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  1. Got it, packer fans always 100% correct, everyone else in the world is wrong. cool peace guys enjoy your teams mediocrity and getting embarrassed in the playoffs every year.
  2. its not stacked, that easy. go into nfl gen and ask every else if this roster is stacked. go outside of wisconsin and ask unbiased fans and tell them the packers are stacked, you'll get laughed at.
  3. lol a stacked roster, yeah OK, far from a stacked roster. If it was stacked, they would have won the SB last year. from january until now, the roster hasn't changed that much to considered this roster stacked
  4. Poor thats comical, I'm sure theres quite a few teams that would have love to have is "poor" play
  5. Maybe, who really knows. I know when teams plan against the packers they aren't gameplanning against, lazard, MVS, aaron jones. they are gameplanning against rodgers. Rodgers is a once in a generational talent along guys like manning, marino, brady, etc., he makes everyone better because he is the guy teams are trying to stop, so in return, guys like mvs, lazard, jones, are going to be good.
  6. Is the talent good because of the packers drafting, coaching, etc or is their talent because of aaron rodgers. Rodgers turned guys like MVS and Lazard into league wide names, everyone knows who they are now. He assisted Davante into becoming arguablely the best WR in the league. He prevented guys from stacking the box so Jones could have the running lanes he did. He took a young inexperienced head coach and turned him into great head coach. Sorry if I can take off my green and gold glasses once and while. That's the issue with most packer fans, they ALWAYS think their opinion is fact an
  7. lol yeah, the next 2 years, no way in hell they draft Love and not give Rodgers the boot at the end of his contract. Saying foresseable future is just a cop out to get the media off your back. Gute wants rodgers out, this is his team and he wants that to be known. Management is doing nothing but sh*t on the dude that carried the franchise on his shoulders through worn out DCs, bad draft picks, worn out McCarthy, WRs that wouldn't make the 53 on other teams. Its just comical at this point. GB has played this whole thing very poorly, the whole word sees it but packer fans.
  8. Yep I agree, give Rogers what he wants, out of town. Go into rebuild, you have to. This offense isn't going to be nearly as good as it was last. And if Rodgers doesn't play in GB, this whole needing a receiver thing is really going to come up again in a bad way if guys like MVS, Lazard, ESB, can't break out and be that true number 2 guy. They won't have Rodgers throwing them the ball anymore, they are going to have a complete unknown trying to get them the football. It's really going to prove how good these receivers looked because of Rodgers. Honestly, if Rodgers is gone, I personally th
  9. ok who cares INTs/punts, the defense still got the ball to Rodgers and co in the 4th quarter with a chance to take the lead and nothing. Literally you can't ask for anything else from the defense in that situation, they did their job when the game mattered the most, in the 4th, the offense failed to capitalize. Like I said tho, I'm not putting the blame on any one individual, it was a complete team loss, from the coaches to the players.
  10. Well the defense did give the ball to Rodgers on 2 INTs in the 4th quarter, but Rodgers and the offense along with Lafluer forgot how to football. Essentially I would think that's what anyone wants right, the ball in Rodgers hands with a chance to win the game, he got that twice and couldn't get it done. I don't blame anyone individually for that loss, it was a total team loss.
  11. Yep, heard that story before, I'll file that under "vague stuff said for the past 30 after getting embarrassed in the playoffs cabinet". "We've got potential", "X player will only get better", "be patient". Its been the same story with this team for decades now. At least fans of bad teams know they are bad, unlike in GB where they put on a new shiny coat, just to get everyone's hopes up, when its still the same ole crap on the inside. Oh well though, sorry to spread my negativity, I'm done.
  12. And I think that's the problem with GB and the fans. We are happy making the playoffs every year and constantly getting bounced. Its like we have all settled on being just above average. So what's the difference between us losing the NFFCG game and not making the playoffs? Draft position, that's it. I don't know about you, but I'm not hanging banners or wearing t-shirts that say we constantly get our butt's kicked in the playoffs.
  13. Both games against the Saints and Rams weren't impressive, early in the year the Saints were still trying to figure out how to play offense without Michael Thomas since they were built around him, they still dropped over 30, Kamara almost single handily won the game for them because the Packers defense can't tackle. If the Rams would have kept running Akers, i think they win that game, he average over 5 yards per carry against them plus Goff played pretty well too considering he just came of thumb surgery. That's the same statement that kept Capers around for so long. Why not look
  14. Did i say playoffs, no, did i say super bowl no. This team has a stigma about them, primetime games against good teams, the Packers can't win. Its just the same story every year with this team, beat up on sub par to bad teams, struggle against the top competition. Also, why haven't I gotten a "breaking news" alert saying Pettine has been release? They gonna stick with him for years like they did Capers, Pettine should have been walking back from SF last year. To have 2 once in a generation HOF QBs back to back for the past 30 years and only have 2 SBs to show for it, 3 appearances
  15. nah, no optimism until this team/organization can prove they can quit choking in the biggest games on a regular basis
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