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  1. finally some Canadian love on this board. but yeesh 3 hours? May need to reconsider that game plan
  2. The Official Recruiting Thread

    It’s about to be made official that Bru McCoy is going back to USC.
  3. Official Texas Longhorn Thread

    He’s probably not gonna be eligible at USC.
  4. Official Texas Longhorn Thread

    I’m gonna say no. I remember reading inside Texas and they’re saying he was playing as Johnson’s back up.
  5. So to my texas folks; i’m coming from Canada to Austin for the Texas vs LSU game. Also plan on making the trip trip for the giants cowboys game. How long is the drive from Austin to Jerry world? Or are there busses for it. Any recommendations would be helpful.
  6. Day 2 - NFL Draft Discussion

    Lined up exclusively on the left side, and I think ran a total of 5 different routes
  7. Day 2 - NFL Draft Discussion

    AJ brown pls
  8. Day 2 - NFL Draft Discussion

    Metcalf pls
  9. Day 2 - NFL Draft Discussion

  10. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Crazy to think as of tonight mike trout won’t be the best player in baseball anymore.
  11. Day 2 - NFL Draft Discussion

    What happens if metcalf is at our pick? 🤔
  12. I’d say fredbeard is better just solely based on IQ. There was times last years when blitz’s weren’t picked up and fred would’ve helped noticed that.
  13. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    I’m gonna need somebody to grade that bat flip here.