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  1. At the beginning of this whole ordeal I really hoped that the Texans and Deshaun would work it out. But the more and more we find out about Cal and the way things are run here I hope he finds his way to a good team with good management. Who would want to waste their career and end up like Matt Stafford? Especially when you are good friends with Mahomes and he tells you how a good organization is run. My hope is that he ends up with Miami, I feel like they've built a good foundation with Flores down there. I just want this to be resolved and I can start being a fairweather Texans fan after goin
  2. He must really resonate with the players 🙃
  3. How so? The Lions last divisional title was in the early 90s. The Texans have won what? 4 titles. Yea yea we're all losers if you dont win the SB, but that's ridiculous. It seems that most people accept problems started to arise when Bob McNaire passed away, Easterby was hired followed by Gaines getting fired. Cal simply trusted B.O.B and Easterby to run the team b/c he knew he was incapable. (Who in their right mind gives B.o.B full control of the team after the historic playoff loss we suffered through?) Plenty of owners would of stepped in and stopped the BS trades that dumb and dumber have
  4. For the love of God I hope they get rid of Devlin. That's something fans should protest about at NRG if he's back on staff.
  5. Really, is that what the draft charts says? Because that sounds like bs to me. I'd also hope the Caserio knows he has to come out looking good as it would be his 1st major decision as GM, don't think he wants to go out as a sucker. This also sounds like its gonna be slow played since, as mentioned numerous times, the cap hit of trading Watson is egregious and we don't have much cap space as it stands. Also, lets say there's a world where we find some resolution with Watson and he stays. Aren't we just one bad season away from this happening next season or the next? We'd have to righ
  6. When I asked this question I'd never imagine we'd end where we are now as an organization. Maybe the question I should of asked is would Cal continue to use an eyedropper to add fuel to this dumpster fire.
  7. Haha, I was part of Kempner's Graduating Class of '08
  8. Let's assume EB is the leading candidate (for fun) I wonder who's gonna take over our horrendous defense. We need the next Selah, someone who's gonna keep our defense disciplined with the current lack of talent on that side of the ball. Are there any young positional coaches ready to step up that y'all have in mind? Raheem Morris is still available, I know he's been around the block but I think this would be a homerun, someone who has HC experience who could help a first timer in EB. Jerod Mayo is another name I hear popping up for HC positions while still being a LB coach and there
  9. What are your thoughts of Urban joining the division? If he works out, all the other teams in the AFC South are set. And if Deshaun doesn't approve this situation will get even worse which is hard to believe. So much pressure to get this right and Cal will probably screw this up. The most important decision in Caserio's career might happen in these next few weeks, hopefully Cal listens to him.
  10. Its so upsetting that this story seems to have legs. The only superstar QB in franchise history only for his talent wasted (at least this is the path we are currently on). I hope that Watson will at least give it a year or two, but honestly I won't blame him. He's been very humble and a model citizen since coming to the Texans unlike the guy who plays for the Rockets. Anyway I don't wanna see him leave, and I hope the rumors are ultimately false (which is what I hoped for with Easterby too 🤮) or front office can resolve the issues.
  11. Sidebar: Is it just me or do Easterby and Matt Schuab look related?
  12. 2 Texans suspended for PEDs on the same day?? LOL of course it would be us. This team doesn't feel like it has been "enhanced" at all this season. 🥴 They must of got surprise tested and left their whizzinators at home that day. Damn....
  13. Well I hope ET is right, but I don't think just because Cal fired Bob means he's ready to give this team a REAL identity and culture by making smart hires. But I admit, my fear is comes from a lot of media saying that Easterby has Cal's ear and will influence who's chosen as the next GM and coach. There is this biased article from a Boston sports journal written about him after he left. They sound really jaded but it's always better to hear glowing reviews when someone leaves a team right? https://www.bostonsportsjournal.com/2019/06/18/bedard-patriots-burning-mad-jack-easterby-texans/
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