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  1. Bengals should tank for Lawrence then dump that pick off for like four extra 1st rounders to set up Burrow with.
  2. 1. RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire - Has been everything we could've hoped for. A walking 15 yard reception, impossibly hard to tackle in open space, can run inside when called upon. Future blue jacket HOFer. 2. LB Willie Gay Jr - Got his first real action last week and looked good against the run and bad against the pass which is the norm for rookie LB'ers. Personally I think this dude will bust but the talent and measurables are there 3. OT Lucas Niang - sat out the year due to COVID option which could be a home run for us delaying that contract 1 year since this year was always looked at as his rehab year anyways. 4. CB L'Jarius Sneed - one of the steals of the entire draft so far. Started our first 3 games and played shutdown defense and got two picks, but then broke his collarbone. 5. DE Mike Danna - surprised he made the roster and have seen nothing but good things about him. He's already played a ton of snaps too, and I thought he had little to no shot at the roster once we signed Taco. He's already got a sack on Herbert. He was drafted cause our DL coach kept banging the drum on him so Veach got him his guy. I imagine Danna will have a long career as a rotational pass rusher.
  3. That Raiders loss was the best thing for the Chiefs team. Now Mahomes has an off night and we're still winning by 20. Was the wakeup call we didn't know we needed.
  4. We didn't give Butker a 10yr contract did we
  5. We need a new backup. Send the Jets a 3rd for Darnold.
  6. Justin Herbert has some beautiful looking balls
  7. Very small hands we'll see if drops become an issue for him.
  8. When is Clyde going to start getting his due respect?
  9. How does Gostowski still have a job?
  10. If AB just shuts up and plays ball the Buccaneers will be ridiculous. 3 of the top 10 WR and Brady the GOAT
  11. Chiefs need to get an AJ Brown style WR
  12. Ravens just need a WR then they could compete with us
  13. AJ Brown is one of the best in the business.
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