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  1. I feel like St. Louis would've gotten a lot more than $790 million if it went to court. I certainly understand not wanting to wait for the outcome, but I can't help but think they left a LOT of money on the table here.
  2. I don't know, dudes. Maybe I'm getting soft in my old age. Should Baker have met with the press after the game? Sure I guess so, but I really think it's NOT a big deal. I wanna say just a couple weeks ago, the goatiest goat Tom Brady did the same thing. Baker has since said all the right things (I have responsibilities to my teammates, not the media, etc.). Even Emily has said all the right things. Is everything rosy? Of course not, but it never is unless you're winning a lot. I personally think Baker has shown quite a bit of growth from a maturity standpoint. He handled the OBJ
  3. Most important takeaway from Billings being cut: Berry is a big enough man to admit making a mistake.
  4. I'm glad McDowell can be retained for cheap, but he has definitely regressed since the beginning of the season. Let's just say he has lots of room to grow. DT is the weakest position on the team imo.
  5. Well, I think we'll see just how much Gruden is bringing this case based on the "principle" of the case versus the money. Cuz there's not much doubt that the league will throw a LOT of money at him in hopes of it going away.
  6. Totally agree with this. I don't think he's in danger of getting fired, but the bloom is off the rose. Ego can be kinda fun when your team is winning, but it's sickening when you're losing.
  7. He's only had 20+ carries 3 times this year (max 22). He's already had 2 weeks off from injury. If he clears Covid protocol (doubtful), he plays. We're fighting for our playoff lives, and this is a critical AFC game.
  8. Dude. We didn't want you to fix it.
  9. Yep. If Myles doesn't smash Reggie's record, then something bad will have happened.
  10. Just saw a blurb that Harris was placed on the Covid list... Please stay away from your OL buddies, Nick.
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