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  1. I bring this up because a viewing outlet I have in my TV package just played a full replay of that game from back on 11/23/2019 ........GO COLTS !!!!!
  2. I realize that the JOY I had as I watching live back on 11/23/2019 as a Mr. Michael Pittman burned ......BURNED UCLA for 13 receptions......2 TD' s.......103 yds that if I knew he was gonna eventually be a Colt I would have enjoyed his performance back on that day EVEN MORE !!!!!!!!.......... GO Michael Pittman.........GO COLTS !!!!!
  3. Colt’s last 3 first round picks

    As a lifetime USC Trojan fan I have seen Marvel Tell do some real special things on the field. So this season (if there is one) I am hoping he raises it a level or 2......GO COLTS !!!!!
  4. I kinda like this from our GM !
  5. An article from Mike Chappell twitter >>>>>>>>> "Mike Chappell‏Verified account @mchappell51 2h2 "Let’s slow our roll a little bit" …...The article >>>>>>Chris Ballard: Jacob Eason has to earn spot with Colts; not ‘the next messiah walking into town’ (First sentence in the article) >>>>>INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – That sound you might have heard emanating from Chris Ballard’s Westfield basement Saturday evening was him not just tapping the breaks, but pushing them to the floor. Article link >>>>>>> https://fox59.com/sports/chris-ballard-jacob-eason-has-to-earn-spot-with-colts-not-the-next-messiah-walking-into-town/?anvplayer-autoplay=0
  6. Draft Day thread

    LB Glasgow …..Special Teams coach might like him .
  7. Draft Day thread

    Patmon WR looks like he is worth a look .
  8. Draft Day thread

    Isaiah Rodgers DB ………..BUT only 170 lbs ???
  9. Draft Day thread

    Colts draft Danny Pinter 6' 4" 306 Ball State . From NFL.COM >>>>>>> "Converted from tight end to tackle two years ago and will need to keep sliding inside as a zone-scheme blocker. His understanding of angles improved rapidly in-season, allowing his athleticism and agility to do their things as a move blocker" ………...SOME Websites list him as a Guard .
  10. Draft Day thread

    Louis Riddick just now >>>>>"Does Jacoby Brissett become trade bait now ?????"
  11. Excerpt from article >>>>> "The Indianapolis Colts offense: The second round is general manager Chris Ballard's round."......They just might be right !!!!! Article link >>>> http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001111371/article/2020-nfl-draft-day-2-winners-losers-rams-colts-get-boost
  12. Draft Day thread

    Colts trade pick.
  13. Draft Day thread

    So does the Jacob Eason watch begin as we get closer to the Colts next pick ?
  14. Draft Day thread

    I love …….LOVE running the ball ……….All day long !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Draft Day thread

    Mike Chappell‏Verified account @mchappell51 8m8 minutes ago Run the damn ball? Jonathan Taylor calls it a seamless transition from run-heavy Wisconsin to Colts. Same culture