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  1. He may have only just retired now but his hairline certainly retired years ago
  2. He and every other ex Rams edge rusher should thank Aaron Donald for their careers.
  3. Tommy 6 rings is gonna go in dry on Aaron Rodgers next week
  4. Mind boggling 9000 Packers fans choose to attend a NFL game in the middle of a pandemic. Must not be very smart.
  5. Rams will destroy Aaron Rodgers who is too skittish and unclutch in the playoffs but the Packers will still win in spite of him
  6. The Browns did the Steelers like Big Ben does women in a womens washroom
  7. Touchdowns win games. Julio dropping a touchdown against the Eagles in a playoff game matters.
  8. He hasn't quite had a season like Goff's rookie season but he'll get there one day.
  9. Don't forget the questionable offseason activities.
  10. Haskins gives me some serious Jawalrus Russell vibes.
  11. Why would anyone want him he's the Todd Gurley of RBs. Extremely average without a GOAT Oline.
  12. Tyler Boyd would be a 500 yard receiver on any other team. He's on that Doug Baldwin infinite time to run a route mode.
  13. Will always remember him for this GOAT performance against Sacksonville.
  14. Definitely not we call them bandwagon hoppers around here my friend aka people who quit when the going gets tough aka quitters.
  15. My goodness Panthers just paid 20mill a year for David Garrard.
  16. Could not have happened to a nicer guy
  17. He was the DK Metcalf of RBs. The GOAT at being big and running fast in a straight line behind the GOAT OL. He was a good track athlete but not a freak of nature like David Johnson who could beat defenders 1v3 with a jump cut.
  18. One of the WOAT FA signings so far. Now the Cards have to two fat and slow LBs playing on the inside.
  19. One of the most overrated players of all time and wasn't even half as good as the GOAT two way player David Johnson. Even in his prime he was only an average player with a GOAT OL. Now he has becoming nothing with his degenerative knees.
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