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  1. Dillon is actually faster than Henry and Jones 4.53/ 4.54/ 4.56 40 is a 40, includes acceleration…
  2. Got 7 guys in coverage and best you can do is 2v2 vs their 1 & 2, must have had 5 guys osborne and Conklin
  3. And calls hike with 1 sec on clock allowing the defense to get a great jump every time.
  4. Or bring Funchess back to play TE
  5. Like we said, should have traded him to Denver for Surtain, Chubb and Sutton.
  6. Yep started Brown, think going Shenault over Debo for the other.
  7. Insert beavis laugh, he said Paris Hilton….
  8. Which 2 of 4 to start besides Hill at WR. .5pt ppr D.Parker A.Brown D.Samuel L.Shenault
  9. Fail on Jace, cut that man, Daffney FTW
  10. Yeah Smith and Rodgers to Broncos for a franchised Chubb, Jeuduy Surtain and a 1st.
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