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  1. Packers Triplets vs. Falcons Triplets

    Rodgers. Gurley is done.
  2. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    And this is before extending Mahomes for 50M/yr. Some people are gonna have to go. Thats why we should trade Chris Jones now for a late first. Clark makes too much money. We can't afford to keep Jones longterm.
  3. Favorite to win MVP in 2020?

    He's on the path to being the greatest player who ever lived.
  4. 3-rounder.

    Jonathan Taylor, Damon Arnette, Brycen Hopkins.... this would be a dream draft for KC
  5. Chiefs re-sign WR Demarcus Robinson

    Eh, if it's a 1M cap hit I'm fine with it. He's not good though.
  6. FA KC

    I'm just surprised we haven't cut Watkins. Sure, he was good in the superbowl, but absent for 80% of the regular season, and was giving weird answers about his future right before the superbowl. I'd rather cut him, spend the money on a starting LG, cheap vet WR, and acquire a few million in cap breathing room. Then just draft a WR in the first 3 rounds. I do remember before the season the news was that Watkins looked unstoppable in camp. Maybe Veach just thinks Watkins is elite and we can't afford to lose him.
  7. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    We still should've drafted DK Metcalf with that pick instead. He'd be a better Watkins replacement. This is supposed to be a strong draft class for WR's. I'm hoping the Chiefs draft one in the first 3 rounds. We could save 14M by cutting Watkins so no idea why we haven't done that yet.
  8. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    That team has a lot of holes and a **** coach. They'd be better off trading down and stockpiling players to help out their program. Watch Burrow's heisman speech again and ask yourself if you see a leader of men. He's Jared Goff 2.0.
  9. FA KC

    If not cutting Watkins cost us Fuller or the chance at a few good FA that sucks. Cut bait and move on. He's talented but he only shows up like 20% of the time.
  10. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Burrow will be a bust. They should trade down or draft Chase Young.
  11. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Right. He's a scrub who put up a couple hundred yards with Mahomes. Good riddance.
  12. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    1. WR Jalen Reagor 2. WR Michael Pittman 3. TE Brycen Hopkins 4. RB Zack Moss 5. TE Jared Pinkney
  13. I, Kirill , am requesting the position of GM of the Kansas City Chiefs
  14. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    1. RB Jonathan Taylor 2. CB Jeff Gladney 3. C Tyler Biadasz 4. LB Troy Dye 5. OT Trey Adams