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  1. Yikes. Who the hell is left on the secondary. Today is gonna be rough on the back end. We are gonna have to score all day again.
  2. If someone else gets him for a 3rd I would be sick.
  3. I get what you are saying about offense from a drafting perspective, but what takes us from the team we are right now to possibly being a team that can win the Super Bowl is the defense elevating. We know what are offense is and what it is capable of being, we have seen that. But if the defense doesn’t change, sorry we ain’t winning a super bowl. I just don’t see where us spending assets on offense gets us over the hump. At this point if we can get the offense healthy and the o line back to stability I think we are a defensive piece or two away from being a team that can win the supe
  4. I know the Giants have been disappointing this year I wonder if they would be willing to part ways with Bradberry. I think he would be less expensive than Howard also.
  5. Excited about next year's useless late first rounder we waste again? God forbid we get a player that could help a win now team.
  6. How do you guys think Lamm did? I pretty sure he got blown up in some pass protection early, but kind of recovered it seemed. From the few plays I remember he actually looked decent in run blocking.
  7. Haven't people been talking about Xavien Howard. I don't know what it would take to get him or if he is worth it. I know he was ballin last year and we sure as hell could use some turnovers. Hell let's trade some first round picks because we sure as hell ain't using em.
  8. Lots of people called me crazy for saying this kid was highly injury prone and was a huge risk when we drafted him. Which doesn't make sense. Between the back and ACL in college I would have never touched him. I wanted the best for him but basically knew this day would come. I said reinjury was highly likely. And the thing about this is, him recovering from this to be anything is gonna be a shot in the wind. Sorry I can't sit here and defend Robinson after the last two drafts.
  9. So proud of the boys tonight. So happy they gave the fans this on Monday in Nash Vegas. I hope the city is poppin tonight. Wow. This one will be a favorite if mine.
  10. It isn’t pretty but I am proud of the way the boys are playing today.
  11. Simmons gotta give me a big boy play on early downs here.
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