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  1. I think a hard reset is about to be in store for the Texans. Like what the Dolphins recently went through, trading all of their assets for draft capital (Watson, Watt, Tunsil) and Caserio can start with a clean plate. Crazy that Cal is just going to burn down his franchise all because he doesn’t want to let go of Jack. It took this franchise 15 years to get a generational type talent at QB and they are only going to have gotten 3 full seasons out of him. What a terrible organization...
  2. As long as 4 is under center I’ll be rooting got the Texans. It’s looking like that may not be for much longer though! With all this talk about prayer, maybe the Texans will try to trade Watson for Wentz and a bunch of picks. Selfishly, this would be my ideal scenario because then I could just root for the Eagles like the rest of my family.
  3. If Easterby was a good friend he would quit for Caserio’s sake too. He’s ruining a once in a lifetime opportunity for him.
  4. Not only was it a dumb decision, but it also just another thing that will make people second guess working for the Texans. Who wants to be in business with someone like this? Cal is really an idiot, just the stereotypical rich kid, put in this position because of his father, with no business acumen.
  5. Based on the article I would think it was someone close to Rootes or maybe even Rootes himself.
  6. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/01/10/report-texans-were-poised-to-hire-omar-khan-as-g-m/ These reports coming out are just getting worse and worse. To think they were close to hiring Khan and Easterby was going to leave for Carolina and instead we got this mess. Cal can’t get out of his own way.
  7. This is ridiculous take. It’s not just about one bad season. It’s about an organization that is extremely disfunctional and has no signs of improving. It’s about an organization that trusts people like Jack Easterby to make all types of decisions when 1) no one seems to trust the guy 2) everybody seems to hate the guy because he’s a weirdo 3) has no qualifications to be in charge of those decisions. It’s also about how Cal lied to Watson and told him he’d be a part of the process and they went behind his back to make Caserio the GM without even talking to him first. Based on the other re
  8. Yes, of course having an all time great QB helps, but their roster’s over the course of his tenure were also really impressive, especially on defense. That’s not to say there aren’t any concerns. Of course over 12 years of roster building there are going to be some duds and there are definitely some concerns with how the Patriots were unable to get any weapons on offense the past few years, but also using fan voting as a way to evaluate Caserio seems silly.
  9. Agreed. Caserio is more than qualified to be a GM and has done some really impressive things with the Pats. It’s the fact that he was clearly hired because Easterby was pushing Cal to make the move is extremely concerning. Especially after everything that has come out about him and how the most important players on the team feel like there needs to be a cultural reset in the organization and how Cal just disregarded the finalist list that his search firm provided. This move seems to show that Cal did not take the feedback seriously and a cultural reset is not coming. Who knows what Caser
  10. Wow. Those final candidates look great! If only Cal would have listened to the firm he paid to help him...what a buffoon.
  11. Jack is clearly in the ear of Cal and that is not changing no matter what anyone (Watt, Watson, the whole team basically) says.
  12. Great to see Omar Khan interviewing for the GM position — make it happen, Cal!
  13. AJ Brown got that call in week 6.
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