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  1. Exactly. Dennis Dixon, Landry Jones, Josh Dobbs, Mason Rudolph. They have all been terrible. Tomlin had no drafting talent, nor is he capable of holding a football team together. The real problem is the ownership. For Art Rooney to even keep him around this long just proves that he’s in total lockstep with the NFL and their agenda. Forget about firing him and getting a solid coach in there. No, they have other priorities.
  2. The problem is that Cowher didn’t get enough time with Ben. Tomlin inherited most of Cowher’s drafted players. Tomlin should feel lucky that he had Ben for all those years, because if he didn’t, he surely wouldn’t be where he is today.
  3. That’s exactly the point though. So many of them that do go first overall end up being backups or out of the league in less than 5 years instead of being Aikman or Manning. Other than the fact that he managed to stay in the league for as long as he did, what makes Alex Smith any more special than the rest of them? How would that in any way put him above the status of being a disappointment after going 1st overall? Ok, let’s put it in this perspective. In the last 16 years, was he ever a legitimate threat to your team? No really.
  4. Nah, the helmets are fine. The bengal stripes are unique to them and they always went with their overall theme. I wouldn’t ever change the helmets.
  5. They’rrrre Grrrreat! No seriously, I think they’re far better than their old ones. More simplistic, not too much going on, and they kept all the best aspects.
  6. This is just sad. Freakish natural talent and he can’t be a normal person, lol.
  7. Absolutely not. He doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting into the Hall of Fame.
  8. By the standards of #1 overall draft picks, he was a bust. But, I give him a lot of credit for staying in the NFL as long as he did. For a lot of QBs that were in his perspective, they’ll have 2-3 years in the league tops and that’s it. But, Alex Smith proved himself worthy.
  9. I think it’s more Tom Brady who is ruining the NFL than Mahomes. And, the fact that Mahomes sat for a season before starting blows up TC’s case. Brady did too, but it’s just the fact that he hasn’t really declined since he got his first starting season in 2001 and is approaching mid 40s now. There’s at least a dozen teams in the league right now who would love to draft a QB who has that kind of consistency for 20 years. I think if Mahomes would have beaten Brady this past Super Bowl (even if he lost the game by a possession), we’d be having a different conversat
  10. The defense and the rush offense carried him all the way to the Super Bowl. Garappolo did nothing. He handed the ball off to Raheem Mostert the entire postseason. San Francisco wasted a ton of time and money off of a 2nd string QB.
  11. Still would have taken Foles over Wentz. I think everybody in Philadelphia would have too. You also totally forget that he could have taken Philadelphia right back to the Super Bowl again in 2018 if dumb Alston Jeffrey would have caught the football. And, Foles signed with a terrible organization that didn’t treat him right at all. Jacksonville traded him after he was signed to a multi year deal due to an injury. It was a cheap move. He got to Chicago and wasn’t in a position where he was guaranteed a starting role. Foles hasn’t been terribl
  12. Bud Dupree, and the way we handled his contract was bonafide idiotic. He didn’t perform for four straight seasons until we pulled the 5th year option. Then, he has his best career season in 2019 and that was when we should have been looking to trade him. But no, we use the tag on him and he tears his ACL last season so we forced ourselves into a corner where we have to cut him from the team to free up the cap space. Dupree had a “First Team All Pro”kind of season in 2019. We could have received a lot for him if we would have tried to trade him. But,
  13. There were a ton of horrid moves this off-season. San Francisco giving up half of their future for a #3 pick is ridiculous. Genuinely believe they’re going to pay for it. Watt going to Arizona was really dumb and had everybody believing he would go to a team where he could actually win a Super Bowl. The Goff-Stafford trade takes the cake though. Even the way it started out was really asinine. Detroit asks for Aaron Donald in exchange for Stafford, and if I were Los Angeles, I would have taken that as disrespect. Then Detroit’s like “ok we’ll take the QB” then, b
  14. Absolutely not, and they already had a chance to do that. He’s also one of the worst postseason QBs anybody has ever seen.
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