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  1. 2020 FF Consensus Mock Draft [Pick 17 - Dallas Cowboys]

    Dallas don't have a lot of glaring needs, except maybe Safety and DL. Accordingly, I would take Delpit here as the first choice. YGM as the 2nd option. Tee Higgins would be my 3rd option. Maybe, but he's such a inferior prospect. I really don't get the McKinney love, every time I've watched him (which isn't a lot) I found him very unimpressive. Maybe he'll surprise me at the next level.
  2. I think you bring an interesting point about Rivers. He's very close to the HOF/should be in if you look at it only stats-wise. He had some monster seasons. But at some point, being very good statistically isn't enough. You have to be in the top tier at your position, and Rivers wasn't. Because during his playing career he was always behing Brady, Peyton Manning, Brees and Rodgers. And just because of that fact, for me he wouldn't get in. How can you justify putting a QB in the HOF if there's clearly 4 QBs better than him at any given time/most of the time he was in the league? I would say All-Pros are a good way to determine if you were really elite that season. Rivers has none. Don't think anybody said "Rivers is the best QB in the NFL". Pretty sure arguments were made for the other 4. Plus he was drafted in the 1st round same year as B. Roethlisberger and E. Manning, making it hard not to compare those 3's career. And even though Rivers was just as good(Big Ben) or absolutely better (Manning) he doesn't have any SB ring, which hurts him a little. I think Rivers absolutely had the abilities to go to the HOF, and maybe would have gone playing for Pitt or NY Giants. But the way his career turned out, in SD/LA, he's just short IMO.
  3. Exactly, players who were elite at their position for a number of years (ideally 5 or more). Barring some exceptions like Terrel Davis. And Frank Gore. I used to think that Gore shouldn't qualify because he was probably only elite for 1 year, but playing in the NFL for so long (especially in his case as a RB) is absolutely impressive AND it's not like he wasn't a top back for at least 10+ years. 9 years of 1000+ rushing yards (and 2 others over 950) + 15 000 yds rushing (3rd all-time) and almost 20 000yds from scrimmage (4th). That has to be taken into account too. But I totally understand why you wouldn't agree though. I totally agree with that. I think longevity doesn't really apply to QBs, as they are more protected and can play up to an older age (in general). Has to be random opinions and AGG%
  4. Notable Stats and Observations

    Well... have you seen our DL? With a hobbled Clowney (who's a very good overall player but not an elite pass-rusher) and... erm... the MIGHTY Rasheem Green - 4 sacks, leader of the team this year or.. the FEARSOME Quinton Jefferson (2nd - 3.5s) or better yet, the FEROCIOUS hero from the past, Ezekiel Ansah (2.5) Yeah, no need to commit penalties when you're facing that line-up! Hope they address the DL this offseason, yikes.
  5. Senior Bowl

    It certainly seems possible. Both are elite/top 5 prospects for me.
  6. Assuming that the QB situation gets sorted out by either re-signing Winston or getting some FA (rumours about Brady, Rivers, who knows..) 1) Becton (T is probably the biggest need) 2) Kinlaw (I don't think he gets out of the top 10 he's too good a prospect - even after investing in Vita Vea I'd still draft him top 15) 3) Chiasson (unless they resign Barrett & JPP)
  7. Draft General (News, Media Mocks, Big Boards, Rumors)

    Jim Nagy said that he was being graded higher than N’Keal Harry in NFL circles. Has electric speed, good at contested catch, can be a KR/PR as well. I would take him in the latter half of the 1st round.
  8. I know the Bengals will take Burrow, but...

    Maybe I'm off here, but I would rather take the chance at a great QB (I mean we're taking about having the 1.1 pick and QB needy team) rather than Khalil Mack straight up.
  9. I know the Bengals will take Burrow, but...

    Exactly this. Burrow is as pro-ready as any QB in recent years, probably just had the best NCAA season ever for a QB and has so many elite traits in regards to the QB position. Slightly better than average arm strenght is fine if you have great accuracy and great pocket awareness. His athleticism is definitely better than slightly above average. He played with many great teammates around him and LSU in general had an elite team but it's not like he was a game-manager, he was absolutely instrumental to the NC season. I think personally Burrow is as good a QB prospect than C. Young is as a DE prospect. I think they're both going to become top 5 at their respective positions.
  10. I know the Bengals will take Burrow, but...

    Not too sure. Even if it's 100% guaranteed that C. Young turns into a Khalil Mack-type player I'd still take Burrow. QB is 100% the most important position on a team and the Bengals are looking for one. We saw last year a great CHI defense (with Mack) not getting very far in the playoffs, primarily because of the QB position. Even with the chance of the QB busting, i'd still take him first in this scenario. Especially with Burrow, he's a special prospect for me regardless. The team isn't a elite defensive player away from SB contention. Bengals just went 2-14. They need a good rebuild, and the best step is to take a (potential) game-changing QB and strenghten the roster from there.
  11. Man, is this a joke? You take one advanced stat and make it to be as if it's super important, even thought it doesn't have any correlation with anything. Can you show me how having a higher agg% is helping you win football games? You can't, because it doesn't. You know who was 7th and 8th in agg% during the last regular season? David Blough & Eli Manning. They're ahead of R. Wilson, D. Watson and P.Mahomes. Man, that must mean they're better! Top 5 in 2019 of agg% = M. Stafford - D. Haskins - D. Jones - R. Fitzpatrick - A. Dalton. Apart from Stafford, there's not a single top 20 QB of the NFL on that list. But somehow, it's important! Funny as well that not a single one of those teams were even remotely competititve. If agg% is so important then how come Mahomes/Brees/L.Jackson/Rodgers/Cousins were all bottom 12 last season? 5 Playoffs QBs right there. Oh, and last year agg% leader was none other than J. Rosen. Arizona gave up to fast on him, that guy is a star! In 2017 it was Wentz (who had a really good season, yes) but the 2nd was B. Gabbert and 3rd C. Palmer (almost as if your offensive system is important for that metric) And, it 2016 the leader was J. Goff. Remember him during his rookie season? Yeah he wasn't very good. So yes, this statistic is absolutely irrelevant and meaningless. You only bring it up to try to discredit Mahomes again. And you're failing, again.
  12. Kinlaw is by far the best prospect left IMO, went with him 1st. Epenesa as 2nd (pass rush) and I don't know about the 3rd choice. I feel like the WRs left are not worth a top 15 pick - maybeeee if Higgins tests supremely well but this WR class is too loaded to draft the (debatable even) 3rd best WR here. No CB is worth it either and I don't think they need to invest a high pick in the OL (BPA would be Becton/Ruiz/Biadasz) I absolutely hate Love or Eason as FRP, so they wouldn't be options for me.
  13. If he's proven guilty that should guarantee the end of his carreer in the NFL. Without playing another snap there's no way he makes the HOF, as people will remember him for his antics on the Raiders and his off-field fiascos. Crazy as he was still a top 3 WR in the league no later than 1 calendar year ago. That has to be the biggest meltdown that happened in the NFL in last 20 years.
  14. Sorry, I saw you try (unsuccessfully) to discredit Mahomes so much during the season, I thought Garropolo maybe had a higher agg% throws or an other meaningless stat in which he was better than Mahomes this year, making him the better QB in your eyes. Should have caught the sarcasm. I'll carry on
  15. Yeah, that's absolutely true! Only S I would take over Derwin to start a team would be J. Adams, and that probably wouldn't be the case if D. James wasn't injuried this year. But, on the other hand, you think P. Mahomes is a system QB and that Garropolo is better than him so... your homer opinion doesn't really count, as you can't be objective when it comes to players on rivals teams/your team. But hey, maybe if you say it enough times it will be true?