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    Week 3: Cowboys
  2. Not sure what's up with Ward, but he just looks off balance and unsure of himself. On the plus side, I thought Greedy looked good.
  3. Of course there’s truth to it. Does everyone forget Bountygate? Still doesn’t mean OBJ should be talking about it.
  4. I'm with you. I've gone to a few away games. Mixed results. Have had a really good time or a really bad time (not much in between). Tickets are going for $18 on StubHub and still dropping lol.
  5. With all the Jets' injuries, the ticket prices for the game are tumbling. Any NY area fans that want a cheap ticket can probably get it. @mistakey, looking at you.
  6. Word on the street is that Darnold is out with mono. But seriously, ALL of the pressure is on us. Absolutely a must win.

    Week 2: Ravens
  8. Deeply disappointing opener. But honestly, if I can endure the last couple decades of incompetence, I can wait (somewhat) patiently for this talented team to get it together. Let's hope it's this week.
  9. Week 1 NFL Gameplay Discussion

    Sounds like Emmanuel Ogbah. We can empathize.
  10. The Time Has Come - Browns/Titans GDT Thread

    There are gonna be bumps in the road. Hell, we may even start off with a loss tomorrow, even though I don't think so. I'm just so ready to put the last 20 years of sh!tty football behind me (behind us). The new era kinda started the middle of last season, but it truly starts tomorrow.
  11. The Time Has Come - Browns/Titans GDT Thread

    Why wouldn't it be?
  12. Raiders officially release Antonio Brown

    Yep. Exactly where the Steelers erred with him also. AB is the king of apologies. He did it numerous times in Pittsburgh and avoided suspension. It's not hard to see where this one is headed.