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  1. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    The idea is that QB is becoming a response position in today's NFL. The school of thought is that guys like Pat Mahomes, Jared Goff and Mitch Trubisky aren't genetically programmed to be having MVP calibre seasons, they're doing so because of great coaching and having a great team around them. In a few years when the Chiefs, Rams and Bears succumb to group think and pay these guys like $28m per year and pay the price of eroding the supporting cast, they'll regress into the QB purgatory. If instead you keep the supporting cast together and just draft a new QB on a rookie deal, you can perhaps repeat the success of Mahomes/Goff/Trubisky whilst letting another team butcher their roster to overpay your former QB. I'm not sure I totally subscribe to this theory (especially in the case of Mahomes who's been genuinely phenomenal and elevated the Chiefs offense) but it's a valid theory and I'd tread very carefully before paying a huge contract to someone like Dak Prescott. Hell even in Denver I'd have rather taken my chances on a vet. minimum FA and a rookie draft pick last year than pay Keenum $18m and lose out on supporting cast to do so.
  2. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    Can’t be many teams end up with their top two choices for HC both on the staff
  3. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    Good post. Really good post. I hope Elway doesn't force himself to pick a QB if he doesn't see one he really likes. If he thinks there's a franchise QB there than by all means take him at 10 and trade up if need be, but don't just take the best QB because he's a QB. It's that kind of thinking that led to the Paxton Lynch pick as well as the much criticised Bolles pick, although the Bolles pick has turned out decently at least.
  4. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    Yeah, good for Fangio as a first time HC and Scangarello as a first time OC to have a former HC to sound off to, plus we arguably have the best OL and best DL coaches in the league now so we are going to be real tough in the trenches next season.
  5. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    Could not agree with you more here. This is exactly what I’m trying to say in my last post but in more articulate words.
  6. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    And Munchak himself for swallowing his pride and accepting the job. With Munchak’s history of zone blocking under Mike Heimerdinger and Scangarello coming from Kyle Shanahan’s system I think we will probably be looking at the type of offense that Atlanta ran when they had that record breaking season two years back and the Niners were running with Jimmy Garoppolo. It’s a modernised version of the Mike Shanahan system and I kinda like it. Traditional Broncos offense but unlike the Kubiak and friends approach, it’s been modernised into the 21st century. Phillip Lindsay could break records as a receiver out of the backfield in this system.
  7. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    I'm waiting for the team that exploits the market inefficiency and lets the QB walk after the rookie contract and let someone else pay him and repeat the cycle. Someone will do it.
  8. Grade the Fangio Hire

    If we do end up bringing in Scangarello, he’s done some playcalling in the college game so hopefully we’d look to incorporate some college concepts and get guys in space like you often talk about. The biggest selling point on his resume is that he was the QB coach when Garoppolo played very well in 2017, plus working for Kyle Shanahan, that’s the same tree that Sean McVay came from and has the link back to Denver of being the Mike Shanahan tree. It just worries me not having anyone that’s called offensive plays in the NFL before, also we likely still starting Keenum
  9. QB carousel 2019

    Was just thinking about potential Nick Foles destinations and it occurred to me that not that many teams actually seem to need new QBs this year. Jacksonville is an obvious one, but looking at the NFC side I reckon every single team will stick with their current starter apart from the Redskins (if Smith’s injury is a career ended) and possibly the Giants (probably likely to keep Eli and draft a rookie rather than FA/trade) AFC outside of the Jags have a handful of question marks in Miami, Cincy, Denver, Oakland. All of those 4 have a viable starter on their roster now but the three new coaches may prefer to move on, especially in the cases of Tannehill and Dalton where they can be cut for massive cap savings. Raiders obviously depends on what happens with Derek Carr. My prediction of what happens: Jaguars trade for Joe Flacco Redskins sign Nick Foles Bridgewater stays in New Orleans on some kind of incentive laden contract Denver keep Keenum since he’s got some guaranteed money Raiders keep Derek Carr Bengals and Dolphins keep Tannehill and Dalton for one more year Then look for Jacksonville, NY Giants, Cincy, Miami, Denver and possibly the Pats and Chargers to be in the QB conversation on draft day
  10. DEN hires CHI DC Vic Fangio as HC

    Munchak isn’t the OC
  11. Grade the Fangio Hire

    I didn't say that was a reason to not hire him...
  12. Grade the Fangio Hire

    The thing with this guy is that if he does well in the role, you probably either need to promote him or lose him when someone else makes him HC.
  13. Grade the Fangio Hire

    Munchak as OL coach and Monken as OC is a good shout
  14. Grade the Fangio Hire

    You’re missing the key point that Kubiak has that head coaching experience needed to tell Fangio when he should go for it on 4th down and when to challenge a play and teach him how to handle the media. Monken might be better at the X’s and O’s but he cannot provide that invaluable insight.
  15. Grade the Fangio Hire

    You mean Zac Taylor? Bengals hired him to be the head coach