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  1. This was something I was looking at during the game, and if memory serves me correctly (which it doesn't always) Packers came out in a different formation before and after the timeout.
  2. Why are we playing zone, especially against an old veteran QB who carves zones up? Is it because Martinez can't play man? Is Mike Pettine someone who puts people in the dog house and never gives them a chance to redeem themselves ala Burks, Josh Jackson, etc.? Some people think this bend but don't break defense is effective, only giving up field goals, but when your offense can't maintain a drive, your defense is going to be pretty gasped especially in that California weather.
  3. Maybe it was decided on for superstitious reasons which I am all for, but are there no longer separate Post Game threads being made?
  4. Is the "too many men on the field" penalty different on field goals than it is for regular downs? Obviously for the penalty to be called on a regular play, the ball has to be snapped. But last night Lions were called for 12 men on the field goal attempt before the ball was snapped. Anybody know the rule for sure?
  5. NFL News & Notes

    What do you guys make of Cleveland's offense last night? Not to get the McCarthy haters riled up, but it felt to me like watching a Packers offense the last two years. A ton of Shotgun 3x1 sets, not much motion or deception, isolation routes, running out of shotgun, not much under center, neglecting the run. A real wheels-spinning-in-the-mud type feel. Maybe I wasn't seeing everything correctly.
  6. Packers & Vikings Postgame

    I'm not a very good "putter" so I try to avoid it as much as possible. 5 foot gimme circle. I used to enjoy the cut ups/GIFs you provided. Is that something of old times? Not enough elite minds around here to put in the work anymore?
  7. Packers & Vikings Postgame

    If you actually read it AND comprehended it, you would know that I have never once said not to take your shots on second and short. For the 3rd time out of my 4 posts, I will say that I agree with 2nd and short being perfect times to take shots. Never once have I said not to take shots. My exact words were: I don't have a problem with Lafleur ensuring we get that first 1st down, after struggling in the second half to get any first downs, by running the bowl on second and short. Verbatim. That was exactly what I said. Where did I say "don't take shots on second and short?" So was it considered a shot last week to MVS down the field? If my memory serves me correctly, that was a 2 man route with high protection. Because the wheel route to Jones was only 30 yards instead of 50, it's not considered a shot? I gave no down and distance because there isn't an exact DOWN AND DISTANCE where you should automatically take a shot. So if there's 1:30 left, up by 10 points, other team has no timeouts, it's 2nd and 2, you want a shot taken? 2nd and 1, tied in the second quarter and we have had even a little success running the ball, take that shot every time. Obviously there's a ton to take into consideration. I've followed your posts for years, I know that you know this. Not sure if you are ignoring my entire posts for the sake of argument or what, but in my mind there isn't a clear cut "it's this down and distance lets take a shot every time" scenario.
  8. Packers & Vikings Postgame

    I picked that sequence to show that LaFleur isn't afraid to be "aggressive." Did you read my entire previous post?
  9. Packers & Vikings Postgame

    You did a phenomenal job of twisting that to fit your narrative, and by looking at this from your perception, I can't really argue. BUT you probably could have guessed, I will give my view: -5 minutes 10 seconds left in the 4th quarter, you are up 5 points. When have the Badgers or any other Big 10 team, hell honestly ANY team, thrown the ball 3 times in a row in this situation? -When have the Badgers ever thrown the ball 3 times in a row, period, outside of being down by multiple scores late in the game? Point being: I will stick with my original point by saying if you are struggling in short distance situations and you run the ball to just to pick up that first down on second and short, I have no problem with it. I will agree with you by saying "yes you still have to take your shots"....BUT I have absolutely no problem with running the ball on second and short in the situation we were in yesterday to ensure you at least pick up 1 first down, so you are able to take those shot plays later in the drive. It seems to me that the hardest 1st down for us to pick up is that first one, and usually when we get that first one our offense seems to score points more often than not. Got to get that first one though.. That's where this conversation all stemmed from, I think?
  10. Packers & Vikings Postgame

    Throwing the ball 3 times in a row after the Kevin King pick was "super sorry big ten" offense?
  11. Packers & Vikings Postgame

    I love the idea of taking shots on 2nd and short, but when you are struggling in short distance 3rd/4th downs and getting 1st downs all together, the main focus has to be to get the chains moved any way possible. Unfortunately that's where we were at in the 2nd half yesterday.
  12. Mike Daniels released

    Yes....with a salary cap in place.
  13. Mike Daniels released

    1-3. I wish we could forget the salary cap exists.
  14. Mike Daniels released

    1. Which is why they bring in 3 different options in FA and the draft along with "Sack"-rell to apply pressure, not having to rely on a 30 year old IDL coming off a foot injury to be their best option. 2. Going off of 1, you put better run stoppers out there, rely on the new edge pieces you bring in, grand scheme is you improved both areas while getting younger/cheaper. 3. You must have misunderstood what I was saying, or more likely, I didn't make it very clear: Clark is taking majority of snaps at one DT position, so that leaves only so many snaps left. You play your best run defender on obvious running downs, as you agreed that would be Lowry. So you are paying $10 million this year to Daniels to be a situational pass rusher? I was angry to see Daniels go as well, but I can understand why they did it. I'm not trying to convince you your opinion is wrong, just stating my opinion.
  15. Mike Daniels released

    You only address the pass rushing aspect here, why not mention how average to below average Daniels was against the run last year then add on the injury to his age on top of that? How much base defense did the Packers play last year? Not much. You bring in these big OLBs to play the Nickel, the formation you play the highest percentage of the time, with the hopes that they hold up against the run AND provide that pass rush pressure. You only have two Interior d lineman, one being Clark who will take up most of the snaps, and the other snaps going to the rotation of younger cheaper guys. You see it every year, but the coaching staff is raving left and right about Adams ( I will believe it when I see it from him though), but I understand taking the risk. Even on those 2nd and 6, 3rd and 3 downs, you are seeing more Nickel than ever before.