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  1. Happy for Merc, but this should have been done in March. Just chalk this up as another short sighted move by Caserio — it never made sense to push more dead money into the future instead of just taking the majority of the cap hit this year on him when the team was never going to compete / need the cap space to sign a difference maker.
  2. Culley is so dumb. Really skeptical he’ll be able to build a good culture in the locker room when he’s going to be the one costing the team games.
  3. Pats were bound to get in the end zone again with Culley continuing to give them short field positions with his bad decision making.
  4. This Texans staff has no idea when to be aggressive or not. That was a great opportunity to just pin the Pats back let them burn time going down the field. No need to get cute on your own 35 up 13.
  5. When you have a chance to run the ball for two yards on 1st and 20, you just have to do it!
  6. TK’s play calling is so hit or miss. Sometimes it’s great, other times it’s like George Godsey all over again.
  7. Man, Culley just wasted all the momentum they had building because he was too scared to go for it again. Such a shame.
  8. At least try to draw the offsides and then take the delay of game! They have been antsy all game.
  9. I just hope they let Mills sling it in this game. The Panthers are going to be stacking the box, just like the Browns, and daring the Texans to beat them throwing the ball. Texans are not going to keep this game close if they stubbornly stick to trying to run the ball on 1st and 2nd down with no success. He’s a rookie, let him make mistakes and learn from them and if he doesn’t they at least will know what they have in him.
  10. I would be willing to write it off as that if he also didn’t punt on that 4th and 1 earlier.
  11. Culley is coaching scared. You have a minute left with all three timeouts and you just run out the clock SMH. A field goal can be the difference maker in this game.
  12. Wow — so that was the first terrible decision of the Culley era right there. If you decline that penalty, you go for it on 4th and 1. If you’re gonna punt on 4th and 1 at midfield why don’t you accept the penalty and get another shot at getting a first on 3rd???
  13. Browns are frauds. They overrated from making the playoffs last year having had the 2nd easiest SOS and also somehow a negative point differential still despite winning 11 games. Texans win 24-22. It will seem like big upset (especially considering the line that is currently on the game) but then looking back at the end of the season it won’t be because the Browns will have a losing record.
  14. Yeah a ridiculous and dangerous no call.
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