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  1. How did his post have anything to do with hate? He’s a Christian. Christians who follow the Word of God do not hate.
  2. And, all of a sudden, here comes people with great sense and of sound mind to the thread. Welcome Don’t ever stand back from touting your Christian faith. Most of the people here do not understand what you are saying, but you are right.
  3. No, Tony Dungy did not make mistake. He was speaking for the majority of NFL coaches and football coaches overall who wouldn’t want to deal with this kind of situation. I’m fully aware that the moderators are watching me like a hawk, so I’m going to try to say this without anybody getting offended right away. ………You and most of the posters in this thread don’t have a clear cut picture on how the real world works and you haven’t really spent enough time around other people to understand it. No matter what kind of activism people take for equality/social justice/whatever
  4. Ok, let’s take Tony Dungy for example. He’s a respectable guy around the league. When Michael Sam was drafted by St. Louis, Tony Dungy said he would prefer not to have somebody like Michael Sam on his team because he wouldn’t “want to deal with it.” What he was trying to say is that this is not something that everybody is automatically going to be ok with. That had a lot to do with why Michael Sam didn’t play a regular season game in the NFL. It wouldn’t be all that surprising if Nassib were to leave the league after this upcoming season to
  5. Yes, that is the definition of insecurity but you’re only validating my point. There are tons of straight people who hold no “uncertainty/anxiety” about who they are and have confidence in themselves, and part of that is knowing that they are instinctually uncomfortable around a person of the same biological sex that is attracted to them.
  6. Ok first off, somebody has every right to be homophobic if being around homosexual people makes them uncomfortable. No, it’s not immaturity/insecurity. There are still millions of heterosexual people who are very sure of themselves and still feel that way. They don’t have to make homophobic slurs or enact violence against that group of people, but they have every right to disassociate themselves from homosexuals. And, given the fact that the NFL is a source of employment for the heterosexual players just as much as it is for the homosexual player, they have a right to voic
  7. What I’m about to say here should not be considered insensitive by any means and should be part of the discussion. What about the players on the team who are openly uncomfortable with having somebody like that on the team? I feel like they are now in a position in which they are forced to conform to that even though they know that they are deeply uncomfortable with a homosexual being on the team, and fear of being thrown out of the league if they dare speak their concerns to NFL ownership. This is not about whether or not it is right that he is gay or if he and his k
  8. No, he has crazy longevity making his way through a Golden Corral buffet line. Anyway, from the perspective of his coaching record, he is blatantly overrated. Went to the Super Bowl with Philadelphia and choked. Then he gets a football prodigy in Mahomes at KC and wins the Super Bowl. Mike Ditka did it with Jim McMahon. What's Reid's excuse?
  9. Aaron Rodgers looks like the biggest clown on earth. I mean, how can he go golfing with Tom Brady when he has one Super Bowl and Brady's standing there with seven? That's just not a good image for him. If he's trying to make a statement in Green Bay, I would have picked a different opponent for the golf match.
  10. We still should have drafted him. So, he was speeding? So what? So did Bill Gates, and look where he is.
  11. Definitely not a fan of LeVeon Bell, but he's right about that fat disgrace.
  12. Mike Webster defines the position and always will. Sacrificed the most out of any pro football player for the sport.
  13. They shouldn’t have taken the trade if they weren’t getting at least that kind of offer. That’s what I was trying to say.
  14. This is fantastic for Tennessee, and terrible for Atlanta. Wow. Tennessee got him for almost nothing and he’s going to be a huge compliment to Tannehill. This team is just inching themselves closer and closer to the Super Bowl. Atlanta should’ve tried to get at least 3 picks (including a 1st round).
  15. Detroit Lions-Pittsburgh Pirates Nothing can be more true.
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