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  1. Things other than Redskins

    I'm more than willing to listen to the GOAT argument.
  2. Richie Incognito apparently got into an altercation at a gym, threw a dumbbell at someone, and is not being held for psyc eval. No thx.
  3. Off-Topic: The Washington Capitals Thread

    Honestly, the absolute keys to this game, to me, is to play the defense you've played in the Game 6's of Pens/Lightning, and to not give the Lightning powerplay opportunities. Those two things will give the Caps the game.
  4. MAT needed that throw and walkoff last night. Hopefully it gets him rolling.
  5. lol okay you just explained that's exactly what happened. they traded him to move on to a guy in his 2nd year with 1 game under his belt after playing in the playoffs.
  6. Because there are even more examples of it not working too. Or examples of teams finally getting their **** together and winning it.
  7. Our Offense got a lot faster this off season.

    Or, as we've constantly pointed out, being the new guy to the team telling us fans of 20+ years of misery how to act.
  8. Here comes the alley oop.... And then they traded him for a 2nd year unproven QB.
  9. NBA Top 50 Players: Who Is #3?

    Davis. Honestly a little surprised at Curry going here. I really like Curry, and think he's super talented, but not #3.
  10. Financial Experts say...

    I agree. I'm not...yet. But like a retirement account, it IS an investment that down the road I think will payoff. Like I said, after a couple years of it getting paid down, and a refi that benefits me, it could turn into a monthly cash pull. That's what I am hoping at least. Got to start somewhere.
  11. Things other than Redskins

    You're right, but if I recall correctly, I think I heard on Kimmel that it is all athletes this time around.
  12. Financial Experts say...

    I like it as an investment option as well though to diversify. I have my retirement accounts, my portfolios, but i also have two apartments that i own with my brother and father. We've had them almost 7 years now. I've never pulled out a $1 from them, but I've also never had to pay into them more than my initial DP. Ideally, in another couple of years, rent will have gone up some and we can refi the loans for lower payments. Hopefully then we might be able to pull some cash. But this is also not including the annual tax write-offs that come as well.
  13. The Official Recruiting Thread

    My salt level
  14. I root for Tyrod Taylor harder than any other player in the NFL (not counting Skins players). So, to answer your question, yes!