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  1. No, he’s right. With this draft class, it’s very likely that almost all QBs taken in the first round will be starting Week 1. They went to teams where there’s no real established veteran QB who was also doing well while being there. It’s not like Pat Mahomes sitting a year behind Alex Smith. Smith was a Pro Bowler and coming off a very good season when Mahomes got there. With this year’s draft class, the only team I see that could be up in the air is Chicago, only because they already have two higher profile QBs on that depth chart.
  2. Zach Wilson will definitely start and he’s going to be the Josh Rosen 2.0. New York crashed and burned so bad by drafting him.
  3. Yeah, Brady’s never been a real athlete. That’s why there’s tons of documentaries about his diet and workout regimen. He’s a 40+ white guy still playing in the NFL that runs a bootleg like he should be collecting social security. Ignore anybody that tries to tell you he’s an athlete in the same vein as Michael Jordan, lol.
  4. I use Old Spice Dynasty and I’m the finest smelling gent on earth, thank you very much!
  5. The NFL should have done the same thing with Bill Belichick after he was caught cheating. How’s his case any different than Lance Armstrong’s? Oh yeah, that’s right. Nobody in their right mind watches bicyclists.
  6. It’s true. Nobody else on that team’s even worth mentioning.
  7. Yes, the perfect season would’ve meant everything to him. Shannon Sharpe asked him if he would trade only 2 of his Super Bowl wins to have the perfect season in 2007, but Brady probably would have given up more than that. Let’s not forget that he and his team blatantly cheated to even get themselves into a Super Bowl while undefeated, and those are the proven facts. So, he deserves to feel bitter. Meanwhile, let’s just think about how great is must feel to be Eli Manning. Not to mention that Eli beat him twice! To defeat a disgruntled cheater for the people.
  8. Ok, this is really dumb. Oh, and Jim Carrey is a complete moron by the way.
  9. It was known for a while know that Baltimore was actively pursuing Al Villanueva. That’s no secret to anyone. And no, he may be past his career peak, he but can still play. Like we were going to cut him just 2-3 years ago.
  10. Michael Jordan’s the best North American athlete of all time. Brady’s not even a real athlete, and why are we even talking about Wayne Gretzky?
  11. Villanueva is a far better lineman than most people think he is. That’s why Baltimore fought tooth and nail to sign him.
  12. Here’s the reason why the new number rule is stupid. It makes an easier transition for rookies. They came out of college knowing that they would possibly have to give up a number they identified with and go with the rules of the professional league. That was always a factor for them having to mature and to adapt to the NFL. Now, the league is totally spoon feeding them. They’re making a habit of drafting college teammates together and allowing them to carry over the numbers they wore in college. It’s just asinine.
  13. So, for everybody coming at me in this thread, take a good look at the poll results. That sums it up.
  14. There is no conceivable way Brady could make it to the Super Bowl with the current team at Green Bay. Aaron Jones is good not great. And what happens if your best wideout gets double covered? They don’t have the resources at all. The 2020 Tampa Bay team was basically a repeat of the 2002 team. They had a superstar arsenal on both sides of the football and that’s why Brady could win a Super Bowl with that team. Juxtapose that with Green Bay. They have nothing.
  15. Etienne is far better. Much quicker and elusive all around. Etienne is compared to Alvin Kamara, Najee Harris is compared to Leveon Bell. Which one of those guys is the better RB in the NFL right now? I rest my case.
  16. Etienne is far better than Harris! But, still didn’t like us taking a RB in the 1st round. Just a terrible idea
  17. No I guarantee it! My team is as stupid as they come. They keep Ben around to take up all the cap space and now this! They have no idea what they’re doing
  18. No really, you could have had him! He’ll be terrible.
  19. He’ll be out of the league in less than 5 years. Too slow with serious diva tendencies. Yep, way to go Pittsburgh!
  20. Love how they get to the Steelers and do the Big Ben throwback right away. God, we’re so special!
  21. No, he’s going to Pittsburgh now. There’s no denying it at this point.
  22. Like hell he’ll be a bust. He’s a freak athlete and a jack of all trades. He was supposed to go to us!
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