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  1. O Line

    Bobby Evans has given up 3 sacks on the season. He's been starting at RT over the past 4 games. He's a good run blocker though.
  2. O Line

    A lot of the patching on the offensive line has been due to a change in blocking schemes and passing concepts. The WRs are running shorter routes, which allows for Goff to get the ball off to his WRs. If anything, Goff has made the Offensive Line look better by getting rid of the ball quickly to his playmakers. If you look at season stats, the line has been charged with 14/19 sacks this year. The 14 sacks is the 3rd most surrendered by an offensive line this year. Goff has been pressured over 230+ times only getting sacked 19 times (8% sack rate). Further, the pressure rate is around 47% of his dropbacks. Considering that information, Jared Goff has elevated the offensive line with his superior pocket presence and mental processing ability. A top 15 QB with a bottom 5 line.
  3. Mitchell Trubisky's last few games

    The reason why the short passing game worked against the cowboys was because over the 4 games prior he was throwing the ball down the field well. Yeah, you're right, he needs to do that consistently.
  4. What are things Goff can improve on?

    I was looking at offensive line statistics, the line has given up 14/19 sacks on the year, on top of over 220 pressures this year. What Goff has done this year has been remarkable. Let's see if he can have a few nice games down the stretch.
  5. Mitchell Trubisky's last few games

  6. Mitchell Trubisky's last few games

    "Experience is the teacher of all things." - Gaius Julius Caesar IV, Dictator of the Roman Republic
  7. Cowboys @ Bears, 12/5, 7:20 GDT

  8. Mitchell Trubisky's last few games

    PFF just stated what I came here to discuss, Mitch has played very well the last 4 weeks. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-week-13-pff-senior-analyst-takeaways-2019
  9. If Tannehill started the whole season, what is Tennessee’s record?

    Moment Tannehill signed there, I knew he would win the job. Tannehill was never the problem in Miami, the problem was Miami.
  10. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    Out of all my QB elevations in the past. I was never more right about a prospect than I was right about Marcus Mariota. >The king of drifting into sacks, because he wouldn't step up in the pocket. >Mr. Conservative, because he never throws the ball down the field. And >Mr. Pussarm, because his passes past 10 yards to the numbers lacked any zip. I knew the kid would bust hard. Nobody believed me for years. People wanted him to come to the bears. I said no way, he's worse than Mitch. People laughed at me. Today, they are not laughing, for they realize that Mariota is a bust.
  11. Notable Stats and Observations

    Hahahahaha. Welp, that's the Chargers.
  12. Notable Stats and Observations

    You do know how PFF grades positions right and ranks? It's heavily taped based, grading each player on a basis of how they do their job; the tape generates stats, like pressures and the amount of sacks the QB eats on their own.
  13. Notable Stats and Observations

    Rams were 31 at Week 8 (the midway point). They have not played better since, if they have it has been marginal. The line cannot run or pass block well at all. It's also the reason why Gurley has struggled at times this year. Btw, PFF does the best grades on the offensive line. It is not really close. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-offensive-line-rankings-week-8
  14. Notable Stats and Observations

    Goff has done an amazing job at getting rid of the ball quickly to avoid sacks.
  15. Week 13 - Rams at Cardinals

    The weak team has allowed for the Rams line to, you know, block. Goff was making throws against the Bears... the Bears have a great defense. In fact, Jared's best throw was dropped by the incompetent Michael Thomas.