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  1. Cool fwiw the other roles are broken too but my assumption is that they are lying and i was trying to get you to engage wasnt trying to get your goat man sorry about that
  2. my gut says forge. it felt like his "do it hit me" was a poker bluff
  3. to me with the lst write up about all the bombings feels like a set up, everyone died from explosions? thats eiither a horrible finger pointing from host as a mistake or its scum pointing fingers
  4. reading his play and his role feels broken more like a good idea on the players part for cover then a balanced role in a game pretty much the assumption im going off my gut says forge
  5. orca lying constantly is about the most consistent thing we have in the game daring to be killed in this scenario feels weird. i dont buy him having checked out of the game
  6. @Forge any specifics you feel free to give on your commuter ability? looking for clarification
  7. @Heimdallr any reason you can think for why two players who are dead didnt have their identities revealed?
  8. its a sound plan but i dont like it squires not talking like scum and orca is too relaxed about the whole thing he feels resisgned i dont like the way forge is playing and i dont like his claim it feels wrong
  9. not gonna lie i have a gut on which people i think are bad but i dont think i have enough info to support it
  10. squire - bomber -on the fence orca -?- other aligned fairly certain forge- commuter- town? not certain heimdallr- town aligned fairly certain matts- town aligned maybe
  11. for some reason i can see you doing this whole thing just to have some **** to talk about after the game
  12. hes not i dont like his claim it doesnt make sense to have two players that are for lack of better explanation unkillable and we have orca as well.
  13. im fairly certain ive seen it go either way. either your given a role where you can only be lynched or your given a role where you can only be killed
  14. took me a while to read and catch up im literally a westen how can you comute everynight? thats way over powered. that doesnt make sense to me forges role doesnt make sense to me, but neither does you or squire feel like town to me you were talking about squire and his bombs before night happened. it feels like scum may have had a way of taking advantage of it to pin blame i have no more moves i was one and done im michaels mother madeline it feels like hes telling the truth he isnt giving me scum vibes
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