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  1. I've never used the SteamOS, but it looks/sounds pretty solid from their description and what they showed. Might not seem huge, but for handheld devices a good/bad OS can really make/break the experience. Biggest + to me from this video, which some people might have expected, is that it has a suspend/resume feature. You can just press a button to pause/suspend the game, and then seemingly resume it later. Even most laptops don't handle that very well typically- closing the lid while a game is running almost always has caused me issues. Also, cool to see that big picture mode allows you to pret
  2. A lot of people are talking about the specs, but it's really hard to judge how it's going to run on paper; much more difficult compared to really any laptop or desktop (or even the consoles) as the custom architecture is really unique. Yes, it's got a RDNA2 GPU, but it's completely custom. Same with the CPU. Yes, the RAM is really fast, but it's also LPDDR5 RAM. It's made for mobile devices and phones to save power. To save power, while it's fast, it also has way less bandwidth than traditional RAM. Not saying this is concerning, just saying the speed being a distinguishing factor is misleadin
  3. Yeah, I definitely see your point. PS1/PS2 exclusives were fantastic, some of the greatest games of all time. Although, to be honest, I think that was some golden era for gaming. Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony all killed it during that time. All of those consoles are filled with such classics.
  4. For a serious investment, I agree. But for anyone spending less than $1000, I don't think it's necessary. How many games are actually supporting 4k/120FPS right now anyway? That's a tall order to hit, especially as this next gen continues to unravel and games start becoming developed for it. I'd expect most games to be 4k/60 going forward, which HDMI 2.0 handles just fine.
  5. Yeah, to be honest, I actually didn't enjoy PS3 exclusives really at all. I don't think Sonys exclusives were all that good until the PS4. But I'm probably pretty unique in that I didn't like The Last of Us or Uncharted (super overrated IMO). The PS4, on the other hand, has some of the greatest single player games of all time with Bloodborne, God of War, and FF7: Remake (bias on this one). I don't think you missed anything by playing the 360 over the PS3 tbh. Sony hadn't really hit their stride yet.
  6. Any big opinions on the tempest engine 3D audio stuff? It was one of the huge things Sony was talking about early on when the PS5 as announced, but I actually completely forgot about it until recently. Can't say I've noticed a huge change in audio quality with the PS5, but I don't think it's active on every title either.
  7. i heard fall will be a little better, next spring (around march) is when it should become widely available.
  8. That's how my roommates was. I watched some deep dives on the cooling techniques, and it seems like they just sorta brute forced it. Instead of engineering a more passive cooling solution with intelligent heat pipes and airflow, they just stuck a huge fan in a big chassis and used liquid metal (which is still cool as hell btw). I think the next iteration will probably be much more elegant.
  9. I'm looking forward to this Halo, I'm definitely going to give it a shot and hope it's amazing... but I somewhat agree that it seems stale. Does anyone even really play these Arena style FPS games anymore? Like, CoD multiplayer (not BR), Halo, Gears, and similar 4v4, 5v5, 6v6 TDM games seem pretty much dead. The only shooters that I see played anymore are Battle Royale games and tactical shooters such as CS, Valorant or Rainbow Six. It feels like regular TDM or objective-based games just aren't exciting for people anymore. The highs of winning a Halo Slayer match don't compare to winning a BR
  10. I agree with some people here that the PS1 was better. The N64 was still amazing though. I think the thing that made those systems magical was the amount of innovation we were seeing. Everything was new and exciting and hadn't been done before. When you were playing so many of those games, it often times wasn't just a new game but a new take on a whole genre of game. Made for some really magical experiences. Honestly, I think another one of the reasons it was so incredible was due to the smaller budget required to make a game. Games were smaller, simpler and much easier to create com
  11. Yeah, it's kinda wild. Every report I've read from Nvidia/AMD/TSMC has said it looks like it'll continue at minimum until March of 2022. Some have even said true demand won't be met until 2023. I can't imagine it'll go that long, but insane that it's even being reported.
  12. If you haven't already, I highly recommend playing RE7. One of my favorite games of last gen. assuming you like horror games, of course. if you don't then I don't know if I'd recommend it.
  13. Microsoft looking to buy Discord for 10 billion. Would be cool to finally get some Discord integration. I know a lot of people that primarily play on Xbox and to talk with PC players, we have to use the Xbox/Windows party system. Not terrible, but also pretty cumbersome to use in comparison. 10 billion though... the blockbuster ZeniMax deal was "only" 7.5 billion. Really puts into perspective how big/powerful Microsoft as a company is. Also makes you wonder why they didn't acquire a studio like ZeniMax earlier. I guess gaming/Xbox is such a small droplet of revenue when compared to their
  14. It would be, but almost impossible in likelihood. Parity doesn't benefit both of them equally. It'll almost benefit the "loser" more and the "winner" less. In this case winner/loser is defined by who has had the better exclusives. Parity would be bad for Sony. Single player exclusives are what have separated them from Xbox for the last 10 years. To trade games would be to give up their advantage. On the other hand, if Microsoft took the lead this gen with their exclusives, then they would never want parity because of the same reasons. It's a cool idea, but unfortunately I never see it coming t
  15. I think it makes the most sense for Microsoft to make all Bethesda games for the next 2-4 years Xbox exclusives. These are the years where most people are deciding which console to get. The entire point of the Bethesda purchase is seemingly to use it as an incentive for people to integrate into the Xbox ecosystem- for console players that means trying to lure them into buying an Xbox (and likely signing up for Game Pass). If they announce at E3 this year that their games will be on PS5, then there's not too much extra incentive for players to choose the Xbox over the PS5. A lot of people would
  16. Phil Spencer made an official announcement: Included in that article is a brief statement about exclusivity: With the addition of the Bethesda creative teams, gamers should know that Xbox consoles, PC, and Game Pass will be the best place to experience new Bethesda games, including some new titles in the future that will be exclusive to Xbox and PC players. Looks like some titles will definitely be exclusive to PC/Xbox, while others will probably get exclusive content or early content to make it "the best place to play."
  17. Biiiig contract. 4 years 160m, 126m guaranteed and a no-trade clause. Still, glad we have our QB. Much rather commit to a guy than draft his replacement and scare him away like Philly did 🤣
  18. 2k21, NHL 21 and Madden 21 being added on Game Pass. Pretty cool that they're adding them so soon.
  19. I'm willing to bet Phil says something to the extent of "And you can play it first on Xbox" simply leaving it to be a timed exclusive. They'll come out probably 1 year later on PS5.
  20. Wentz is about to have an MVP caliber season again. I think the Eagles are going to be looking back at these last few years with a lot of regret.
  21. I've never felt more happy to have Dak at our QB. The Eagles just got absolutely fleeced in a deal moving Wentz. Not gonna lie, I was really afraid of the Eagles since they got Wentz. They genuinely looked like a dynasty was forming. Seems like their fans and management f'd that up though. They ran Pederson and Wentz out of town for... Jalen Hurts? Going to be funny to watch Wentz have an MVP caliber season again. Looks like the iggles won't be good for another 5+ years either. It's a great day. edit: I know the last two seasons weren't good for Wentz, but it's hard to play well
  22. I'd hardly say he played better. He threw for a few more ypg, sure, but there's also zero film on him and he's a much bigger threat to run the ball than Wentz. Defenses can't prep for him like they could Wentz. I'll put it like this: If Philly fans were just showing love to Wentz the last few years instead of tearing him apart every chance they got, do you think he'd still want to leave? Why would you want to play for fans and/or an organization that literally tell you they don't want you here? If I were him, I'd want to leave too.
  23. True, but the offense around him has hardly been consistent. Your receivers have all been inexperienced 3rd/4th strings and your offensive line might've been as bad or worse than the Cowboys in terms of injury. It just seems so rash to give up on a potential franchise QB when there were so many other variables affecting his performance. Makes it hard to really evaluate. Not trying to be a downer for you guys. Just a little wild to me looking at this franchise as an outsider over the last 3 seasons lol.
  24. I recognize that Wentz is being a brat, but it seems like him he's acting this way because how the fanbase turned against him. I remember reading NFC East threads on game day and everyone here was saying to get rid of Wentz, he's trash, etc. Seems like the fan base has been pushing him out the last 1-2 years. Dak gets a lot of hate too at times, but not nearly as much as Wentz did during his time here. I really don't blame him for wanting to leave honestly.
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