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  1. Panthers releasing QB Cam Newton

    I’m no Cam fan, but I’m not so sure Bridgewater is an upgrade tbh...
  2. Panthers releasing QB Cam Newton

    ??? Dude was treated like royalty since day one, and still is...
  3. It doesn’t mean much at the moment, but why even make it appear that you are committing to a below average quarterback? I mean do they really think that Tyrod Taylor is going to get fans pumped about the season?
  4. Bears sign LB Barkevious Mingo (One year deal)

    One of the all-time draft busts; manages to somehow stay employed... former 6th overall pick has 10 sacks in 7 years; offers very little outside of pass rushing, if you can believe it...
  5. Jags trade Foles to Bears for 4th round pick

    Look, I’m not saying Trubisky is great, but I wish people would acknowledge: A- he was hurt last year. and B- he picked up his game down the stretch (14 TDs/8 TO/260 ypg/63%comp/5-3 in his last 8 starts).
  6. Raiders sign S Jeff Heath (2 years, $6 M)

    Yeah, so you’re not biased at all....
  7. Raiders sign S Jeff Heath (2 years, $6 M)

    I feel like he could have gotten a better deal than that. He’s been pretty solid in a starting role. I think people grossly exaggerate his supposed deficiencies in coverage.. Heath has routinely been one of the more active players on a pretty good defense. This could be a steal for the Raiders.
  8. Panthers signing QB Teddy Bridgewater (3 years, $60 M)

    Contract isn’t bad, but I just don’t understand this love for Bridgewater... he’s done absolutely nothing to warrant this cult following that he seems to have... it’s also amazing to see folks (media mostly) have so much contempt for a guy like Mitch Trubisky, and yet be all in for Bridgewater...
  9. Falcons sign DE Dante Fowler to 3 yr, 48M deal

    I like Fowler, but I don’t see him living up to that contract. More rash desperation by the Falcons...
  10. Where does Andy Dalton end up?

    I'd say Indy. It's like a two hour drive from Cincy; Much better situation, seems convenient. He'd be a significant upgrade over Brissett, that's for sure.
  11. Lamar Jackson UNANIMOUS 2019 MVP

    So? You can only pick one; I don't know who he voted for, but a case can easily be made for Wilson, Mahomes, or even Brees... and this is the problem, anyone who doesn't agree that Lamar Jackson is the greatest, is just a hater trying to slight him... You say 'pushing a narrative' to make it sound more sinister, but it was simply an opinion... He's been a feature on ESPN like 25 years, and hasn't yet... Cunningham was an average QB with a pretty bad playoff record. Wilson is the exception, but the difference is he is one of the best passers in the league. Newton had 2 good seasons as a pro, everything else has been average or worse. Vick, aside from the highlight run here and there, was not a particularly good QB. To call his career a success is quite the stretch... But the point is, the consistency and/or success rate was few and far between, why would have anyone been expected to overlook that in Lamar's case? But it wasn't a slap in the face to suggest Tebow should be a fullback? What about Eric Crouch? He was asked to play WR? Where was the outrage?
  12. Lamar Jackson UNANIMOUS 2019 MVP

    year in and year out, Mel Kiper is wrong on about 80% of everything he says, yet he's still considered a guru. In fact, most of these talking heads usually get it wrong, most of the time, even basic commentary. One guy (a HOF GM, no less) makes an off hand comment about a player that had many notable accuracy issues at the college level, and suddenly we're demanding accountability? What was so 'moronic' about what he said? - Jackson was a very erratic passer at the college level, that usually doesn't translate to being a great passer as a pro... - Jackson's style of play, previously hasn't created sustained success at the pro level; at the time of the draft, why would anyone assume it suddenly would? - Yes, he turned out to be a fine QB, but who's to say he couldn't be a great WR? What is so hurtful about that? It's not like Polian attacked him personally, like Steven A Smith did to Tim Tebow; or like Rex Ryan did to Baker Mayfield; or like Colin Cowherd did to Mitch Trubisky; or like everybody does to Kirk Cousins...
  13. Lamar Jackson UNANIMOUS 2019 MVP

    Of course it was unanimous; if anyone dared to not vote Jackson, it would have been treated as an injustice... case in point: Why has one man's opinion hurt so many feelings? Everyone is entitled to their opinion; he was wrong, move on....
  14. In what order (Colts QB options)

    I know the difference, I just feel that losing 6 of your last 8 behind an inept quarterback that only managed to throw 4 TDs during that span is NOT a ‘playoff push’; more of a collapse if anything...
  15. In what order (Colts QB options)

    Was it really? They missed the playoffs, finished up the season losing 5 of their last 6, mainly due to Brissett’s ineptitude; yeah bud, that was quite the playoff push ... and I have to assume if Brissett were capable of creating more points, they may have actually made that push because their run game and D are pretty solid... The colts are built around the run game. Unfortunately they had no passing threat, so teams crowded the box and dared them to throw, and Brissett couldn’t get it done, hence the late season collapse.. Your idea of a ‘playoff push’ is fantasy...