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  1. Knowing us, we will win in dominant fashion tomorrow and go get smacked by the Colts.
  2. Hoping we can turn it around this week and win but man this is going to be a tough one. I think even if we play really well this may be a hard one to win. Seattle is back home for the first time with fans in a season. Eek. That stadium and energy is going to be pumping. After taking a step back and breathing after week one, I really want to stay positive and really just realize that the problems could be due to a few things, lack of first team reps, guys coming off injuries, and new faces in so many new roles. I think we have to be a little patient in letting things glue together, this t
  3. When a dude like that is stating this about our offense. Oof. Reality check. We need to simply get away from the idea that everything needs start and end with Henry, it is crippling our offense and is disabling us from growing. We need to try to win in different ways. We have watched this god damn tape too many times. Open up Henry through creative high percentage passing plays on early downs. Run Henry out of spread passing sets on unconventional downs, rather than power running formations on first down. Every damn time. It's just doesn't make sense.
  4. Chopping block doesn't mean fire somebody. It means basically they are in danger of being let go. On the hot seat. If you read what I said it wasn't me saying I want him fired after one game. If Farley becomes a non contributor this year or has injury problems in combination with Radunz not producing, I don't think Robinson should just get a pass. Especially after last year's abysmal draft. Sorry I want to hold people accountable for fing up. Not to mention the fact that we keep parading in terrible kickers. And trading up to get a player who is on the practice squad and won't see
  5. Yea. If Farley doesn't become a solid contributor or is injury plagued, Robinson will be on the chopping block for me.
  6. We desperately need a good defense. We need a defense that can reflect and complement what Henry can do. It's really the missing piece to getting us to a place to be in the top tier of the NFL. We changed alot of things on D this last year and it didn't look great today. But I hope maybe with time we can jell. We need Farley to make an impact this year. I am holding out hope between Farley, Dupree getting to 100, Molden, Fulton molding into a solid piece, Autry and Simmons starting to make waves up the center that it can morph into something formidable. I am not too too worrie
  7. I thought about this several times during the game today. It felt like particularly today we missed Jonnu alot. He would have most certainly alleviated a good amount of the pressure we were receiving today. And he would have kept alot of the linebacker pressure honest with his catching ability in the middle and up close. Watching him play for the Patriots today and be productive hurt after today's loss. I didn't realize how much I missed him until I saw him play today. Sadness.
  8. I agree. To me that question needs to be answered this year. It's time. Let's see what he is fully capable of. I have thought this since last year. I think too much needs to be perfect around Tanne to be Super Bowl capable. Our defense is just not good enough to help carry the load. I would love to be proven wrong, obviously. I really like Tannehill. Would love to have him be the guy. I feel it would take some perfect scenarios for it to work out. If we had even a top 15 defense, I think super bowl could be possible if this offense clicked. Defense showed some stuff today but
  9. Totes. Even Rodgers and the Packers getting twerked right now. It’s hard to get a barometer after the first week, hell even the first few. We need to find a way to be hot at the end of the year. Hopefully some of these younger players can come to form then. Ultimately the AFC south gives us a little wiggle room to work out the kinks. We will be tested this year though as our schedule looks tough as of now. Which could be a good thing, if we want to be able to perform in big moments we have to get the experience. I think at the end of this year we will either find out ultimately is
  10. Early conservative play-calling and terrible protection did not help Tanne in any way shape or form. Not to mention some drops. And I am definitely on the Tanne needs to elevate his play train to push us to another level. But today was absolutely not his fault. Could he have made some better decisions protecting the ball, sure, but you can’t totally blame him he was probably seeing ghosts out there. First three possessions. 1st down handoffs, no play action. Unacceptable. Can’t be that vanilla and expect to win against a front seven like that. We let Jones basically tee off with his drive
  11. Out of all the things that could go wrong I didn’t think our line would look like this today. Everyone on the line is getting walked. Literally everyone. The whole line looked like hot garbage.
  12. Lotta new heads, lotta guys coming off injuries, not a lot of reps in preseason. Definitely piss poor, but I ain’t gonna panic. First week of the season isn’t a make or break game. I think Arizona is going to be real good this year. Jones was a man possessed today. Kicker didn’t help us stay competitive. Julio looks out of sync. Offensive line needs to be figured out. Work in progress. Stay healthy get better. It would be the Titans way to lose like this then do something weird like go dominate Seattle.
  13. We definitely look like hot garbage. But Arizona looks like they could be one hell of a team. Murray is nasty and their d is better than I thought it would be. Sucks, but not gonna get shook up by the first game of the season. Excited to watch the second half.
  14. Damn man. What a damper for the excitement of kickoff week. Hope we can come out and show some life in the 2nd half. I did not see it going like this. Hoping it’s just rust and Arizona is just real good.
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