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  1. There needs to be a better understanding of the currency of time within the Thunder organization. In 10+ years our best free agent acquisition was Anthony Morrow. We just threw away an entire season for Josh and Tre Mann. At some point when does the accountability kick in for Sam Presti? This dude has the biggest leash in league history.
  2. I mean they got Hamidou Diablo the dunk contest winner can jump outta the gym but he’s a scrub. Athleticism overrated give me skill all day.
  3. Yea I just went out joyriding. All these other teams get all stars we get josh giddy and tre Mann. Smfh
  4. All these picks but when it comes time to be a man and trade a couple away to move up we sit still and draft Josh Giddey instead. OKC ownership needs to fire Sam Presti after tonight is over.
  5. This is dumb af. Our GM is acting like wasting time is in style. Tanking is weak. These picks don’t matter
  6. No I said that’s what the nerds said.
  7. Yea no kidding. I got to watch some film but he looks like a little twerp and this sounds like Poku all over again overhyped garbage
  8. Sorry someone just put that in my mind from earlier when they said they focus on death every year
  9. Brad Beal is the most overrated player in the league
  10. bruhh wtf did Adam silver just draft a dead guy? What is this Orwellian ****
  11. This is my takeaway as well. Kid is pretty skinny he’s got that Jeremy lamb build
  12. Magic get Suggs and Wagner we get josh giddy we need to sack our GM and hire somebody with a pair of balls
  13. Has there ever been a good pro anything named Josh? Or a good GM named Sam? Nah just Hinkie and Presti two losers who get praised for their bold strategy of trading years of time for record setting losing streaks and scrub players in the draft
  14. bruh i dont give a f**** what these spreadsheets say. one look at the kid and his name is Josh it's a wrap. mark my words. im so pissed im finna go on a drive and throw out some old glass bottles
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