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  1. 2 good 2 b true? Hue to the Bengals?

    Never had a real hatred for the Bengals (Roll Carp!), but I would like nothing better than to knock them out of the playoffs. Here's the funny thing. If Cincy hired Hue for "inside info", don't you think Hue had info on Cincy when we hired him? Hue's such a great game planner that he proceeded to get throttled by Cincy all 4 times we played them. I hope he has the same effect now for them.
  2. Week 10 GDT: Chaos in Cleveland

    I thought the Chargers forum was inactive until I checked out the Falcons.
  3. its no nut novemvber but...

    The audio is a must listen.
  4. Tracking Baker Mayfield VS. Sam Darnold's 1st Yr Play

    Would you have been more motivated if Darnold was lighting it up?
  5. Fantasy football ?!

    I was due, and you were the unlucky recipient.
  6. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    I meant running style.

    Evidently, Marvin's gonna call the defense for Cincy. Decent chance that Marvin Lewis and/or John Harbaugh get fired (although it may help both of those teams). If only Roethlisberger would retire.
  8. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Yeah, I don't see it either. I see Jonathan Stewart.
  9. Week 10 GDT: Chaos in Cleveland

    Yeah, he needs to bring that back.
  10. What Are Your Final Thoughts On Hue Jackson?

    Just when I thought we couldn't hire a worse HC, we go through the Hue era. So, we finally have a franchise QB (probably). Haslam wasn't involved with picking Mayfield, as far as we know. Now, we can get a good HC, and reportedly, Haslam won't be involved. Sounds legit.
  11. Fantasy football ?!

    Did the trade actually get vetoed? I can't imagine 6 people who had enough of a problem with it to torch it. Or did you guys cancel it preemptively?

    There's been some interwebz banter about Jimmah meddling in the HC search. So Browns may have felt compelled to put this out there:
  13. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Edit: And they waived CB Denzel Rice.