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  1. Random Raider Stuff

  2. The QB Thread: Everything Carr, Mariota and beyond

    As much as i'm going to miss the Coliseum, the Vegas valley is gonna be a great look for this team.
  3. Renaming the team after the company that's holding them hostage with advertisement money would be an unprecedented scandal.
  4. The Washington Football Skins.
  5. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    Building an offense around Stephon Gilmore.... Belichick you maniac!
  6. Rams and Chargers will be 2020 Hard Knocks Teams

    What did you think the show was about...?
  7. Several Cowboys and Texans Players are COVID-19 Positive

    This is, no joke, the most informative way to illustrate how the virus is spread that i've seen so far.
  8. I like Tony Dungy's chances better, plus "Tony Dungy Trophy" has got a nicer ring to it.
  9. Who's the MJ of Football?

    Which player would have the best chance of starring in a NFL-themed Space Jam spinoff?
  10. Who's the MJ of Football?

    I'm from a place in Canada where 99% of sports fans eyes were turned to hockey until Brady won his first few championships so I would definitely argue in favor of there having been a TB effect sometime in the mid 2000's. I'd also wager that another part of his crossover appeal is that people associate him strongly with the modern overblown Super Bowl media package. He's just as much a part of the show as the million dollar ads to some casual fans and there are more of them than I can count who straight up never bothered watching the SB if the Pats weren't playing. MJ or not, athletes who can work this kind of magic on non-sports fans are excruciatingly rare.
  11. Who's the MJ of Football?

    My grandma knows who Tom Brady is and who he plays for. She definitely hasn't heard of Mahomes yet and she probably thinks Jim Brown is a brand of bourbon. Nitpicking about his athleticism and overall contribution to the sport is fine but he's absolutely the closest it comes to MJ in terms of name recognition for an NFL player.
  12. Who's the MJ of Football?

    There are so many people whose interest in football begins and ends with Tom Brady and his Patriots, he's definitely got that cult of personality/face of the sport angle covered.
  13. Alternate logo concepts?

    It must be the teeth.
  14. Too Early 2020 Season Prediction Thread

    I see them going down a similar road the Cowboys did last year. Lots of talent and lots to prove still but dysfunctionality will put the breaks on them sooner or later. 7th seed material sounds about right.