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  1. 29: R1 P29 OT Christian Darrisaw - Virginia Tech 62: R2 P30 S Jevon Holland - Oregon 92: R3 P28 WR Ihmir Smith-Marsette - Iowa 135: R4 P30 DL Bobby Brown III - Texas A&M 142: R4 P37 C Ben Cleveland - Georgia 173: R5 P29 G Kayode Awosika - Buffalo 178: R5 P34 CB DJ Daniel - Georgia 214: R6 P30 DL Ta'Quon Graham - Texas 220: R6 P36 WR Jonathan Adams Jr. - Arkansas State 256: R7 P28 RB Gerrid Doaks - Cincinnati
  2. Jones cap n7mber in 21 is under 5 million, Williams got 3.5, you can get Lindsey and wags for the 1.5 m/yr difference?
  3. Did QBs ever even make 15% of the cap before the last 5 years, looked at when Brees was one of the best In 2011 and he made 6.5 of the 120. Stats can be manipulated... has anyone won one with a DE, WR, CB or OT ever make 18 million either...or 10%, there just used to be more balance in contracts... https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1593808-the-impact-quarterback-inflation-has-on-the-nfl-salary-cap
  4. Did ant QBs make 14% of cap prior to 2015 or so.... Has a OT, CB, WR, DE ever won a SB making 10% of the cap?, sustained can be manipulated. We have 20m players all over the rosters now. Contracts had a lot more balance in the past...
  5. Think it depends on this year results, they definitely want to be able to keep it as an option...
  6. Brady just made 25 out of 182, almost 14% Mahommes will win one in next 3-4 years making over 40...... stats are Skued cause Brady won over half the rings in the last 15 years and he plays on a discount.
  7. If we do swap to a 4-3 it works.. DE: Zadarius,Gary,Preston,Ramsey DT: Clark,Keke,Lowry LBs: Parsons or Collins,Martin, Barnes, Summers, Burks job done...
  8. Gareon Conley might be a good cheap option, especially if we plan on playing more man coverage...
  9. Agreed, all 3 of these guys are the best players on their teams, and all would be sub 500 teams without them next year... much like the Panthers without McCaffrey.
  10. Kamara beat the Bears..... year before they had 3 playoff wins
  11. Like it, wish he didn’t fumble in the 3rd quarter.... was how I was going to justify losing him... next year hold on to it, 2 fumbles actually, shame
  12. Marlon Mack would make a nice tandem with Dillon, loved him coming out of SFU., might be cheap due to injuries...
  13. Didn’t Starks even get 3-4 10 tyears ago, similar player.
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