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  1. I can see how it's a bad look to have players using recreational drugs associated with slacker mentality and what have you but how much weight does that really have when Aaron Rodgers can play a large chunk of the 2018 season high off his gourd on painkillers?
  2. Who said anything about smoking on the field? There's a serious misunderstanding here. Players getting busted for smoking in their spare time is what's controversial about that rule. Players are allowed to drink as much as they like but nobody's gonna let them come out and play piss drunk either.
  3. Nostalgic/Throwback games chat thread

    Is there any reason why blocked field goals were a lot more common 40+ years ago or does it really all come down to kicking units growing more and more specialized over the years? I can't find any significant rule changes that would explain it since the goal posts were pushed to the back of the end zone. The feeling of precarity that comes with FG's being a coin toss rather than near-guaranteed like they are now is really nice and i'm kind of surprised the league hasn't lifted a finger since 1974 to try and tip the scale.
  4. How many Super Bowls did you watch?

    This is going to sound like a dumb joke but it's 100% real. First one I actually saw live is Panthers vs. Pats in 2004 and my father tried to get me to keep watching with him after the first half by joking that they were going to show **** on TV. Then Janet Jackson came up on stage and the rest is history.
  5. He was pretty much given a single chance to prove himself leading up to Foles' return and it had to happen on a week where the Jags were playing in London which is a horrible context to judge player performance in (Mitch Trubisky had possibly his best game of the season in London.) I think it's also worth pointing out the team was caught up in Jalen Ramsey/Tom Coughlin drama right prior to him being benched. The issues with relying on off-script play are perfectly valid but i've seen him make surprisingly sharp decisions while scrambling which makes me question if his ceiling is really that low. Giving him another year to see how he improves seems like the right decision to me. In the state they're in it's not like the Jags have to put all of their money on the table asap for a 2020 playoff berth anyway.
  6. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs GAMEDAY thread

    This 49ers team has too much character to deserve crumpling over after one SB berth and I would love to see them come back with a chip on their shoulder in the near future. As sad as it is it's why I had more faith in the Chiefs winning this even though I was rooting for you guys. They had a variety of factors behind them that made them look like they were hungrier for the W coming in: Reid's post-season history is a big one but the few moments of adversity that young team has had to face at critical moments over the last two years feels like it gave them a real desire to win it all while their window is still open. 2012 was an eternity ago and I don't think this current 49ers lineup had to confront the reality that what they've got could all blow away in an instant before sunday. It sucks that it had to happen at this point in the season but barring horrible mismanagement I really do believe they've got that spark in them that they can take a crushing loss like this and grow from it moving forward.
  7. Lamar Jackson UNANIMOUS 2019 MVP

    The debate was valid during the offseason, and I do think Ravens fans were justified in defending their QB after his first post-season showing, but it never really deescalated even after he cemented himself as MVP caliber early this season. It's become impossible to have a level-headed conversation about Lamar without his supporters climbing the walls whenever someone has the nerve to criticize him. The attempts at turning his overcoming adversity into a brand have reached a unhealthy level and if anything it invites more disingenuous hot takes from haters than it silences them. The worst part is the kid has been a real class act about his recent success when a lot of other players would be acting like demigods in the same situation. He doesn't deserve the conversation about him to be so over the top. Sorry if this is coming out of nowhere by the way. I registered to talk about this in a different thread but the conversation had long since moved on when my account got approved 3 weeks later. This should be a decent load off my chest though.
  8. Lamar Jackson UNANIMOUS 2019 MVP

    Can't wait to see how many ways Ravens fans can spin him into a martyr of public opinion again next year.
  9. Those two taking jabs at each other is a bigger event than the Super Bowl
  10. People were already showing concern about his tendency to turtle up against MIN and GB even when both of these games were basically in the bag for SF by the second half. I don't think all of the blame should fall solely on him for this loss (add to this that this Chiefs D is seriously slept on and played lights out on sunday) but I do believe he deserves the biggest share of it.
  11. With all due respect to Reid, the Chiefs always seem to really get it going once they go no-huddle.
  12. I was furious at the Niners for doing jack **** with those two back-to-back possessions because they were in the perfect position to dominate the game and significantly raise the stakes for a Chiefs comeback. 31-30 would have been one for the history books. Looking back now however, it's probably in Shanny's best interest that he gave away a relatively meager 10 point lead rather than 20+ again. I don't think any man on earth could survive such a massive blow to their ego.
  13. They really do have most of the league outmatched depth wise but i'm not sure how well this holds up against KC. It's impressive how many Chiefs come out shining on the field every time I see them play this year.