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  1. ok who cares INTs/punts, the defense still got the ball to Rodgers and co in the 4th quarter with a chance to take the lead and nothing. Literally you can't ask for anything else from the defense in that situation, they did their job when the game mattered the most, in the 4th, the offense failed to capitalize. Like I said tho, I'm not putting the blame on any one individual, it was a complete team loss, from the coaches to the players.
  2. Well the defense did give the ball to Rodgers on 2 INTs in the 4th quarter, but Rodgers and the offense along with Lafluer forgot how to football. Essentially I would think that's what anyone wants right, the ball in Rodgers hands with a chance to win the game, he got that twice and couldn't get it done. I don't blame anyone individually for that loss, it was a total team loss.
  3. Yep, heard that story before, I'll file that under "vague stuff said for the past 30 after getting embarrassed in the playoffs cabinet". "We've got potential", "X player will only get better", "be patient". Its been the same story with this team for decades now. At least fans of bad teams know they are bad, unlike in GB where they put on a new shiny coat, just to get everyone's hopes up, when its still the same ole crap on the inside. Oh well though, sorry to spread my negativity, I'm done.
  4. And I think that's the problem with GB and the fans. We are happy making the playoffs every year and constantly getting bounced. Its like we have all settled on being just above average. So what's the difference between us losing the NFFCG game and not making the playoffs? Draft position, that's it. I don't know about you, but I'm not hanging banners or wearing t-shirts that say we constantly get our butt's kicked in the playoffs.
  5. Both games against the Saints and Rams weren't impressive, early in the year the Saints were still trying to figure out how to play offense without Michael Thomas since they were built around him, they still dropped over 30, Kamara almost single handily won the game for them because the Packers defense can't tackle. If the Rams would have kept running Akers, i think they win that game, he average over 5 yards per carry against them plus Goff played pretty well too considering he just came of thumb surgery. That's the same statement that kept Capers around for so long. Why not look
  6. Did i say playoffs, no, did i say super bowl no. This team has a stigma about them, primetime games against good teams, the Packers can't win. Its just the same story every year with this team, beat up on sub par to bad teams, struggle against the top competition. Also, why haven't I gotten a "breaking news" alert saying Pettine has been release? They gonna stick with him for years like they did Capers, Pettine should have been walking back from SF last year. To have 2 once in a generation HOF QBs back to back for the past 30 years and only have 2 SBs to show for it, 3 appearances
  7. nah, no optimism until this team/organization can prove they can quit choking in the biggest games on a regular basis
  8. I'm tired of taking of for Rodgers, no matter what the dude is what 1-5 in nfc championship games now. We make him to be the goat but when it matters the most, he's not the goat. Defense finally played better in the 2nd half and he couldn't move the ball to save his life. I'm really starting to believe Rodgers is over rated like everyone says he is
  9. There's never been a team that has made me want to stop watching football until today, that team is the packers. I don't know if I can't handle it anymore, it truly does suck to be this close and constantly lose. Obviously I'll probably watch next year, but as of right now, I don't want to watch football or any sports for that matter.
  10. Literally the garbage man from waste management in green bay could walk into the facility next week and I'd throw a party. I dont care who, and I think most packer fans agree. Literally anyone, hell if capers walked in next week I'd be happy with it. (Not by much tbo)
  11. If pettine is not fired, I won't be watching a packer game next year, itll be the same ol ****. I may even make the 4 hour drive south just to hold up fire pettine signs
  12. And they also dropped 28 in the first half, leaving king by himself (twice)when it was obvious he didn't want to be out there. Pettine can't call defense, his *** should have been walking home after the SF NFCCG lat year. How people can defend pettine amazes me, probably the same people who defended capers for years
  13. If pettine doesn't suck, we are going to the SB. It's time for him to go
  14. But would we have been criticizing him if they went for it and not got it, goes both ways.
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