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  1. Great game. One of my 10 most played ever probably. Great game. It was fine. Maybe ahead of it's time. 04-06 are interchangeable and the best era. Great game. Never played it. I liked it fine. A good game, but I never understood the love. Great game, can't wait for the sequel. Great games. A handful of those make my most played ever - MW2, and Madden depending on how you wanna rank it. THPS2 is up there.
  2. I'm gonna be honest, I'd rather keep Russ than do that trade. it's more exciting, and the trade doesn't really put us in any better position long term imo.
  3. Correct. We are 1 of 2 teams under 50% last I heard. (Colts)
  4. Washington is one of two teams under 50% vaccinated last I heard. Ridiculous.
  5. Same! The second episode. Actually one of my favorites from the series.
  6. Been playing XCOM2 again. Oh my god the load times are SO QUICK on this game on PS5. For any of you that have played it, you know what a nightmare wait it is.
  7. Made into new thread. Could be big news.
  8. Definitely less side quests. Blade to blade combat is very fun.
  9. In general he's still had some recent hits. I thought The Martian and All the Money in the World were good.
  10. I absolutely loved it. It was one of the most beautiful games I've ever played.
  11. iirc I believe this is correct. If not THE, it was definitely near the top.
  12. Absolutely not the right thing to do, lol. You're going in the opposite direction. This is a joke post, I believe that. Quit trolling like that.
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