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  1. Not saying this is the right move for a franchise, just that one will gamble on this kind of prospect, just like some team gambled (and failed) on Trubisky. I think he's going to be picked in the second round at the latest.
  2. Does it really matters that he didn't play much games in college (relative to his draft position?) I mean, Trubisky got drafted 2nd overall with not much more experience. What I'm trying to express is that his physical talent and potential + the spot-on evaluation by @jrry32 will have some teams (WTF/IND/PIT/NO?) interested and willing to pony up a late 1st rounder or 2nd rounder. Not sure I'd gamble a 1st if I was a GM but I could see some teams doing it.
  3. You say that and then you discount the insight you've been offered. Bevell wasn't that good of an OC with the Seahawks and had a lot of help with Lynch breaking tackles and Wilson playing outside of the structure. Sure, he wasn't totally clueless and you can say he's average (at best) if you really want. But there would have been better hires to develop Lawrence for sure.
  4. He might sneak in late 1st round. 2nd rounder most likely. No chance he's there Day 3.
  5. You're still thinking Chase Young will be a bust? And Herbert too? Plus Burrow? Did you watched them at all this year or you're just rehearsing your opinions from last year? I don't know how you could have watched Chase Young this year and not think he's going to be above-average, AT LEAST.
  6. I like that you can admit that you're biased toward Jackson because what I'm seeing is : 42 Total TDs (Wilson) vs 33 TDs (Jackson) 4700 total yards (Wilson) vs 3700 (Jackson) Wilson was also throwing with better accuracy (68.8 % vs 64.4%) with higher YPA by 0.2 AND that's with throwing almost 200 more passes. Even with your bias there's actually nothing that shows that Lamar Jackson is a better QB than Wilson. I won't even bother with the other players because clearly you're just going based off last year. Wilson is top 5 at worst but whatever.
  7. Who would you put above Wilson? For me he's definitely top 5 in the league (I'd say top 3 but I'll give you a chance). He can't win the MVP award but remember when he accounted for 80% of his offense in 2017 and was the leading rusher of the team with 586 yards? Russell was probably the most valuable player (not the best player on the best team but the player that was the more instrumental to his team's success) that year. Can't wait for you to tell me who are the QBs you would pick over him. Josh Allen who had his first good season? Watson ? Lamar Jackson? Seems like a stretch to
  8. That'd be the weirdest and most perplexing ending right there. Brady taking a knee down... in the end zone? TOM WHAT DID YOU DO?
  9. Really interested to see Odeyingbo go against some of the better senior Ts of this draft as I think he's the best DE prospect in this draft and should be a top 15 pick. Patrick Jones II can't wait to see him either.
  10. For the Seahawks: 2012 : Russell Wilson (likely HOF) and Bobby Wagner (likely HOF) plus Bruce Irvin & Jeremy Lane or 2010: R. Okung / Earl Thomas & Kam Chancellor (that's a pretty good S duo for 1 draft) plus Golden Tate & Walter Thurmond 2011 wasn't bad either : James Carpenter / KJ Wright / R. Sherman / Byron Maxwell / Malcolm Smith. I don't know who was responsible for those 3 drafts but looking at the team's recent draft picks that person sure isn't with the Seahawks anymore. If that person is, then clearly it was pure luck!
  11. I guess that's true and he's not that far from top 20. Although for me he would be closer to #30 than #20. I won't derail the thread more than that. Akers looks like a beast and it's going to be a good RB class with him/CEH/Taylor/Dobbins/Dillon
  12. That's in the same post..? Not that it matters anyway. I mean, you're entitled to your opinion and Edwards is a good back. The thing is he doesn't strike me as a RB with a lot of upside compared to other guys listed (especially Akers / Mixon / Mostert / Gibson) Maybe I haven't watch enough of him but that's what I've seen so far. Just curious on how he did improve compared to other seasons ?
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