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  1. JDL's Fit & Beautiful 'New Edition'

    ALICE MATOS Fitness Model
  2. JDL's Fit & Beautiful 'New Edition'

    FIT GIRL FRIDAY (a little late)
  3. JDL's Fit & Beautiful 'New Edition'

    ALICIA VELA-BAILEY Stunt-woman
  4. Steeler Pick'Em -Week 5 & Results are up

    New Orleans Saints @ Green Bay Packers Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers Arizona Cardinals @ Los Angeles Rams Atlanta Falcons @ New England Patriots Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles Team Scoring the Most Points:___Titans Team Scoring the Least Points: __Ravens How much passing yardage for Big Ben vs Bengals D. 3014 How much combined Receiving & Rushing yards will LeVeon Bell have. ____169__
  5. Steeler Pick'Em -Week 5 & Results are up

    Thank you @Steeler Hitman!!!! Sorry I keep slacking. Have every intention of doing this early in the week then life gets in the way.
  6. JDL's Fit & Beautiful 'New Edition'

    TANA COGAN Trainer/Fitness Model
  7. JDL's Fit & Beautiful 'New Edition'

  8. JDL's Fit & Beautiful 'New Edition'

    SOLCI PEREZ Weather Girl
  9. Who Dey Gameday? Bengals @ Steelers Week 7 GDT

    Will Burfict get himself in more trouble? How has he been playing since his return? Bengals Offense has been much better... will AJ have a big game as usual? Can we shut down Mixon and co. like we did Hunt? One of my 11 yr old football players (and wrestlers) I coach is getting a chance to be an honorary captain for the game so look for a little kid in a Red jersey.
  10. Who Dey Gameday? Bengals @ Steelers Week 7 GDT

    @FourThreeMafia ... sorry bud but while I enjoyed them lots you must come up with new pics of hotties. They must be *wearing* a top or bottom. No g-string bottom. Thanks... look forward to seeing more. Otherwise Great GDT as expected.
  11. Regular Season GDT Sign-Ups!

    Can't wait to see what @FourThreeMafia comes up with for this week's Bengals GDT.
  12. JDL's Fit & Beautiful 'New Edition'

    STEPHANIE RAO Fitness Model
  13. Regular Season GDT Sign-Ups!

    I'll take TEXANS game too.
  14. PITTSBURGH PENGUINS THREAD - Quest 2 threepeat!!!

    Boys are back and off to a slow start. Pens discussion goes here. Enjoy.