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  1. don't know if it's possible, but get out of the Zeke and Jaylon contract and allocate all funds to the defensive line please and thank you.
  2. I wonder if this has a trickle effect on Notre Dame officially joining the ACC.
  3. Wonder how TexAgs is doing with the news.
  4. If the jays decide not to go for a playoff birth, what could they potentially get for Semien?
  5. Charlie Montoyo and this bullpen are gonna ruin vladdy's mvp season. i'm sick.
  6. please. somebody give the jays a #2 starting pitcher.
  7. any team got a good pitcher they wanna give to the jays?!
  8. Who is starting the Stingley/Thibodeaux thread?
  9. Texas WR Brennan Eagles signing with Dallas.
  10. the two obvious if aren't taken... Marvin Wilson + Ar'Darius Washington Also the Texas fan in me; Brennan Eagles.
  11. go grab Holland + Ossai on day 2 please.
  12. I'm willing to bet all my money. Farley is our 2nd rounder.
  13. my only hope and prayer is, they think they can turn him into a crazy edge rusher. I wanted Newsome, this ******* sucks.
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