the thing is we don’t know how the QB landscape will play out. The Niners could get Watson, the Rams already got Stafford. I think if Wentz goes to Chicago I think i
  23. And they shouldn’t be. Why would Watson want to go there other than him really liking Saleh? Plus Saleh is unproven as a head coach. The Jets don’t have much talent and the organization is such a mess who isn’t to say Saleh will get fired after a year or two if the team isn’t winning. I don’t want Watson to go to the Niners but fan of the Rams aside the Niners need to go all out for Watson. I can definitely see the Broncos and the Dolphins too as being good destinations for Watson.
  24. Reports are the Bears package is Foles, another offensive player (I’m guessing Cohen the back), and a 1st round pick.
  25. In the AFC I think the Chiefs get back to at least the AFCCG. Their biggest competition won’t be the Bills though. I think IF Watson go to the Dolphins I think the Dolphins win the AFCE. The biggest competition to the Chiefs will be the Chargers. Herbert will continue to improve and be what Mahomes and Lamar was their 2nd year. The defense will be great under coach Staley. I think the Ravens win the AFCN and I can see the Browns taking a step back with high expectations placed on them. Depending what happens with the Colts at QB I think it’s going to determine who wins the division between the
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