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  1. BoB messed up a lot of things during this game despite being gifted a start that could not have been more perfect, but the thing I keep coming back to is what he did 2 weeks ago. BoB let Gipson play in week 17 for no reason when he was already hurt and knowing that they had to go through Kelce and KC. Gipson was brought in specifically for these scenarios and he didn’t even get a chance to play in it because BoB is such an idiot. If Kelce was held to 4 catches and 58 yards, like he was in Week 6, things could have ended differently (likely would have lost in hard breaking fashion though, but just would have been closer).
  2. I just hope the offense recovers from whatever has been happening the past few weeks. They’ve been so inconsistent from week to week. I hope they’ve been saving something for the playoffs or else this could become a blow out fast.
  3. Week 16 Texans @ Bucs

    What an ugly win. Defense really showed up against a red hot Winston and was the ones carrying the offense for once. Would love for them to rest people in week 17, but at the same time I feel like they need to figure out what’s going on on offense before the playoffs.
  4. Week 16 Texans @ Bucs

    Love to kill the momentum with another 1st down run for no gain!
  5. Week 16 Texans @ Bucs

    If they try to run again on 1st and 10 to start the next drive I’m going to freak out.
  6. Yeah, no idea what he was thinking there. That is the idea time to pass, there’s no downside to it if it falls incomplete. Hopefully BOB figures out how to call a full game by next Sunday. These 1st and 2nd and 10 runs runs for nothing are not going to work against the Patriots. Got lucky here more than anything else that the Colts couldn’t pass the ball worth a damn.
  7. I don't understand the bland play calling the past 2 weeks. BOB always seems to do this at some point in the season. He moves away from what's working and starts calling plays like they have Matt Schaub at QB.
  8. Houston Texans @ Baltimore Ravens

    Goodness gracious, how is that not pass interference??
  9. Jordan Thomas activated off of IR

    I was a big fan of Thomas last year too (Watson also seemed to have a good connection with Thomas last year.) and was expecting big things from him this year. Fells basically has just replaced what Thomas was doing last year, so I wonder where he would fit in the offense now.
  10. Week 9 Texans vs Jags in London

    To be fair though it wasn’t really an issue all offseason. Just became one once Clowney got traded. However, they knew they were going to trade him for a while so they should have planned accordingly and assuming Watt was going to stay healthy all season was foolishly optimistic.
  11. What to do about K?

    A new kicker is not gonna fix Anger’s holds. They should try a new holder before anything else.
  12. Week 6 - Houston Watsons' vs KC Mahomes'

    I’m still shocked the Texans actually won this game. This seemed to be one of those games where they are in control for the majority of it and then something happens in the last 5 minutes where everything melts down and they blow it. Also, props to BoB for going for it on 4th. Could have totally seen Ka’imi missing that kick and Mahomes going down field to tie the game. He should have left the ball in Deshaun’s hands on 3rd down anyways, but alas.
  13. Week 1 GDT: Houston Texans @ New Orleans Saints

    Boy, that really sucks. It was so obvious they were going to let the Saints get into field goal range too. Reminded me of the Pats and Seahawks games of 2017.
  14. Clowney gets Franchise Tag

    Couldn’t O’Brien say this was the doing of the now fired GM and that he wasn’t going to trade him? Maybe he did try and do that and Clowney wasn’t buying it still but it seems like that would have been a reasonable pitch to make. This line of reporting kind of seems like it’s coming from someone close to O’Brien that wants to make him look like less of an idiot by being like he HAD to trade him because Gaine messed up the relationship beyond repair. However, if the relationship was beyond repair in April, why was he still held on to for so long? Why wasn’t he traded before the extension deadline?
  15. Clowney gets Franchise Tag

    I really don’t have any qualms about giving up two first round picks (that should be in the 20s) for a franchise LT. He has the potential to solidify Watson’s blindside for a decade. Also, BOB probably would have blown the picks anyways, so I’m happy they got something worthwhile from them.