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  1. Nike suspended Deshaun’s endorsement deal and Beats terminated their deal with him. I am really just shocked at how little has come from Hardin and Watson in response to everything brought to light so far. It makes me think they really have no response to it because it all happened. The responses they have given (getting 20 masseuses to say he acted appropriately, saying one accuser tried to extort them, and that Ashley Solis asked for a settlement of 100k) doesn’t disprove any of the claims.
  2. Yeah, when Buzbee first made his post on Instagram announcing the lawsuit it seemed like it was BS. Now a few weeks later and this looks to be very legitimate and it looks more and more like Watson is a serial predator like the one accuser said. Hardin and Watson need to do more than come out with 20 masseuses saying Watson was professional with them, because Buzbee also has 20 saying he wasn’t, all showing an extremely similar pattern of targeting “masseuses” over IG dms. This isn’t 20 people saying Watson was professional and 1 person says he wasn’t and even still just because Watson w
  3. Add this to the fact that he is supposedly going back and deleting Instagram messages he had sent to people requesting massages and it’s not looking good.
  4. His base is my 12.5 mil, he can earn up to that through incentives. It seems like people think his base will be less than 6 mil, which is just top backup money. Obviously everyone will want to read into this, but really even if Deshaun was happy, I would want to see them signing a backup like this. Especially with someone who takes as many hits as Watson, it makes sense to have a top backup who is capable of stepping in a managing a good game.
  5. The move of signing vets to 1 year deals makes sense and is what I liked about the brief Brian Gaine era. There is no need to lock your cap up with players like Martin, Mercilus, Cobb, and Murray.
  6. It’s just very sad it has to end this way because it really didn’t have to. The Texans could have hired Omar Khan, got rid of Jack, hired an actually competent coach that would be able to excite the team and fan base (EB, Eberflus), and reworked Watts deal to lower the cap hit while give him some guaranteed money. Him of course deciding to stay with the Texans because he believed in the foundation that was being set up and that with 4 under center they will be a contender as long as they make semi-competent moves.
  7. Just hilarious that his last stop was in Detroit, where he was brought in by Patricia, and where they had major locker room issues!
  8. Wentz and Easterby are perfect for each other. With a Watson & Texan reconciliation looking less likely by the day, a Watson for Wentz swap would be ideal in my eyes so I can smoothly transition my fandom to Philadelphia.
  9. https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/02/01/mmqb-super-bowl-week-matthew-stafford-trade-negotiations-los-angeles-rams Just so no one get it twisted about why Watson wants out...
  10. It’s clear from this statement that you don’t understand why he wants out. He’s doesn’t want out because they had a losing season, he wants out because this organization is an absolute mess thanks to Easterby and Cal is continuing to go along with it.
  11. And he doesn’t have to. We know why he’s upset. If you don’t, you’re just choosing to be ignorant about the whole Jack Easterby / Cal McNair situation. It’s absolutely not worth it. How many picks did it take to get a quarterback like Watson on the team? 3 first round picks are worthless if you have Jack Easterby being a part of the decision making process on them. It also still doesn’t fix underlying issue that Jack and Cal are going to be running things.
  12. Once Watson is traded, I’m planning on being out. Growing up in Connecticut, it never made much sense for me to become a Texans fan, it was just an illogical choice I made when I was 10 years old (new fan, new team!) that stuck and has since driven me crazy for the majority of the time for the past 18 years. I might try rooting for the Eagles and see how that goes, the rest of my family are Eagles fan and getting to watch Jalen Hurts could be a good entry point. I’ll definitely be rooting for Watson wherever he goes too and I think I’ll just start to root more-so for players than a
  13. This all comes down to if Watson is ok with this. Allegedly they got close at the pro bowl last year (not sure how much I believe that), but we’ll see I guess. The biggest thing he has going for him is that he’s pretty much an unknown, who knows if he’ll be good. It seems like a lot of people think he’s a good leader and maybe that’s what the team needs, someone to really take charge and build a culture for the team. I also get the idea that maybe he’s been overlooked, people keep saying he gets players to “buy in” and that may be true, but at all of his stops his units have not very good
  14. It would be such a Texans move to hire the guy who coordinated the defense that gave up 40 points over the guy who coordinated the offense that scored those points. Hiring EB should be the easiest move Caserio has to make this offseason.
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