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  1. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Bump, peps hated this idea when I suggested it over a month ago and that a 2nd for Simmons...
  2. Was referring to Everette brown
  3. But ohhh EB had that Freeney or Dummervill spin move....he was the draft flavor of the month that year, just like Burns is now
  4. For those newcomers , he has the initials EB, and a lot of posters here had a big stiffy for him as welll.
  5. Is Burns The Relentless One part 2, many on this board loved him too Floirida State, check Pass Rush specialist, check
  6. Choose Your Favorite First Round Haul!

    Trade down with raiders 12 for 24 , 27 draft 3/6 of Adderly, Hockinson, Bush, Ferrel, Dillard or Simmons
  7. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    You know Amos ran a 4.37 at his pro day?
  8. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Gary could play 3-4 end, he’s 6’5 280
  9. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Yeah , agree, If... in this order AJ Brown, Samuel, Campbell, Boykin, Harry, M. Brown are there at 44, I think they have to grab one Cant count on one of our young guys to become top 30 WR in the league....
  10. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I think we will end up having to choose between Gary, Bush or Hock at 12, Oliver and White will be gone. Sweat, Ferrell and Burns either don't have a upside or the body type to rush from the DL. If they think Gary can turn out to be Clowney, its seems like a no brainer.
  11. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Or Randy Moss, Oh snap even if he’s a 4.3 version of Dez, I’ll take that at 12 Course Aaron would have to throw into coverage more and give him some opportunities to win 50/50 balls to take advantage of his strengths , he only does that on Hail Marys and when Janis is our best healthy WR., hates those picks that trash his QB rating, even on 3rd and 20 and it’s basically a punt.
  12. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Any interest in Darron Lee for maybe a 4th, looks to be on the block....
  13. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Dream scenario if Oliver, White and Gary are gone, we move 12 for 24 and 27 after Raiders trade up for QB and trade Carr for more picks in 2020. 24,27,30,44 nabs 4 needs Say Fant or Hock Polite or Bush, Adderly or Murphy, Samuel or Brown
  14. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Don’t think Fant makes it past 20, I bet most teams have him ahead of Hovck based off his combine, MLF wants his next Delanie Walker though, needs to block.
  15. Packers release Nick Perry

    Yeah, don't see how we fill his role for less that 3mil, guess they wanted to get more relief in 2020...