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  1. We Are Awesome! (2018 Thanks and Review Thread)

    Falcons forum hasn't had a single post since November 1.
  2. So.. for the record, I'm not a mod.
  3. Myles Garrett and Denzel ward make the pro bowl

    Not really. The AFC isn't very deep at WR. You got Hopkins, Tyreek Hill, AB, JuJu, Keenan Allen, and TY Hilton. Jarvis is prob the next best after that group.
  4. It's fiercely competitive. Don't ever underestimate a kiwi posting from his phone.
  5. Bernie Kosar award: most frequent drunk poster Butch Davis award: poster who loses their cool Brady Quinn award: best looking avatar / sig Tony Grossi award: most negative/combative poster
  6. Mort says it's Freddie

    I always found Jim Rome to be annoying, but now that he's an unabashed Browns fan, he has my attention lol. https://www.jimrome.com/articles/america-s-coach
  7. Mort says it's Freddie

    Freddie called 92.3 unscheduled. Pretty good stuff:
  8. Around the NFL and General discussion

    Ok, this is the last one, I promise. You probably already saw it, but it's worth another look. I laughed like a d@mned fool.
  9. Around the NFL and General discussion

    This one's even better. Seriously, I wonder if something is wrong with this dude.
  10. Mort says it's Freddie

    Do yourselves a favor and watch the press conference. Lots of pure gold in there. Dorsey and Freddie are made for each other. Not much polish, but lots of substance. Jimmy just sat in the front row and watched. Perfect.