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  1. I think there are 7 virtual locks for the top 10 (Lawrence, Wilson, Lance, Fields, Chase, Pitts and Sewell) The 3 other top 10 berths are likely taken by some combination of: Slater Waddle and/or Smith Mac Jones Parson Surtain and/or Horn Phillips Anyone outside of these names would count as a surprise imo
  2. If this is the case I wonder if we could see a market crash in the value of elite QBs as guys start to take Tom Brady-esque discounts
  3. The Fish came in with a pretty silly overpay https://www.drafttek.com/NFL-Trade-Value-Chart.asp?RequestTeam=LAC According to this 15 to 7 is a gap of 350 points which is a late second rounder. The Chargers pick 47 would be an overpay, though the Lions could send their 4th back to balance it out a bit. Remember in most cases when trading up for anything other than a QB, you can underpay to trade up, because with supply and demand more teams are looking to move down than up.
  4. No way it’s costing the Chargers that much to move up 6 spots. 13 to 7 probably costs a 3rd rounder, 2nd at a push
  5. I could see someone taking him early 2nd round. I see 3rd/4th round grades on him and I’m pretty baffled how low people are on him.
  6. I agree on being all for getting Fields but I’m pretty sure the Niners will take him at 3
  7. Some Mac Jones blackface stuff doing the rounds on Twitter
  8. Allbright is so highly rated as an insider that him tweeting that is enough to get the sharps lumping money on Fields and moving the odds.
  9. Team Player Position College Trade Notes 1 Jacksonville Jaguars Trevor Lawrence QB Clemson Urban Meyer has all but confirmed this will be the pick 2 New York Jets Zach Wilson QB BYU The Darnold trade confirms the Jets will take a signal caller here. Never say never, but all odds point to the BYU passer being their guy. 3 San Francisco 49ers (f/H
  10. Sure I read last week that both Fields and Lance planned to incorporate Shanahan concepts into their second pro days. This is actually super fascinating watch them basically audition to be the pick. I'm going to bet on that Mac Jones over 3.5. I'm quite confident that it'll either be Fields or Lance, just not sure which.
  11. I've finalised my rankings so thought I'd post mine here and see if anyone else wants to offer up their effort. Note that this is based on my own view from watching college football tape, looking at measurables and reading about the players. It's not scheme specific but does penalise players for injury or character issues, but it's not supposed to be a prediction of what will happen on draft day, more just where I would draft these players. My top 100: 1. Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson 2. Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida 3. Zach Wilson, QB, BYU 4. Penei Sewell, LT, Oregon
  12. Well I guess with the Niners, it was pretty clear that Lawrence and Wilson are going 1 and 2 so they sold the farm knowing who is likely to be on the board and being comfortable with that. With trading up to 4, you need to be pretty damn confident that your guy (out of Fields, Lance and Jones) isn’t going to the Niners or you need to love more than one of them to make that move now. I think there is a decent chance that Atlanta will trade back but I don’t see them actually doing a deal until draft day.
  13. Not to mention that the data shows covid really isn’t a danger to young children. Unless James’s newborn has some serious health issue (and I hope to god that isn’t the case) then opting out to “protect” the kid proves his complete inability to assess risk levels.
  14. Plugged in Benjamin Allbright just gave his top 8 mock as: 1. Trevor Lawrence 2. Zach Wilson 3. Trey Lance 4. Kyle Pitts 5. Ja’Marr Chase 6. DeVonta Smith 7. Micah Parsons 8. Justin Fields (Carolina trade with the Patriots) Few interesting points here: - Niners going Trey Lance. Feels like the mocks are a 60/30/10 split with Jones as the favourite and most people thinking they’ll take Fields if the Jones interest is a smokescreen. Allbright has been saying all along that the NFL is lower on Fields than the media as well as Penei Sewell w
  15. Alexander Johnson is calling out the decision on twitter. Something is up here. Not a great look that the team aren’t willing to attend workouts for the first year of the Paton era. I’ve been happy with the offseason so far but this could really inhibit our ability to build a winning team.
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