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  1. Josh Norman was a damn good player for a time but being on the receiving end of that stiff arm is probably how I'm going to remember him now. Brutal
  2. Wonder how much he cost but that's a solid pickup for the Raiders. Although he isn't the fastest KJ makes up for it with great instincts coupled with great tackling. Aaaaand he is a machine for destroying screen plays.
  3. The guy played only 3 games in 2019, opted out in 2020 and will now miss 2021 as well AAAAND wasn't even that great to begin with (above-average at best). It's okay that you gamble on the guy making it back but I don't see his 2022 salary being that much of a deal if at all, and on top of that they're signing him for this year? I just don't get it...
  4. Stop it! Carrol has to be fired before Zimmer in order for the Seahawks to hire Joe Brady first. Don't get it twisted
  5. Sounds similar to the 49ers last draft situation...
  6. I really like Diggs but for me there's no question Adams is the better of the two WR.
  7. I just wish we could see A-Rob with a great QB. He's just been so good irrespectively of his QB play that I have to vote for him although it feels like Jefferson is something special already.
  8. I bet all other teams feel good about their off-season because of the Texans
  9. Yeah I'll take the guy who had 85 TDs compared to the one who had 29. Or the guy who averaged more than double the yards of the other. Or just the QB who completed more than 5 passes a game... Tebow was an awful QB
  10. I agree with most of what you said in that post but I think you're underselling the Jets WR group for 2021. They added Corey Davis & Keenan Cole from FA + Elijah Moore in the 2nd round plus they have J. Crowder and Mims already on the roster. While it's not a top 5 group in the NFL it's still a good situation WR-wise for a rookie QB. But well, let's not talk about the RB room and especially not the TE room because you're right that there isn't someone with a lot of potential from that group (unless you really love M. Carter from NC).
  11. I have to believe that Nagy + Pace are both on the hot seat (at least 1 playoff win to keep their job). Taylor has to make it close to 8-9 (no way to make it an even number... 17 games schedule is just weird) to keep his job he hasn't showed much so far. Personally I would have fired Kingsbury already so I envision him having to at least make the playoffs to be safe. Roseman I see as safe since he won a SB not too long ago. Zimmer I just don't know. I think McCarthy could be fired from the Cowboys if he underperforms again. And David Culley is probably on the hot seat because Texa
  12. From Favre to Rogers to Kurt Benkert... Some teams have all the luck
  13. Every late round pick is a steal this year don't you know? But seriously you've seen the Seahawks draft? I love Eskridge and Forsythe but man, making just 3 picks in total automatically makes it a C graded draft
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