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  1. When John Harbaugh had the nerve to embarrass Joe Flacco by cutting him from the team while being injured, he thought Lamar Jackson was his ticket to multiple Super Bowls. Nah, Lamar Jackson was his ticket for multiple playoff appearances. He really didn't think about how he'd perform in the postseason. When Joe Flacco was in Baltimore for 10 years, he got them to 3 AFC title games and also won the Super Bowl. With Joe Flacco, it wasn't always about how he performed in the regular season even though the team made 6 playoff appearances in that 10 year span (since his defens
  2. The Rooneys always do it the nice way. "Well, we kind of ran out of money sooo...." It's never going to be in the fashion of somebody like Jerry Jones (ousting somebody while they're already down and talking directly to the press about it).
  3. Butler was an absolute downgrade after having LeBeau for the previous 10 years. Rooneys were lazy and frugal as always. Just moving the next guy up from the payroll. Never looking for anybody from the outside. Tomlin should have been gone after we lost Super Bowl 45. I've been saying this for years now. But, he's got a job for life in Pittsburgh. He's not going anywhere. He can go 8-8 consecutively for the next 5 years (you know, "never having a losing season") and Rooney will keep him. Hell, he can go under 500 for that same time span, and he'll still ke
  4. For Rodgers, I think there would be legit pressure on him and Green Bay for sure if he went into this season without ever having a Super Bowl. For most QBs his age, there's not much pressure to get another Super Bowl if you've already have one. I mean, that depends on the overall mentality of the QB and how he looks at his team. For Rodgers, I don't think his mind is totally into getting as many Super Bowls as he can. Yeah, he's never really had the team Tom Brady had for 20 years, but if he cared more about Super Bowls than his MVP awards, he'd have a hell of a lot more
  5. Even with the win against Tennessee, there's still no excuse for his upset loss against them last season. First playoff game ever? Really? Big Ben went 13-0 as a rookie and had Pittsburgh hosting the AFC title game. What the hell is Lamar's excuse?
  6. Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns have the most mounted pressure by far. First playoff berth in almost 20 years and first playoff win since the 1980s. But, Baker is also looking to lift himself out of the status of being one of the NFL's well known fill-in QBs and asserting himself as an elite QB. He's really tired of people saying that he doesn't have it. And I see his point entirely.
  7. No, not at all. You can't overlook Stafford's mediocre existence by blaming the Detroit Lions. You'd put him in the playoffs next year, and he'd be the Kirk Cousins 2.0.
  8. Thank God "fart in a skillet" Fichtner is gone. He was quite the embarrassment for our team. But we still have "Beavus and Butt-head" Butler on defense. Need to get rid of him and Tomlin right away. Time for a complete rebuild.
  9. He is a damn liability. What the hell were you watching during the playoffs last year? San Francisco slipped through the cracks to get into the Super Bowl without Garoppolo even having to throw a pass. They ran the ball the whole time, and didn't want to take the risk with him. He threw 4 consecutive INTs before the 2019 season even started, and he's injury prone due to having no idea how to protect himself in the pocket. Probably the most overhyped QB in decades.
  10. Finnegan was nothing but a thug. A heckler that wanted to make his one year of fame in the NFL. Philip Rivers trash talks like the homeschooled kid who starts his senior year in the private Catholic school.
  11. He'll be a failure in the NFL just like Nick Saban was. Not a fan of college football coaches trying their hand in the NFL.
  12. Can't imagine a guy like him in the middle of a criminal investigation. I mean, he raises chickens.
  13. You obviously didn't get it. That's ok salt brain.
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