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  1. Saw Bush with a #55 jersey and Snell with #26 jersey! Anyone else? Thoughts?
  2. I deleted it. Sorry bud. Didnt feel like keeping it going any longer.
  3. #3 seed in the Championship playoffs.... take that!!!! 🤣🤣🤣
  4. ??? that hurts. No sir I do not. But I dont quite know how to post pics without copying the pic info and pasting to the post. So yeah... I might as well have a flip phone I guess ?
  5. Tomlin & sons 2-0 against FC and FC alums ? @AlanFanecaFan
  6. Idk... half the drives the D was solid, but yeah they gave up some long TD drives as well. Overall we beat a good team so I'm happy.
  7. Steelers vs Bengals - October 14th 1 PM @ PAUL BROWN STADIUM 1. STAY BALANCED - Run the ball well early and allow the offense to continue to mix the run with the pass. Don't want to get behind early and get in the habit of passing every play like past games. 2. PRESSURE PRESSURE PRESSURE - Get Dalton rattled early and continue to make them make mistakes. Defense looks half decent as long as we get pressure on the QB. 3. LIMIT MISTAKES - No dumb penalties and win the turnover battle! RANDOM HOTTIES!!!! On a side note.
  8. Now that was fun to watch.... 5 up / 5 down.... ...and go!!!
  9. PPR league.. Cooper Kupp at Seattle John Brown at Cleveland Alshon Jeffrey vs Minnesota Pick 2!
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