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  1. Good thing we as fan can look as forward as we want and have no effect on the game. I'm looking down the road to the Packers SB victory this year.
  2. Also seems like Rogers wants zero part in any receiver on the roster not named Davante Adams.
  3. Free trial of youtube tv or any live streaming provider. Then set up a VPN to connect to the Wisconsin area.
  4. Figured the NFL would try and get any money they could from fans. I wonder though, even now when fans are in the stadium, they are still going to come in close contact with each other I'd assume, bathrooms, concessions, coming and going to the parking lot, etc. I still feel like the NFL doesn't care about the fans or players, as long as they cover their A$$ with all these "protocols" and keep collecting their money, they don't care.
  5. Looks like GB tried to trade for Fuller but no dice on Houston's part. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2915526-packers-trade-rumors-texans-wr-will-fuller-v-interests-gb-ahead-of-deadline
  6. Yep, but he'll have great potential and end up on the practice squad.
  7. Got to thinking, does this team rely too heavily on Adams when he's on the lineup? Obviously when he isn't in the lineup the Packers are undefeated with out him, is that because they are being forced to develop a game plan to get others open, while when he is healthy, they rely too much on Adams in the game plan leaving the other guys to be non factors. I just feel like when he's not in the lineup they are forced to get creative to get other guys involved compared to when he is in the lineup. Side note, really have been enjoying talk Packers football with you all. Can't really talk intelligent football with a lot of people.
  8. I understand how hard it is to win and honestly I feel blessed to witness the packers win a lot of games in my time. (Not old enough to witness how bad they were in the 70's and 80's, heard they stunk). I'm just tired of all these embarrassing playoff loses, (blowing the lead to SEA in the NFCCG, ATL blowing them out, SF blowing them out, didn't SF break their own rushing record against the packers in the playoffs) But it gets to the point where you have to do something to beat these top echelon of teams. The Packers seem content on where they are and building for the future and that was evident on when they took love and dillon in the first two rounds in one of the deepest WR drafts in history. Pretty much a slap to the face to the veterans of the team like Rodgers, M. Lewis, etc.
  9. How is it idiotic that I pointed out we beat a bunch of teams that have less talent than the Packers and get embarrassed by good teams on what seems to be almost a regular basis. Hell the chiefs game last year, Matt Moore, a guy they picked up off the street and almost beat last years packers team. Beat a Seattle team with only Russell Wilson playing well or not injured. And we've beaten three teams this year that are fighting for a top 5 pick. This team isn't good when it matters the most. I fully expect SF to run wild on GB in a couple weeks, GB has done nothing to tell me other wise. Great movie by the way.
  10. Ok, but how long do you trust the process, seems like we as fans have been trusting the process for a long time now with the same result every year, an embarrassing playoff loss. We continue to trust the process, by the time the process works Rodgers will be gone and we'll have to trust the process with Love and wait for him to get experience and up to par.
  11. Randall Cobb anyone? Probably really unlikely but who knows.
  12. Let's look at the wins from Lafluer's resume so far 2019 2020 -bears -vikings -vikings -falcons -broncos -texans -cowboys -lions -lions -raiders -mahomes-less chiefs -panthers -giants -washington -bears -vikings -lions -seahawks that were decimated by injuries The quality of opponents isn't that good, you should win those games. Alot of those games from last year were one score games, an unlucky bounce and the packers could have had a way worse record. Next man works well when your playing teams that aren't good. Next man up didn't look so good against TB. Like I said, they'll keep beating teams they should, but when they play a good team, they can't beat them. Its been that way for a long time now, not just recently. The lack of quality receivers and DL is going to hurt this team in the playoffs. But knowing GB's management, they'll draft a few D-linemean and a couple WRs and we'll have to wait for them to develop. By that time Love will be playing QB.
  13. Ok, I guess you're good with the packers getting blown out by good teams on consistent basis, in the regular season and playoffs, I guess there's consistency there. I guess its just hard getting excited for this team every year when you already know the outcome. Beat up on weaker teams, lose to good teams, lose to the NFC west or more physical teams in the playoffs. The Packers take no risks and content with being average every year. As long as management keeps the team just good enough to get people excited and fill the seats in Lambeau, they don't care.
  14. Just seeing if there was any interest of doing a Madden Franchise on PC? No details on the franchise, just not interested in doing a fantasy draft. Rules, quarter length, etc can be discussed if there is enough interested players.
  15. Yep, I agree. This draft and develop theme doesn't seem like the best, while it does work in some cases. How long do you draft and develop for when every year its just "wait 2-3 years, this guy has potential" then they up on practice squad or cut. It just doesn't make sense. It's just crazy IMO, GB has had two of the greatest QBs to ever play the game for the past almost 30 years but only have 2 SBs to show for it. Now I know theres teams out there that don't even have 1 SB in their history, but when you have Farve and Rodgers for almost 30 years, it seems like there would be more than 2 SBs in there or at least more then 3 SB appearances. It just seems the top contenders are always trying to get better while the Packers are content with where they are at. Hell, the Buccaneers just signed AB. I know thats a huge risk, but for 1 year at 2.5 mil, it could be well worth the risk and if it doesn't, they aren't out much and they let AB walk in the off season. Not saying the packers should have signed AB at all, but it would have been interesting with him in LaFluer's offense.
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