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  1. QB Rankings

    Yeah I would say he’s a safe pick like 70/30 but people have hyped him up a lot for a guy who is a one year wonder like last year everyone said at best he’s a 6th round pick
  2. QB Rankings

    I mean people are acting like he’s a can’t miss prospect and the best we have seen since Andrew Luck
  3. QB Rankings

    This is the best comparison for Burrow in my opinion, a guy who is a good sometimes elite top 10 qb but never the games best like some people think Burrow will be
  4. QB Rankings

    Yeah I see that with Josh Allen I think that’s a good comp
  5. QB Rankings

    Backup in the right offense like KC
  6. QB Rankings

    Yeah I see that, Eason has a ++ arm for sure
  7. QB Rankings

    Eason vs Love is really tough for me but I think Love has more potential
  8. QB Rankings

    Cole McDonald has some really good flashes on tape which lead him to be 10. Herbert I would say has bust written all over him since he hasn’t improved that much since his freshman year, he has some bad mechanics and mentally just stops thinking on some throws. When it comes to potential I would say Tua has the highest ceiling but potential is subjective
  9. QB Rankings

    So what’s your top 5 if Love and Herbert aren’t in it
  10. QB Rankings

    I’m not saying he threw the same amount but the picks Mahomes threw were terrible decision
  11. QB Rankings

    Thank you for the input, I’m super down on Herbert, he has lapses in judgement, often locks on one guy and doesn’t move off it and can’t add anything to the offense like he’s not special off script. Fromm just lacks the arm strength imo. Last year I fell for Will Grier who like Fromm was very accurate but also lacked arm strength and had him as my QB 3 and that backfired quick. But what I will say is that Fromm is the smartest QB and with good coaching (Patriots) he can turn into a good QB
  12. QB Rankings

    Yes, Love is way better than Herbert, idk why people love Herbert so much
  13. QB Rankings

    He has some bad turnovers but a good coach can limit that in the same way Reid did with Mahomes cause when Mahomes came out his turnovers were really bad careless mistakes just like Love
  14. QB Rankings

    He has a cannon for a arm, and has good accuracy for the most part. A lot of his inconsistency comes from the fact that his pass catching options were all below average this year. The eyes thing is really important as well and it is impressive since if you watch like Herbert’s and Hurts’ film they stare down guys often.
  15. QB Rankings

    What do y’all think of my rankings, if you want me to elaborate on some I can My QB rankings