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  1. It's funny because up until yesterday, when did the media give care at all about Rodgers and his feelings? Outside of Stephen A Smith who knows absolutely nothing about football, the majority of them were always quick to point out his play regressing and he isn't elite anymore. Now all of a sudden they care about his feelings and think the Packer did him dirty? The same "experts" who were just saying his play has dropped off drastically. It's all a joke.
  2. I agree with you here. I thought Gutey played the Jimmy scenario correctly.
  3. You'll have to elaborate more on the bold. What is he exactly, in your mind? A justified top paid tight end in the league? (sorry if you've explained this previously, I haven't read that far back).
  4. Hindsight becomes a beautiful thing. For what it's worth, I actually prefer the aggressive nature as well (splitting 10s vs bust cards is my specialty) so I don't necessarily disagree with you, just that I can see why LaFleur decided to punt. I know, seeing both sides of something.....I'm soft.
  5. Going for it on 4th and 1 the first game in SF led to a much different outcome didn't it?
  6. If Dom Capers can get torched by the ageless Kurt Warner then bounce back to lead a super bowl winning defense the next year, I'm going to be optimistic and think Pettine is capable of doing the same. Mostly because.....we don't have a choice.
  7. Unfortunately GB plays 2 of them this weekend. And the other 2 are playing Saturday afternoon as potential upcoming opponents.
  8. I thought Cleveland would have been a better fit for MM and vice-versa. A lot of young, upcoming talent he could form. Implement discipline/stability. Has that young gunslinger in Mayfield he could mold. Couple stud wide outs (under contract) his ISO offense could still be used to a degree. Young TE, if healthy to stretch the field. Familiar faces in the organization. He would've had a say in the GM. Wouldn't constantly be in the national spotlight or under Jerry's thumb. Cleveland is that blue collar city not too far away from Pittsburgh and his roots. What do I know though.
  9. Justin Britt is on the IR. Duane Brown didn't play vs Philly, after having knee surgery last week. It's been said he's very unlikely to play this Sunday, but you never know about that healing sand they are throwing on guys in Seattle.
  10. Mike Pettine consulted for the Seahawks defense a couple years back. Do you think that will give him a little help with any "inside info?" I thought the defense held up in Seattle fairly well last year, all things considering.
  11. On plays after clock stoppage, you can see Rodgers covering up his helmet ear holes trying to hear what's being said over the head set. I obviously don't know if Lafleur is calling the play or telling him how many scotch references to make in his post game presser, but I would be very very hard pressed to believe Lafleur isn't "involved". No huddles is all Rodgers for sure, but they were huddling up after clock stoppage. This play here was right out of a timeout, guarantee Lafleur was "involved" in it. . I agree that before Rodgers had to burn the timeout before this play, it absolutely should have been a sneak or run. But after the timeout (leaving them with none) and 7 seconds on the clock, not sure you risk running it. Davante's open, bad throw but Davante's caught more difficult passes. Just to appease you though, I'll agree Rodgers deserves more blame than Davante.
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