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  1. Really tired of the comparisons to Big Ben to be honest. Allen's not even close to where Ben was at his age.
  2. We're not even halfway into the season yet. It wouldn't have made a difference.
  3. That fat bastard got ticked off on the sideline over nothing. Breaks the COVID rules and rips his face shield off yelling at the refs "I want a measurement!! I want a measurement!!" The NFL needs to fine the hell out of his fat ***. Mahomes clearly didn't get the first down. The next play, they run it up the middle for the TD and then Reid shuts his mouth. Unbelievable.
  4. He's too injury prone to make it anywhere else.
  5. Tennessee's going to have cattail Henry run the football up the middle all day long this Sunday, and we won't have anybody there. Like that Robert Spillane is going to be able to tackle Henry. He'll run him right over. It will be a disaster. This is why it would have been a good idea to have Alex Highsmith play more of a hybrid role and have him ready to play the middle if we needed him to. I mean, he can by all means tackle anybody in the NFL. If Watt or Dupree were to be knocked out, Highsmith is automatic, but he played the middle when he was in high school, so I don't see why this couldn't have been done earlier. Now we have to scramble to find somebody in the free agency because dumb Tomlin and dumber Keith Butler have no good backups.
  6. This is definitely more about image than anything else for the Miami Dolphins. They probably got embarrassed over that horrid looking beard. Tua's going to be terrible in the long run anyway, so might as well give him his chance now.
  7. Benny Snell is playing much better football right now than LeVeon Bell is. You could give Romeo Crennell the football in the backfield and he'd probably have a better season than LeVeon's having. You can't just assume that he's going to automatically be the #2 RB on the depth chart after he had the gull to take an entire season off from the league. You can't do that and think you're going to come back the same. He's going to be a dumpster fire in Kansas City. He's just another part time target for Mahomes. That's it. But you go right ahead and keep defending his lazy ***.
  8. Why the hell is that surprising? Happens to so many QBs selected in the top 10 of the draft. Bortles obviously couldn't pass the football to save his life in Jacksonville and ran every play. Who would be shocked by any of this?
  9. Hell no, he isn't right now. Also love how you automatically omit James Conner out of the discussion to make a point. We don't hate the guy by any means, but we know that he's self-serving. Big difference there. Players are completely dispensable. NFL organizations are not.
  10. Then, why even have Pro Bowl selections? In American sports, it's a long standing tradition to have All-Star games played by All-Star players. They're not getting rid of the Pro Bowl. End of story.
  11. I'm more offended by Andy Reid's obesity than them signing LeVeon Bell.
  12. You couldn't even trade him at a yard sale, that's how terrible he is.
  13. We'll be making the playoffs without question, but there are much better teams in the AFC right now. Yes, we're 4-0 for the first time since 1979, but two of those wins were really bad and inexcusable wins. Should have never, ever been as close as they were.
  14. Been saying this for 2 years now, and nobody ever agrees.
  15. Derek Carr is better than David Carr, but he still sucks. Definitely not worth the money they guaranteed him. End of story.
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