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  1. I saw the Kenny Clark visual up on the wall and assumed it was something Green Bay related. Regardless, it would be interesting that he's working out if he's really considering retirement, unless he actually expects Green Bay to trade him.
  2. In the last 6 pages, only one person mentions that Rodgers and Bakh working out together in a facility that appears to be in Green Bay. Does everyone just enjoy the media route better and think it's more fun to talk about the negative possibilities than the positive ones?
  3. Grape Crush Soda, as in they "crushed" the Vikings. He did it in his presser after they beat them at TCF Stadium in like 2014.
  4. On the other hand, I'm not sure what Davante's whining about. I see he took his Instagram post down from last night, but still blacked out his profile picture. Maybe one too many drinks brought out his feelings while he celebrated?
  5. I think this is the gist of it: Rodgers wanted to retire a Packer. He had stated that multiple times how much it would mean to him. The front office took a quarterback in the first round as they just made the NFC championship game, putting the "writing on the wall" (in Rodgers mind at least) that his future is not in his control, or that he won't be playing the aniticipated number of years for the Packers that he wanted.
  6. I don't agree with the "coaching has little input on personnel" for multiple reasons. The Josiah Degura pick last year screams a Matt Lafleur pick. Reaching for an H-back in the 3rd round for a very specific role/offense has the finger prints of the coach all over it. Even more obvious than that, did you see how Gute and Lafleur celebrated tonight after they drafted the center while Murphy stood like the awkward guy he is in the corner?
  7. Teams probably stopped respecting Ervin towards the end of the season.....because Ervin was on the bench hurt and didn't even play.
  8. Generally cold turf neutralizes speed . Generally bigger receivers are better blockers. Generally you want to pound the ball in colder weather instead of throwing because it's believed to be more conducive to winning, and easier to accomplish. Noticed I used the term "generally" a lot....just spit balling here.
  9. Aaron Jones was (arguably) a top 5 player at his position last year. Sometimes there are exception to the rules, and call me bias, but I think bringing him back should be viewed as an exception to the "don't pay running backs top money" rule. Dalvin got paid and was huge for the Vikes last year. Kamara got paid and was huge for the Saints. Henry got paid and put up MVP like numbers last year. You had 5 players that were top 5 at their positions last year on offense, and next year you bring back 4 of those players, for what seems to be a pretty good deal. Don't you want as many explosive weapon
  10. I may have missed the official link, but is it a fact that Leonhard was offered the job and turned it down? Or did he just make it to the final run of interviews where he pulled his name out?
  11. Most of the time I would take this as a bad thing, but in this is case.....is it? (Granted I don't agree that's even the case, but if it was the case I don't even agree that it's a bad thing).
  12. As Lafleur has done his whole tenure in Green Bay, he's simply refusing to throw Pettine under the bus.
  13. From another thread: I would say my biggest and perhaps only complaint about MLF would be that he didn't start working in Elgton Jenkins at LT when Bahktiari went down. I know that's kind of out of Left Field, but anybody who thought Ricky Wagner and Billy Turner win you a Super Bowl is a little to blindly optimistic. Did they play fine vs LA/Chi? Sure, but that first TB game should have showed you what you could be dealing with from a pressure stand point, and we sure paid the price. There's a reason Edge rusher is a top 4 important position: it can destroy game plans. Billy Turner surprised
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