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  1. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    No chance. Rodgers is too passive aggressive.
  2. Rams and Chargers will be 2020 Hard Knocks Teams

    Both LA teams now have added distractions with Hard Knocks. This is great.
  3. If Ussain Bolt ...

    Tell that to Tyreek Hill.
  4. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    Kittle is injury prone. He's not worth as much as he's demanding either.
  5. I'm sure her daughter will know a lot more about football.
  6. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    Cross the Chiefs off this list. We have the best safety in the league Tyran Mathieu in addition to pro bowl caliber safety Juan Thornhill.
  7. Why did Reggie Bush Bust?

    Not enough heart. To be great you can't just be talented. You gotta want it.
  8. The Raiders got their guy.
  9. Who Is Worth 40M a Year Today?

    And yet if Dee Ford doesn't line up five yards offsides the kid would've dethroned the GOAT and been a champion in his first year. But that loss humbled him and he worked hard at leadership in the off-season and now he's also the best leader of all time for his age. No idea how you're gathering that he's overrated. That's like saying Michael Jordan is overrated. Up until Mahomes went bezerk in the playoffs nearly everyone on here had the Ravens as the heavy SB favorites in the AFC. But then a blatantly obvious reality set in: we have HIM. And the other teams don't. That 3rd and 15 play in the SB? Mahomes made the play call. Kid is lightyears ahead of where anyone else has ever been at his age.
  10. Who Is Worth 40M a Year Today?

    Have you been living under a rock the past two years?
  11. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    They're not. They gotta get through us to even get to the SB and we always lay the beatdown on them.
  12. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Baltimore's not a threat until Lamar proves he can do something other than run around and juke people in the playoffs.
  13. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    Tyran Mathieu. Should have been DPOY last year.
  14. Onside kick versus 4th and 15

    I'm all for it. We got a guy who can do 4th and 15.
  15. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    Just because you're a bad team doesn't mean you should let a player hold your team hostage. Especially if they want a record setting payday. Thats not how good teams operate. For example the Jalen Ramsey trade was a great move for the Jaguars. I'm sure you recall the Bengals trading Carson Palmer to the Raiders for an amazing haul. Khalil Mack to the Bears. Etc. If Adams is seeking the biggest safety contract of all time I'd move him to the highest bidder.