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  1. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    Ok, semifinals, money on the line. pick 1 WR and 1 Flex: Alshon Jeffery Josh Gordon Larry Fitz Gio Bernard PPR League btw. I’m leaning Fitz and Gordon but Bernard intrigues me with his catches out of the backfield and the volume he’ll have with Mixon out.
  2. 2018 Draft Eligible WR Thread

    First time seeing Anthony Miller today. Holy smokes, this dude is a football player!
  3. The NOT Too Early 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    This WR for Memphis Anthony Miller is looking like freakin Antonio Brown out there today against UCF. Sneaky great game between a 10-1 team (MEM) and 11-0 team (UCF)
  4. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    Am I crazy to start Samaje Perine over Kareem Hunt tonight? Hunt has been in a big slump and Perine is coming over consecutive 100 rush yard games...
  5. Kirk Cousins Stuff

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/enjoy-kirk-cousinss-final-games-with-the-redskins-this-is-about-more-than-money/2017/11/28/90e42e1e-d46c-11e7-b62d-d9345ced896d_story.html?utm_term=.ad54b6dbc36d Headline: Enoy Kirk Cousins final games with the Redskins. This is about more than money.
  6. Kirk Cousins Stuff

    He’s gone. He doesn’t want to be here. The Front Office continues to botch this and we’re going to lose the best QB we’ve had in over 20 years. Enjoy these last 5 games with Kirk, because they will most likely be his last with us. Bruce Allen is going to somehow try and spin this as Kirk leaving us and villianizing him but we all know the truth. Bruce Allen has run out almost everything positive that happens to this franchise and at this point is a cancer.
  7. Damon Harrison and Dalvin Tomlinson are licking their chops. Kirk is going to once again show his toughness tomorrow.
  8. Cardinals cut Andre Ellington

    Him and DJ Swearing would crossed paths one again.
  9. The Jay Gruden Thread

    One more year. If his team next year (barring we bring back Cousins) shows no improvement and the tires seem stuck in the mud, he gets the axe. Next year is the year to put him on the hot seat, not this season.
  10. The Jay Gruden Thread

    But we didn't need 5 yards, we needed 1 foot. I have to go with Thai on this one. Having your guys pull on a play that the defense has almost no choice but to sell out for is a bad combo. That call, out of all the calls, upset me the most. Again, something Gruden has to improve on.
  11. The Jay Gruden Thread

    We collapsed big time yesterday. You can blame Cousins for not closing it out, you can blame the defense for obvious reasons, you can blame players, coaches, everyone. The fingers should be directed all across the board. And when that happens, it all goes back the head coach. It was Jay Gruden’s job, above all, to make sure we secured the win. He failed. It was embarrassing and heartbreaking. Immediately after the last FG went through, I said to myself “We’re never going to be contenders with this guy as head coach”. But here’s the thing. Can he learn from this experience? I know “learning experience” isn’t a term you guys want to hear. It’s not going to get us into the playoffs and it’s not going to take the sting away from the loss. But I truly believe that Gruden needs to be groomed like a young, talented QB. He’s going to have his bumps and bruises along the way but the talent is there. He has these guys playing with heart and we have been in every single game this year. This loss was the most painful but if (when) we are put in that situation again, Gruden will use this experience to coach a better game and close it out. Up until the last 3 mins of the game, Gruden was coaching a gem. That fake punt was absolutely genius and if we held on the win, it would’ve been the key play of the game. (“And if I was 6 inches taller, I’d be in the NBA”, I hear ya). Listen guys, we weren’t going to the Super Bowl this season no matter what. We need to use the rest of this season to gain experience and grow. We need to continue to build chemistry with Kirk and Doctson. We need continue to run the ball better (big step for Perine yesterday). We need to get better at the play calling. I truly believe that we are getting better as a team but due to injuries and schedule and not closing out close games has put us where we are. I’m not ready to blow it up and start over. Keep Kirk. Keep Jay. Let’s continue to plow through some growing pains and build something special for next season and beyond. For the first time in a long time, we have a solid foundation. Why start over now?
  12. The Jay Gruden Thread

  13. The Jay Gruden Thread

    Haha I don’t listen to the local DC radio so I didn’t know what Paulsen’s reputation is. I was hoping it wasn’t that. Who are some of the local reporters that you guys like? Who are the morons? I usually like guys like Mike Jones (even though he moved to USA Today) , JP Finely, and John Keim.
  14. The Jay Gruden Thread

    Kind of in the boat I am here:
  15. The Jay Gruden Thread

    I mean, maybe you're right and 9-7 is the best we can do with Gruden. Still, I want to give him 1 more year here and see if patience is a virtue and he finally gets over the hump. I know every year there are injuries and everyone plays a tough schedule in the NFL but this has been especially brutal for us this year. I remember saying to myself earlier this season, we could improve our team, take a step forward and still have a worse record than last season. I don't think Gruden has done anything drastic this season that merits getting fired just yet. If the team ends the season looking uncompetitive and unfocused then I'd be more inclined to understand it. But for the time being, I'm still holding off.