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  1. NCAA Tournament Thread

    I know. And I am glad he's back. I honestly thought they might fall to 10 after it all. I think an 8 was fair. Hoping they somehow pull off the miracle and VT does okay and I get a Sweet 16 match up.
  2. NCAA Tournament Thread

    Tough draw getting a 16 seed again.
  3. NCAA Tournament Thread

    Flopping in the tournament hurt the hell out of them. They were definitely sniffing a low 6 or high 7 before that.
  4. Washington Free Agency 2019

    Trading a 4th for Haha and then "trading" Haha and a 6th for Ereck Flowers is kind of funny though.
  5. #FireBruceAllen

    He has been before. I saw a "sort of" refute from Hoffman. That's about it.
  6. #FireBruceAllen

    I’m not either. Lavar is just out here bashing a guy who has been an industry standard for a long time and isn’t known for a history of false reporting.
  7. #FireBruceAllen

    But my question was why? These local guys get connections all the time. They interview and talk to these guys, see them at outside events, and teams have guys that they use to leak info for reasons (especially to garner reactions from the locals). EB would be a very obvious choice to be one of those guys (Dukes, Cooley, etc).
  8. #FireBruceAllen

    Why? I've never really known EB to throw something out there like that without a good feeling on a source. Those guys do have them. EB (I think) broke some news about the complications Alex Smith was having.
  9. Landon Collins to Washington

    If Manusky put all these players in positions to succeed and it was just poor execution, I can't believe no one tried to steal him from us. It sounds like he's incredible.
  10. Washington Free Agency 2019

    In his 2 seasons with the Redskins, Quick has a stat line of 9 catches for 94 yards, 3 and 18 last season.
  11. Washington Free Agency 2019

    I can't hold all these championships.
  12. Things other than Redskins

    4 seed. Could play VCU or Duke in DC in sweet 16 if we make it. Let’s go!
  13. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Sent mine is 1376-1477-7211 for anyone that wants to add me.
  14. The Post FA|Pre Draft Season Prediction Thread

    Good work. Pretty much seems good until I saw Bucs 10-6
  15. I'm not sure the Redskins have 4 capable WRs to put out there.