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  1. Yea, we will have to wait to see. I am not on the we are better on defense train yet. I will say I am optimistic because our defense went through some heavy changes. I hope we found some hidden gems in this draft for depth, because I am seriously worried about depth on d. Especially because we got three key pieces on d coming of injuries in Farley, Dupree and Jayon. Hopefully we can get some surprisingly great contributions from Rice, Fulton, Weaver, or Molden. We will see.
  2. So ready to see these new look Titans. We are close boys!
  3. If he can take a big step and be dominant, god he can alter what our defense can look like.
  4. Yes yes and yes. If we do this my delusional confidence will be through the roof.
  5. Yea. I ain’t betting on either being in the AFC chip. Titans have to show me we flipped the script on defense before I believe we make any serious moves next year. And yea I don’t have any hate for the Brownies as a team, I just really can’t stand Baker, dudes a straight lame. Can’t say I would be super confident with him as my qb.
  6. Homies got a lot of confidence up there in Cleveland over one good season. Let’s see if they run it back and make the playoffs two years in a row. It wouldn’t be shocking to me to see them take a step back.
  7. I would love some more d line depth. Would Sheldon Richardson be a guy that could work here? Would he cost too much? I don’t know much about him at this point. But I feel like he could be someone he could contribute. Our d line needs to be more fierce this year.
  8. What’s also great about this pickup, as long of the defense shows to be capable in any sort of way, this should be what Tannehill needs to be a super bowl winning quarterback. We are going to find out truly if Tannehill can be what it takes in the biggest moments granted everyone stays healthy. If he can’t elevate with these players around him, we should know by the end of next year, again granted everyone is healthy.
  9. I can’t stand Orslovsky, as mcafee would come him. The amount of Tannehill disrespect out there right now is on another level. People showing their low football intellect with the way they are talking bout Tannehill right now. Keep hating, he going to be doing this a lot next year.
  10. What’s awesome about this, is that the organization showed they are willing to give the players what they want. It will energize the offense, and the whole team. It’s safe to say AAS is willing to gamble and put money on the line for this team to succeed, which is a great sign for the future of this team.
  11. Yea. Even though the Titans have been conservative in the past, I think the impossible stance is just silly. Anything can happen. To sit here and say definitively one way is just funny. I have just learned to become a wait and see guy and to never get too excited or disappointed.
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