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  1. Al Davis was a real American anti-hero. His appeal and what he stood for extend beyond the world of pro sports.
  2. I feel like they're more likely to enter the conversation once they win their first championship.
  3. Smith seemed really proactive in implicating himself as his mentor and I get the feeling even he must have given up on him.
  4. I hate how the Chargers seemed to have picked up on Mullen as a weak link in the defense last night. They were straight up milking him for flags, so many of those PI calls were initiated by the receiver. You can't let other players get inside your head like that.
  5. I'm so ******* PUMPED for this game. Probably the most excited i've been for a game all year. This is gonna be their last real test, if they win this one they win the league's esteem for the rest of the season.
  6. The Pats are more likeable simply by virtue of being real underdogs for the first time in decades.
  7. Now i'm insanely pumped for this game again. Here's hoping team morale is through the roof.
  8. I was optimistic about this one but seeing how shook Rodgers looked last night is making me kind of concerned. If the Bucs are able to get inside Derek's head and get this kind of pressure on the offense again this game could get ugly pretty fast.
  9. He looks like the kind of guy whose breath reeks of coffee 24/7.
  10. Can't really blame them, the Titans on a good day must be exhausting to defend against.
  11. I would really like to see the Seahawks against the Chiefs but not against anybody else. They would be the most meaningful opponent for Pete Carroll and Wilson's shot at MVP. Seahawks and Bills could be a great offensive showdown too.
  12. He was so convinced of his status as a bona fide stud coming into the draft that he had the nerve to pout and act offended when his childhood team passed on him in favor of Daniel Jones. **** Dwayne Haskins. I've never wanted to slap another man this bad before.
  13. The guy has a monstruous ego for a rookie and he already has a history of behavior like this after less than two full seasons. It doesn't feel like a crazy supposition at all that Rivera might just be trying to light a fire under his ***, especially when there are rumors running about his lack of work ethic.
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