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  1. Love this pick! He has fantastic hands. Just another weapon to help Mayfield.
  2. Who's the First WR taken in the Draft? -- Henry Ruggs III Who's the First RB taken in the Draft? Does he go 1st round? -- D'Andre Swift. Yes he does Excluding Chase Young, Who Will Be the First Non-QB Selected in the NFL Draft? -- Isaiah Simmons How Many QBs Go Top 10? And Who are they? -- 3 (Burrow, Herbert, Tua) Do the Browns Trade Down? --- If the price is right. McKinney might be a target in the later part of the first Do the Browns Take a non-Tackle/Guard with their First Pick? If so, who? --- If Wills & Wirfs are gone. Brown, Ki
  3. Love Tanner Muse. He has great anticipation and a sure tackler, I could see him spotting in at LB as well. He’s my sleeper safety in this class. I think his football IQ is up there. Also, if Raekwon Davis can get it together he’ll be a STEAL in the third.
  4. He can lay a hit, that’s for sure!
  5. And there goes Malcolm Jenkins. Looks like he’s headed to New Orleans
  6. Yeah, I was thinking something along the lines of 5yr/54MM.
  7. I can dig it. Would love to know the money
  8. Jimmie Ward will be a bigger target now I believe. But Randall is definitely serviceable
  9. Big surprise actually to have 25 MM guaranteed to your two starting Guards. He wasn’t expected to be franchised. He’ll be traded.
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