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  1. Kevin Bowen @KBowen1070 · 20m Frank Reich: “Just a very poor effort. Got outplayed. Got outcoached. In all three phases."
  2. From a guy I know is a Giants season ticket holder >>>>>>> Eric from BBI :ADMIN Admin : 4:22 pm : link The word "character" did not come to my mind in watching that mess.
  3. Art Stapleton @art_stapleton · 10m Joe Judge's refusal to celebrate anything to do with the Giants currently owning a share of first place in the NFC East says a lot about who he is as a coach. Because, if NYG don't focus on what's next, what everyone talks about "will be a conversation of the past."
  4. And that is that >>>>>>> Zak Keefer @zkeefer · 1m Final: Titans 45, Colts 26. Indy allows a season-high in points (45), total yards (449), and rushing yards (229)
  5. Kevin Bowen @KBowen1070 · 26s Colts and Titans both had personnel issues today (Colts had more). But losing by 19 in your own building in the most important game of the season is extremely disappointed. Margin for error has shrunk with 5 games remaining
  6. Kevin Bowen @KBowen1070 · 13s 2-minute warning is here. Wonder if Jim Irsay will want to hop on Zoom after this one
  7. Kevin Bowen @KBowen1070 · 3m A.J. Brown chucks the ball about 30 rows deep after his onside return for a TD. Again, get this to 0:00 with no more injuries.
  8. 38-26Titans ...............................NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........MAKE THAT 45-26 Titans !!!!!!
  9. I was worried about our inactives today ........I guess I was right to be worried !
  10. Colts fan response to above comment by Zak Keefer >>>>>> Andrew @andrewdifalco13 · 1m Replying to @zkeefer I knew DeForest was valuable. Didn’t know he was this valuable
  11. Zak Keefer @zkeefer · 1m Titans have put up 35 points and 345 yards in the first half.
  12. YUP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........................35-14 Titans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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