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  1. When VJ gets fired

    Vance Joseph is the worst head coach in the history of the Denver Broncos, bar none. At least with Josh McDaniels we had the 6-0 run in 2009, Josh McDaniels the coach could somewhat blame Josh McDaniels the GM for giving himself a terrible roster to work with, whereas this guy is just a specialist in failing with a talented roster. After this season Joseph's head coaching record will read: 5-11, 5-11, fired. I think ultimately we'll win against the Browns at home in week 15 and win one of our two trips to the bay area which sandwich that game, but will lose to the Chargers twice and also to the Bengals, Steelers and the other trip to OAK/SF, not sure which. It's very clear from Demaryius Thomas's comments that Joseph isn't respected in the locker room and for that reason he should be replaced immediately for me and a temporary leader put in charge in the form of either of the coaches who have won a Lombardi trophy for the Denver Broncos, either Mike Shanahan or, more likely, Gary Kubiak. Musgrave and Woods would call the game and the interim HC would just be there to keep the locker room together and deal with the media. After the season, and I know @AnAngryAmerican won't like me saying this, but it's time to look at the hot co-ordinator route. It's become increasingly clear to me that a QB guru is needed to help young QBs take the next step, as we've seen with Sean McVay and to a lesser extent Matt Nagy. It's all very well to pick up a guy like this to be your co-ordinator but then he just gets poached away. I'd be looking at John DeFilippo or Pete Carmichael Jr to be the head coach and then possibly pair him with a defensive co-ordinator who has NFL head coaching experience such as Todd Bowles (if the Jets fire him), Chuck Pagano or Rex Ryan.
  2. When VJ gets fired

    DT’s comments hardly make good reading for Joseph
  3. Latest Broncos rumors.

    Yeah I’ve seen rumors that Von (party organiser) had to get the security to boot Kelly out.
  4. Game Day Thread: Rams @ Broncos

    Doubt it mate, you’ll be analysing head coaching candidates if we lose tomorrow.
  5. Ties aren’t a bad thing from a TV ratings standpoint so I’m really not sure what your point is here?
  6. Game Day Thread: Rams @ Broncos

    If we lose in Arizona on Thursday then VJ should get his books on Friday and we give it Kubiak until the end of the season.
  7. Game Day Thread: Rams @ Broncos

    The right play here is to try the FG now and then onside kick
  8. When VJ gets fired

    Give it Kubiak until the end of the season.
  9. Game Day Thread: week 5 Broncos at Jets

    4 weeks until the bye. If we aren’t at least 2-2 then I think Joseph gets fired and the new coach will be asked to play Kelly.
  10. Latest Broncos rumors.

    They didn't.
  11. After the thing with Josh McDaniels, I hope the Colts win tonight, but at very least they should target some cheap shots on the Patriots and maybe ruin New England’s season.
  12. GDT Week 4: KC @ DEN

    The sooner Vance Joseph and his boyfriend Keenum are run out of town the better
  13. GDT Week 4: KC @ DEN

    Vance Joseph should be fired tonight. Worst Broncos coach since McDaniels
  14. GDT Week 4: KC @ DEN

    I think our offense smells blood here. If we can get a double digit lead then it’ll start looking good to get to 3-1-0
  15. GDT Week 4: KC @ DEN

    Shaq Barrett doing his best Champ Bailey impression on that play