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  1. We're going to win. I sold my soul for the Chiefs championship this season.
  2. I'm just as surprised as you are, believe me.
  3. There's no fake outrage but LeBron notoriously makes everything about him so I shouldn't be surprised. After this and the china hypocrisy, I'm done with LeBron.

    I think what you're describing is more of a problem with social media and it's sort of invisible omnipresent effect on culture than anything that has to do with Kobe Bryant. And from what I can tell we all better get used to it because people appear to be becoming exponentially more narcissistic.
  5. Can't believe LeBron said it's his responsibility to carry on Kobe's legacy now. Uhh, no. His legacy is set in stone bruh.
  6. What do we do with Jameis Winston?

    I just imagine being in that locker room and seeing Winston throw so many interceptions, I wouldn't be looking forward to him coming back. Especially if I was on defense. You guys have a loaded defense that would have been much better if they weren't brought back onto the field so many times due to interceptions. I would cut bait and move on. Give Teddy Bridgewater a call and draft a QB in round 2-3.
  7. He's so obviously not a leader. No one on that team is.

    Ok, he's one of three. I thought I dotted my T's and crossed my I's. My b
  9. Well we weren't starting veteran G Wisniewski in the first half of the season.
  10. OT- RIP KOBE

    Otis Thorpe and Clyde Drexler were both all stars. Try again.
  11. They've given up just nine sacks in the past eight weeks.
  12. Didn't know those two stats. Good thing we have the best offensive line in the league.
  13. OT- RIP KOBE

    The point guard label is more of semantics. I get that. But he's not top 5 all time? You're mistaken if you don't put the 5x champion, 18x all star, 9x 1st team all defense Kobe Bean Bryant in your top 5. He's the only player other than Michael Jordan to win multiple championships with just one all star teammate. Don't even get me started on 81 points or the endless amount of game winners and iconic moments, more than any player in sports history. You can come back at me with what you figured up in Excel. I do not care.
  14. OT- RIP KOBE

    He was also the leading assist man on 5 championship teams. He's the greatest point guard of all time and a top 5 player all time. Championships aren't won in Microsoft Excel, and Kobe was living proof of that.