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  1. The Black PS5s weren't being produced by Sony. They were being produced by a 3rd party manufacturer that was simply putting a black skin on them and PS2 logo. The death threats were due to them buying up regular stock and then marketing them as black PS5s for $649. I guess people didn't like them taking stock away of an already short-supply product.
  2. The ending to the main story depends on the main side missions you do, just as an FYI.
  3. We should honestly have the division locked up for the next 5 years. Eagles are obviously out. I'll never be afraid of Alex Smith, and the Giants are still such a clown fiesta (somehow more than us). EZ next few years 😎
  4. Feel bad for Doug. I just can't imagine he's the cause of all their woes. Yes, Reich did an incredible job for their offense, but you can't convince me he was solely responsible for the Eagles success. All of the players seemed to love Doug as well. It seems to me like most of the issues the Eagles were having were because of a complete inability to draft well and actually build a team over the course of a few years. Looking forward to watching the Eagles crash in burn these next few years and realize their mistake was in the front office, not their HC😂
  5. Pretty shocking to me. I'm definitely in the minority, and not trying to flame, but I really don't think Pederson was the issue. After this move, I don't see the Eagles getting any better for 3-5 years in all honesty.
  6. I've never cleaned the 360E, but if you're comfortable with tech and/or feel confident following a Youtube tutorial, you should have nothing to worry about. I found this vid. It's a bit long, but pretty good quality and in depth. You can probably skip around in it or even play it back at 1.25 speed to save time as well. Of course if you're not comfortable with any of that, paying someone to clean it is probably a possibly.
  7. 1. Yes, cleaning out the dust will help quite a lot. Your Xbox is having a hard time providing good airflow at lower RPMs because it's so backed up with dust. In order to provide better airflow, it has to kick up to max speed. Over a long enough period of time, this could shorten the lifespan of the console. It's definitely a good idea to clean it out as it'll run quieter/cooler and thus have a longer lifespan. 2. You're looking for an Xbox 360 Internal HDD. Here are two links, one to the official HDD, which is a little bit more expensive, and one to an unofficial HDD. Both should work ba
  8. Worse than I ever remember them being. 90% of them are out of stock, and the ones instock are marked up a few hundred dollars. No way to build a reasonable PC right now.
  9. So we didn't tank and get a good draft pick and didn't make the playoffs. Great season folks.
  10. Really curious how the vibe here changes after we get bumped in round 1. Like, I admit it's fun going to the playoffs, but I refuse to believe any "momentum" is going to last 8 months through the offseason and benefit us next season. Especially benefiting us more than a higher draft pick. It's just shocking to me how we can never escape the 7-9 win seasons of mediocrity- even when our starting QB goes down.
  11. That's fair, but I think we can all still agree higher pick = better, even if there's a little more luck in choosing talent this year. I guess my big thing is, what's the benefit of making the playoffs? Does anyone here think we have a real shot to do anything? We'll make the playoffs and then get bumped in the first round when some team puts up 40 against us. Even if you don't think a draft pick swing of potentially 10-15 picks will matter (it will), we will have an objectively harder season next year playing the Packers/Seahawks as opposed to 9ers/Lions. Idk, just seems like we missed a
  12. can't wait to win this game, win next week, make the most pointless playoff appearance of all time where we get smacked in the first round and then get an awful draft pick... oh, we'll also have an insanely difficult schedule next year playing all the 1st place divisional teams, while the Eagles will have a great draft pick and a cake-walk of a season. literally couldn't be a worse ending to the season if it comes to fruition.
  13. From Software is one of my favorite studios and Bloodborne is possibly my favorite single player game of all time... so I could be a bit bias here. For me personally, games that are more difficult directly makes them more rewarding. When I fight a "boss" that I beat on the first try, I don't feel like I actually did anything. I don't feel satisfied. Fighting a boss over and over again, learning it's moves, creating a strategy, reworking the strategy, practicing the execution, etc. culminates to an incredibly rewarding experience when you finally win. I do understand how that's not for eve
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