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  1. I was looking at his stats and Brady was godlike in 2016! honestly I think this may be his second best year after 2007 and IMO better than 2017 when he won MVP and a hair or so better than 2010. 28 TD to only 2 INT! In 12 games. ( he was on pace for 37 touchdowns and 3 INT which would’ve been one less than the 4 he had in 2010) what was it about that season that made him so damn good?
  2. Break down specially what were the main seasons why the offense performed so badly this season and why did it slowly get worse and worse? For example week 1 and 3 for instance it looked like it would be strong this season. what were the main differences from last season specially towards the end of the year? Why was last years offense so much better?
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