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  1. Yeah, I’m pumped for the new season.
  2. Man, 3rd in the league in points and missed the playoffs. A slightly bitter pill. Lol. good luck to those who survived this week!
  3. Yeah, but I’ve got Evans out on a bye and Fuller got popped for steroids, so I suspect you’ve got this. It’s never a good week when you’re starting two tight ends. Lol
  4. I haven’t actually played him yet unfortunately. I’m sure as soon as I do, he will fall apart completely.
  5. Hey, at least I didn’t catch that Fournette was out and play Jones too. Lol
  6. 6.10 Den K Brandon McManus @nagahide13) otc
  7. Sorry about the slow picks gentlemen, I’m working nights right now so I get em in as soon as I’m awake.
  8. This team could be a serious problem for us in a couple years.
  9. 4.10, my only skill position player being drafted: Eagles WR J.J. Arcega-Whiteside @nagahide13) - Is up next
  10. Only a round away from actually getting to draft a player. Exciting!
  11. Two keepers sitting out the year... great. Glad we have IR spots. Lol.
  12. Now that the keeper deadline has passed and we can do picks for players straight up for this year, we would like to complete this trade. Care to confirm @Karnage84?
  13. I would but I already manage the Detroit Lions Podcast’s fantasy leagues. There are usually about 8-10 of them. I’d be an absentee landlord. Lol Simszilla is super active, he gets my vote.
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