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  1. It's really not just marketing. The PS5 is tremendously more powerful than the PS4 in pretty much every regard. It's like comparing the engine of a Porsche to a Civic and saying the only difference is marketing. There's a ton of difference under the hood.
  2. You can't get banned. It's an app that Microsoft has allowed onto the app store and requires nothing shady to use it. Absolute worst case scenario is Microsoft removes the app and you lose out on the $20 it costs. But, since it's been up for several years now, that seems unlikely.
  3. I'm really not a big fan of the comparisons with previous gen games. The amount of unique visual assets on screen in Cyberpunk is an order of magnitude higher than any of the games you mentioned. Not to mention that 2/3 of those games (God of War and TLoU2) are effectively linear, non-open world games (I get that GoW has open world elements, but it's not truly open world). Linear games are much easier to optimize for as you know exactly the player is going to be looking at and interacting with in any given part of the game. You could focus all of your resources on those things and neglect the
  4. EA would just eat the bad press for the first and then make a "fixed" sequel that they'd charge you $60 for 😂
  5. So this season is looking like worst case scenario, right? Not only do we have zero % chance of actually winning anything meaningful (including a playoff game), but it looks like we're just good enough to win a few more games to finish the season with 6-7 wins. Just enough to avoid a top draft pick. Great.
  6. I play on PC. It's not just people reporting glitches more often, there just are an insane amount of bugs. I myself have run into some sort of glitch every time I play, typically several times an hour of playtime. Almost all of them are small: Dialogue cutting out or popping up randomly. Indicators on my screen not going away. Random people T-posing throughout the game. Cars glitching through the wall. Random deaths from jumping off a ~one foot ledge (this has happened several times). Some of them are bigger than that (I once had to reload like an hour back because a mission I had done did not
  7. As controversial as this statement seems, I pretty much agree with it lol. I guess to take it back a bit, they definitely shouldn't have released the game in it's current state on consoles. They honestly should've just released it on the new PS5/Xbox and PC, while delaying the older versions by about a year. But obviously they would've lost a ton of money doing that. Still should've done it to be pro consumer, but I guess they didn't think the backlash would've been so bad and they're confident they could have it optimized sooner rather than later (in the same way they did with the Witche
  8. Really excited for this. It's really the game, for better or for worse, that is going to define Microsoft for this next generation, IMO. They need this to be the narrative masterpiece that many Sony games are. They have the budget, team (a lot of people from great studios including Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch are working here) and time to create an amazing game. Hope they could pull it off.
  9. A lot of people still don't care about 30FPS vs 60FPS, especially in single player games. It's completely 100% playable. Hell, a lot of fantastic games on the PS4 towards the end of last gen still ran at 30FPS. The reason why I'd recommend the Series S version but not the X1/PS4 is because it's consistent at hitting those framerates and runs at a much higher graphical fidelity. The older versions stutter and look downright blurry most of the time.
  10. The graphics are definitely pretty bad, but the bigger issue is the frame rate. It struggles to play the game even at 30FPS, often times dipping to 18-22FPS. This makes the game visually look really choppy while playing, especially during heavy combat or driving around at fast speeds. If you're hell-bent on playing it, the game should be playable in the literal sense. But it's definitely going to be a much much worse experience than what we're seeing on next gen consoles, and I'd be very surprised if it didn't bother you at all.
  11. Yeah, game looks unplayable on the previous gen. Isn't that what delay the game, too? They were reworking it and trying to optimize it more for the older consoles (as well as fixing bugs of course). The PS5/Series X look identical to me. The Series S is completely playable and looks good, but noticeably worse than the PS5/SeriesX. I don't think anyone who buys it on there will have any regrets.
  12. It's always a good decision IMO when companies delay their games to make them better. In this case, this extra year really seems to be needed and I'm glad Microsoft is going this route as opposed to rushing out a bad product. I'm not sure how much they could actually accomplish in the next year, but I'm hoping/optimistic that next time we see Halo Infinite it'll be a much better looking game.
  13. I forget if it was Nvidia or AMD, but they said to expect at least several more months of short supply. I'd honestly expect it to last until spring or even summer unfortunately.
  14. When it was initially announced, I thought it was going to be the only one. Since then, Microsoft has announced it wants to "make sure people have choices", so it sounds like there will be more coming out in the future. As of now, though, it's the only one available.
  15. Yeah, the newer games that will come out in a year or two are going to be built to utilize the much higher read/write times of the SSD. This will allow them to create bigger, higher fidelity worlds as they can bring data from the storage device to GPU much quicker than ever possible before by an order of magnitude, even when compared to PC. Because of this, these games would effectively be unplayable on older, slower HDD as they literally can not transfer data fast enough. Both Microsoft and Sony are requiring you to use a SSD of a certain speed to play newer games. Microsoft is actually forci
  16. Yeah, it's a really interesting time because it's the best time to buy in terms of jumps in performance and competition. The newest GPUs/CPUs are seeing record breaking leaps in performance gain compared to previous generations... At the same time, like you said, stock is all time bad. Getting a new piece of hardware, even older hardware, seems almost impossible. So conflicting.
  17. People are running emulators on the Xbox and playing PS1/PS2/Gamecube games. Apparently it's incredibly good at emulation and runs most of them at a clean 60FPS or better.
  18. Yeah, it's really shocking to me how much of a game changer it is. When they discussed it in their presentation, I thought it was just marketing buzz and kind of a gimmick. Right now, at least for myself, it's surprisingly the biggest single difference between the two consoles at the moment. I do think, however, it's not too late for Microsoft. If they develop/integrate the tech, they could easily replace their current stock controller that sells for $60 with one that includes haptic feedback. Some people might be upset that it wasn't included with the system, but I don't think it would b
  19. The more I use the PS5 controller the more I love it. I still prefer the actual layout/feel to the Xbox controller (the stick placement is still just better IMO), but haptic feedback is just such a good addition. It just makes everything feel so much more impactful. When I switched back to Xbox controller, it felt empty and cheap in comparison. Microsoft is going to have to come out with their own controller that has haptic feedback in the next 2-3 years.
  20. The biggest plus side of the 5800x is the 8 cores 16 threads. Specifically, the next-gen consoles (Series X and PS5) will be also running 8c/16t. This leads everyone to believe future games will be optimized for that specification. The 5600x is only 6c/12t. If you're worried about future proofing, getting the 8c/16t CPU (or better) is probably in your best interest. Personally, I went with the 5600x because I think it'll be at least ~2 years for that to start mattering for PC games and I don't mind upgrading in 2-3 years.
  21. Glad we lost... but it's never fun to be completely embarrassed on Thanksgiving with a game on national television. Really tough loss. Even with Dak back, if the D is utter trash (like it's been all season) and gives up 40+ points, I don't see us fairing much better next season.
  22. Just found out that you can keep doing the "upgrade to ultimate" deal that Microsoft has. Basically, Game Pass Ultimate cost $15 a month or $180 a year. Xbox Gold cost $5 a month or $60 a year. You can buy up to three years of Xbox Live Gold ($180 for 3 years) and then buy a single month of Game Pass Ultimate ($15) and it will convert all of your gold subscription to Ultimate. Essentially, you can buy $195 for 3 years of Ultimate as opposed to the MSRP of $540. You can also do a lesser amount of time, such as buying a single year of gold for $60 plus the $15 for 1 month of ultimate and do the
  23. Either way it's gross. Anyone who buys from a scalper is just as bad IMO. It's literally directly supporting the practice. If nobody bought, scalpers wouldn't exist.
  24. Damn, wish I saw this post maybe ~4 days ago. I bought a 5600x on Amazon, but they sent me two completely by mistake. I asked them about it and they literally said to just keep it. Sold if for $300 to some random guy, but would've rather (and trusted more) to send it to someone on here
  25. The newest Star Wars. All EA Sports games such as Madden, FIFA, NHL, (typically 4-5 months after release, though), Battlefield, Need For Speed, etc. Here is the full list of games: https://www.ea.com/ea-play/games-xbox-one
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