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  1. 2021 early watching list

    I feel like Moore is waaay more powerful as a runner. Stronger and finishes most of his runs. Might even be faster than Tavon, and just a better athlete overall. One thing he could improve is his ability to high point the ball. I think he's going to be a better Percy Harvin.
  2. 2021 early watching list

    Ross and Bateman are really good. They would be respectively WR4 & WR5 in this class for me. Chase as undisputed #1. For me Rondale would be second, is potential is just so enormous. Then Devonta Smith, I think his game will just translate so well to the NFL. After the top 5 you still have Olave, Waddle and a host of other good prospects... It does seem that the 2021 WR class will be even better than the last one.
  3. 2021 early watching list

    Rondale Moore is a physical marvel. Thinking he could easily be a top 15 pick next draft (still as WR2 cause J. Chase will go top 5)
  4. Official 2020 WR Thread

    Well that was just my opinion and probably why I'm sitting on the couch on Sundays and not working for any NFL organization. It's probably a smart move for him as well, going into next year being the #1 target (or 2nd if Waddle steps up) for Alabama and having a chance of improving his stock.
  5. Official 2020 WR Thread

    I like him more than Jeudy as well. Last year he was the best WR at Alabama. I would have picked him before Ruggs/Jeudy or Lamb in this draft. It's crazy to think that next year's WR class seems even more stacked than the glorious one we just got
  6. Seahawks sign G Mike Iupati

    Great summary! The Ifedi bit is golden Maybe you're onto something here. Their drafting of OL has been abysmal. But still, apart from D. Brown even the vets they signed/traded for in the past weren't anything to write home about. You'd think that having a TOP3 QB in the NFL would make the team want to draft/sign good linemen to see what Wilson could do with a cleaner pocket, and with more time to throw.
  7. Draft Busts

    Those are the players I see not living up to their draft status (probably all 1st round picks or high 2nd rounders): Herbert CeeDee Lamb (still think he's going to be an average WR, just not one worthy of a top-15 selection) Becton Chaisson (his pass win % is sooo low and the tape is very underwhelming for a top-20 selection) K. Fulton AJ Terrell McKinney
  8. Seahawks sign G Mike Iupati

    Worst O-Line in the NFL HERE WE COME (get out of the way Jets and Dolphins). I'm joking but the plan of signing lot of cheap O-linemen when this is a super strong draft for OL in general makes me scratch my head...
  9. Which teams will be the biggest risers and fallers in 2020?

    Tyrod Taylor is leading them to 14-2 and the Superbowl! Come on man, haven't you seen his agg % throws? Championship baby
  10. I personally wouldn't draft Backlock as the 27th pick but I would still be okay with that choice. I know it's not an option but would like the team to trade down at that spot. 1) J. Raegor: offense needs another WR and Raegor has the speed to stretch the field, can contribute on kickoff and punt returns and I view him as a very high-upside pick. 2) I. Wilson: don't think RT is such a big need for this upcoming season but I just absolutely love the player and the system fit and the long-term value of the pick. 3) J. Taylor: With P. Carroll being obsessed with running the ball and having both Carson/Penny coming back from injuries and being somewhat injury-prone I think the team could definitely select another RB with their first pick. And the FO is clearly in love with J. Taylor from Wisconsin, as they should. Raegor would be my personnal selection but I would think the team would choose between Wilson/Austin Jackson and Taylor in this situation. But what do I know
  11. First Post...2 Round Mock...Went with my gut

    Altough I wouldn't draft a RB with their first pick maybe the Seahawks will. With Penny starting the season on PUP and Carson not being the most durable back I could see it as an option. I'm sure the team would prefer J. Taylor though. He meets all their physical requirements for the position. Still I like all the top 4 RB and would be thrilled with any of them. Prince as a 2nd round pick is good value and I would be alright with that. Would prefer Raekwon Davis in this scenario, and try to grab another Tackle in the 3rd round. Dugger is another guy I can definitely see the team loving and targeting. All in all a good mock. Don't think the Eagles will pick YMG or that T. Diggs should go as high. Also, I think Raegor and Hamler should go before Higgins. Just personal preference.
  12. The (Potential) 2020 Draft RB Class

    I agree that Dobbins is the best RB in the draft, but i don't think he's that far ahead of everyone else. I also really like CEH, J. Taylor and D. Swift. All 4 are future NFL starters and I could teams preferring 1 option over the other, depending on scheme or physical traits. I like Moss but I think he's far behind those 4. I see Eno Benjamin as the sleeper of this class
  13. 1st option for me is C. Ruiz here. BPA for me 2nd would be RB J. Taylor. Think he's going to be a stud 3rd option is D. Swift. Really like his game as well. Austin Jackson could be a possibility, but as they drafted a T already and it's a strong T class I would wait in the 2nd or 3rd to grab another one.
  14. Do the Redskins do the unthinkable?

    Imagine when Haskins will be asked to announce the pick: "And with the 2nd pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins selects Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Ala... Hey, wait a minute! You promised Ron! Screw this feed I'm out of here" In all seriousness no chance Redskins are doing anything other than drafting Chase Young. Ok well, maybe 5% chance they do something else.
  15. Yeah I would take Jefferson in that scenario. Need to give Minshew a real chance. Epenesa as 2nd option, and Gross-Matos as the 3rd. Jacksonville have a lot of flexibility with that pick, and could easily trade down here.