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  1. Was Tony Dungy an elite head coach

    He doesn't get a bad rep, in fact, it's just the opposite; Talking heads still gush over Dungy, and always have. Probably why this thread was started. He's a good coach, no doubt about it, but I certainly think it's fair to question his eliteness... One SB, and lets be honest, he had almost nothing to do with the offense, which carried the Colts for most of his time there. And no, his defenses were not as good as the ones he had in Tampa, and the reason why is PLAYERS... Everyone goes on and on about the defense he 'built' in Tampa. How could he not be successful?? He had 5 Hall of Fame caliber players on that unit, not to mention a number of solid role players like Booger, Shelton Quarles, and Dexter Jackson. I give more credit to Rich McKay for bringing in those players than I do Dungy being some guru... The year after Dungy was fired, the Bucs defense led the league in points and yards, something never accomplished under Dungy. Tampa of course won the superbowl that year, and for some reason, people still to this day try to swing credit to Dungy, even though he was never able to get it done with virtually the same roster Gruden 'inherited'... The Bucs were a very good team under Dungy, but when Playoff time rolled around, they never seemed to be prepared, and that trait followed him to Indy, as they routinely dominated during the regular season only to be kicked in the gut, when it mattered. He has his ring; he changed the losing culture in Tampa and Indy, turning those franchises into perennial playoff teams; and has a pretty solid winning percentage, so for that, all due credit, but NOT elite.
  2. Most Overrated QB's of all Time

    I agree, Moon was a man amongst boys in Canada, but the NFL is the pinnacle of professional football. In regards to the Hall of Fame, what he did in Canada is about as relevant as what he did in college, IMO. As an NFL QB, Moon was very good, but not great. He put up some nice numbers, and had a couple insane statistical seasons, but IMO his playoff record hurts, and frankly, he turned the ball over way too much to ever be considered great.
  3. Most Overrated QB's of all Time

    With the exception of Namath, I don't consider any of these guys overrated. Rodgers, Marino, and Favre were among the best in the league for pretty much their entire careers, not sure why they're even on the ballot. I'll acknowledge Bradshaw and Aikman were more-less products of their respective teams, but the ultimate goal in football is to win the Superbowl. Bradshaw did it 4 times, Aikman 3, so if I'm going to nitpick careers, the guys with multiple rings are probably going to get a pass... Elway was a late bloomer, but when he hit his stride, he was legitimately great; has 2 rings in 5 SB appearances and a MVP. Staubach has 2 rings in 4 SB appearances, MVP. Kelly had 4 straight SB appearances, and all three were top 5 QBs for most of their careers. Esiason's career was somewhat inconsistent, but overall, I'd say he's underrated if anything; nobody talks about Boomer Esiason... If he were in the HOF, I'd probably move him to the overrated category, but he's not, and I haven't heard anyone throw his name around for consideration. As for Namath. He's an icon; football was always popular, but he is partly responsible for helping make it the spectacle it is now, so as far as the HOF, I get it, but you should get into the hall because you were a great player, not for being popular, cool, or whatever. I know it was a different era, but his career numbers are atrocious; threw more interceptions than TDs every year of his career and was always hurt. Of the guys listed on the ballot, Namath is really the most appropriate pick. Most overrated all-time: Mike Vick. Nowadays, most fair-minded fans will begrudgingly acknowledge that he was not good, but during the early 00s, this guy was elevated to god-like status. He was given two $100+ million contracts during his very average career. A couple of running plays here and there may have been enough to sell tickets to a few gullible fans, but he was completely inept as a passer, and everyone knew it, but always looked the other way. It was nauseating having to listen to media personalities drool and pant as they gave their annual song and dance about how Vick was 'finally turning the corner'. If not for the dogfighting thing, I guarantee he'd be in the HOF conversation... Most overrated currently: Cam Newton. One great season. A couple solid seasons. Everything else has been average or worse... After 8 years, I still don't know how someone can watch this guy play, and actually be impressed. Way too inconsistent. There has been almost zero improvement from a passing standpoint; still struggling with the basics. The thing that is most annoying is the kid gloves treatment by the media; nothing is his fault. There's always some excuse for his failure, and he's never criticized in the vicious manner that more polished passers are, like Tannehill, Dalton, or Cousins... I agree. McNabb had a solid career, but was never special. I remember getting chuckles as the talking heads would try their best to lump him into Brady/Manning conversations. Now I see he's trying to guilt the world into putting him in the Hall of Fame.... Speaking of which, I think Dan Fouts and Warren Moon should be in the overrated conversation too. If we're talking about QBs in the HOF that shouldn't be, these are the first two that pop into my head...
  4. Why AJ Hawk? 9 years, 900 tackles, 600 solo, 20 sacks, 9 INT, 55 TFL.. He wasn't the game changer everyone hoped he'd be; so disappointment perhaps, but I don't know how you can say he's a bust...
  5. Marcus Mariota or Ryan Tannehill

    I like Mariota, but come on, 24 TD passes and 23 interceptions in his last 28 starts.... Sorry but that's not NFL caliber football...
  6. Joe Thiesmann unretires #7 and gives it to Dwayne Haskins

    Call me old fashioned, but wouldn't it be nice if Haskins actually accomplished something, before the franchise goes around un-retiring numbers and making other such concessions for a guy who might not even start this year...
  7. Eagles’ sign former Viking S Sendjeo

    Surprised he didn't sign somewhere he'd have a better chance to start. Plenty teams out there that could have used a starting safety...
  8. Bengals cut Vontaze Burfict

    Surprised they put up with him this long. Contrary to popular belief, he was never anything special. He was decent, but certainly not worth the headache.
  9. Raiders release Jordy Nelson

    If he was that bad, how did he manage 70% catch rate, 700+ yards, nearly 12 yards/rec, 3 TDs; that's better numbers than half the starting receivers in the league... He's clearly not a #1 anymore, but lined up on the other side of Brown, that passing game would have been pretty scary. and it's not like he was making a ton of money either. I don't get this.
  10. Jaguars sign LB Jake Ryan

    As someone mentioned, Ryan doesn't make many splash plays, but he is very reliable and should be a nice addition. While Telvin Smith and Myles Jack are legitimate big play threats, their overall play is sometimes inconsistent, particularly Jack, who appears completely lost for series at a time, and both struggled to make routine tackles last season. And I see folks are already chiming in on Ryan's 'lack of athleticism'; so out of curiosity I took a look at his combine #s compared to Telvin Smith Ryan --- 40- 4.6; 20- 2.7; Shuttle- 4.2; 3 cone- 7.1 Smith--- 40- 4.5; 20- 2.6; Shuttle- 4.5; 3 cone- 7.0 ...and as expected, their numbers are pretty close, yet no one would ever say Telvin Smith 'lacks athleticism'.... And I don't know why people even bother to bring it up, but nearly all linebackers struggle in pass coverage, yet it always becomes a point of emphasis when talking about certain LBs...
  11. How does this guy keep getting jobs?
  12. Eric Weddle S signing with Rams

    Washed or not, he's still top 10 at the position...
  13. Dolphins cut WR Danny Amendola; Signed by Lions

    New Orleans should take a look. Drew Brees appeared to have some trouble making those deep throws as the season wore on; If they can get a couple underneath guys like Amendola or Beasley, that would really help Brees conserve that arm.
  14. Fan favorites who never play

    Zach Zenner Every preseason he plays well, but for whatever reason, still gets buried on the depth chart in favor of bums like Theo Riddick, Ameer Abdullah, Blount, and pretty much anyone capable of tying their shoe laces (although Kerryon Johnson looked pretty decent). As Zenner rots away on the bench, these supposedly better players proceed to make the Lion's run game one of the league's laughing stocks. Then somewhere around week 14 or 15, when the Lions are out of the playoff hunt, and half the team is injured, they begrudgingly throw Zenner out there, and lo and behold, they'll actually have a competent running game for a few weeks... then when training camp rolls around, Zenner goes back to being treated as a walk-on...
  15. Dak vs Kirk

    Dak has been a middle of the road starter, behind one of the league's best o-line and running game. Kirk has been top 10 in pretty much every statistical category all 4 years he's been a starter with much less surrounding talent... I like Dak, but I'll take Kirk, easily.