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  1. The more I think about it, I don’t see why the Packers would trade Rodgers before the season unless the trade includes either a QB in return or another player in return. His value (in terms of draft picks) is likely the same whether you trade him now or next offseason, and you can’t spend those picks until April 2022 anyway. Waiting to trade him prevents you potentially running into him this season, and also leaves open the possibility of a reconciliation at some point. However if there’s a QB or star veteran coming to GB as part of the deal, then it could make sense to
  2. Nah screw him. He chose not to workout at the facility even after seeing what happened to James. That’s not “high character” behaviour.
  3. Hamilton will probably make a team somewhere so I’m glad we cut him now to let him latch on.
  4. Eh, Cleveland hasn’t shown much. Hamilton is a better player than him to date, although not at his $2.5m salary when Cleveland earns the minimum. Our top 4 are locked in and Diontae Spencer also makes the team as a special teams man and returner. That probably only leaves one more WR spot for either Cleveland, Seth Williams or Kendall Hinton. My money is on Williams to make the team but really it’s whoever plays special teams.
  5. I had us at 10-7. Same as you but with a loss to the Cowboys
  6. To add insult to injury we don’t really have a good blocking tight end to help with. Fant and Albert O are both big WRs. I guess we can use Anderson in jumbo sets.
  7. One thing that’s a bit concerning about the early days of the Paton era is how many ex-Vikings are on our roster. Teddy Bridgewater, Mike Boone, Shamar Stephen all brought across in recent months. Trying to replicate the roster of previous employers has led to many a coach and GM being fired after 2-3 seasons.
  8. Kelly would be my choice, especially given his familiarity with Munchak. He’s mainly been a swing man throughout his career, but that’s because he was stuck behind two great bookend pairings in Peters/Johnson and Lewan/Conklin. I think you can bring him in as a RT starter.
  9. Interesting that for all the pre-draft talk of the media being way out on a lot of guys, I don't remember a draft ever going being so predictably in line with the mock drafts. Even in the later rounds it felt like the vast, vast majority of players went right in the range where the media graded them.
  10. Get him off the roster and void all remaining guarantees, IMO. He was reportedly a nuisance in 2019 and then quit on the team last year. That’s not a guy we want to waste money on. Frankly we’d have already cut him if it wasn’t for his guarantees, so any opportunity to void those and run this punk out of town should be taken up. I’d bring in a veteran to start at RT. Anderson is still best as a swing man.
  11. Exactly. I wrote down my names as soon as we made the picks.
  12. Atrocious signing. Quit on the team in 2020 and now gets hurt in some unsanctioned workout. Hope Paton cuts him and spends the $10m elsewhere. Same with Melvin Gordon if we can void his guarantees. There are some FA RTs out there. Dennis Kelly springs to mind. So does Mitchell Schwartz, although I think retirement is in play for him. I’m not sure Risner is likely to move to RT.
  13. While Phillips himself did give me pause, I’m mildly surprised that we didn’t address edge until the 7th round. I expect Von to walk after this season. Chubb will be on his option year in 2022 and hopefully we do get a long term deal done, but I don’t think Malik Reed has proven himself to be anything more than a backup/rotational piece and Jeremiah Attaochu’s valuable snaps and locker room contribution has not been replaced (I guess the hope is that Reed can take the step into 3rd OLB this year and then young guys like Tuszka and Cooper can compete for backup/special teams roles o
  14. 1. Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State 2. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, ILB, Notre Dame 3. James Hudson, OT, Cincinnati 3. Rashad Weaver, EDGE, Pittsburgh 5. Caden Sterns, FS, Texas 5. Jamar Johnson, SS, Indiana 6. Israel Mukuama, CB, South Carolina 7. Jermar Jefferson, RB, Oregon State 7. Matt Bushman, TE, BYU 7. Marquiss Spencer, DE, Mississippi State
  15. Rodgers more so than Brady relies on physical talent to dominate a defense. His two best traits are his arm strength and his athleticism scrambling around in the pocket. He’s not going to last into his forties like Brady. I’d give two first rounders, Bridgewater and a Surtain-Stokes swap. Three firsts is too much imo.
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