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  1. I think at the end of the day, people's bodies react different to injury, surgery, and recovery. This could end a lot of different ways, let's hope his body is great at recovering.
  2. The problem with that type of surgery is not only is it a concern to your back, it starts to become a concern to other parts of your body due to compensation and imbalance. I believe you will see other injuries in other parts of his body due to compensation. Having a microdiscectemy will ultimately lead to more back pain. Something he will always have to deal with due to rubbing. And will probably lead to more back surgery which is never good. Then add the fact that he has had an acl surgery. Either way he just looks injury prone at this point. At the end of the day, it would not be
  3. Yea, I hope not either. Definitely hope I am wrong. With Farley haven’t played in 17 months and with the injuries he has had though, tbh I am going into with low expectations. I could see him being a guy that does not stay on the field. Praying I am wrong though.
  4. I feel like this will be the best pick of this draft.
  5. Yea I saw that too. If that's true I would seriously question Robinsons ability to be diligent in his scouting, especially after last years debacle. You can't just piss away a 1st and a 4th and not hold people accountable. We pay for this as fans. Especially when we are in a position to be legitimate contenders. This to me just sounds like flat out laziness at this point. Get it together, these seem like mistakes that should absolutely not be made in this day and age. It hasn't even been 2 days and the excitement of maybe recouping from last years garbage draft has already been pooped on by th
  6. Yea, not going to lie this isn’t going to end good, especially by the looks of how it played out.
  7. Jfc. If that’s true what he said to the police. He is an all time idiot.
  8. The theme of this draft is change the defense to hard working, gritty, tackling, competitive. I love it. I like this kid, he likes to bang and he has knack for being around turnovers from his highlights. I really am enjoying this class. September can't come soon enough!
  9. This is dope. It's so odd to have players say that the Titans were their team growing up, weird to think it's been a few decades since the beginning. It was cool to hear Jalen Ramsey say that he was a Titans fan growing up.
  10. Damn, just saw that AJ brown video with Elijah Moore. Sucks that we couldn’t link them up.
  11. This is great, he gets after it. Love the continued commitment to defense in this draft.
  12. Yea they loading up on receivers Lamar can’t get the ball to.
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