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  1. Farley/Surtain or hear me out... we trade Gallup/Cooper for Quinnen Williams and take Pitts
  2. Simple, try trading down if possible. Take whatever DB is left after the trade down. Make sure you get Marvin Wilson/Jaelen Philips/Ossai with your second pick
  3. I bet you Reich is gonna offer something for Carson this offseason and make him better. I'm really high on Reich wanted him to be the cowboys head coach.
  4. Take Jamarr Chase, **** it. team 50 burger.
  5. looks more and more likely that my Embiid-Harden dream isn't happening
  6. Harden getting traded essentially comes down to if the Sixers offer Ben right?
  7. All aboard the Jaelan Philips in the second round train. former 5* who i think was top of his class who committed to UCLA transferred to Miami now.
  8. Paul Booker Bridges Ayton is nice, add in another 3 and D guy and that roster could be fun
  9. I think the simple solution here is, Ben Simmons + Horford and whatever for Harden + Covington
  10. What would it take from the jays to acquire Lindor?
  11. I mean, he wasn't that great last year either.
  12. I think offence is still an issue. Within the next 2-3 years, you'll need to find a LT/LG/C.
  13. I'd love for us to somehow get a middle first round pick to late, to add Creed Humphrey
  14. #FallforFields #SinkforSewell #HurtinforSurtain
  15. Not taking TJ Watt, will be one of the stupidest decisions this franchise made the last decade. You'd have Hill, Tank, Watt which would be a top 10 dline in football. So many simple decisions made this team so much crappier than it should be. Jaylon regressing, Paying Zeke/Jaylon before Dak/Byron.. This football team could've entered the season with a defence that had Tank, Watt, Byron. Elite players at very important positions.
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