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  1. The Official Recruiting Thread

    LSU mods think Anthony Cook chooses Texas.
  2. Official Texas Longhorn Thread

    TM. What are the chances we land Marshall?
  3. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Shea Patterson goes blue.
  4. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Leon oneal isn’t committed to Aggie anymore 😂😂
  5. Staying or Going - The 2018 Early Entry or Not Thread

    Connor Williams declares.
  6. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    Remove RB and go WR.
  7. GDT: Philly at Dallas - THROW IN THE DAMN TOWEL

    Witten, Terrance Williams. All gotta go. Yeah, we are missing zeke, and Tyron. But this offence still sucks. Noah brown > Williams. We have no deep threat, dez isn’t a #1. Both sides of the ball schemes suck. We need a DT, LB, WR. Move jones to CB.
  8. Guys, I'm asking for permission to join the bandwagon.
  9. Week 10 | Other Games Thread

    If Clemson loses, I'm all for Chaos.
  10. Week 10 | Other Games Thread

    Ohio State has lost full composure.
  11. Week 10 | Other Games Thread

  12. Week 10 | Other Games Thread

    damn, Iowa fans chanting overrated.
  13. GOTW | Week 10 | #8 Oklahoma @ #11 Oklahoma State

    my thoughts as well
  14. Trade Deadline Options

    Obviously we need a key guy on defence, but I really think we need a second WR... Terrance Williams isn't that good... I think he could be replaced by Noah. Cole is what he is.
  15. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    cough Malik but have Sean Lee teach him football