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  1. No maybe Lynch but they were being smart giving Trey Lance a year to develop IMO jimmy g is just Mr Glass. Wait and see what the offense looks like in a year
  2. Dude is always banged up but the team was happy going with a WR by committee of scrubs after him lol
  3. Moving Chris Jones to DE then running more 3 linebacker sets except the 3rd guy is Neumann or god forbid Dan Sorensen has been devastating.
  4. Yeah we just gotta focus on getting in the playoffs at this rate. If we’re in a good position to make it just prioritize health and let these other teams expend more energy late in the year for playoff seeding.
  5. It’s crazy too if you would’ve told me we got the two best offensive line rookies in the league and Orlando Brown and would still be this bad I wouldn’t believe you. We need WR bad. The bucs have like 3 elite WR, the cardinals have two or three. We need WR and DE this offseason
  6. Lol we’re barely beating the Redskins. We should be making statement games out of these crappy teams
  7. If this guy doesn’t push a woman KC has an extra chip, Brady has one less and we have just 1 loss this season.
  8. Exactly. It’s like the corporate “we’re all in this together” COVID commercials.. it’s all BS
  9. Okay and it all signs are pointing to the NFL forcing Gruden out. The Texans owner Bob McNair called NFL athletes inmates and said you can’t let them run the prison. Why is the NFL only punishing Gruden for this sort of conduct? The NBA got rid of their racist owner. I wish Gruden and Mark Davis fought the league on this one it would’ve made it more interesting. Maybe more emails will come out of other people saying bizzare stuff
  10. No I would’ve fired him quicker than Davis did. Not because I think he’s a racist but because I question his ability to lead a locker room of mostly young black men after the demaurice smith comments. I mean that guy is also their main representative for not getting paid and personal stuff so you pretty much had to fire Gruden if you’re trying to win Super Bowls.
  11. This isn’t true. People lose their jobs and livelihoods over Twitter outrage from things said all the time. And it’s about money and nothing else. I just think as a society we need to get to the point where we stop casting aspersions on people’s character over the contents of a private text message. Unless you think that everybody you work with never says a bad thing in their private text conversations.
  12. Schefter is a journalist, they all work for vultures and sold their souls long ago to make it where they are today. This scandal is about the hypocrisy of cancel culture. It’s not about moral ethics or being a good person if you’re being selective with who you punish and turning a deaf ear to the people who write your cheques. That’s not activist journalism, it’s called narcissism and fake outrage wokeism. The younger generations are growing up with everything they do in their idiot years being put online and are collectively turning away from normal adult behavior and surrendering t
  13. This is because we’re playing Dan Sorensen over a pro bowler. Frank Clark is basically in a contract year, he will show up in the playoffs.
  14. Sucks that Odafe Odaweh looks elite so far and we traded out of that pick. But I’d still probably do that trade to get Orlando Brown and Nick Bolton.
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