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  1. Supp Draft at 1 p m ET Today

    Pro comp for Alexander?
  2. Supp Draft at 1 p m ET Today

    Looks like we took Alexander with a 6th. Sounds like a good move based off what I’ve heard from guys in this forum.
  3. Most underrated player on your team

    Yeah, I came in here to say Chris Thompson. People know of him but I don't think they really know how talented he really is. Every time the ball was in his hands, something good happened.
  4. Jay Gruden doesn't get nearly the credit he deserves for developing Kirk Cousins. I'm excited about him teaming up with Alex Smith. It's the first starting QB that he didn't inherit.
  5. Things other than Redskins

    http://www.espn.com/blog/minnesota-vikings/post/_/id/26505/kirk-cousins-looks-to-shake-off-2-red-zone-picks-end-upbeat The more things change, the most they stay the same
  6. Hell yeah, you deserve it man! I'm thinking of just taking the metro in to the heart of the city with my wife and just following the red jerseys haha. No game plan.
  7. Anyone going to the parade tomorrow? I don't start my new job yet so I'm thinking of heading down. It's gonna be a mad house but I'm sure it'll be a blast.
  8. Just wanna let you guys know that my wife and I officially moved to Maryland on Thursday. The Caps locked it up the same day we moved in. If that’s not fate, I don’t know what is. #ALLCAPS !!!
  9. Eagles Release Mychal Kendricks, should we?

    I’ve always been a fan of his. I would.
  10. DeAngelo Hall Retires

    Madden LEGEND.
  11. Reginald Kahlil McKenzie Jr

    I just remember seeing him in the combine and thinking he had the most stout lower body I saw all combine. His legs were the size of tree trunks. I could definitely see his body type being a guard in the NFL.
  12. Least surprising pick in the whole draft. I love that kid, great leadership.

    Oh hell yeah. Let’s just pretend we took Settle in the 4th and Apke in the 5th and everyone’s happy.

    Completey forgot about Hogan. Nevermind. Haha

    You know, Mike White QB from Western Kentucky was really impressive at the Senior Bowl. This wouldn’t be a bad time to take a developmental QB. Still want Settle, Cain, or Crosby. Still a good amount of names out there.