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  1. Run defense stats

    He just looked slow to me. I think part of the reason he got in the backfield so much was that we run-blitzed A LOT. He is definitely a good run defender, but it's not because he's quick imo. He's very difficult to block with one OL on run plays, but more easily handled on passing plays.
  2. Run defense stats

    He was legit against the run. He was invisible against the pass. I'm willing to have our run defense be slightly worse if it means significant improvement in our pass defense.
  3. 2019 Early Mock Drafts

    And a center...
  4. Baker Mayfield; No.1 Overall pick 2018.

    Also, to add, Trubisky (1st QB taken last year) didn't sign until July 19. It was right before their TC started. Not worried.
  5. 10363; Oline preview.

    Eh, whatever. We could've taken DeCastro, but then we never would've experienced this:
  6. Supplemental Draft actually relevant??

    How could there be a tie? They use the draft order from this year, but you're bidding your '19 pick. It's already set. It's one of the many reasons why we should bid. We have the highest pick based on last year's record. Most likely, we'll be picking lower in '19. Correction: They're doing a lottery this morning. It's still based on last year's record, but it's not the same draft order. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/07/10/supplemental-draft-begins-with-a-lottery-has-10-minute-rounds/
  7. D line preview

    I disagree here. He certainly hasn't arrived yet, but he has the athleticism to make an impact. We gave him a pretty decent FA contract to prove it, too. I guess I'm saying he's not likely to be JAG. He'll either shine or flame out. Probably not much in between.
  8. Are the playoffs really out of the question?

    I’m sure he wrote it in part for the clicks. He got mine.
  9. CW21's 2018 NFL Draft Review (Browns Up)

    That’s a good write-up, @CWood21. I personally would’ve taken Darnold over Mayfield. Hated the Corbett and Chad Thomas picks. Loved the Chubb and Callaway picks. I’m cool with taking Ward at #4, but I would’ve taken Bradley Chubb. That would’ve given us a double Chubb. It all hinges on Mayfield. If he’s a franchise QB, then we’re on our way. If not, more suckitude.