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  1. Got accepted to some law schools in the states. Saw the fees for a Canadian student. I may want to die.
  2. 2019 Transfer Thread

    Former 4* HB Toneil Carter leaving the Texas program. Same as 3* DL Mike Williams.
  3. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Joey wasn’t a 5?
  4. The Official Recruiting Thread

    The rumour from what I read on the Texas side was treys dad is pissed at Bama and gave his son the ok for Texas. Kinda made it seem like trey wanted Texas. But I’m not getting my hopes up at all.
  5. Official Texas Longhorn Thread

    Well I may need to become more Texas than I am here in Canada. Just found out I got accepted to UT
  6. Official Texas Longhorn Thread

    Sucks we probably struck out on Cain, sanders, McCoy. But it is what it is. What boards do you use for info on Texas? I subscribe to TFB. Any other ones worth it?
  7. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Through some Texas boards. Apparently the longhorns are running second. To I think Georgia? The new rumour is treys dad is mad at Bama.
  8. Official Texas Longhorn Thread

    so TM who is put in the 247 calculator?
  9. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Two SEC fans fighting over a HB that ends up in the big12. Crazy
  10. College Football 2018

    Honestly, I respect what they've done. but i'll be happy when Jones and Boyd are gone this year.
  11. Official Texas Longhorn Thread

    Some recruiting sites, mainly one thats been pretty damn accurate this year. Thinks Trey Sanders is ours. Imagine getting Ingram and Sanders in back to back classes? yes please.
  12. Official Texas Longhorn Thread

    Right now we are projected to play in the peach bowl against LSU. Imagine if we beat LSU before A&M does since they've joined the SEC?
  13. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    With how our defence is looking, unless we are in a position for one of the stud linemen, I'd be ok with a first round WR.
  14. ~ GDT Week 4: Detroit vs Dallas ~

    man.... please sign ET3 this summer please.
  15. ~ GDT Week 4: Detroit vs Dallas ~

    110% he's next of the old men crew that's gone.