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  1. 2020 College Prospects

    I think we give Lock 2020 (and possibly December this year) but I doubt 2021 is a given by any means. I know burger-all about the QB prospects coming out but a good friend of mine tells me that while Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert are good 1st round picks next year, Trevor Lawrence in 2021 is the best since Luck and may even grade out better than Luck (ie best since Peyton Manning) The NFL is a passing league so most top 10 picks consist of guys who's main focus is the passing game: - Guys who throw the passes (QB's) - Guys who catch the passer (WR's) - Guys who protect the passer (OT's) - Guys who rush the passer (DE/OLB's) - Guys who cover the pass catchers (CB's) Assuming we're leaving QB until at least 2021, I'd be looking to use our likely top-10 if not top-5 pick on BPA out of WR, OT, 3-4 OLB and CB.
  2. GDT Week 3: Denver Broncos @ Green Bay Packers

    I reckon the Packers take this pretty easily, something like 23-10.
  3. Broncos Forum Pick'em & Survivor Week 3

    Didn't I pick the Ravens for survivor in week 2? Going to make a pick for week 3 because I'm 99% sure I'm still in Tennessee at Jacksonville Cincinnati at Buffalo Miami at Dallas Denver at Green Bay Atlanta at Indianapolis Baltimore at Kansas City Oakland at Minnesota New York (NYJ) at New England Detroit at Philadelphia Carolina at Arizona New York (NYG) at Tampa Bay Houston at Los Angeles (LAC) Pittsburgh at San Francisco New Orleans at Seattle Los Angeles (LAR) at Cleveland Chicago at Washington Survivor: Green Bay ()
  4. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    While we're at it, not playing the starters at all in preseason week 3 against the Rams was a poor decision on Fangio's part. I understand that we had the HOF game, but he sat the starters out of that as well. The biggest problem is that the usual 2 week gap between the last time we see the starters in preseason and the regular season opener was well over 3 weeks, that's enough to make anyone rusty.
  5. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    You mean they played well against him once? We've only played against Aaron Rodgers twice, and the only time we played against him in Lambeau he threw for 4 touchdowns and ran for another 2 in a 49-23 beatdown.
  6. Random Thoughts

    We only paid a 4th for him, there’s no way we’re getting a 2nd from anyone.
  7. Random Thoughts

    We only just traded for him, and frankly, through two games he's looked better than any QB we've had since Manning retired. Furthermore, our rookie Drew Lock is out until midseason. If we were winless and Lock's healthy at the trade deadline then I understand it, but this team isn't tanking and has no feasible alternative to Flacco at the moment. He's not going to be traded.
  8. Random Thoughts

    Why on earth would we want to trade Flacco?
  9. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    People defending the call are acting like making the 2 point play was a given. We only had a 48% chance to make that, and even making it only gives a 70% win probability (total win probability = 33.6%) Had we kicked the extra point we’d have a 95% chance to make it and a 50% win probability if we did make it (total win probability = 47.5%) And I’d argue that it’s actually higher than 47.5% given how gassed the Bears D looked. It was an atrocious call by Fangio who continues to look out of his depth.
  10. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    Yep, the fact we converted doesn't retrospectively make it the right decision to go for 2. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  11. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    Even if you ignore the idea of baiting them into throwing it downfield, the 2 pointer was a poor call. Going for 1 is a 95% success rate, going for 2 is 48% success rate (ie 52% chance we lose the game right there on that play) If we kick the XP there's a 60%-70% chance we win against that tired defense in overtime
  12. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    MakeDenverGreatAgain is a troll, so it's no surprise to see him posting absurd things.
  13. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    If we kicked the PAT we'd have won that game in overtime, their defense was so tired
  14. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    The percentage play was to go for 1.
  15. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    Another reason we should have kicked the extra point. If we'd just tied at 13-13, the Bears would have just done a QB kneel to go to overtime. Instead we baited them into taking shots downfield and for that reason we are 0-2.