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  1. Totally off the top of my head so I may be missing something. #5 Jermaine Lewis punt return touchdown in Super Bowl 35 #4 Jamal Lewis rushing for 295 yards against the Browns #3 Ray Lewis pick 6 against Titans in Divisional round of 2000 #2 4th Down stop on final drive against Niners in Super Bowl 47 #1 Mile High Miracle Hail Mary in Denver in 2012 Divisional round.
  2. I understand the argument and Kelce, Kittle and Waller undoubtedly deserve to be ahead of Andrews at this point I just can't put the likes of Hockenson and Pitts ahead of him yet. I will always take the player on the better offense especially the guy I know will get peppered with end zone targets on a very efficient red zone offense. I need to see it from Pitts and Hockenson before I can believe it.
  3. A lot of talent at the position right now. 1. Jalen Ramsey 2. Jaire Alexander 3. Marlon Humphrey (A bit biased) 4. Xavien Howard 5. Tredavious White Just missed James Bradberry, Stephon Gilmore, Marshawn Lattimore, Denzel Ward
  4. Ryan, Cousins and Baker have no business at all being ahead of Lamar on this list.
  5. And what exactly has Kirk won in his long illustrious career? Lamar has led his team to to a 30-7 record while throwing for 68 td's as opposed to 18 int's and leading his team to 3 playoff births in his first 3 seasons. It took Kirk 4 seasons to even top 10 touchdowns at the start of his career and still hasn't topped the touchdown total that Lamar did in year 2. GTFOH with this nonsense.
  6. This argument is really ridiculous and doesn't deserve to really be discussed but I will bite. Kirk is a system quarterback and is incapable of making things happen when the play breaks down and is forced to move. Sure when all things are right and the line is protecting he can be a very good quarterback but when anything fails within that system he is average at best. Lamar in his very short career so far has proven to be much more of a difference maker at the position and has a unanimous MVP under his belt. Lamar can flat out make things happen when a play breaks down with his legs and his a
  7. Seems about right. As a ravens fan I can only remember a couple of subpar defensive units during that time. So many of those great defenses were wasted by terrible offensive play, there 2006 defense was almost as good as that 2000 unit in my opinion.
  8. That is definitely the best comp I can think of as well, Jamal danced a bit too much later in his career but when he was trusting his vision he would explode through the holes and gained a ton of momentum in the second level just like Henry.
  9. I completely agree with you as long as the money is right.
  10. Granted I'd definitely prefer a pass rusher but added depth to a position where injuries are common in a new 17 game season isn't terrible as long as it's cheap.
  11. I don't think it's weird at all. This deal costs the Ravens next to nothing unless the Ravens get what they want out of him, so why not take a flyer? If he gives them a season of average to above average tackle play I think the Ravens would consider that a success.
  12. I think he will be just fine. Linebacker has become one of the most challenging positions to play in the last 10 years or so, there has been just so many added responsibilities for that position because of the evolution of the modern day offenses. You couple that with a guy who hadn't played that much football in his life coming in and being asked to start at the most challenging position to learn in an off-season when everything was done virtually? I think we will see a much better Queen this year.
  13. I'm definitely not saying it's perfect at all. The one thing PFF doesn't take into account is the human element of the game because of their obsession with analytics, they may grade a player poorly for a play but they don't know for example what that players responsibility was on that play. They could have a completely different assignment on a play and PFF is grading them assuming they were supposed to be somewhere else. As a Ravens fan I found their grading of JK Dobbins hysterical.
  14. Well you do realize that PFF is employed by a ton of NFL teams correct? There is obviously something to what they are doing or the NFL wouldn't pay them for their work.
  15. I mean to be fair the Niners have had a rough go the last 3 years with injuries. He is unquestionably a top tier offensive mind in the game and that's not really debatable but I guess you could bring into question his ability to get the best out of his players. Harbaugh is the perfect example of a top tier head coach who knows what to say to get the best out of his teams regardless. He isn't a great offensive or defensive mind but he knows how to lead the men on his team, that is a very underrated aspect of being a head coach.
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