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  1. As far as I can tell, he cleared waivers. That's surprising, seeing as he was still on his rookie deal. Must be something else going on with this one.
  2. If true, I imagine it's gonna take at least a few days. If he was gonna re-sign with us right away, then he would've agreed to a re-structure/pay cut. If he can beat the Browns' number in the open market, he's gone. If not, he may come back at a lower number to us.
  3. Not to mention the best OL coach in the league.
  4. I know these guys are setting us up for the future. I love the team we have in place. I just view this off-season as a unique opportunity to take a big jump. Salary cap space may never yield you more than it will RIGHT NOW. So many teams are cash strapped, and we are not. The perfect time to make some hey.
  5. If there was ever a time when cap space has value, it's this offseason. Many serviceable vets (and even a few above average starters) are still sitting out there. If we are creating cap room to make our roster even better, then I love this move. If made it just for future flexibility, it's disappointing. We have such a giant opportunity to catch our competition. We've done a great job so far, and I want us to finish the job.
  6. He was definitely overpaid, but I'm still surprised. We have time and opportunity to replace him, but it makes the DT situation more dire obviously.
  7. I'm with you, but only 1 of those 5 DT's are signed beyond this year (and that's Jordan Elliott). Won't be a bit surprised if we draft a DT.
  8. CB is our weakest position group imo. We might get lucky with good health, but even with that, we need some fortifications. Good thing this is a strong CB class this year.
  9. For the money that JJ Watt got, we signed both Clowney and Takk.
  10. With his contract structured like that, there may not be an immediate need for Richardson (or anyone else) to restructure. At least not right now.
  11. Yeah, we spent every penny, I think. That's why the speculation about Richardson (or someone) having to restructure. Not a bold prediction, but 2 of our 1st 4 picks will be CB's.
  12. I love it! He's exactly what we need. Assuming he's on the field, of course... Stud against the run. Doesn't get a lot of sacks, but has a high "win" rate as a pass rusher. Gets double-teamed a ton (maybe not this coming year...). Again I say, I love it!
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