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  1. Seriously , put Love in the 2nd half, Rodgers is damaged goods today’s, send him a message.....
  2. It was too far to the sideline, would have had to lay out 30% to the left of the direction he was sprinting...
  3. Also sulking cause jones stole his TD after he gave his getting head emo...
  4. We did have it, til the pick 6 ruined Arod int streak, now he doesnt give a **** anymore...sulking... his own fault starting down Adam’s all the time...
  5. PHuuuccckkkkkk You Rodgers call8ng hike at 0.1 sec left you dumb mofo
  6. Yep he did, throwing a slant into tight double coverage, the other 3 for sure, he plays better w/o his security blanket to tell the truth...
  7. Throw a late pick for John Ross, he’s not even active lately, conditional 6th... Doooooo Itttttttt
  8. The Raiders just smoked these guys, and The Pats just smoked the Raiders... bad for measuring stick...
  9. Yeah wtf , why not j7mp and extend, at least obstruct the WRs view some.., why retract...
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