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  1. I am a Matt Ryan NFL apologist even after his BC days, but I think he's about done before he could conceivably help this team. Those others I want nothing to do with.
  2. Of Watson to Miami? Maybe. Of Washington getting Tua out of it? I dunno.
  3. Sounds like this dude and his source are very wrong. Or aren't leaking a thing to our local media. They all got hard "no's"
  4. Tough question. The potential is there but a) he hasn't looked THAT great and b) he definitely can't stay healthy. That said he'd be the best prospect in this draft coming up, no? It all depends on what you give up.
  5. If they move on from Tua, not knowing ahead of time the likely outcome of a Watson suspension, then they truly are just done with him and resetting again.
  6. Right? I think it only happens if you know something we don't about it all going away or something...
  7. I feel like Robby is more likely, no? Wait nevermind, I just looked at his contract.
  8. For those of you that might have an extra roster space, and are down on QBs, it MIGHT be worth looking into stashing Watson.
  9. I need to see the full context of this. It sounds more like he's messing with his own head? I also said it wasn't a major reason. His own limitations are the major reason.
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