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  1. I think Fuller would be amazing for our offense, I never thought we would actually take a look at him though. Even though he can never stay healthy I would love that. Have fun stacking 8 in the box with Fuller going up top.
  2. I'd rather pay one younger guy, than two old vets especially at the edge position. I like a player like Leonard Floyd, I think he could work well with us, and would not be crazy expensive. A player like that then another solid d lineman through the draft could net some good returns. We are just going to have to spend money in multiple places so I just worry about throwing a lot of chips at Watt and another old guy.
  3. Hard agree. I want some younger fast blood. These older guys are really a roll of the dice on injuries and possibility of dissapating play. I am not going to be heartbroken if we don't get Watt.
  4. I wonder what the absolute highest pick we could get for Wilson is.
  5. Yea I think AJ is better, he may have to really step up next year. My worry is I think Derrick will not be as affective next year and the offense needing to evolve. In my eyes I am thinking Super Bowl, and to beat a team like the Chiefs, Bills and Bucs you gotta put up points. Thinking that one free agency and draft is going to flip the defense from how terrible it was last year is not realistic. Of course we need to invest in our d, but at the same time we can't lose sight of where our strength is. If we lose what we got on offense it could be real bad. Just worried about the ripple affect of
  6. Well I am glad you trust that we can just ride the back of Henry every year. I believe Henry is the reason we are the number one offense. He will not have that type of year again. Why wouldn't you utilize Odell Beckham? What does that even mean? You want to continue to run run run? I want to elevate and transform the offense, to not have to depend and run Henry into the ground at every turn. We were the borderline worst defense in the league with Butler. I would rather find a bargain free agent, lose a pick, and have a game changer like Odell, than sit here and possibly watch Butler
  7. A mediocre WR2 will absolutely set us back on offense. That would mean you would want someone worse than CD. I don't think Butler will get better than he was this year, I see him only declining at this point, he is 30. Why not get ahead of that, shell off his contract and pick up a potential game changing piece. This offense isn't going to grow by picking up mediocre players, we need to start planning for the moments that we can't depend on Henry. A player like Odell can elevate an offense. Tannehill isn't Baker or Eli, I believe he would work well with Odell.
  8. I don't know what it would take to get him but what do people think about going after Odell now that we have a serious need at wide out? I know the Browns need a corner. Maybe send Butler and a pick for Odell?
  9. Honestly this everything I expected, I am happy with all this. That is the most I would want to give Watt under the circumstances and the needs we have on d. I knew we wouldn't be able to pay CD. We need a speedy guy to go with AJ, then a reliable move chains guy in the slot. Our draft is going to have to be money this year if we want to level up.
  10. At this point I am so petty, I would keep him on the team to make him suffer. Dude needs to learn a lesson. He has no leverage. We cant just let him walk and eat that money and draft pick. I would keep him around and make him earn his money.
  11. I don't see Watt signing with us, just a feeling. I feel someone is going to overpay for him, and I will be glad if we are not the ones to do it. I hope if Miller gets released we go after him, his output and health over the last 4 years has been far better. If we are going to pay for someone I would rather pay for him.
  12. Wowsers. Throwback. I remember reading your posts when I was 20 and I first started reading the forum. Literally 14 years ago.
  13. He is done with football as a Titan? You never were a Titan. 2 snaps don't count. BYE. Dude is cottonelle soft. Boy Jon better have a special off-season.
  14. I wonder when we will get any info on where Watt goes.
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