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  1. National Signing Day 2.0

    Open house on the state of California this crootin season
  2. National Signing Day 2.0

    At least you guys got almost the beat CB prospect ever in this years class
  3. 2019 Transfer Thread

    I mean maybe ford thinks it’s a dumpster fire also and goes green?
  4. 2019 Transfer Thread

    We just helped you! Smh was hoping you’d somehow get Kyle ford but now I know where we stand
  5. 2019 Transfer Thread

    Texas is about to add a 5* WR.
  6. 2019 Transfer Thread

    Bru McCoy maybe in the portal today.
  7. 2019 Transfer Thread

    Just saying there’s a spicy rumour going on about a certain 5* from mater Dei that signed with USC.
  8. Official Texas Longhorn Thread

    @Texasmade I’m going to the Texas vs LSU game (partly cause I gotta sell my girlfriend on living there when I go to school). But any suggestions for when we come? Tailgating wise etc.
  9. Official Texas Longhorn Thread

    Gonna be fun seeing Zach Evans run for a Heisman behind Parr, Majors, Lindbergh, George, Garth in a couple years.
  10. College Football 2018

    This will help the preseason hype train, Collin Johnson announced he will return to Texas for his senior season.
  11. Official Texas Longhorn Thread

    Collin Johnson is coming back.
  12. Your hopefuls for next year's CFP field

    Think about it this way; if Texas did pull that off. Imagine how great aggy sites would be...
  13. Official Texas Longhorn Thread

    One of the sites I go to, hornsports. People are saying Bru is being told not to go to a certain school by players on the roster....
  14. Official Texas Longhorn Thread

    You aren’t wrong. Hopefully we are better at pulling OOS 5* Like Ringo in 2020.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    Charles Omenihu & Irv smith with our first two picks please and thanks.