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  1. Ravens sign DE Derek Wolfe

    https://www.espn.com/nfl/qbr So I am imaging Lamar is number one or you are just being a troll? It would be one thing if you could back your claim up in some capacity. By looking at the numbers, not even mentioning an MVP award which is a popularity contest, you pretty much nullified any opinion you have or have ever had. Please correct me if I am wrong on this and I will gladly defer. Otherwise you seem to be sighting an opinion based strictly off of emotion and nothing based on facts.
  2. Your football mount rushmore

    1. Bill Walsh 2. Bill Parcells 3. Bill Belichick 4. John Unitas
  3. Keep in mind there are probably 2 to 3 times as many people infected who were never tested nor had symptoms.
  4. I think Terrell Suggs in his prime was a good comparison. Suggs got sacks, set the edge, played the run very well and got a DPOY. He was a leader, not a penalty machine either and he got paid like the best. Clowney I think believes he is on that level. From what Texan fans are telling me, he is not.
  5. Good breakdown, thanks.
  6. Free agency has hit and most good players have moved. So what is up with Jadeveon Clowney's market?
  7. Vikings sign DL Michael Pierce

    He was on the verge of being special then special became what was on special at the all you can eat buffet. Bro came into training camp way out of weight and the Ravens got run all over, the worst in like 24 years. Training Camp Picture
  8. Ravens extend P Sam Koch (2 year deal)

  9. The Patriots won’t sign Cam or Winston.
  10. Sounds like Aaron Rodgers and Richard Sherman are amongst the players that are saying their teammates are not down with a 17th game.
  11. Is Big Ben done?

    Why? They were a decent backup away from the playoffs.
  12. Is Big Ben done?

    I say he is done. Yes he has beaten my Ravens many times, but we’ve beaten him, especially physically. Ben reminds me a lot of Steve McNair in the injuries have been piling up. I don’t think he is going to come back well from the Tommy John. Additionally, not having AB is going to also effect his performance. I could see the Steelers signing Andy Dalton if he gets cut.
  13. Where does Andy Dalton end up?

    Dart board... Steelers!
  14. Troy Polamalu >>> Ed Reed

    As a Ravens fan, I admit a bias. That said Troy was a favorite player of mine, they are very close. 1A and 1B. I give the nudge because the GOAT and Hoodie always game planned around avoid Ed. In fact, most NFL QB’s and head coaches were more concerned about Ed Reed than Troy. It wasn’t Troy wasn’t dangerous, it boiled down to a passing league and Ed disrupted that more than Troy did playing alike a linebacker in his disrupting of games.