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  1. I have no doubt that when the Packers drafted Jordan Love, they did so with a view to trading Aaron Rodgers either in this forthcoming offseason or after the 2021 season. But that was before Rodgers exploded and had a MVP year and looked back to his best. The mistake prone Rodgers we saw in 2018 and 2019 was what drove the Love selection but I think his 2020 season was a game changer.
  2. If you think a team brings in an open competition then post two guys Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger Ravens: Lamar Jackson Browns: Baker Mayfield Bengals: Joe Burrow Bills: Josh Allen Dolphins: Tua Tagovailoa Patriots: Fitzmagic + Rookie Jets: Sam Darnold + Dalton Titans: Ryan Tannehill Colts: Jacoby Brissett + Rookie Texans: Deshaun Watson Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes Raiders: Derek Carr Chargers: Justin Herbert Broncos: Drew Lock + Mitchell Trubisky Packers:
  3. What about Jacoby Brissett? Although with Rivers retiring I reckon the Colts will promise him a shot at the starting job.
  4. Broncos fan in peace here. Just wondering what you think the chances are that Harrison Smith could be on the trade block? I know you guys are over the cap for 2021 and he’s getting on a bit. If so, what do you think he’s worth in a trade?
  5. I wonder if Paton might make a splash and go for Xavier Rhodes. We are pretty short at CB with Bouye likely being cut, Ojemudia still being raw and Callahan being injury prone and best as a slot man anyway. Plus we have struggled with drafting corners and having them play early because QBs love to pick on rookie corners. Rhodes was dreadful in 2019 but played much better in 2020 for the Colts. He could be a $10m a year type signing. Plus he was a Minnesota draft pick to Paton probably liked him coming out.
  6. I wouldn’t be opposed to spending a day-2 pick on an OT who can kick inside if need be. We can’t rely on Ja’Wuan James in the long run so he could be the future starter at RT and compete with Muti to backup at Guard.
  7. There will be one or two shockers but I’d tentatively say the hot seat for next season is (in descending order of how hot their butt is): Zac Taylor Vic Fangio Mike McCarthy Matt Nagy Mike Zimmer Joe Judge Brian Flores Kliff Kingsbury So that’s 1/4 of the league that I’d tentatively put at risk. The last 3 of those I would suggest will only be fired if there’s a 2-14 type implosion. The top 5 probably need to demonstrate improvement (either playoffs, or at least improve Burrow in Taylor’s case) to avoid the chop. Also with the
  8. You’re not wrong, but staying in New England back then was a much more attractive proposition than it is now.
  9. 2021 First Round Pick (#9 Overall) 2021 Second Round Pick (#40 Overall) 2021 Fourth Round Pick 2022 First Round Pick 2022 Third Round Pick QB Drew Lock Similar haul to the Cutler trade. It’s a lot, but Watson has HOF upside
  10. I think it’s gonna be Lock and a veteran for 2021. Maybe Jacoby Brisset or even Mitchell Trubisky.
  11. Wonder if Gary Kubiak put in a good word for him. Given that it’s a 6-year deal, I reckon he will get to hand pick his head coach if Fangio fails to make the playoffs in 2021.
  12. Initially I wasn’t keen on an in house promotion but I’ve seen it noted that Brian Stark has been our scouting director since 2018 and there has been a noticeable improvement in our drafting since then. I wonder if he might be ready to step up.
  13. Fontenot and Paton are the pick of those candidates for me, though I could live with Kelly.
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