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  1. Fantasy Football

    This is gonna sound weird, but make sure you’re logged in. ESPN sometimes makes it look like you’re logged in when you’re really not (which makes it impossible to do transactions).
  2. The Great Amnesia-ing Is Nigh: Kumbaya

    Not sure of the point of this thread. So if we manage to get our collective sh!t together and make the playoffs, then we should all remember how we feel right now and still want to fire Freddie?
  3. Notable Stats and Observations

    Plus, he’s more than just a cute nickname. He also has sweet hair and nice guns.
  4. GDT - Week 5 - A Monday Nighter in the Afternoon?

    Nah, I think they're better than Baltimore. They have a better QB and better defense. And they're extremely well-coached (not that the Ravens are poorly coached, but the coaching is better in San Fran imo). And that same good coaching staff has had a bye week to game plan for us. Not saying we can't win, but I would consider a win on Monday to be more impressive than the win at Baltimore.
  5. Q1 Positive and Negative Surprises

    Rookie kicker and rookie punter? Not a problem.
  6. Whats up with Baker

    My thoughts exactly. I don't think there's an attitude problem with the Browns. I think there's an execution problem with the Browns. Both with the coaches and the players. Win a couple, and everything will be fine. Hell, win this week, and the everyone's mood will do a 180.
  7. Who’s the Problem Freddie, having Monken, or Baker

    Agreed. You can never have too much vocal ridicule.

    Week 4: Colts
  9. GDT Week 3; Browns VS Rams

    ^^^ Truth be told, I didn't really like Wentz either. But I like him now lol.
  10. GDT Week 3; Browns VS Rams

    Yes, all of that is supposedly true. Sashi even went on record to say that they didn't think Wentz would become a top 20 QB in the league.
  11. We're Fine!

    Most of our offensive troubles are on Baker imo. We can put partial blame on the other things, but it's mostly on the QB. Almost every bad play we've had would've been made better if he either: Made a better read. Made a better throw. He needs to get better. And I think he will.