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  1. What about just saying screw defense, let Vrabes figure it out and go all in on being able to score every time. Bring in Julio. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Knock on wood, maybe we can get a full week of practice out of him to start.
  3. I need a three game win streak going into that Ravens game. If we can win these next three games, which I think we should, we basically would put away the division. Lets take command of the South. It is crazy to think that we have only won the South 2 times.
  4. What about William Jackson from the Bengals? Heard he is disgruntled and in his prime, may be looking for a change of scenery. Asking price may be high.
  5. Dude is money. It feels weird to have player like that on the outside. Titans have never had that.
  6. Yea I said this during the game. It felt way to conservative. Sticking with the run did end up helping on the one drive that got us to within 3 though. He really has been on fire with play calling though so I will let him slide. I think maybe the Steelers D may have got in his head. This is probably the best d we have played under the Tannehill era in Tennessee. I think definitely a learning moment, they started to cook a bit more in the second half. It was such a weird day tho offensively. The way we started the day with that penalty that put is in a bad position against our own endzone immediately through our flow off. Just really sputtered out the gate. You cant do that against a great d.
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