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  1. Hello boys, long time no post. From Rap:
  2. AFC North Game Plans: BENGALS

    Using words like "nonsense" and "idiotic" might be a bit much there LGB. Especially since Thomas was right.
  3. 2020 Opponents Set

  4. NFL icon Don Shula passes away at 90

    I had the opportunity many years ago at a fundraising thing to meet him, and he definitely was. I actually got to play tennis with him lol. Salt of the earth kind of guy. When he talked to you, he actually was talking to you (and not looking through you, if you know what I mean).
  5. 2020/2021 - The 55: Roster Talk & Team-Building Analysis

    ^^^ This episode is really good. You should watch it.
  6. Nick Harris, R5

  7. Official UDFA Thread

    Guy named Willie Clay played for the Lions and the Pats in the 90's. Mediocre career. Had 27 career INT's and got to play in a Super Bowl. He was my teammate in HS.
  8. Free Agency Discussion

    To add to @Kiwibrown's post above, there's no reason to wait to sign Clowney. Ain't no way we're getting any comp picks after what we did in FA this year, whether we sign Clowney or not. If we're gonna do it, we should do it immediately.
  9. Official UDFA Thread

    Y'all are forgetting the most important fact about Tony Brown. Coached by Darrin Chiaverini.