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  1. I like that it feels realistic for the most part ( yay trade backs forever!) Only way Jets trade within division is if NOBODY wants him.. Bears / 49ers / Panthers / etc. would probably be interested for this same price That's A LOT more than I expected the Jets to get for him ( which the poster states.. I would expect a 2nd to get it done alone) I'm all for LB in the first if it's a top guy, I think Collins could be legit so I'd be happy with that 10% or less chance that Moore is available that late.. so many people had him 25-35.. to fall to 53 seems very optim
  2. Looks like nobody is going to trade for him given his playing time incentives. If he is cut and the Patriots sign him up for cheap I'll at least feel better about it. I still don't like him though...
  3. I'm sure they will try and work it out so that every teams 17th game has to be played internationally or something to continue growing the league .. until they can get a team in London / Mexico / etc.
  4. I can't wait for Mariota to go somewhere else for way too much money .. I'm already sick of every Pats fan I speak to wanting to trade a pick for him right now... only to have to pay him close to 20 million.. when he is incredibly average, I don't see what anyone likes about him. On top of him having to play offense a very specific way to which he ends up getting hurt, he seems like an awful leader from everything I've read. I remember watching a press conference years ago where Vrabel was trying to talk circles around reporters basically saying Mariota was who he was as a leader and you
  5. I like Cam, and would really love to be able to root for Cam and have him as our QB for the next 3-4 years.. but he isn't the MVP candidate he was 5 years ago. He just isn't the same guy, you need someone who can throw the ball well at all levels. The only way I would even consider being ok with having him back is if they draft Trey Lance. He could be a Brian Hoyer type for him.. but I highly doubt that happens. So I'll take the good PR of him loving the Patritots and BB and hope that he helps them sign some other players this offseason instead.
  6. Weis is just making the obvious correlation there that everyone has been making, no real extra insight there. He is accurate and BB/Saban are best friends, so that must be the QB of the future. I agree that Mac Jones is accurate, one of the things I noticed looking back at his games is that he also leads his throws in a way to avoid his receiver getting destroyed by a defender. In lots of the videos people were using this as a knock, that he held up a receiver and didn't go for a bigger play / looked like he didn't have control of his throw. In all honesty I really like that he doe
  7. If it is between taking Jones at 15 or trading back to take Trask, I find it highly unlikely BB would take Trask. He has an open book from Saban about Jones, he will have a huge leg up over any other coach to continue his development at the next level. I don't think BB has any connection with Trask's coach. If BB does trade back, I would assume it is likely with a team that is trading up for Jones too .. I can see why someone would like a trade of 15+ 3rd for 25+46 or something but it just seems so unlikely that BB would pick Trask over Jones. Now if Carolina takes Ma
  8. Chicago / Philadelphia trade up for a QB.. doesn't work Kansas City / Buffalo trade up.. get franchise QB's for the next decade. Tough to know, overall I'm pretty confident in BB's ability to draft QBs. If you look at every GM's track record of drafting QB's it isn't going to be great.. it's an incredibly hard position to draft. 2000, 6th Round Tom Brady -> Hall of Famer 2002 4th Round, Rohan Davey -> Didn't work 2003 6th Round, Kliff Kingsbury -> Not great player but has a coaching career so BB was able to see that in a 6th rounder which is more th
  9. I agree for the most part, mainly because this team has so many holes to fill.. I'd actually rather they trade back and try to pick up another 2nd rounder somehow. The issue though is who are you going to get to play QB? Almost everyone available is a 1-2 year bridge.. but a bridge to what? Stidham? Some 4th round pick this year? Options are really slim unfortunately.
  10. MM is fine as a bridge guy the same way a bunch of these other QBs are fine as bridge guys. The difference is if you trade for MM you are giving up a pick and if he plays all season you're paying him almost 20 million. You can find much cheaper options to do the same thing. People see his age and assume he could be the future, I don't see it personally. I'd rather go in a different direction ( even start the rookie from day 1 and put that 10+ million into a WR / TE / OL to help the rookie)
  11. I think it would take a lot more than that to get up to 4. At minimum the 2022 2nd being a 1st rounder. A 2nd round pick is about as good as we could expect for Gilmore, but at the end of the day we know this draft would be judged 100% on if Wilson is a franchise QB. I admittedly don't really like the rest of his draft, we've already drafted an injured high upside tackle in Cajuste and I don't think he's ever seen the field. I would hope that BB put a lot of money in the offense if he had a draft like this because otherwise Wilson has nothing to work with
  12. @m haynes Looks like you don't have to worry about BB spending top dollar on Hunter Henry lol
  13. I'm actually surprised Andrews hasn't been resigned already, on the open market he could get 10+ Million. I expected him to settle in the 7-8 Million range because he seemed like a guy who really wanted to stay here for his entire career. I wonder if the team has concerns about his health long term which is why they may let him walk. As long as Scar is still around as a consultant to help pick which OL to draft, they could honestly find a guy late and I'm sure they would be fine. If i remember correctly Andrews was an UDFA and he started his first season. The plan may
  14. If David Andrews somehow doesn't resign with the team, you've got a lot of day 1 starter Centers in this draft.
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