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  1. Actually, they're very soft against the run this year. This is not your normal Steelers run D.
  2. Kenny Pickett's gonna be 24 before training camp even starts. I'd have to think he's off the table.
  3. That's great and all, but it changes nothing. If they keep all the protocols the same, the Browns will still be out half their roster.
  4. Delaying the game until Monday or Tuesday won't change anything. Unless they change the criteria for being able to play.
  5. From the Browns' main site: The Cleveland Browns have made the following roster moves: Activated from reserve/COVID-19 (2): TE Stephen Carlson TE David Njoku Signed to active roster from practice squad (1): WR Lawrence Cager Activated from practice squad as COVID/19 replacement (1): QB Nick Mullens Signed to practice squad (2): CB Brian Allen S Tedric Thompson
  6. No PFF grade (I don't have PFF). I'm just going by watching him. He's a good blocker imo. Njoku is a good blocker too (at least he is now). I, like you, don't like his big contract and lack of big plays, but Austin Hooper is a good blocker. Again imo.
  7. I'd think at the very least, the NFL should move everyone to "enhanced protocol" or whatever they call it. The teams that got a few positives got moved to the enhanced protocol, and lo and behold, they get dozens of cases Something tells me all the teams are in the same boat. They just haven't been tested yet. @Broncofan's posts about Omnicron tell the story, I think. It's a highly contagious variant with (believed to be) milder symptoms. You're dealing with healthy professional athletes who are 99% vaccinated. The current protocol should change immediately. It won't help the teams that g
  8. Assuming we get none of these players back, I think the biggest problem is the O-line. Everything else can at least be passable, but the O-line may be too much to overcome. We'll be trotting out our 4th and 5th OT's against one of the best DE pairs in the league. Missing Hooper doesn't help either. He's been disappointing as a pass catcher, obviously, but we could really use him as a blocker this week.
  9. It's obviously not their highest priority, but I'm sure they're at least discussing it.
  10. Don't get me wrong, I think the protocol needs to change (didn't agree with it at the beginning of the year either). But if they make big changes now, then it's insanely unfair to the teams that had players sit out earlier in the season.
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