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  1. If Sean Payton gets in, Harbaugh gets in. Sean Payton Regular season: 131–77 (.630) Postseason: 8–7 (.533) Career: 139–84 (.623) John Harbaugh Regular season: 118–74 (.615) Postseason: 10–7 (.588) Career: 128–81 (.612) Belichick is a lock regardless of what anyone thinks about him. For all his scandals, he was never suspended an entire year like Sean Payton was. Reid is a lock, not sure why all the hate. He took two teams a Super Bowl and won the last one. It takes more than a phenom QB to win a Super Bowl. Ask Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. Over 200 wins is nothing to sneeze at. Andy Reid Regular season: 207–128–1 (.618) Postseason: 15–14 (.517) Career: 222–142–1 (.610) Tomlin is a lock. Same metrics you use for Sean Payton gets him in. One could argue he is more impressive since he has coached in a tough division, unlike Belichick who has been in the AFC LEAST for his entire career. Mike Tomlin Regular season: 133–73–1 (.645) Postseason: 8–7 (.533) Career: 141–80–1 (.637) Pete Carrol gets in with his resume. McVay? Not even sure why he is even in the conversation. All the above coaches have won over 100 games. McVay is still at 33 wins.
  2. One could argue Lamar is redefining the position give how many TD’s and yards he threw, you are using old school metrics to judge the player. If the players voted him #1, that goes much further to me than a disgruntled Steeler fan.
  3. Aaron Donald was #1 last year, did not win a Super Bowl, nor was he the league MVP? Steeler fan? Hate much? LOL! Mahomes should be at the least #2. Ronnie Staley is ranked too low in my opinion.
  4. He isn't. His wife is facing charges for pulling a gun on Earl and his brother for cheating on her.
  5. No way. ET is going to be in his 2nd year in our defense. Last thing we need is to have a new safety learn the defense. Team is likely going to be starting two new linebackers, that is enough people not knowing the defense. Add the fact that he wants way too much money. Hard pass as a Ravens fan.
  6. November rain. When it comes, he will be like Axel Rose, done.
  7. I'll bite. I will write this from the point of view of a Ravens fan and use the AFC North as my example. Starting with the worst and not getting into crazy cap numbers. Cincinnati: they are currently in the toilet. I understand they drafted Joe Burrow, but historically Mike Brown the owner is cheap. They have shoddy training facilities and field a network of relations as their front office and scouting department. They attained some level of success with Marvin Lewis, but he couldn't win big games in playoffs. Now they are mid rebuild. From where I sit, it isn't a place free agents are dying to play. Cleveland: the .500 pre-season paper champs. They are the AFC version of the Redskins who on paper claim they are going to a Super Bowl every year before a down is played. Take that away, they do pay their players. They do draft some REALLY great players. Unfortunately most franchises are reflections of their owners. Jimmy Haslam has not been the model of stability. It seems he clears house far too often to maintain a culture. No bash on the Browns, but it is a culture of losing. They celebrate their long suffering so much it is a part of their identity. As a city, Cleveland is great, win or lose you are embraced. No reason to not sign, money is there, just not sure if winning big is in the cards. Pittsburgh: They would rate higher were it not for all the Ben, AB, Bell drama that really seemed to derail a very talented and successful team. I despise them, but I have a lot of respect for their owner, their front office, and their head coach. This is a well run organization. My only gripe is I feel like they don't do enough in free agency. I feel like my team has dodged a lot of bullets over the years by players they did not sign. Perhaps it is wise and the frugal nature lets them keep more homegrown talent than not. AB and Bell aside, they needed to go. I also think they hung on the Ben a little longer than they should have, he has taken quite a beating over the years. All that said, free agents that do sign there, (last year being an aberration) look to have a solid city, a top tier owner and top tier organization. Baltimore: They draft exceptionally well. They have had their scrapes with bad P.R., Ray Lewis, Ray Rice and may not have handled these perfectly, but they got through them. They are sometimes overgenrous with their wallet that sometimes lands them in Cap Hell. Their training facility is top dollar. They don't call it the castle for nothing. Anywhere outside of the tourist areas of Baltimore are dangerous. It is a rough city. But DC is a 40 minute drive and there are a lot of cool spots in Maryland, so the money and appeal to win are there. Free agents will get paid and like the Steelers, you have a legit shot at a title playing there. How does this answer the original question? Cincinnati has the least shot among these four teams because they are cheap. The other three have great things going for them besides money. Cincinnati doesn't poney up enough and their upside is so low compared to the other three, I feel like they are a small market team doomed to live in the shadow of the others.
  8. Teams that snuck in by the other team missing field goals or something. I find it humorous that anyone could think the 2000 Ravens who allowed the least amount of points in the history of the game as a worst team to be in a Super Bowl, it isn't just about offense! Same with the 2012 Ravens, beating Luck, Manning, and Brady to beat a very good 49ers team is not what I'd call a bad team by any stretch. How about LA Rams v Patriots... worst Super Bowl ever. Replace either team and it would have been a better game...
  9. So I guess Michael Bennett is done in Big D?
  10. What about when he exposed a woman's breasts pulling down her top? He's a clown that just gets lucky he hasn't been arrested.
  11. Someone better sit on Ezekiel Elliott during that span...
  12. This is one they used on the Ravens hips I believe, I'd like it on the helmet.
  13. Jeff Fischer. Dude was lauded for years as this great coach and really it was his players that made him. Eddie George was a beast. McNair was getting the crap knocked out of himself but made plays when he should have taken sacks. A great defense. He was so good, he got to rest on his getting to a super bowl for years. When the Titans started losing talent and not getting new talent, he was fired but not exposed. That didn't happen until the Rams bought into his legacy. I don't think you can say Mary Schottenheimer is remotely overrated. Just look at the coaching tree he left behind: Bill Cowher, Herm Edwards, Tony Dungy, Cam Cameron, Wade Phillips. Second tier: Chan Gailey, Marvin Lewis, Ken Wisenhunt, Todd Haley, Lovie Smith, Rod Marinelli, Mike Tomlin, Jim Caldwell. Some of those names aren't all that, but a lot of those people had hands in winning Super Bowl hardware. I have a hard time saying any coach who won a Super Bowl is overrated*. The active six coaches you cannot call overrated. Belichick, Tomlin, Payton, Harbaugh, Carroll, Reid all have over 100 wins. That is a high watermark in the sport of football when you put into contrast all the head coaches who flamed out. *Jon Gruden is the lone exception to a coach who won a Super Bowl I think is overrated. He won a Super Bowl with Tony Dungy's Bucs against his former team the Raiders who didn't even bother to change the calls or playbook when they faced Gruden and the Bucs in the Super Bowl. He has a lot of personality, but to me his is a Barry Switzer.
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