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  1. Hjalte Froholdt was I believe a 4th round pick last year who can play G/C, id imagine him to be the backup. He had a redshirt year so hopefully he had a lot of time to study and learn from Scar
  2. I don't believe we have anything to believe Stidham will be a career backup at this point. He needs at least a full season to show what he can do given his potential. He had the INT in the regular season but his pre-season numbers were fantastic.. and his 2017 in college was good too ( when he was considered a 1st round pick). Between 2 new TE's, Edelman, White, Burkhead, and potentially Harris he has a lot of dink and dunk safety nets. Combine this with the fact that he seems to make good decisions (6int in 2017, 5 in 2018) and he has the potential to at least be a solid starter imo
  3. I'm hopeful for stats along the lines of: 3,600 yards 64% completion 20 TD 11 INT 250 Rush Yards Given the talent around him, i think that would be a really solid foundation year.
  4. Drafting the last 5 years or so has been really bad.. I agree, but he has had some good drafts in the past. 2018 still has a chance to be a decent draft with 2-3 contributors .. and 2019 I believe will go down as one of his top drafts as a Patriot. 2020 wasn't flashy by any means.. BUT could go a long way towards injecting youth into the defense and rebuilding the TE group.
  5. Feels off to have what was considered the best WR draft in YEARS for the team to not pick anyone at the position. Are they that confident Harry is going to be a big impact player? Gunnar going to play more? Meyers? Confident Sanu and Edelman won't get hurt? Are both of these TE's expected to be important in the passing game? So many questions about the receivers on this team.. wish we could have done more to push Stidham in a position to succeed.
  6. Yodny Cajuste from last years draft id imagine to be the guy who is pushing Cannon for the starting spot this year. Also have Hjalte Froholdt who would be the interior line backup this season ( or start if Thuney is traded). Both of them were drafted last year, had a redshirt year like Damien Harris and looks like will get roles on the team this season. I still think very highly of last years draft.. it could yield 4-6 quality players when it's all said and done.
  7. I'm happy to see 2 TE taken given how terrible the position was last year, hopefully at least one of them can contribute right away and Izzo gets cut. LB needed help and S is getting older but really isn't an immediate need ( unless they plan on him playing some LB as well). I'm most concerned about speed out of the WR group: Do they have that much confidence in Byrd stretching the field? Do they think Gunnar can be the next Edelman? Could have had someone like Denzel Mims jump in and add a new dimension to the offense... any other WR we should expect them to take in the 5th? Or we looking at more Meyers like UDFA?
  8. Interesting to see Hurts going to the Eagles.. maybe looking for him to be a change of pace so Wentz doesn't get hurt so often
  9. Jim Nagy seems to believe he is the division 2 version of Isaiah Simmons and will play LB. I doubt that .. but if he is playing LB and S at least he will be putting in a lot of snaps to be worth the high pick
  10. I would have preferred Denzel Mims or a TE .. but I can understand Safety given the age at the position. I really thought joejuan williams would have transitioned to Safety this year.. but maybe now he will stay at corner My bigger issue is i'm reading he is a raw talent .. and also 24 years old... when you could have had another prospect who would be 2-3 years younger and have a track record against better competition. Age doesn't mean they are more ready to perform.. but hopefully he can transition quickly and help push Chung out of the rotation.
  11. He wasn't going to come back and play for the Pats given that Brady was gone.. so it's better to get something than nothing. I would have liked to get another 3rd but it is what it is ..
  12. One thing I haven't heard anyone talk about much ( and i dont know much about him because I didn't watch him in college) .. what are the odds Joejuan Williams moves to Safety? Mccourty started at corner and moved to safety in his second year.. Chung struggled covering tight ends .. Corner seems stacked on this team as well. It seems to me like it would make more sense to move Williams to safety instead of spending a 1st rounder on a safety like many are mocking right now.
  13. Good to see an extra offensive mind joining the team. They are still in need of multiple additions to the offensive coaching staff though. He appears to have worked on multiple areas of offenses but I would still like to see some specific position coaches unless they plan on having Troy Brown take over WR's full time. I can only imagine BB will remain a major part of the defense ( especially because i expect an infusion of younger talent) so having more offensive coaches feels like a requirement.
  14. Haven't seen anyone mention this report regarding the Patriots being all over James Proche at the Senior Bowl. NBC Sports Link Anyone have some insight on him? I've seen some highlights but of course he looks great in highlight reels.. wondering how he would fit into the offense ( especially if Brady is gone and he actually got a chance to play as a rookie)
  15. I could see Hightower being cut unfortunately. I recall reports last year of BB wanting to restructure Hightower and him being unwilling to do so. Personally I feel like the Pats will want to trade back from their 1st rounder but if a Hightower replacement is there they could also go in that direction.
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