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  1. I was just reading his career stats and despite being listed at WR and having a 14 year career (and counting), he’s only ever had one catch in his whole career. He’s basically built a career as a punt gunner, and is a 9 time pro bowler, multiple all pro, 3 time super bowl champion as a pure special teams player. Theres no doubt he’s the most decorated special teams gunner of all time. Does this get him a bust?
  2. Problem is they’re going to fire Shurmur but they won’t change anything on the defensive side. I couldn’t even tell you what the name of our DC is because Fangio just calls it himself. This team is broken on both sides of the ball. I won’t say Shurmur is a scapegoat as such because he DOES deserve to get fired, but the problems run much deeper than that and really nothing short of a total house cleaning (George Paton aside) will fix that. I always hate bringing in a new GM and keeping the head coach because the GM will almost always want to hand pick his new HC a
  3. Bring back Surtain, Jewell, Chubb, Cooper, Simmons and Sterns. Everyone else can **** off.
  4. Ive been watching football for like 15 years and I’ve seen one offensive face mask called ever
  5. Ah yes, wouldn’t be a broncos game without a good old Bolles holding penalty
  6. Well the 3rd quarter was a total waste of time. Only one drive each and it’s as you were with a 10 point deficit
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