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  1. Uh, I had no idea who Paul Worrilow was.
  2. Friday was a rough day. The hell happened to Goodyear again.
  3. We probably need to sign a veteran lineman, at least to the PS. Glenn? Kline? Watford?
  4. Is Fields that much better of a prospect than Haskins? Or Lance for that matter?
  5. Laughs in Cleveland. (or WFT fine)
  6. WFT fans to this day will admit the man can call a game and scheme an offense. Asked to be the top leader of men though? lol. I think you'll be okay.
  7. Yeah he was great. In fact, a weakness of CW is how much they did a poor job fleshing his story out more. But it was packed otherwise.
  8. I think most of your statement is correct, but I'm not sure Sony will be playing catchup. Unless they're Skype blowing the 10 year lead.
  9. Rewatched Civil War last night. Honestly, wasn't as bad as people keep saying.
  10. Motionless in White re-did Mr. Brightside. I like it, but also ... not a fan. It actually doesn't sound different enough from the original.
  11. I went with other. I am very intrigued by Tenn and SC for whatever reason.
  12. Isn't that Virginia Tech at 20 on the AP?
  13. Any early line thoughts this week? Tough week.
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