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  1. My case for Brees to retire:

    The result everyone could see coming. Be ready for more check downs then ever. Love the player but... His arm is shot. Hope we don’t get the Payton Manning ending. Or maybe I do.
  2. Offseason Talk:

    I think they need to rework/ extend Jackrabbit he looked good for us... way better than Apple looked at any point this year IMO! Also need to get a reliable # 2 receiver. Work Harris into the Tyrek Hill roll. Also resign Bell. Brees will be back.. We all know this!
  3. Unrelated to Brees talk, I just listened to Rapsheet and friends pod cast. Sounds like Kamara is working on a new deal. He indicated he wasn’t right physically until last few weeks of the season. We all thought that, now he’s said it. Makes me feel more comfortable with signing him. I thought he looked uninterested but he was really hurting and I think now frustrated he couldn’t do what he normally does. Sorry for posting this here. I didn’t have time to set up a new thread.
  4. Brees will not walk away with his last game looking like he was old and confused. ESPN has a report that he has been contacted about going into the booth for a non espn broadcast. Payton said he sees Brees back on our field next year.... 😕 Need to be like New England and move on a year early not late. But we will watch more Dino and dunk next season. Also Kamara does not look the same. Not electric and not as into team since Ingram has left.
  5. I bet we run it back with Brees... Payton wears blinders for brees at times. I love what he’s done in the past, but 25yrds out his ball is so slow and underwhelming. Watch anyone in playoffs ball is on a rope his is not
  6. We never play good after a buy. It’s like everyone forgets what there jobs are. Are play dipped for weeks on D after the buy this year. Last 3 weeks the O has finally got it going. My fear is the penalties and the prevent D we play... If our opponent gets the ball with 2 minutes left they always seem to score and win in close games. Unless it’s a fluke play like a missed Fg or something. Every time it’s fourth and long we never get off the field at the end of games. We also don’t seem to have the 4 minute run the clock out offense we did a few years ago. Loosing Ingram hurts and now we run read option that doesn’t fool anyone.
  7. Jimmy Graham

    Totally agree with everything you said
  8. Does Deshaun Watson get criticized enough?

    Nope you would think he has done something great... Has a top 3 receiver and Fuller is no joke either. Has splash plays but not overly consistent.
  9. Jimmy Graham

    So glad that we moved on when he was available. A lot of people wanted a reunion... He’s washed up. Just a simple thought
  10. Coach/ Gm to fix the Browns

    Man would it be great to see! Lol
  11. Coach/ Gm to fix the Browns

    My opinion is they need a hard a$$ not a “ players coach”. My pick would be Ron Rivera or Mike McCarthy. Both would be wise choices. A draft/ talent wise no nonsense Gm Tom Coughlin. Lol. Imagine the fines he would dish out to this cast of crazies.
  12. Drew Brees - What's new with Drew?

    Side note I love Taysom but at times feel like it screws up flow. He almost always keeps. Needs to pass like 50% of the time so they don’t key on him running the option. Man I sound like a douch bitching about are 3 rd string do it all qb. Play calling not him is my complaint.
  13. Drew Brees - What's new with Drew?

    He’s getting ball out super quick. I think even he knows deep ball is not gonna work anymore. CGM catches everything making drew look good. Also Cooks has started to come on has the ability to be great... has the drops sometimes but huge improvement over Watson last year. The only real thing that he does that pisses me off is dump offs to RBs even when they have no chance. Some times a throw away is a good thing. But even at his age at lease 25 other teams would give up anything to have him. Ps I’m also one that hopes he stays for a year or to more. He’s pin point accurateness compares to none.
  14. Jeff Ireland Appreciation Thread

    He will get another chance to run a club. He does a great job with talent Evaluation. A lot of experts have him on short list to go other clubs. We all love Mickey the way he moves the money around but he lets Ireland do a lot of the football player stuff.