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  1. They need to find a way to keep Fuller. It’s such a ridiculous premise to get rid of two great WRs with great chemistry with your great young QB. Those picks will just be used to replace Fuller anyways. It’s not like we have some young cheap up and coming WR waiting in the wings. Also, based on Deshaun’a comments after practice about trade speculation he is not having it at all.
  2. If they trade Fuller, they are just the biggest idiots. He has such great chemistry with Watson and after moving Hopkins, I don’t know how you would be able to sell that move to him. And just the idea of trading away 1 all pro and 1 pro bowl caliber WR within a 7 month span is just ridiculous. I think the only person that really makes sense to move is Mercilus. I like Roby I think he is pretty good and he is a pretty reasonable deal. They might be able to get a late round pick for Stills too.
  3. Me either, but after the bye things really get a lot easier. It’s such a shame they couldn’t have pulled out a win last week. It would make such a difference. One tipped ball or one TD that should have been overturned away. Also, they should have won the Steelers game, but had they won that BoB would still be the coach probably.
  4. He is also now on pace to be the first Texans QB to throw 30 or more touchdowns in a season.
  5. Such a shame they couldn’t pull out the win. Romeo definitely made the right call going for 2 though. He knew his defense wouldn’t be able to hold them from scoring at the end of the 4th or OT and he was right! Also, AJ Brown’s knee was definitely down out of bounds before his other foot hit.
  6. I’m honestly surprised the McNairs actually did this in the middle of the season. I’m glad they did. With BoB having so much responsibility there is a lot that needs to be sorted out. Also, it’s hilarious this happened the day he said he is taking over playcalling duties for the rest of the season. It would also be really great if the team could rally around Romeo and make it to the playoffs for the first time as a head coach.
  7. The McNairs now need to open their checkbook for Eric Bieniemy when the season comes to a close. Ian Rapoport mentioning that Josh McDaniels might be the guy because of the Easterby connection, but I really would not want that.
  8. Such a shame the offense wasted the momentum they built after the 2nd quarter with terrible play calling for each of their drives trying to make the run game happen when it clearly was not happening.
  9. Disappointed that Jordan Thomas didn’t work out. During his rookie year he showed so much promise. I hope they can put him on the PS at least.
  10. I feel like Gipson played well last year. He did a really good job against opposing TEs. After not drafting a S, I really hope BoB has his eye on a FA out there and is not thinking Eric Murray fills the void.
  11. Don't feel too good about this, but here it is nonetheless. 1. AJ Dillion 2. Darrell Taylor 3. Marlon Davidson 4. Ross Blacklock 5. Grant Delpit 7. Neville Gallimore 8. Terrell Lewis 9. McTelvin Agim 10. Michael Ojemudia 11. Tevon Hill 12. John Hightower 13. Amik Robertson 14. Blake Lynch 15. A.J. Green
  12. Would have liked this if this was for a 4th, or even a 3rd. But to give up a second round pick for someone with serious concussion problems and a really awful contract? Just another head scratcher. Maybe they think that they can get more out of the Cardinals for Hop with the whole not being able to complete physicals so the 2nd round pick doesn’t matter as much.
  13. I’m shocked that they have done no work in shoring up the front 7. They lost Reader, and late last season they couldn’t generate any pressure. It’s silly to think that they would just assume Watt is going to stay healthy in 2020 and everything is going to be fine. Part of the reason they were so atrocious at stopping the pass last season was because of the lack of pressure. They still have money to spend, so it would be nice to see them sign some people up front.
  14. Wow. What are they doing? Who are they bidding against for these guys?!!
  15. Seems like a terrible overpay. Would have been better just to give this money to Hop.
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