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  1. Yeah, those games are definitely all ones we need to keep our eyes on. They could make or break Microsoft next generation. Those are all fantastic exclusives for Sony, but for me personally, I'd be really disappointed if that was the bulk of their lineup. One of the things Sony has done well over Microsoft is constantly innovate with new, single player IPs. I think if they want to continue their success, it's important they keep that trend going. If they get content and all we see is Spiderman 2, new God of War, new Uncharted, new HZD, etc. it would be really disappointing.
  2. Yeah, I think a lot of people in the US will simply hear "Xbox has better graphics" and go that route, especially if the rumors are true and Xbox price matches Sony. Globally, however, I'd be really surprised if Sony didn't maintain it's lead throughout next gen. The PS4 is just so much more popular in Europe and Japan (the latter in which Xbox is essentially non-existent) and many of those fans will just stick to what's familiar and go with the PS5. This really is dependent on just how big of a disparity we see graphically in the PS5 vs Xbox. I think the difference could be fairly significant
  3. I always do my PC builds on a carpet. Helps prevents scratches and keeps screws from rolling around, ya know.
  4. Wish it was 1st party games too, but I guess it's also cool they're saving that for a separate summer announcement. I think they're smart from a business standpoint not to announce everything now. Hype would die after a month or two and Sony would absolutely steal it during the Summer. Either way, really interested to see what's cooking so far for third party games. Although, I'm pretty much expecting the equivalent of PS4/Xbox games but running on PC graphical settings.
  5. They announced it's 850GB. If games continue this trend you're going to only be able to have a handful of games downloaded at a time... I was thinking with the SSD being used installing will be a super speedy process so it won't be a big deal, but that's assuming you have a disc and not a digital download. Digital peeps will be constrained by their internet speeds and the Playstation servers :'(
  6. Exactly. There are some substantial differences that I would have been pretty upset to have spoiled for me.
  7. I guess it depends how much time you spend doing side quests and exploring the world. It looks like you're going a little bit quicker than average. I'd wager you have a solid 10-12 hours left.
  8. Absolutely loved the first one back on the PS1, and this one has out surpassed my expectations in every way. The ending was a little wonkier than I thought it would be, but I've come around to it. As long as they keep the core values/scenes of the game going forward like they did with this one, I'll be ecstatic to play the next one. Really interested to see what they do. Also, the voice acting is definitely a little off (especially when combined with the over-the-top Japanese mannerisms lol), but I think that's because they used machine learning to the mouth syncing- it's not done manuall
  9. Same. I could never get into CS, but I've been having a blast with this game. I found CS to be a little too tactical and vanilla for my tastes; it quickly got boring after a game or two. The abilities in Valorant, however, really make it feel fresh each game.
  10. https://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-R6700-Nighthawk-Gigabit-Ethernet/dp/B00R2AZLD2/ref=sr_1_3?crid=42ND65BWRUDE&dchild=1&keywords=nighthawk+router&qid=1587475408&s=electronics&sprefix=nighthaw%2Celectronics%2C145&sr=1-3 I've bought this router twice so far (one for myself, one for my parents house when they were asking for one) and haven't been disappointed. I was previously using the rental router that my ISP gave me and it was atrocious- it didn't even support my full DL speed. After switching to this one, my WiFi DL speed went from maybe 60Mb/s to ~110Mb/s
  11. $549 is the upper end of most predictions, but makes sense considering the hardware price relative to a comparable PC. I still think both will launch at $499, though, with Xbox maybe releasing a cheaper version alongside the Series X.
  12. Yeah, I think at the very least they'll be playing without fans. A late start would make sense too.
  13. How sure are we that a season is happening this year? I honestly feel like the Cowboys would be hurt waaaay more than a lot of other teams if the season was suspended. I feel like we're hitting our window now and the idea of missing next season is stressing me out so hard lol
  14. Watercooling is never necessary in 2020 unless you're seriously overclocking (and even then, there's debate as to it's worth). Any standard GPU/CPU shouldn't need anything more than a basic fan. Here's a good video on the matter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23vjWtUpItk
  15. Not really an Xbox screw up. The leak came directly from the AMD side (the company that is making the GPU for the PS5 and Xbox Series X) Also, it's going to be pretty hard to 'hack' the servers using GPU source code As far as I can tell, the only real possible implication of this will be with regards to AMDs direct competitor: Nvidia. In theory, they could view the leaks and 'steal' anything there. I highly doubt that happens, though. History has shown that most big companies don't care too much for taking advantage of leaks as it often times just encourages more bad people to leak t
  16. The difference in graphics is pretty substantial to me, but I'm a hardware junkie. If you only plan on playing casually and are money conscious, than I think you'll be more than happy with the base model. Also, if you only plan on playing 2-3 games, you'll be fine with the 500GB version (although I haven't looked at the price difference between the two). Just know that if you want to play more than a handful of games at a time, you might have to uninstall/reinstall games which could take some time.
  17. If you're willing to wait until June, I'd probably advise you wait just a little bit longer than that. NVIDIA is announcing their new cards (3060/3070/3080) this year. Some people are saying they'll release early Summer, others are saying it might be around September. There are obviously a ton of rumors swirling about how much better they are compared to current gen, but even if you weren't interested in them, the 2000 series will undoubtedly become much cheaper.
  18. It's twice as quick, but what does that translate into the real world? For reference, both the PS4 and Xbox One both had hard drives speeds of about 100mb/s, substantially slower than an SSD obviously. As you get into higher and higher HDD speeds, you start to see diminishing returns in the time it takes to transfer data. For example (using easy numbers for calculations and obv not taking into account the difference in new architecture), if a PS4 took 20 seconds to load a game, you can estimate that a PS5 would take about 0.36 seconds to load, while if we estimate an Xbox to take double that,
  19. I absolutely hate the idea of getting rid of the salary cap. It would ruin the sport. Do you really think somebody is going to take way less money in a physical game such as football to play for a given team? Of course not. Whatever semblance of league parity we have would be tarnished. If I'm being honest, I genuinely haven't seen a single argument for getting rid of it from anybody that's not a Cowboys or big market team fan. Which, sucks to say, but might be because we haven't been championship relevant since introducing the salary cap.
  20. Even though Jason Garrett gets a bad rap from fans and the league, he really is a great guy. My neighbor’s son was a huge cowboys fan and died from cancer last summer, and Jason Garrett saw about it on the news made sure to help the family out and got them a bunch of autographed gear and let them come to practice. He even came out to the funeral, and amidst all the sobbing and crying, he was there standing and clapping.
  21. Those are really interesting stats. Do you think Dak should get a huge contract then? 40m+? The stats seem to say so.
  22. Are there any realistic coaches that really stand out to you guys? Coaches that you feel confident would be able to grab the reins running without wasting years building the system?
  23. I might be in the minority, but I genuinely hope Garret gets a contract extension. If Jerry takes a step back, I really think Garret would be allowed to flourish. Besides, if Garret leaves, I've got a pretty strong feeling this team will sink even further into the mud. I wouldn't be surprised to have a few more mediocre years as the new coach tries to find his place, wasting even more of our talent. I'm hopeful and optimistic Garret comes back next year, especially after a great finish today.
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