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  1. Like we said, should have traded him to Denver for Surtain, Chubb and Sutton.
  2. Yep started Brown, think going Shenault over Debo for the other.
  3. Insert beavis laugh, he said Paris Hilton….
  4. Which 2 of 4 to start besides Hill at WR. .5pt ppr D.Parker A.Brown D.Samuel L.Shenault
  5. Fail on Jace, cut that man, Daffney FTW
  6. Yeah Smith and Rodgers to Broncos for a franchised Chubb, Jeuduy Surtain and a 1st.
  7. Should have just done it this year, ain’t winning **** with this drama…Bucks wouldn’t have won if Giannis didnt extend to end the circus.. Rodgers, Adams, Preston for Chubb, Jeudy, Surtain, Lock and 2 1sts would have been nice…
  8. Yep, Surtain, Chubb, 2 1sts…. Do it…
  9. Last report/article I read was proposing Chubb,Lock,Risner, 3 1sts and a 2nd.... Done Deal, sign me up... try to drop Lock for Sutton, Fant or Surtain, but take it either way...
  10. Surtain,Chubb,Jeudy,2nd. For Rodgers, Jackson, Preston and a 4th..., sign and trade Kumerow and Jordy, for giggles..
  11. He looked good when he had Blackmon and Hurns, see what he can do with Devante..
  12. Yeah it’s not the NBA, cutting = trading in the NFL.
  13. Yeah, it’s a good pick, Love is close to Lance in value by many accounts..that a 1(3) value we got in the bottom 3rd of the first...maybe if we were all 8n on ARod we should have moved him for a top 15 pick this year, but the pick the year before was a good value pick.
  14. No, he will fetch More than any other player in NFL history, 2 young starters, 3 firsts, and 2 day 2 picks... iffff we trade him before the season, if he plays like 2018-2019 for us we’ll get a 2nd... take advantage of his mvp season NOW...
  15. Chubb, Sutton, Surtain, Fant, and a 1st for Arod, Preston and King Then move Adams for Lamb and Parsons.
  16. Didn’t the Niners offer the #3, and 2 future 1sts and a 2nd... that’s higher than the 9 Think it will take Surtain, Sutton, and 2 1sts... with maybe a 4th coming back...may they would throw in King... .
  17. Trade ARod to the Browns for Garrett, JOK, Newsome and a 1st,
  18. The Goat was just a FA, what he took like 25m and won another... that I can respect...
  19. We almost lost to a 3rd string QB on the Bears, wasn’t that great of a playoffs....
  20. Woooot a Badgers goes... make that 2 in a row...
  21. Is Dallas playing a 3-4, they have 4 LBs now..
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