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  1. I didn’t realize we were limited to a receiving TE only, so I might have missed that. My bad.
  2. Whether or not you use Twitter, they def exist. now if you want to change that to competent people aren’t saying, I’m with you.
  3. If signing Tebow falls under that as well, then yea, we do.
  4. All better options than Tebow.
  5. I'd rather roll with Trey Burton, bring back Tyler Eifert, Pruitt, or Jesse James, yes.
  6. But why give him a chance anyway? There's better talent out there. That's not speculation. That's a fact. Absolutely. I'm not banking on it. But hey, he was very below average baseball player, compared to a disaster like I thought he'd be.
  7. AND old coach cronyism. AND I said I refuse to see it as anything else than what it is. You can continue to leave your blinders on as you wish. These owners are about making money as much as anything lest we forget. My TE room is as crappy as any other. If the answer was reaching on a TE in the draft (oops thanks random dude from Boise State) and they wanted to follow up by signing Tebow, I'd laugh and yell a lot of expletives.
  8. But plenty that have actually played the position for a while and can come in and competently do the job asked. I refuse to see this as anything other than a cash grab and old coach cronyism at its finest. and yes, the deserved LOLs.
  9. Justin Fields and RG3 aren't running the same 40 time. That's all I'm saying.
  10. I didn't really like this most recent season. Your thoughts?
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