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  1. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    Not sure if a Youtube video link is frowned upon to post here, if so feel free to have it removed. But for anyone who hasn't seen this video you have to give it a watch. I remember it coming out years ago and watching it over and over again laughing harder each time. Time heals all wounds, and even though Favre has returned to the level I once loved him, I think I have gotten over most of the hatred I once felt about his betrayal.
  2. 2019 Draft Discussion

    What are people saying/thinking about Sweats bend/flexibility? Do people see a stiffness in him that's possibly concerning? I admit I have only watched highlights and his one bullrush rep in Senior Bowl practice where he planted that tackle on his backside, but i never really saw a bend and beat a lineman with speed? Built like a Danielle Hunter, not sure if his game compares to his though? More so asking questions, not stating opinions.
  3. Milt Hendrickson hired to senior personnel position

    "Momma didn't raise no quitter"....I for one enjoy reading your posts and it's guys like you that have me coming to this site. I hope you decide to get back up on the horse and share news with us whenever you can.
  4. I've had this discussion a number of times, but a 3-4 team is going to give good money to Barr. It's so obvious to see that Barr is playing out of position that even Vikings fans won't counter that point whenever I bring it to their attention. He played edge in college and should be playing edge now. Vikings are pretty deep at edge, but need him on the field. Why in Gods name would you ever have Barr drop in coverage? He isn't horrible at it, but isn't that effective. Only reason would be to change things up so you aren't predictable. When he does blitz, its almost exclusively up the middle and rarely off the edge. Point being, he knows he's out of position and would be incredibly stupid not to at least listen to offers from teams that will play him edge. I've also heard people question his love for football. You would think the Vikings know that if true, and that would effect what they give him. I have been wrong before, but I feel fairly confident Barr will be wearing a different jersey in 2019, and I wouldn't be mad if it was a Packers jersey, even if there are questions about his love for football.
  5. 16th Coach of the GB Packers (let the search begin)

    For the love of God, no to Tomlin. He is exactly what he was called, a "glorified cheerleader." I love that fact he's a rah-rah guy, but when your teams play to the level of their competition (losing to the Raiders, coming close to losing to the Bengals) how effective is his rah-rah schtick??? Steelers are more talented, much healthier, and he couldn't get them into the playoffs? His teams are incredibly undisciplined and full of drama. His coaching position of "specialty" is Defensive backs/secondary, and what's been Pittsburgh Achilles heal since about when Troy Polamalu left? Secondary. Adequate talent, but dreadful results year in and year out. Absolutely no to Tomlin.
  6. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    What NFL receiver, past or present, would you compare MVS too?
  7. 16th Coach of the GB Packers (let the search begin)

    Packers were an epic 15 minute stretch from Aaron Rodgers, a long overdue benefit from a couple calls, and a near terrible offensive meltdown from losing to the "G#d D*** Jets." If Packers lose that game, nobody in their right mind should even be considering Philbin coaching this team next year. Well, even with that result on Sunday....still nobody should be considering Philbin coaching this team next year. Ya its fine and dandy the team didn't quit, but professional athletes who get paid to play this game should never quit. Point being, there is nothing Philbin showed during that game Sunday, or during any of the games before that, that should point to him being the next official head coach of the Packers.
  8. Bears Drive Killers w/ Gifs

    Your option 2 very well could be it. Judging by how Davante took off fairly quick after the pump fake, it could've been a called double-move/hitch and go, and the corner played it perfectly. That is the excuse I may convinced myself that occurred just because it would be the one that makes me feel best about the situation.
  9. 16th Coach of the GB Packers (let the search begin)

    You talk about JDF sucking, but then you mention Darrell Bevel???
  10. Bears Drive Killers w/ Gifs

    It's a 1 step hit your back foot throw hitch. Pre-snap fairly easy read with the cushion the corner is giving Davante. Corners first steps are back. Even if the lineman is beat, IT IS A HITCH! THROW THE BALL!!! This is junior high level right here. Line backer is matched up with the tight end who chips first, so the only explanation, which is way out of left field, is that Rodgers knew tight end was chipping so he thought linebacker would buzz flat? Still, it should never come to that and the ball should've been thrown. Putrid.
  11. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    These throws are really really bad. Not much else to say. I would say the first two are mechanics related. Doesn't follow threw and the ball sails on him? I know he mentioned the wind taking one of his throws, but you look at the flags on the goal posts and they look pretty still....
  12. Packers fire Winston Moss

    I wrote my post before I saw Philbin's press conference, and I would agree with your assessment. It just seems so odd to me that Moss, a man that seems to be of very few words, would go about addressing these situations on a platform which he seems to be so against. Then using #thankstwitter doesn't seems very weird also. Very unprofessional, but so is refusing to speak to the media. Plot twist: It actually isn't Winston Moss, but our incompetent franchise doesn't figure that out, and fires Winston while finding out later it's a fake account. Regardless, he deserves to be fired in my mind anyways. All in all, I suspect it is him. Just a very weird situation.
  13. 16th Coach of the GB Packers (let the search begin)

    I also want nothing to do with Tomlin as a head coach. "Glorified cheerleader." Love the emotion, but that can only take you so far. Undisciplined teams. Number of Steelers fans want him gone. No thank you.
  14. Packers fire Winston Moss

    I am about 90% sure that Twitter account isn't really Winston Moss. 1. That account follows me, and I remember it following me right when it was created this fall. I don't think the real Winston Moss would be following me. 2. Winston Moss doesn't even like talking to the social media. Do you think he would go and use social media? 3. There's some weird tweets/retweets that strike me as a false account early on. 4. Wouldn't he have a blue check mark if it was really him? Don't you have to do some sort of verification with Twitter, and that results in you either getting that blue check mark whether you're someone of significant importance, or reach so many followers? I have been wrong before, but I don't believe that is actually Winston Moss, and I don't believe that tweet had anything to do with him being fired.
  15. You Are In Control. Who Replaces McCarthy?

    He was forced to give up play calling in 2015 only to take it back weeks later. However, I suspect you are right. Like I said, it would probably be best for both parties to go their separate ways.