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  1. Chubb out. Wills also ruled out. Good news is that Landry got activated from IR, but he still may not play this week. Defense should have most guys back (if not all).
  2. Every. Single. Time. I see the word egregious.
  3. Did the league really "leak" these emails (from the higher ups). Or did a random dude leak it? I'm guessing random dude. My guess is that the league didn't want ANY of this to hit the light of day, including the Gruden stuff. I'm sure they don't want to release all the other emails either. They'll have to be legally forced, I'm guessing. Or all it takes is one disgruntled employee... Maybe they'll find the spygate tapes while they're at it.
  4. He may very well be. I'm just saying that if Bruce Allen was a primary source for a story he was about to publish, then it's just good practice to let that source read it beforehand. It may come out that Schefter did one or many slimey/illegal things, but I'm not sure that this email is one of them.
  5. I guess I don't see the big problem with the Schefter thing. It's pretty common practice for journalists to allow the subjects to review a story before it's published. It's a little cringy that he called him "Mr. Editor" but it's certainly not illegal or even immoral.
  6. Not looking great for Landry as of right now. He hasn't officially been "designated for return" yet. Walker had already received that designation by this time last week.
  7. A bit random, I know. But it gives a small glimpse into who the FO values (as well as a possible sign of near-term moves).
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