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  1. Onside kick versus 4th and 15

    I’d like to see them abolish the kickoff altogether and replace with a 4th and 15 from their own 35 yards line. That would mean most teams would choose to punt and an average net punt would put teams starting at their own 25 as now. If you go for it you’d have to reach midfield to keep the ball.
  2. Which City deserves the next NFL team?

    Rightly or wrongly, I’d be amazed if London isn’t the next city to get a team.
  3. Bronco Mount Rushmore

    No Shanahan?
  4. Broncos 2020 Schedule

    My dream for this season... For the third year in a row, a second year QB who didn’t start until late in his rookie year spectacularly breaks out and wins the MVP. Denver’s Drew Lock posts 40 touchdowns and just 8 interceptions leading the Broncos to a 14-2 record, dismantling Kansas City’s AFC West dominance and guaranteeing home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs. The entire regular season is played in front of empty stadiums but, as the pandemic recedes in the final quarter of 2020, authorities allow fans to attend the postseason. Lock’s Broncos cruise to postseason victories over Buffalo on divisional Sunday and the Houston Texans a week later in front of the Mile High crowds. Denver makes the super bowl for the 3rd time in 9 attempts and will face old foe Tom Brady, this time in a different uniform. Despite it being a different opponent, it’s a familiar result as the Broncos front 7 chokes Brady into 3 turnovers and Melvin Gordon runs for over 100 yards in a 23-13 Broncos win. With the backdrop of a nation and world celebrating victory over covid-19, John Elway lofts the Lombardi trophy into the air and yells “this one’s for America”
  5. Will 2020 Season Start In Sept?

    Front office guys could probably work from home?
  6. Random Thoughts

    After the Paxton Lynch disaster it’s a real breath of fresh air to have a QB that seems willing to put in the hours needed to be successful in this league. When the building reopens you know he will be the first player in and last player out of Dove Valley. I’m really rooting for success for Drew Lock the person as much as for the team.
  7. 2020 Surprise

    Yes I would agree with that. Callahan will be the #2 CB but will play in the slot on nickel downs. I’d love to sign Logan Ryan if they can make the cap stretch far enough which would solve that issue. If the season started today, I have the pecking order as follows: 1. Bouye 2. Callahan (moves to the slot in nickel packages) 3. Bausby (comes onto the field for nickel packages and plays outside) 4. Yiadom 5. Ojemudia 6. Dawson 7. Devontae Harris
  8. 2020 Surprise

    BTW, a lot of talk of the "Will Parks role" in various threads. From watching tape of last year, there actually isn't a 3rd Safety/LB role in this defense in the same way that Vance Joseph deployed. When Parks came on the field under Joseph, he was effectively operating as a replacement for one of the ILB's due to his superior coverage ability. So our nickel package was 4 DL, 1 ILB, Parks, 3 corners and 2 safeties. Last year, Davis and Johnson both stayed on the field in the nickel and an extra corner would play: Effectively 4 DL, 2 ILB, 3 CB and 2 Safeties. Parks was basically playing as the 3rd corner in this formation. If Bryce Callahan is healthy then you'd have to imagine he will be the nickel corner this year, which is the "Will Parks role"
  9. 2020 Surprise

    I think Hamilton and Spencer both make the team, especially with Spencer being good on special teams and Hamilton being a decent backup to Jeudy. Hamilton may find himself as a gameday scratch though given Spencer and Tim Patrick (+ presumably Hamler) are bigger factors on special teams. X-WR: Courtland Sutton, Tim Patrick Z-WR: Jerry Jeudy, Dae'Sean Hamilton Slot: KJ Hamler, Diontae Spencer
  10. 2020 Surprise

    Bausby I think will win the starting #2 CB role and have a good season Strnad I think could challenge for snaps at ILB, perhaps playing some time ahead of Todd Davis. Levante Bellamy at RB I think may end up making the team over Royce Freeman. I’m sure I read he got the most guaranteed money of all out UDFAs this year.
  11. Free Agent Frenzy

    I reckon a 2nd/3rd but he will need a big contract after this year and you aren’t paying him and Simmons.
  12. Free Agent Frenzy

    Honestly Lindsay will win the starting job within the first month of the season, I just hope the coaching staff aren’t too stubborn to let the better RB play.
  13. Supplemental Draft

    Beal was picked in the 3rd round of the supplemental draft, so he got paid like a 3rd round pick.
  14. Post-draft leaks

    I assume it’s to do with the round of the draft each of the points refers to
  15. Free Agent Frenzy

    I’ve been rewatching last season on NFL gamepass and while I’ve been overwhelmingly supportive of our moves this offseason, I find myself scratching my head more and more at the Melvin Gordon pickup. To put it frankly, Phillip Lindsay is one of the best young backs in the league. He’s both a competent between the tackles runner and very explosive. I guess he isn’t great in the passing game, but that’s a learnable skill imo. Even if we are reluctant to pay him a second contract, we have him for cheap this year and then RFA tender in 2021. I understand that Royce Freeman is a pretty “meat and potatoes” back (although I’m higher on him than most will be) and I wouldn’t have been opposed to adding some competition for him in the draft or FA, but paying Gordon to be a clear cut RB1 is a real head scratcher to me. We can cut Gordon next year and save $3.5m which is coincidentally what Lindsay will make on a second round tender, so my hope is that Lindsay will outplay Melvin Gordon in 2020 and Gordon ends up being a cap casualty after only one season to allow the better back to stay on the roster.