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  1. Sure, I'm not saying some people aren't holding a grudge. Just that, objectively speaking, you can't make an argument for one company being less trust worthy than the other. They both had issues with hardware failures that console generation (albeit, Microsofts was much much larger) and Sony leaked a bunch of customer information a few years back. Both of those issues are clearly bad, but I don't think it makes much sense to push people today in one direction or the other due to it, especially considering how long ago it was.
  2. Eh, I don't see any argument for "more trustworthy system." The 360 had RROD, but that was 15 years ago. I don't think it's really relevant anymore in terms of trust. Playstation has had missteps itself. The yellow light of death, while less frequent than RROD, definitely existed. Also, a few years ago they had a major data breach where tons of customer information was leaked. Overall, they're both major companies that are equally prone to missteps IMO. My Pros/Cons would be: Playstation: Much better exclusive games, faster SSD Xbox: More powerful console, more storage space, mo
  3. Sucks about Spiderman. I didn't love the first one like a lot of people, so I never planned on buying this one. I will say, however, the Demon Souls remake is absolutely perfect. They could not have done a better job IMO.
  4. For some reason Walmart shipped me mine today instead of yesterday. Gotta say, this controller is by far the best PlayStation controller I've ever used. I still prefer Xbox because of the thumbstick placement, but it's really a tossup at this point. I could see myself liking it more than the Xbox one as I get even more used to it.
  5. Am I crazy or didn't you say that you cancelled your PS5 preorder? Did you cancel it and then just immediately preorder another one? 😂
  6. Logically you're right, but even when I know it's best we lose, the emotional part of me wants to see the team win. So when it looks like we're playing great and about to beat a 7-0 team, that part of me, against my best interest, starts to get excited... then of course the Cowboys find a new way to make me disappointed even when I wanted to lose from the beginning.
  7. Ugh. Before the game I was completely happy with the idea of tanking. Perfect. We're playing the 7-0 Steelers, easy L. But no, the Cowboys always find new ways to disappoint me. Today they make the game just interesting and exciting enough for me to be one again pissed off that they lost. I swear if they lost 28-0 I would've been completely fine. I genuinely don't know how they always do it.
  8. All games will have long loading screens right now because the SSD can't be utilized. The games are not developed to take advantage of them by default. You could effectively swap out the SSDs with HDDs and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Studios can fix this with patches (very doubtful for most games/studios), but more realistically, we won't see games take advantage of them until they are developed from the ground up with them in mind. The first games that come to mind with potential are the new Spider-man and Demon Souls.
  9. Yeah, it would be suicide for them to release alongside Cyberpunk. This is a smart choice by them.
  10. Here's a tweet showcasing the different load times of the Series X vs PS5: Really interesting to me. They're about the same at cold boot, but Xbox has a much faster speed at standby where we see 14 seconds for the PS5 vs 4 seconds for the Xbox. This is completely due to design choices, I'd assume. The Xbox chooses to boot you up a lot faster while the PlayStation probably saves a bit of power being in a "more off" state. What's also really interesting, though, is when you compare games: The Xbox loads into Destiny 2 a full 10 seconds quicker in both scenarios. This is,
  11. There won't be any non-preorder consoles at launch. It's also been announced that the PS5 won't support native 1440p, which is mind boggling to me. So it's either native 1080p, or native 4k. That makes me think a lot of the more demanding games will be forced to run at 4k, 30FPS or even 1080p with higher framerate. Meanwhile, the performance sweet spot of 1440p, 120FPS won't be an option on the PS5 as of right now. Now, you would think it would be something they could add if the demand was high enough, but we didn't see that at all with the PS4 Pro. Just a very strange decision by Sony he
  12. It depends, but the short answer is yes, typically. Last generation, the X1 and PS4 were actually pretty bad compared to PC. They came out of the gates a full generation behind in terms of hardware, which is a big reason we saw a mid generation update with the One X and PS4 Pro. This gen, they've actually done a pretty great job. The RDNA2 GPU architecture inside both the PS5 and Series X doesn't even release for a few more weeks for PC players- it'll make its world debut with the new consoles. With that being said, of course, it's not the top of the line GPU that PC players will be able to pu
  13. This^^^ The consoles are very good spec-wise, and much better than I was speculating a year or so ago, but they match the previous gen, Nvidia 20 series GPUs. Nvidias new 30 series GPUs (and AMDs RDNA2 GPUs) blow them out of the water. The Xbox, which is about 20% more capable in terms of TFLOPs than the PS5, is about equivalent to a 2080 IIRC. The new flagship 3080 model is already about 2x as capable as the 2080 or 2x as capable as the new Xbox. 2-5 years from now that number will be significantly bigger. While the Xbox and PS5 will be playable at good framerate/resolution (probably 14
  14. Eh, CoD used to be that way years ago, but nowadays CoD is effectively equal. The playerbase is massive and the devs fully support it. You get much better framerates and resolution on PC, but there are hackers sometimes. I'll say that's a wash, but in my personal opinion PC pulls ahead. Sports game I'll give you. Historically they've just always been much better on console; I couldn't imagine playing one on PC. Every other game, though... just seems to be way better on PC. Every single player game isn't even a question: Assassins Creed, Far Cry, Witcher, Cyberpunk (when it's out), Monster Hunt
  15. I mean, given the choice, pretty much every game is objectively significantly better on PC. A lot of people still play console only, though.
  16. I think timed exclusivity is definitely a good option and possible. A lot of people who really love these games will want to play them right away and will buy either Game Pass on PC, or even might consider getting an Xbox if they plan on playing all of them. Then, releasing a year later, you could sell a ton of games to PS players. You're making people interested in the Xbox console/ecosystem while still opening yourself up to the huge player-base that the PS5 will no doubt have. Effectively you're having your cake and eating it too. I don't, however, think there's a realistic chance they
  17. Yeah, I'd be absolutely shocked if games like Starfield or TES6 are on PS5 at their release. I could see it being a one year timed exclusive and then releasing on PS5 after, but that's absolutely best case scenario IMO. I just don't see the scenario where Microsoft paid 7.5 billion to buy the company to have it available everywhere. If Game Pass is all they wanted, they could have negotiated a deal at a fraction of the price.
  18. This is one of the easiest games on the Cowboys schedule. Even with our injuries, if we don't win tonight I'll still be incredibly disappointed.
  19. True, a lot of bigger studios (especially US or Japanese studios) pay much less money and often times require much longer hours. CD Projekt Red is clearly different, though. It's just strange to me that so many people in the media crucified them without having a full story. They painted a picture of them working ~80 hour weeks to finish the game before release with little compensation. The fact that they're just losing their Saturdays for a month and getting paid tens of thousands of dollars to do so shows a much different reality.
  20. Dak out, Dalton in IMO. I'm really glad we didn't sign him to a long-term contract.
  21. Games: The big ones people are excited for are, Spiderman: Miles Morales which is a standalone expansion of sorts of the last Spiderman game. Then there's my personal most anticipated game, Horizon Forbidden West, which looks absolutely beautiful. Demon Souls is getting a remake which visually also looks amazing. Finally, God of War was teased. Graphically, the PS4 ran most game at 1080p, either 30FPS or 60FPS. The PS5 should run almost everything in either 1440p, 60-120FPS, or even 4k 30-120FPS, which is a huge jump in resolution. Definitely going to be a much bigger upgrade visually tha
  22. Ahhh, gotcha. Yeah, new M.2 SSDs are extremely small, especially if it's integrated directly into the motherboard like the consoles are doing. Glad to hear the PS5 is running quiet, though. We expected it to do pretty well with heat due to the size, but you never know these days, so it's really good that Sony targeted that as a goal of theirs. Excited to see reviewers hands-on impressions of the PS5 when Sony sends them out over the next few weeks.
  23. Just out of curiosity, what about the SSD blew your mind?
  24. Here's a short, nicely explained video on the SSD tech, Direct Storage, inside the Xbox. It's also coming to Windows and pretty much the same tech is used inside of the PS5.
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