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  1. Rams are avg like 5 yards a carry and 80% comp , it’s not like we have been dominating..
  2. That’s a TD if Adams make great block
  3. Kyle Shanahan is our only hope...
  4. Seahawks scored,, we play the Bears again next week?
  5. Let. Preston go, want Gary in his spot next year....
  6. Do we have cap space to sign King, Jones, and Linsley if we cut Preston, Wagner, Turner, Kirksey and Lowry. We can start Runyon and draft an OL, maybe let Williams walk as well. Gary can take over for Preston full time since his PFF grade is awful this year. Draft RT, IDL, 3rd down back, hybrid for Ervin upgrade, CB, ILB, WR
  7. Woot, ain’t running on us....
  8. If we lose this, could be the same matchup the following week... better win..
  9. No crowd noise is letting cerebral QBs feast this year, don’t expect the same in 2021..
  10. Didn’t garrison hurst have one too?
  11. Remember , there is only 1 team with a bye this year, think 12-4 will best in the NFC?
  12. Robinson having 2 TDs called back cause of holds, sitting Rojo and he gets a 98 yds TD, Chubb runs out at the one.
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