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  1. What are you talking about I can't turn on a game or ESPN without politics getting shoved down my throat, now I give an opinion and all Aaron Rodger's diva's call me out on a political agenda.
  2. I'd be fine with trading him and his LIbtard ways and attitude now.
  3. I hope this means sign him, David would have been my top priority only because of position. But so glad that Kenny is signed. He seems like a tireless worker that keeps his nose to the grindstone. Good for him, he's a true Packers type.
  4. I'm not into this season for different reasons anyways. But it's not looking good at the moment.
  5. Best of luck to him and his family anyways!
  6. This once again makes our draft even look worse than I originally thought. And I originally am not impressed. We had to get a WR in the first three rounds this past year. Had too.
  7. Can someone with a 10th grade or above education please tell me what he's trying to say here and do it without using slang.
  8. Dam Seattle you traded away too much. My guess is your slithering coach is trading away the future to coach for one more year just like he did at USC.
  9. Your welcome PackerRaymond I just helped your chances.
  10. I opted out of my Packers tickets for the year. I'd much rather sit on my couch without a mask than pay hundreds of dollars wearing a mask. Plus they are only going to let 10-12 thousand people into the stadiums. So the fan experience would be gone. That coupled wtih the kneeling and a 2nd National Anthem, I thought I'd just take my money back this year and take a wait and see approach.
  11. Maybe she's the reason for his abnormal lust for brunette's. Well done Shaggy, want a Scooby snack? Lol. Great pic!
  12. Aaron doesn't care for big boobs nor blonde's.
  13. Thoughts of Black National Anthem and Kneeling in general? I'm ex Military so I'm not so keen on the kneeling during the National Anthem. But have now heard they are gonna try and stand for one and kneel for other. Anybody hear anything or have any thoughts?
  14. The biggest liar in all of sports is retiring, big deal. His brother is a turd as well.
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