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  1. Free Agency

    We can never have nice things, I swear. 🙄
  2. Free Agency

    Pugh, Mathieu, Logan, and Jensen. Those are the 4 I would target with the hopes of signing 2 of them. I don't know much about Mewhort (expect he was drafted kind of high to be a tackle) or Melvin but if they fit what we need you can add them. Edit: I'd like to sign Galette back for cheap.
  3. Zack Brown back with skins

    great deal!
  4. Free Agency 2018 || Redskins Re-Signings

    Hell YEAH, finally some defense! Hope it's a multiyear deal.
  5. Free Agency

    Why have we not added one single player to our defense yet? This is starting to concern me...
  6. Free Agency

  7. Free Agency

    I think I'm a better blocker than Davis.
  8. Free Agency

    I believe he resigned with Tennessee.
  9. Free Agency 2018 || Redskins Re-Signings

    He played well enough in limited snaps to deserve to come back.
  10. Trent Murphy Likely Gone

    Good for Murphy. Got a good contract and moves to the 4-3 where he really belongs. Never liked the fit here.
  11. With the 6th Pick..

    Josh Allen seems like a rich man's Hackenburg. Big body, big arm, questionable college stats and film. I wonder if the Jets will want to go the exact opposite this time and go with Mayfield. Thats who I voted for.
  12. Free Agency

    Please God, yes.
  13. Trent Murphy Likely Gone

    Too early to judge it. Remember last year, we didn't sign Zach Brown until April.
  14. Trent Murphy Likely Gone

    Much like Breeland, I'd be happy to have him back but I'm not losing sleep over losing him (depending on $$). I thought his 9 sack year was kind of inflated. I remember a lot of his sacks came from cleaning up pressure being set by Kerrigan and others. He's a solid starter but he's coming off a torn ACL and PED suspension. I'll root for him wherever he goes because I think he's a good guy (met him once after a game and he took a picture with me) but his departure isn't going to move the needle much either way.