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  1. It's possible that they draft another safety.. i don't see it likely.. I think they are more likely to grab a corner with the uncertainty of Gilmore & JC Jackson ( unless JoeJuan stays at corner). McCourty would be over 8 million in dead cap and about 2.5 million in cap relief if they cut him..not worth imo. I'm pretty sure that extension was setup to thank him with a good deal and keep him around as a leadership Vet who can help teach the young guys. This team needs SOOO much help on defense that it seems unlikely they spend anything higher than a 3rd or 4th on a secondary player.
  2. I agree completely there, except for McCourty. Next year will be his last year though. You'll see Joejuan Williams and Kyle Dugger as the Safeties of the future imo.. with Devin McCourty and Adrian Phillips playing a lot with them to provide more experience. With regards to WR .. lots of good guys out there.. if you grab 1 legit WR you can turn around this passing game dramatically with expected offseason improvements from Meyers / Asiasi / Keene / ... Harry
  3. I wouldn't recommend getting excited about any WR in this upcoming draft. You'll likely be very disappointed. I expect the WR position to be addressed via free agency personally. This is a "hopefully" QB first then all defense kind of draft imo This team needs a WR1 to help everyone else out on offense .. with a more reliable threat it helps everyone else succeed. Allen Robinson AJ Green TY Hilton Sammy Watkins Marvin Jones Kenny Stills Will Fuller JuJu Smith-Schuster Nelsn Agholor Chris Godwin Kenny Golladay Now i'm not saying everyone above is a #1 but the receiving group is pretty darn good for a team with lots of cap space. Grab one of those guys and you instantly have a more reliable passing game ( wouldn't put it past BB to try and spite steal Godwin from TB either). Chris Godwin / Jacoby Myers / Damiere Byrd / N'Keel Harry / Devin Asiasi ( I still think this kids going to be pretty darn good by next year) .. while that isn't top in the league it's a hell of a lot better than what we have now and Godwin is young enough to help solve the WR troubles for the next 4-5 years
  4. Aren't all of those pretty much the same knocks on Fields? Except he is playing against higher competition ( and has a better team around him)? I'm not surprised by that assessment, primarily because all of the draft profiles simply talk about his physical skillset and are banking on a team being able to take his "raw" talent to develop into a star QB. Even with those knocks.. I think it could be a matter of him getting drafted based on his interviews.. if a team believes they can "coach him up" to view the entire field and make good decisions .. they will likely draft for the talent and who knows.. he could turn into something similar to Josh Allen after a few years ( i'm not a huge Allen fan but he has been better than i expected). I'm pretty convinced that Lawrence / Fields go 1 &2 to Jets / Jags.. the most interesting teams are Washington / Atlanta / Carolina / Detroit / Minnesota / San Francisco. Any one of those teams could draft ahead of the Patriots and grab a QB. IMO it's 90% chance Washington gets a QB.. they have 4 winnable games down the stretch.. so they "could" end up with a better record than the Pats.. but it seems unlikely.. Many "experts" have them taking Lance but it could go either way. Atlanta's problem isn't Matt Ryan, personally I'd load up on defense with that team but who knows, they could go QB even though he is a huge dead cap hit if they cut / trade him. Carolina will have Bridgewater for 2 more years.. could see that as a good time to draft someone to learn under him ( giving Lance 2 years to learn could be good) Lions get a new coach and you can never count out a coach wanting their own QB.. even though at only 32 Stafford should have a few good years left in him. Vikings have 2 more years of Cousins.. probably unlikely.. but possible they grab someone like lance to develop San Francisco is the team absolutely have to draft better than if they want a QB.. it makes too much sense to draft a guy and have him start halfway through the season when Jimmy gets hurt. They probably finish 6-10 .. so Pats need to finish at worse 6-10 to be better than them ( and likely worry about SF trading ahead of them if Wilson is there). Crazy to imagine how many teams need a QB and how there are really only 1-2 guys a year who look like a franchise QB. I feel for the teams who have been bottom 10 for years and struggling to get a QB.. it's stressful and we haven't had to worry about that in 20+ years haha If we can somehow draft ahead of SF and Washington I believe we've got a great shot at Wilson without needing to do a crazy trade which I dont think BB would ever do
  5. Has anyone here seen a lot of Trey Lance? It's unfortunate that he didn't get to play this season but his stat line is obviously off the charts from last year ( 0 INT , 66% completion percentage, over 800 yards rushing). It's obvious that BB and Josh really like Cam .. and he could easily be our Bridge QB for at minimum this year and next.. could part of that be because they are interested in Lance and feel Cam would be a great mentor for him given their similar play styles? Josh obviously likes mobile QB's given that he drafted Tebow in hopes of having that kind of offense in Denver. Could it be that they intend to draft Lance and have Cam play all of next season with Lance learning behind him for a year before starting himself? I'd be curious to hear anyone's opinion on Lance given that he will more than likely be available when the Patriots pick ~10
  6. Game done.. season over.. flash in the pan last week which did nothing but prevent them from getting a top qb in the draft. Sigh..
  7. We know what Izzo is.. we still don't know what Asiasi or Keene are. In college they were much more of a threat. For all we know Asiasi is a typical case of BB trying to redshirt a rookie like he did with Harris last year. The position doesn't have as much depth as RB last year so it isn't 1:1 but BB is known for not wanting to play rookies in their first year and brings them along slowly. He had multiple times this season that he was open on routes but Cam just didn't throw him the ball. He is def a better passing threat than Izzo
  8. When can Asiasi get off IR? Next week? Having a receiving threat out of the TE position would help this team SOO much
  9. better pass and that could have been a HUGE play.. nobody even close to him .. shame
  10. Bolton is probably a late first rounder .. something like 25-30 I would guess ( like Patrick Queen last season). He's a pretty good name to bring up if Moses is gone by the time the Patriots pick. It certainly wouldn't surprise me if they trade back from ~19 to 28 or 35ish and grab someone like him.
  11. The Pats have dumbed down their offense to a point where giving Cam over 20 million a year would be insane.. I would honestly rather have a reclimation project like Trubisky and spend money around him than spending big money on Cam. I'd rather have Brissett too.. i think he threw the ball better in Indy last year than Cam this year. Tyrod Taylor isn't that bad either and has been a bridge QB for multiple teams. Either way.. imo they need to decide if Stid is worth developing further ( doesn't look that way) .. or they need to start double dipping in drafts to find their next QB. The only chance would be someone like Trey Lance dropping because he didn't play this season.. maybe to the mid teens somehow and Pats can jump up and get him as a developmental QB.. otherwise they will draft to improve the team as a whole and need to give up multiple drafts in the future to package enough picks to jump into the top 10 and grab a QB of the future.
  12. I was thinking the same.. yesterday may have put a fork in QB at all in the first 2 rounds. We could see another major focus on defense ( LB and DL) .. then offense in free agency
  13. Really good win. Completely changes the outlook of the season tbo.. given that they play the Texans next week. Really makes you wonder if this years Ravens are last years Patriots though. Is their 6-2 record deceiving? Or are the Patriots turning a corner? It looks like the Ravens have only beat up on garbage teams this season and lost to the only two good teams they've faced before today.
  14. Has anyone kept an eye on Harry? Looks like he has fallen out of favor for Cam similar to how he did Brady. Surprising that he wouldn't have even 1 target this far into the game. A real shame he's a bust.. this could be a pretty good offense with a non bust first round wr next to Meyers.
  15. That was a horrendous play call... a qb sneak would have almost guaranteed a first down.. instead they tried to get fancy
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