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  1. Man.. i remember being so excited about that Chad Jackson pick .. he had great hands, looked like he was going to be a dominant receiver.. then ... nothing lol I also absolutely loved the Bethel Johnson pick and thought he would be Tyreek Hill before Tyreek Hill .. so never trust me when it comes to WR analysis ( I really want the Patriots to trade for Andy Isabella by the way.. I think he would be awesome with Mac Jones)
  2. Tua isn't nearly as "athletic" as people make him out to be.. just like Mac Jones isn't nearly as "statuesque" as people make him out to be. For instance: Tua 40 time: 4.90 Mac 40 time: 4.83 ( Everyone was surprised by how quickly he ran it) Tua appears to be in great athletic shape.. Mac on the other hand.. looks like this: Put Mac through a year of really strict strength and conditioning.. and he could get a bit quicker and stronger, only helping his case to being a good QB in this league. I think more than likely he sits at minimum half this
  3. 1-15 QB Mac Jones, Alabama: B Not the player I wanted, I was hoping to go with a more modern offense.. but he 100% fits their system. Obviously came Saban approved so there is that as well. He is actually a bit faster than everyone thought (4.7), so who knows.. with a year in the strength and conditioning program his arm strength and quickness could improve slightly. 2-38 DT Christian Barmore, Alabama: A I didn't like the pick at first given all of the reports about him not liking structure and coaching.. but the guy has talent. BB obviously spoke with Saban about him and if he thinks
  4. I think any draft which has a QB at the top is going to excite a fanbase. This draft though I don't plan on getting excited for till next season, with how BB treats rookies you aren't going to see these guys play much this season. Barmore will likely get the most playing time in a sub role, if he has carved out a relatively large role by the end of the year I would be happy. Jones may not play a snap outside of pre-season.. Perkins maybe plays a bit if Winovich is traded, but probably not more than Jennings did last year. Overall I wouldn't expect to see much from these guys as ro
  5. I understand why they didn't.. but I would have totally signed Jamie Newman.
  6. Agreed, it's a good pick. Especially when they don't have many roster spots.. you can put him on IR and save a spot from this draft. Dylan Moses was an interesting one too.. went undrafted and the Pats didnt go after him.. Saban must have said he will never amount to anything.
  7. He got injured last year, he seems like a prime redshirt candidate that Bill likes to do every now and then. He will at minimum go on IR with a designation to return halfway through the season.
  8. hey hey, you'll see.. this is going to be the year! He just graduated yesterday.. he's a smart, hard working guy. I think he has a chance to break out this year. I really liked that pick and still think he could be used in a variety of ways.. he needs the opportunity. He played something like 15-20% of snaps last year and he didn't play poorly overall.
  9. Overall, I have to say I'm about as happy as I could expect to be with this draft. The only way I really could have been happier was getting Fields but we really should have expected Jones from the start given all of the signs. I know we all wanted to see WR but they've got plenty to work with this season.. I really want to see if Bourne/Meyers/Harry can take a step in their development too.. who knows, Harry could become .."something" of value Will be really interesting to see what happens this upcoming season with multiple positions: I could see LT being a 1st round
  10. Looks like he will probably be on PUP minimum or IR. I think this makes sense given a few 1yr deals at LB.. redshirt him and hopefully he's ready to play after a year in the system.
  11. Agreed, I think at best he starts the second half of the season. As long as Cam is playing well enough that the team is in the playoff hunt I think BB will probably want to stick with him. It will take an injury or Cam just being horrendous for him to make the switch ( Or I suppose Jones just looking spectacular in practice)
  12. I can understand the lack of receiver given all of the effort put into the position during free agency. This team added 4 pass catchers which are going to get the majority of the snaps. The real questions are going to be how well those guys do and if Meyers can take another step towards being a long term receiving solution here. Even for Harry.. can he at least turn into a redzone guy ? Or do we see him pushed into a big slot position like a lot of people talked about when he was drafted.. Bourne / Agholor can play on the outside, would be interesting to see Harry try and play on
  13. Idk anything about this him, we have lots of RB.. i guess it makes sense to get a bigger guy if you are planning for a future of Harris / Taylor / Stevenson after this season? No chance Bolden makes the team now, right? Not going to keep 6 RB
  14. Not many spots left on the roster .. I would just go BPA this round .. then in the 5th / 6th grab the best kicker of the class out of Florida and call it a draft
  15. The best part is the Texans drafted him.. wonder how much push Caserio had in drafting Harry.. they seem like the exact same player
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