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  1. I think they're gonna blitz like banshees. Last week in the 1st half, the Colts rushed 4, and Baker killed them. 2nd half, they blitzed a lot more, and... Baker has to beat their blitzes. They are damn good at it, and they disguise them well. Cliche of cliches: only Baker can win this game for us, imo.
  2. I'm sure that'll be the only time the schedule changes this year.
  3. No. It was supposed to be Bills at Chiefs, but the Bills just played on Tuesday (vs Titans). Their game was on Tuesday because of the COVID stuff with the Titans. So, no Thursday game this week.
  4. I think they will score plenty of points on us. Their OL hasn't been great all year, but as much as I hate to say it, Roethlisberger looks pretty smooth out there. He's playing really smart, and he has enough weapons to overpower our defense. I'm flat out expecting to be scored on, a lot. If we win, we'll have to score lots of points, imo. I think we win in a shootout, or we don't win at all.
  5. Nah, he's just a wuss. If he would just rub some dirt in it, he'd be fine.
  6. A lot of things to be encouraged about. The biggest for me is probably Stefanski. Loved the game plans on both sides of the ball. Loved that we adjusted when we needed to. He keeps his cool when things go wrong, and it seems that the team does the same. Penalties are way down. The overall demeanor of the team is just more professional. We may very well have our coach. Finally.
  7. Kevin Stefanski is first in career winning percentage among active NFL head coaches (.750). Belichick is 2nd at .685
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