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  1. 2020 Stupidity Virus Outbreak

    I’m shocked that they have done no work in shoring up the front 7. They lost Reader, and late last season they couldn’t generate any pressure. It’s silly to think that they would just assume Watt is going to stay healthy in 2020 and everything is going to be fine. Part of the reason they were so atrocious at stopping the pass last season was because of the lack of pressure. They still have money to spend, so it would be nice to see them sign some people up front.
  2. Wow. What are they doing? Who are they bidding against for these guys?!!
  3. Texans signed S Eric Murray 3 yrs, $20.25M

    Seems like a terrible overpay. Would have been better just to give this money to Hop.
  4. Cardinals trade DeAndre Hopkins + for David Johnson +

    It’s one thing if you trade Hopkins for a trove of picks or someone like Todd Gurley (which also would be stupid) but there would be at least some explanation that’s reasonable. This is just so asinine it hurts to think about.
  5. Cardinals trade DeAndre Hopkins + for David Johnson +

    And they don’t even get a first round pick in the deal? This is disgraceful.
  6. Cardinals trade DeAndre Hopkins + for David Johnson +

    Wow. This is absolutely ridiculous. How is this even something they would think about doing?? If Hop wants a new contract, they have plenty of money to get it done
  7. Easily the best FA signing in Texans history. I think all-time Texans he’s in the top 10 and possibly top 5, especially considering for how effective he was for so long.
  8. BoB messed up a lot of things during this game despite being gifted a start that could not have been more perfect, but the thing I keep coming back to is what he did 2 weeks ago. BoB let Gipson play in week 17 for no reason when he was already hurt and knowing that they had to go through Kelce and KC. Gipson was brought in specifically for these scenarios and he didn’t even get a chance to play in it because BoB is such an idiot. If Kelce was held to 4 catches and 58 yards, like he was in Week 6, things could have ended differently (likely would have lost in hard breaking fashion though, but just would have been closer).
  9. I just hope the offense recovers from whatever has been happening the past few weeks. They’ve been so inconsistent from week to week. I hope they’ve been saving something for the playoffs or else this could become a blow out fast.
  10. Week 16 Texans @ Bucs

    What an ugly win. Defense really showed up against a red hot Winston and was the ones carrying the offense for once. Would love for them to rest people in week 17, but at the same time I feel like they need to figure out what’s going on on offense before the playoffs.
  11. Week 16 Texans @ Bucs

    Love to kill the momentum with another 1st down run for no gain!
  12. Week 16 Texans @ Bucs

    If they try to run again on 1st and 10 to start the next drive I’m going to freak out.
  13. Yeah, no idea what he was thinking there. That is the idea time to pass, there’s no downside to it if it falls incomplete. Hopefully BOB figures out how to call a full game by next Sunday. These 1st and 2nd and 10 runs runs for nothing are not going to work against the Patriots. Got lucky here more than anything else that the Colts couldn’t pass the ball worth a damn.
  14. I don't understand the bland play calling the past 2 weeks. BOB always seems to do this at some point in the season. He moves away from what's working and starts calling plays like they have Matt Schaub at QB.
  15. Houston Texans @ Baltimore Ravens

    Goodness gracious, how is that not pass interference??