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  1. Gregory to file for reinstatement May 1st

    I still remember game 1against ereck flowers. oh boy.
  2. Cowboys off season - training camp is almost here!!!

    Wonder if we go after Reid or Vaccaro for a vet body at safety
  3. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    Longhorns wise. Base off potential with tools and everything. Colin Johnson maybe the best WR in the draft. He’s just freaky. Suggest going to watch USC vs Texas again. Lit up potential first round DB biggie Marshall.
  4. Go get Elliot or hill at our next pick please.
  5. Damn wanted Sweat. but i really like this pick tbh.
  6. Hurst? Hill? Elliot? Sweat?
  8. Hines and Callaway nd Jewell gone. wtf
  9. 2.50 Connor Gonna Guard #HookEm

    Texas Longhorns slogan. #HookemHorns
  10. Top picks left day 3

    Nyheim Hines would be neat as a back to spell Zeke.
  11. Top picks left day 3

    P - Michael Dickson.
  12. Man that Mo hurst heart condition has to be serious huh?
  13. 3.81. Gallup-ing into Dallas

    Add Calloway late and im happy.
  14. Richard and Rod in the war room, no offence coach