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  1. If there was a button I could push to kill a random person and give Mahomes this OL I'd spam it
  2. Just wait till one legged Mahomes serves him up an *** whooping and has b2b chips and superbowl MVPs at age 25
  3. If Rodgers wins this somehow then the shadow lizard people at state farm are running the league no cap
  4. The ultimate showdown rd 2. No dee ford brady better count his lucky stars
  5. MVP my ***. Mahomes about to get us in the SB despite playing behind 5 mailboxes on the OL. Rodgers with a clean pocket going to get rocked Then Mahomes will take the torch from Brady
  7. He'll be fine. He can generate more than enough torque with just his arm. Our first three picks in the draft this year need to be OL.
  8. Mahomes has turf toe. I had that injury once it was bizzare how hard it was to just take a step or walk with it. If Clyde is back and nearly 100% we need to just pound the rock and let him show his greatness. If Mahomes wins the chip behind this offensive line then he is immediately the G.O.A.T.
  9. I'm sticking with my Bucs prediction even though there's no AB. Damn is this one tough to call tho
  10. LOL no. We got Mahomes. We had Mahomes last year, AND.... we got Mahomes this year. You made it this far you should be proud of the loss you're about to get dealt. Anything else is delusion.
  11. Right I kind of assumed as much but saw a number of people speculating about it. Just seemed like wishful thinking to imagine a reality other than the inevitable. The Bills are going to get clapped.
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