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  1. @Pickle Rick ok man cant say i grasp the idea too well yet but im game i guess
  2. hey man its cool i dont really think anyone is genuenly saying that from what ive seen thread play wise im good with a push on naz he;s posting just enough to not get called out for posting while adding very little im the way of useful info
  3. i read it more as he was a part of not solely responsible for the buss
  4. dude i locked my vote why would i not go in on you i wouldnt lock my vote if i wasnt damn certain you bad vote mwil im full on 99% on him being scum
  5. im more then willing to be lynched myself if mwil comes up town im as certain as i can be he's mafia
  6. i say we leave it were it is i really dont think i have im pretty confident that your scum even if in how your defending yourself after i claimed what i have your acting scummy as hell
  7. im still going with my gut and saying your scum, if im wrong then know i really will feel like **** for running a lynch on a townie
  8. . . . .sarkin and liliana both have connections to bolas but both have "arguments" to claim they're good guys. my argument against you isnt who your character is but the title that came with it it isnt from war of the spark but two years before war of the spark
  9. you tagged me, i thought you were pretending to give me a heads up on the character, i saw. dont know how much i believe it but i saw
  10. im checking in occasionally but no real reason until nightfall unless something big happens
  11. dont, no reason unless you think something needs to change