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  1. Well I hope ET is right, but I don't think just because Cal fired Bob means he's ready to give this team a REAL identity and culture by making smart hires. But I admit, my fear is comes from a lot of media saying that Easterby has Cal's ear and will influence who's chosen as the next GM and coach. There is this biased article from a Boston sports journal written about him after he left. They sound really jaded but it's always better to hear glowing reviews when someone leaves a team right? https://www.bostonsportsjournal.com/2019/06/18/bedard-patriots-burning-mad-jack-easterby-texans/ There's also this PFT segment in which they discuss Easterby as well: Wouldn't be surprised this just turn out to be all smoke, but alas, I'm still worried.
  2. I've only heard bad things about these last two days, and it seems that he's power hungry. I'm afraid he is trying to coup the GM spot and we all know if anyone would give it to him, it'd be Cal. Very scared we are about to take two steps back.
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