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  1. NETFLIX Documentaries

    It definitely starts out slow. I didn't care for it at first but really grabbed my interest the deeper into it I got.
  2. JDL's Fit & Beautiful 'New Edition'

    KRISTY BOTFIELD Fitness Model
  3. McCaffrey vs Mixon PPR Dynasty league

    Thanks guys.... this is the little push I need to pull the trigger on Mixon. Hope the guys at 1 and 2 don't deviate and still go Fournette and Davis. If Fournette and Mixon go 1-2 it'll throw me for a loop.
  4. McCaffrey vs Mixon PPR Dynasty league

    Since it's a dyeasty league I'm looking at more than just this season.... still a tough decision. thanks for your thoughts.
  5. McCaffrey vs Mixon PPR Dynasty league

    I'm trying hard to talk myself into going with McCaffrey....but I keep going back to Micon. Everything I read is glowing reviews for them both. Can't see anything that seperates them except for Mixon's troubled past.
  6. JDL's Fit & Beautiful 'New Edition'

  7. JDL's Fit & Beautiful 'New Edition'

    MICHELLE LEWIN Fitness Model
  8. Asked this question a while back in the other forum. But still struggling and draft is 2 weeks away. Everything I read so far about the 2 of them paints a picture of 2 studs with bright futures. Neither seems to have seperated themselves from the other. I draft 1.3 in our 5 round rooikie draft and most likely Fournette and Davis will be gone. Possible one of these guys go instead of Davis which will make my decision easier. So any opinions on who to take would be apreciated.
  9. STILLERS FFB Draft Thread

    Haha.... I was in a hurry and it's what popped in my old head.
  10. JDL's Fit & Beautiful 'New Edition'

    OLIVIA MUNN Actress and former-gf of Aaron Rodgers
  11. STILLERS FFB Draft Thread

    ALL Draft picks and Rosters are updated!!! Rate who did the best in each division and overall
  12. Official Training Camp Thread: Beta Style

    Hope he gets back to where he was... for the Steelers and my dynasty team.
  13. Regular Season GDT Sign-Ups!

    I'm down to handle 2 weeks. Don't care who but they better be good ones!!! Haha.
  14. JDL's Fit & Beautiful 'New Edition'

    KATIE CHUNG HUA Fitness Model
  15. Advice from the old guys

    OK... some reason 8th stuck out to me for Edwards.