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  1. Tom Brady intends to leave Patriots

    It's more likely that he stays in New England, because Robert Kraft will feel obliged to pay him whatever he needs to for him to stay. I think the option of him going to another team is also possible for the reason that he may want to prove that he can win a Super Bowl with another team.
  2. LB Vontaze Burfict reinstated

    Of course. He's a high profile player. So is Myles Garrett. These guys are let off the hook for that very reason.
  3. LB Vontaze Burfict reinstated

    How is it? Did you expect anything else?
  4. None of these are accurate whatsoever.
  5. He's one of the most, if not the most, overpaid QB in the NFL within the last 10 years. Oakland knew they screwed up the long term contract with Carr. Oakland lost a lot of money and talent in a series of bogus moves in order to try to compensate. Carr actually had his best statistical season in 2019, but still couldn't go 500. I will give him credit that he's much better than his brother was.
  6. What does the term 'a number 1 wr' mean?

    Very subjective and almost unrealistic. There's exceptions like Julio Jones or Randy Moss, but the majority of #1 wideouts who are double teamed don't get near the touches of the opposite side or the slot for the very reason that they're running in double coverage. But, just because they still can't make plays in double coverage doesn't mean that they're not the #1 receiving option on their team by any means.
  7. Which division would have the best super team?

    Wilson would obviously have to be the QB, because the other three are quite terrible.
  8. Is Big Ben done?

    Yeah, but he's been injured so much more than those guys ever were. He has had his whole body repaired throughout his career, because he played most of those years without an offensive line that would actually block for him. He's been sacked more than any other QB in NFL history. You really can't compare Roethlisberger's situation to any other current QB in the league right now.
  9. The new CBA brings a huge opportunity

    I would probably keep the overtime rules as they currently are right now. I was originally in favor of making it more like college, but it makes much more sense to just keep it as it is because of the many high powered offenses in the league nowadays. If the possessing team scores a TD and wins the game on the first possession, then that is the opposing defense's fault for not keeping them out of the endzone. If you were to hand the opposing offense the ball so that they have an equal chance, then it could end up in a 15 minute shootout that ends in a tie anyway. The current rules are more effective in declaring a clear winner. That's why they shouldn't change it.
  10. The new CBA brings a huge opportunity

    That's a very dumb proposal. There would be too many ties within the regular season. We had that one season a few years back in which a lot of games ended within 3 points or less. By your proposal, almost every game would've ended in a tie that season. Yeah, we really shouldn't do that.
  11. Biggest non-QB bust?

    No, he was definitely a bust compared to the expectations the league had for him.
  12. Is Big Ben done?

    Big Ben Roethlisberger is capable of winning another Super Bowl if he wants it. That's been the problem with him for so many years. He's an incredibly brilliant quarterback that has been marred by an apparent lack of leadership. Ben in his youth was one of the most incredible achievements the football world had ever seen. Took his team to 15-1 as a rookie, and is still the youngest QB to ever win a Super Bowl. The way he executed wins as a play extender was so epic. Ben was absolutely born to be a QB in the NFL, and anybody who says he's not a Hall of Famer can go get a brain evaluation. But there's been a lot of times in Ben's career in which none of that ever mattered. He just simply didn't want it enough. And, that is truly the only thing stopping him. His health is a factor, but it's not the whole story. It's his mentality.
  13. Eric Weddle announces his retirement

    Dude, a lot of players already in the Hall of Fame never even made it to an All Pro team. But, most of those players played in an era when All Pro team selections weren't weighed like they are now.
  14. Biggest non-QB bust?

    Reggie Bush was a major draft bust. Everybody was freaking out back in 2006 when Houston went with Mario Williams instead. No, Mario Williams actually had a pretty solid career. Bush barely rushed for 1,000 yards in just two seasons, had negative yardage after his last season, and was out of the league before he was even 35. Honestly, his career was terrible.
  15. Antonio Brown back to Steelers?

    Jon Gruden is dumb enough to take him back, not Pittsburgh.