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  1. He is also announced as the starter the rest of the season per Callahan.
  2. Amazon Prime

    Agreed. But we can hope ;). Washington Prime w/o Dan Snyder involved works for me!
  3. Make-A-Movie Draft Discussion Thread

    I will wait to pick her replacement later for fairness, but @rackcs can you delete the Tilda Swinton pick? She's a great actress, and I overreached for her for the role. Let's call it scheduling conflicts. Tilda Swinton is available again.
  4. would it be hard to pass on Burrow?

    I still think there's a small but too large to not notice chance that Bill Callahan is the 2020 coach.
  5. Draft game 2020 it is well past time LOL

  6. would it be hard to pass on Burrow?

    That said. We need the haul.
  7. would it be hard to pass on Burrow?

    Early returns have that being the smarter move.
  8. Make-A-Movie Draft Discussion Thread

    I screwed up and overreached on Swinton. I don’t really need her now that I play the part out. and no. Richard Madden is Oedipus 😎
  9. The Trent Williams Holdout is "Over"

    I’ll bite. I would never have thought of a sprain tear the same as the tears that knock you out months.
  10. Make-A-Movie Draft Discussion Thread

    I messed up. I don't really need Tilda Swinton. Is there someone that wants her and I can use your pick? 1 for 1 trade no worries. I'll get the person I truly want. THe more I thought about it, the more it's a waste of her talents for a small (albeit very important) role.
  11. What are you reading? V1

    I tried. I got like 30% through and just couldn't do it. My friend wanted to unfriend me.